Latest Shalwar Kameez Designs For Girls-15 New Styles To Try

Latest Shalwar Kameez Designs for Girls. With shalwar kameez coming once again into style, all women are awe-struck because no other fashion trend, long lost from the past, has made a come back with such an impact. Women just can’t help themselves from filling up their wardrobe with them.

The shalwar kameez trend is vastly popular which includes Patiala, straight cut, and much more you should see. So, we suggest you do not miss out on these following classy shalwar kameez styles for women in 2020.

How To Wear Shalwar Kameez This Year?

Here is the latest style of Punjabi Patiala suit for women in 2020 with a stunning high neck shirt and embroidery. Such a look is perfect for weddings or other formal functions as the embroidery gives the clothes a fancy look. You can pair it with some stylish heels to make the flow of the Shalwar more visible.

Latest Shalwar Kameez Designs for Girls

Shalwar kameez is the one piece of clothing that is eternal; it never goes out of fashion, and it’s always a good idea to have some in your closet for special occasions. Keep in mind the following few tips when you make your next shalwar kameez or wear an old one:

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  • Make sure the color of your Shalwar matches at least one color in the Kameez, wearing completely mismatched items can sometimes work, but it’s safer not to take the risk.
  • Make sure you use the right cloth for your Shalwar, like cotton instead of linen, as a crisp cloth will give it the definition it needs.
  • To give your look an extra layer of flare, you can add in any, and all accessories you like as shalwar kameez on its own can prove to be pretty simple.
  • Make sure you decide on the right length for the Kameez as well as the sleeves. Don’t make them too long or too short.
  • Make sure you get hoops in the shoulder to keep your bra straps covered!
  • Although taking risks can prove fruitful at times, it is essential that you stay true to yourself and do what makes you most comfortable as you’ll look your best when you have a smile on your face, and the only comfort can make a person continuously happy!


Read on to find out what are the top 15 Shalwar Kameez styles you must have in your closet this season!

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↓ 15 – Latest Punjabi Patiala Suit

Try some cultural jewelry with this dress like the model and some catchy makeup tips. However, avoid necklaces as they will simply not show. Dress your hair in a bun to work with the high neck design as you don’t want your hair coming in the way of that. To go for something different and trendy, go for messy top bun as all celebrities are rocking it this year.



↓ 14 – Straight Cut Shalwar Kameez Style

To give your Shalwar the ideal blend of crisp and baggy, you can try using a cloth that is softer with an embroidered patch at the bottom of your Shalwar, so it gives your Shalwar more definition and helps it stay straight. With this gorgeous parrot green straight cut shalwar kameez style, you can try heavy makeup with some dark lip colors like coral, red, maroon, etc. for a good contrast. Go with traditional jewelry and leave your hair open (straight or curls). Also, try heels as in like the model for perfection.



↓ 13 – Pretty Pink Shalwar Kameez Style

For the summertime, light and cool colors are the best to wear as they help you stay airy and fresh during the intense heat. Pairing your light pink, or aqua or mint Kameez with a plain white Shalwar will let the colors, prints, and embroidery of the shirt show properly without getting overpowered by the Shalwar. Let your hair hang open, pushed to one side, and choose minimal yet visible makeup to give yourself the perfect no-makeup makeup look; nude lipsticks will be your best friend during the summertime.  Keep your shirts short as that’s the new trend, and pair the outfit with modern earrings to look your best!


↓ 12 – Short Shirt with Shalwar Style

Also, the popular trend of short shirts with shalwar kameez is back with the swag. Following this model’s style will be good enough for you. Leave your hair all curled and open, go with matching earrings (large/medium) and go with absolutely darker lip colors to make it go nicely with light blue. Heels will be the right option with a short shirt, but going for flats can look just as amazing. Make sure you do what makes you the most comfortable. As comfort should always come first.


↓ 11 – Silk Printed Style

For the times when there comes a fancy occasion, your cute and comfortable shalwar suit will be handy, especially so if its made of silk or chiffon. If it happens to be this silk printed suit, you can wear it in the classiest way possible by matching it with heels. The unique bell-shaped neckline can help you showcase your pendants. Leave your hair all open without any hairstyle, keep your makeup lighter to compensate, and put on some big earrings to combine just the needed addition.



↓ 10 – Elegant Shalwar Suit for Girls

Here is a lovely and elegant Shalwar suit for girls to try. It’s gorgeous silk blue color is already so appealing and to enhance it, make it go with cherry red lip color and matching jewelry. Wear it with some lighter color shoes, silver or silver-blue. While, for your hair, leave it straight and silky, and you will be flawless. Check out 30 Latest Indian Bridal Gown Styles and Designs to Try this Year



↓ 9 – Platform Heels and ZigZag Style Kameez

This zigzag Kameez style is the perfect option when you want to have something casual in your closet for daily use like a day at the office or taking classes at university. The inverted V style of the hem allows for a modern take on the traditional Shalwar Kameez and lets you inner diva shine through. You can add platform heels to the mix to make it a little formal for dinner with your girlfriends or add a choker and style your hair in a half bun to give off the ideal laidback vibe.


↓ 8 – Shalwar Kameez with Sleeveless Shirt

If you happen to be a bit too proud of your posture, then this sleeveless shirt with this shalwar kameez will be your best look. Going sleeveless takes a lot of courage, so make sure you’re comfortable with the idea before you decide to make this one, as we don’t want it to sit at the back of your closet for the rest of eternity. To style it, we suggest you leave your hair open and straight (like the model) and go with a bit darker makeup, unlike the one below to add that extra flair to your look.



↓ 7 – Colorful Patiala Design Look

Wear a hugely cultural and colorful Patiala Shalwar suit and rock it as this model has. Dress your hair in a stunning desi side plate, wear beautiful earrings and hair jewelry, and pull it off like no one else. As for your shoes, we suggest trying something like flats or closed pumps and avoid heels as it will tamper with the refined look your dress is offering. The embroidery and blend of colors can also prove it to be an excellent option for a mehndi function, or even for a bride on her dholki!



↓ 6 – Straight Cut Formal Shalwar Kameez

Who knew the fashionistas would release a formal look to shalwar kameez? Well, fashion did, and here we go having a classy and formal style of shalwar kameez for less fancy occasions and more formally casual ones. So keep your worries aside and wear it in your most comfortable way. Keep your hair all light and straight, and no need to dress it much. For makeup, we suggest you go with a light nude lipstick and smokey eyes, add a touch of turquoise to the eyes for something different. Some hoop earrings will drive the whole look home!



↓ 5 – Aisha Takia Shalwar Suit Look – Celebrity Style

Pairing up blue with pink can prove to be the ideal choice when thinking of color combinations for a Shalwar Kameez. You can attach an embroidered piece to the neckline or make a boat neckline with a strap of pink on one side to change things up a little, as shown below. Add patches of embroidered, printed, or plain cloth at the hem of your Kameez, allowing a little color to seep through. And make sure your Shalwar is as heavy as possible, for a precise finish.



↓ 4 – Fancy Shalwar Suits for Parties

Your most needed party styles are here – catch these unique and appealing fancy shalwar suits for girls to wear at parties and fancy gatherings. Some great tips for hairstyles and jewelry are given below, so explore and land on the best.

Hairstyle and Jewelry tips

You can make your already fancy outfit a little more fancy by simply adding in some jewelry and putting effort into your hair. Make sure you get a hairdo done that compliments your clothes the most, like an updo for a high neck Kameez and loose curls for a V necked Kameez. For finishing touches, match your jewelry with your dress according to the colors in it, and you’ll be good to go! Here are Easy and Quick Hairstyles that you can try with shalwar kameez.



↓ 3 – Shalwar Kameez for Mehndi Occasions

Shalwar kameez style that is just meant for a celebrated Mehndi occasion – and make sure you wear just like art with which this model has worn it. Style your hair as you like and give it a more desi look, so it blends in. Wearing a lot of jewelry is the culture so you can try all the tremendous appropriate jewelry you have that will match this dress. Wearing bangles will be a plus point. While for makeup, we suggest you don’t miss out on a cherry red lip color, because yellow and red simply rock together.



↓ 2 – Perfect Shalwar Kameez for your Mother and Aunts

A decent and minimalistic style for your mother or aunts to try! This style can be worn with heels and your most modern jewelry as well. You can leave your hair all open in curls or layers and just be your most casual self, and still manage to nail it. For makeup, you can keep it as simple yet beautiful as your d1ress is, try a nude lipstick with some brown eye makeup to complete their look!


↓ 1 – Vest with Shalwar Kameez

Adding a small vest to your Shalwar Kameez might sound absurd at first but hear us out. Wearing the same old styles in Shalwar Kameez can get tiring and repetitive, so to stand out, you must become innovative. And that’s exactly what this look is about. The vest not only adds colors to your outfit but also helps you give off a casual and laidback vibe. However, while adopting this style, match a printed vest with a simpler cloth for the rest of your Shalwar Kameez, instead of going double printed.


Here are two bonus designs for you to take inspiration from!

Tulip Shalwar Kameez Style

The stunning tulip shalwar style has become the center of casual theme all over Pakistan. Adding the tulip shalwar to your formal outfits or casual outfits can both be good choices as the minimalistic and thinner look of the tulip Shalwar allows the Kameez to truly shine through without getting overpowered by a big and heavy traditional Shalwar.

You can wear it in a more cultured manner with a long shirt and dupatta like the example below:



Or you can wear it with a short shirt like this.

Tulip shalwar with short shirt gives it a bit of western look, a style meant for all bold and classy women.




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