10 Lovely Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles

You’re not the bride and that’s okay. But you got the wedding invite, yes? That means you’ll be taking a lot of pictures, meeting people and what else? Appear stunning that you get a second look. It begins with your hair and if you don’t know what to with it, we got you. Here, you will find a list of wedding guest hairstyles for every kind of hair. We put together mostly easy wedding guest hairstyles that you can handle by yourself for any wedding. Whether you have medium hair, opt for simple wedding updos or you just want to let your hair fly. See 10 beautiful hairstyles to wear to a wedding.

10 Lovely Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles


  1. Curly ponytail to the side

You have nappy hair or just naturally curly hair? Here’s your style plug for wedding guest hairstyles. Activate your curls, move them to the side and hold them in elastic or accessories. Slick down the rest of the hair and you’re good to go.


  1. Trimmed waves

Trimmed waves are so vintage. They are short, classy and very versatile. This wedding guest hairstyle will fly for a church or traditional wedding. It will also go to the beach and a tropical destination wedding. Very traditional and sleek for the ceremony and it comes to the reception with a hip and fun look.


  1. Bejeweled sleek updo

Attending a frosty or princess themed wedding? A bejeweled sleek updo should be one of your chosen wedding hairstyles. Make your hair into a tight bust comfortable bun and add on some spray gel to keep hair in place. This will create room for scarves or fuzzy earmuffs. You can notch up this look by adding decorative hairpins with crystals and pearls.


  1. Mermaid waves

If the wedding is themed black tie, then mermaid waves work perfectly. The same goes for an uber-bohemian look. Have your hair texturized and use a curl defining cream to slay out the curls and style to perfection. Match it with an off the shoulder, backless or halter neck gown. It also helps you conserve some heat in your neck area if you’re attending an evening wedding.


  1. French braids in reverse

If you have medium, short or long locks, this is a style so versatile to fit. Raise a section of your front hair and comb it back to give some volume. Now French braid in reverse from the center downwards. When you get to the end, tuck in the tail to give a formal look. You may also leave the tail hanging off your back or shoulder to give a playful country girl look.


  1. High-rise top knot

We know low buns, they are classic and we love them. But have you tried a sky-high top knot? Move your bun from nape level to high-rise at the crown of your head. Raise the hair in front for extra volume. This hairstyle best goes with a floor-length perfect silhouette gown. It is trendy and gives guests that ultra-elegant look.


  1. Braided fishtail updo

If you’re attending a daytime semi-formal wedding, bohemian, country or beach wedding, this style is a winner. Split your hair into two sections and make them into fishtail braids. Pull them together in a crisscross style and pin the braids in place. Leave out some locks in front for the soft look. The longer the length, the more volume these updos for wedding guests have.


  1. Undefined stylish pixie

If you’re sporting a short pixie, don’t bug yourself with over the top hairstyles for going to a wedding. Don’t over style either. Simply stretch the longer locks of your hair with a flat iron and let the hair settle where they will. Finish this look by setting it with a spray. One of the hairstyles for all weddings and faces.


  1. Messy low bun

This hairstyle is messy but also very chic and elegant.  If you’re looking for cute wedding guest hairstyles with the windswept vibe, this is it. Twist both sides of your hair, join and roll them into a bun. Finish up by holding hair in place with bobby pins or accessorize with clips. If you see strands of hair flying free, let them be. They add to the romantic appeal.

10 Lovely Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles


  1. Wavy half up

This is one of the easy do it yourself hairstyles for wedding guests. You don’t need to go to a stylist or take wedding hairdo tutorial, this is a quick fix in minutes. The perfect hairstyle for the semi-formal dress code which adds a touch of fun to your look. Part it expertly in different directions and hold the half up. Pair it with a knee-high dress and minimal accessories.


Above are 10 of our favorite wedding guest hairstyles. Make use of this style inspo for your next wedding party.


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