Yellow Wedding Dress – 25 Yellow Outfits for Haldi and Mayun

Yellow Wedding Dress Ideas. Whether it’s Indian cuisine or wedding rituals, haldi or turmeric maintains a unique place of honor in our families, so much so that it’s named after a whole wedding ceremony. Haldi ceremonies are full of music, dance, and emotions.

In this ceremony, a paste made of herbs, vegetable oils, fresh dairy curds, sandalwood powder, and mainly turmeric, also known as ubtan, is applied to the bride and groom’s face, arms and feet. It is known that the herbs used in this ceremony are great for the complexion and also have medicinal properties. It’s almost like a therapy for an Indian spa. Earlier, it was a small function held in the houses of the bride and groom and only the immediate members of the family took part in it. But now the ceremony itself has turned into a great event with plenty of music, dancing, fun making, and good food.

How to Wear Yellow on Wedding?

Brides have gone a long way from slipping into their ancient clothes to be discarded to doll up aesthetically for their haldi ceremonies which are a paradigm of zesty and joyful wedding festivities. Whether you doll up in the prettiest of lehengas or decorate yourself with the most beautiful floral jewelry, today’s brides are all game to make style statements on their haldi.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

Traditional Rituals followed on Haldi Ceremony:

Not, only the dress but there are concerns from head to toe. The timing, the shagun, the few guests, and food, everything is important. Most of these things need last-minute attention. So, keep the haldi function ideas sorted so that there is one less thing to worry about.

People don’t usually hire professional party planners just for the haldi. But if you have hired one for the wedding, you can call in a favor and have the professionals handle this part of the day as well. Either way, the haldi dress-up for the bride must be ready and on point. It has to be pretty, yet comfortable.

Most brides choose to wear easy yellow dresses for the haldi ceremony because they fear that it will be ruined when brushed with haldi ubtan, but hey it’s your wedding and how many wedding dresses will you ever repeat? You need to look good for your haldi and maybe a little funky or boho too, choose from one of the following outfit concepts and look fresh and beautiful at your haldi without worrying about haldi spoiling your dress because it can most likely be dry washed off. Now, whether you’re the contemporary sort that has something to do with indo-western silhouettes, a hardcore lover of traditional lehengas, or someone who goes weak in the knees immediately to see elegant floral prints, we’ve covered all kinds of haldi function clothes. Go and select your favourite from all these styles of haldi dress and shine as bright as a sunflower!

yellow outfits for brides

Fun Aspects of a Haldi / Dholki Ceremony

Before going to the ideas, it’s really interesting to go through some not so happening or exciting aspects, but it will be helpful!

  • The bridal haldi occurs in some customs only after the haldi of the groom. This means that the bride may have to wait if things run late on the side of the groom. The dress must, therefore, be something that isn’t too hard to carry. It should be possible to manage it.
  • There will be a lot of turmeric paste and oil involved in the whole process. So a bride’s haldi dress or makeup must be natural and simple to get rid of stains or smudge readily. There’s a chance you won’t wear this dress again when talking about the dress. But why let the stains you should have seen come ruin something costly? Plain cotton is easy to get the stain off. However, you might want a fabric that is brighter, like silk. So, immediate remedies for stains must be handy.
  • The haldi function attire should also be beautiful and unique. There are typically some very monotonous rituals involved in a haldi ceremony. So, if there are not many fun activities, there will be time to notice what people are wearing. And definitely, all eyes will be on the bride. So the haldi look for the bride must be impressive.
  • However, don’t forget that the wedding and ideas for wedding reception need to be the ultimate stunners. So don’t go overboard with the haldi function ideas. It needs to be gorgeous but doesn’t make it difficult for yourself to make the wedding ideas stand out the most.
  • Also, remember that the haldi ceremony is a daytime thing. So the makeup and hairdo of the bride should be minimalistic. Don’t overdo anything. Keep it simple.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

Coming to the options for haldi outfit ideas for the bride, there is nothing exactly specific because the bride should get to customize a perfect outfit for herself. But here are some latest trends and classic haldi ceremony dress designs laid out for you. Pick whatever suits your personality and style best.

yellow haldi dress

↓ 25 – Yellow Wedding Dress for Guests

If you’re a bridesmaid, then wearing yellow is often a tradition to share in the happiness of your sister, friend, or cousin. Here are some beautiful yellow outfits for bridesmaids.

As a bridesmaid, you would want to keep your outfit simple as you wouldn’t want to steal the bride’s thunder. So one suggestion is to go for a simple yellow shalwar kameez and accessorize it with blue jewelry. Keep your makeup and hairstyle as natural as possible for this look or choose from these Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles.

yellow wedding guest outfits

If you want a fancier option, I suggest that you go for an embellished shirt but keep your dupatta and trouser simple. You can apply gold eyeshadow on your eyelids for that extra spark.

yellow outfits for wedding guest

Here we see a mehndi bride wearing yellow with her sister, who has chosen a similar look but just kept it simpler:

wedding guest yellow outfit

↓ 28 – Yellow Outfits for Mayun Bride

We’re loving the simple look of this mayun bride. She’s wearing a solid colored shirt and gharara with an embellished dupatta and she chose to accessorize with floral jewelry. You can find more gharara inspiration from our earlier post on Gharara Pant Outfits.

yellow wedding outfits

↓ 24 – Fresh Colors That Go With Yellow

If you’re looking for some trendy and unique colors that can be matched with a yellow bridal dress, then I highly recommend Lilac. Other colors that look great with Yellow on weddings include Powder blue, Brown, White and Red.

yellow wedding dressyellow wedding dress

↓ 23 – Bridal Yellow Outfit With Kiran Dupatta

Kiran dupattas really bring that old-school vibes to a bridal outfit and this classic look is loved by everyone. Lately, Kiran dupattas have become popular once again so I highly recommend that you consider them for your haldi outfit:

yellow bridal outfit

Here’s another simple mayun outfit and you can see how the use of kiran lifts it up to a whole new level:

yellow mayun outfit

↓ 22 – Yellow with Gold Detailing

This outfit by Pakistani designer Sobia Nazir is perfect for mehndi function or dholkis too because of its royal look. We also love the unique combination of blue and yellow here:

yellow wedding outfits

While the picture above is of a model, below you can see how a real bride has worn this dress for her Holi function:

yellow bridal outfits

↓ 21 – Sleeveless Gown

If you want to keep things fuss-free, comfortable yet stylish for your intimate haldi ceremony then opt for a floor-length gown. The western-style gown can look very out of place at a traditional ceremony like haldi but you can mix and match things up and go for a fusion styling for a more contemporary haldi/dholki look.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 20 – Yellow Lehenga With Trendy Shirt

These days, shirt-style blouse designs are becoming very common coupled with both sarees and lehengas. In fact, you can attempt this trend for your haldi. If you own a yellow lehenga in your wardrobe, combine it with an easy, crisp white shirt, add a chunky neckpiece, and boom you are done!

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 19 – Yellow Ombre Lehengas

Everyone wears yellow for the haldi event which kind of gets boring but no other colour actually looks fine for haldi function.  The ombre paired with yellow as a primary colour is a good trend to play with for haldi/ dholki event where you have some yellow in your outfit yet it looks unique. Yellow with pink, orange or green can look very distinctive.

Ombre is a trend that you can definitely try. If lehengas aren’t your thing, you can even look for ombre sarees or anarkalis.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 18 -Yellow Dress with Green Dupatta

Yellow is the preferred color for mehndi function, a yellow Indo-western gown in a simple cut without sleeves will make for a perfect haldi dress. Pair it with a light-colored dupatta in contrasting colors like neon pink or jewel-toned green to add more dimension to your outfit. If you don’t want to carry a dupatta then you can use accessories to bring in more color. For instance, bright pink pumps or an emerald rani haar will add to your glam. You can also shop for some basic yellow fabric in georgette or raw silk and get a simple floor-length Anarkali stitched from your local tailor.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 17 – High-Low Hemline Lehengas

For your haldi feature, a bit of foot flaunting is essential as Haldi is applied throughout your body, including your feet. These high-low hemline dresses or lehengas are an incredible choice for you primarily because it provides you convenience and can prevent stains. It looks ideal for the Haldi ceremony as well.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 16 – Simple Punjabi Salwar Suit

Are you tired of getting your dresses for your wedding ceremony? Go for a Punjabi salwar suit that looks simple yet elegant. Get a simple salwar suit stitched and add some floral jewelry to it. Add a pair of mojaris and bright lip colour and you are good to go! If you choose this look, we recommend you go through these Latest Shalwar Kameez Designs For Girls.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 15 – Long Kurtis With Skirt

Simple yellow kurtis paired with a skirt of contrasting color will also make a gorgeous outfit for your haldi ceremony.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 14 -Long Front Slit kurta With Chudidaar Or Cigarette Pant

For something interesting and trendy yet not too experimental opt for a floor-length flowy kurta with a high middle slit. Pair with slim-fit bottoms and your elegant haldi look is ready.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 13 – Traditional Half Sarees

Are you a south Indian girl? Then half saree is the perfect dress for your haldi function. Add a puff blouse along with a floral waist belt and you are good to go.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 12 – A Plain Yellow Saree With Trendy Blouse Designs

Plain yellow saree is the best option especially if you are having your haldi function in the morning with just your close family members. Bring life to your plain saree by pairing it up with an embroidered blouse. High necks, cold shoulders, and boat necks are pretty hot in trend these days.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi


↓ 11 – Dhoti Pants With Kurta Or Top

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

Get out of the usual and attempt something more comfortable for your haldi event like the dhoti pants. A pair of dhoti pants with a unique and trendy cut top will make a very relaxed haldi ceremony outfit.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 10 – Saree/ Lehenga With Peplum Blouse

Peplum was introduced to Indian ethnic clothing several years ago but the trend remains warm, making it an optimal place for participation in the Indo-West. Peplums are chic and can be wear in various forms, such as peplum gowns, peplum blouses, or peplum choli. This small component of design offers a highly modern appearance and also acts as a cover for hiding your problematic parts.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

If you have a slim body with no abdominal fat, peplum is a nice idea but for girls on the heavier side peplum can end up looking quite unflattering. Decide if you want to wear a lehenga or saree and then get a peplum blouse stitched to pair for a fusion Indo-western look which stands out. Embellishment details on peplum blouses can definitely enhance the look further. Opt for sheer lace sleeves for added chic vibes.

↓ 9 – Contemporary Yellow Saree

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

Sarees can be formal, sexy, enjoyable, traditional, and more. But wearing them always in one style can make the most expensive saree look a tad boring. Search for some fun, alternate ways to drape your saree, and switch up a traditional look.

Naimal Khawar was spotted looking radiant as ever as a bridesmaid in yellow on her sister’s mayun wearing a yellow banarsi sari by designer Faiza Saqlain.

yellow wedding outfits

Neha Kakkar too was seen in a simple yellow saree for her Haldi function:

yellow wedding dress

↓ 8 – Quirky Florals

Florals look very nice for a fresh function like Haldi, but instead of the usual vintage floral prints give them a twist and opt for offbeat floral.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

You can also wear a yellow outfit and bring florals through your dupatta as this bride did:

yellow wedding outfits

↓ 7 – Indo-Western Haldi Dress

Indo-western dresses are the new attractions this season. You could have never imagined sherwanis, dhotis or even bandh-galas finding a place in a girl’s cupboard. Brides can go for a subtly embroidered jacket with leggings for a regal kind of look, while the bridesmaids can choose simple one colored kurtas with straight pants. This perfect mixture of Indian and western culture in clothes not only helps the brides set a new trend, but it also permits her to enjoy the best of both worlds.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 6 – Desi Jumpsuit

If you’re really fearless with your sense of fashion, it’s time to embrace some really interesting creative ideas such as the jumpsuit with an ethnic touch. Desi jumpsuits come in seductive printing and you can choose versions with dupattas or capes attached to create them more haldi relevant. These jumpsuits are edgy and are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 5 –  Lehengas With Attached Dupatta

Every girl wants her dupatta to stay in place and not hinder when they are having a good time. Designer lehengas with attached dupatta have a very chic appeal and are perfect haldi dresses for the modern young bride. To help you out with dupatta setting, here are all the Ways to Drape Dupatta for A Wedding.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 4 – Fringe Dress

A fusion dress is also an excellent outfit for the Haldi ceremony, but with something very striking like fringe details that look oh-so-gorgeous when you take a twirl, bring stuff up a level higher.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 3 – Ruffled lehengas

After sheer capes the greatest festive ethnic wear trend right now is ruffles. Tiered or Ruffled lehengas give a dreamy Disney princess vibe and make for ultra-glam dholki looks. Lehengas with ruffled sleeves and even ruffled dupattas are also a huge thing. The whole ruffle dupatta as Indo western dresses for Haldi is something that gets a huge thumbs up from us.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 2 – Lehengas/Sarees/Gowns With Attached Capes

Sheer capes are chic and pair up well with absolutely anything, from lehengas to sarees. If you are looking for a dreamy chic Indo western dress for Haldi, capes can serve your purpose beautifully.

yellow wedding outfits ideas for haldi

↓ 1 – Semi Sheer Floor Length Anarkali Gowns

Semi-sheer Anarkali drapes are feminine and delicate making for picture-perfect morning haldi outfits. Go with this new trend on your haldi and experiment with sheer fabrics keeping everything else simple.

yellow wedding dress

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