Ghanaian Women Kaba and Slit- 20 Beautiful Kaba Outfit Ideas

Ghanian Kaba & Slit Outfits. Africa is a vibrant continent in terms of fashion. Different prints, styles, and fabrics represent their fashion in other countries. One of the most beloved countries when it comes to fashion is Ghana with its distinctive taste in fashion and designing. Prints are increasingly becoming a significant part of every African fashion wear.

It is almost impossible to find the Ghanaian fashion dresses pictures without a beautiful print dress. The traditional dresses are made from fabric with bold prints and dark colors. Located in West Africa, Ghana is home to so many different culture and traditions and each tribe has its own traditional attire that is chosen for special occasions as well as casual wear. However, Kaba and Slit can be pretty much found across the whole of Ghana and most parts of Africa. In many tribes, Kaba and Slit are considered as a symbolic outfit. It is known for prestige and honor. Moreover, they come in beautiful colors and are also extremely comfortable.

How to Wear African Kaba and Slit

The colors have to be complementary to create one seamless and unique pattern. This explains why you will always find Ghana fashion dresses that stand out. Looking at this first picture, you will realize that this is a dress that can be worn in a multitude of functions including weddings and even red carpet events. The simple and sophisticated designs give it a unique appeal to rock the look at any occasion. This is one of the dresses you cannot go wrong with.

how to wear kaba and slit

Starting with a little detail of the outfit, Kaba is basically the top part which is worn with a skirt type bottom called the slit. The Kaba and Slit are both mostly in matching prints, but the evolution of the outfit has brought forth several unique and different versions of it. It’s an effortless outfit and yet looks exceptionally stylish. So without wasting any time, let’s have a look at 20 of the most beautiful Kaba styles ever created.

african women kaba and slit outfits

↓ 20 – Kaba Wedding Dress

A beautiful Kaba dress in a dark color which would be the perfect gown for any wedding function. Here are 20 Gorgeous Outfits to Wear for an African Wedding.

kaba gown for weddings


 ↓ 19 – Kaba Summer Style

The cutest representation of African culture is this Kaba summer style dress in bright colors and a loose flowing fitting, so you stay comfortable and relaxed all day long. This next dress is excellent wear for a casual event. It can easily be transformed and elevated into evening wear by adding a few accessories. It can also be easily turned into office wear because of its simple cut which makes it a formal gown. When you add some accessories, you can quickly turn this dress into high-end fashion wear. It is one of the best Ghana fashion design dresses that is very versatile. It is functional in many occasions.

african kaba summer outfit


african kaba outfits


↓ 18 – Kaba Outfit for Couples

How about wearing a Kaba dress to match your significant other? This could be an excellent idea for any formal occasion or even your anniversary. Have a look at 13 Cutest Matching Outfits For Black Couples.

african kaba outfits


↓ 17 – Kaba Dress for Plus Size Girls

Here are some beautiful outfits for plus size African ladies. This is one of the latest Ghanaian fashion dresses that are elegant and grant because of how it combines two fabric types. The traditional Ghana fabric, when combined with popular fabrics such as satin, turns into an exquisite fashion piece. The stylish lace turns this dress into a feminine masterpiece.

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african kaba outfits african kaba outfits

kaba and slit outfits

↓ 16 – Kaba Street Style Fashion

A beautiful look for young girls and teens. This dress features among some of Ghana latest fashion dresses and acts as proof that with the right choice of traditional Ghana fabric, you end up with an excellent and classic dress. This is not an easy mix to achieve on a dress. This dress makes it seem like pulling such a combination is a piece of cake. If you are going for the modern and youthful look then this will definitely do the trick.

kaba street style fashion


↓ 15 – Kaba and Slit Attire

This beautiful Kaba dress is made from hand woven fabrics and it is designed by the brand iamkaaka, who make beautifully tailored clothing so do check them out.

kaba outfit ideas

↓ 14 – Kaba and Slit Peplums

Many people consider the trending peplum tops to simply be a modern and evolved version of the traditional Kaba and slit. Are you looking for something chic and simple enough to work for an afternoon on the beach near the ocean? If this is so then you need not worry as Ghanaian fashion wear has you covered. This fashion can be fun and light. The sundresses with authentic Ghana prints will be excellent for a stroll in the sun on a slow weekend afternoon. What’s more, it goes well with all types of accessories and gives you the best opportunity to experiment with all types of makeup.

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african kaba outfits

Viaafrican kaba outfits african kaba outfits

african kaba outfits

↓ 13 – Kaba and Slit Outfit for Work

The first lady of Ghana, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, loves wearing the traditional African clothes and is often seen them embracing them for official functions and meetings. However, she gives them a modern twist with some mind-blowing designs that you can not help but love. Here is one such outfit of hers where she embraced the Kaba and Slit in beautiful statement sleeves and addition of lace for some statement detailing.

kaba outfits for work


kaba outfit for work in ghana


↓ 12 – Hot Kaba and Slit Gowns for Weddings

These are the perfect wedding dresses to opt for. They are the right one for you. It’s a tight fitting short dress that gives an edgy and beautiful look yet decent and reserved. It’s one of the Ghanaian wedding straight dress styles trending this year. It’s usually ideal for curvy ladies who have an hourglass kind of look, as it streams down the body. This contours and enhances the natural body image. You can complement it with a thin unique belt, a small purse, and simple jewelry will undoubtedly make you stand out in any occasion.

african kaba and slit outfits african kaba and slit outfits african kaba and slit outfits


↓ 11 – Tucked In Kaba and Slit

Tuck in your kaba for a fun and modern twist to the outfit, it would work well for a girl’s night out. For the latest African style trends, here are Top 15 African Fashion Blogs to Follow

kaba outfit ideas


↓ 10 – Modern Kaba and Slit in Funky Colours

The African yellow print looks fantastic on this lady. You can complete the look with a pair of accessories. While this look has been appearing in fashion shows, it will catch up with most Ghanaians this year.

women african kaba and slit outfit


↓ 9 – Kaba and Slit Party Outfit

Party fabric is always associated with high status and elegance. That is why many of its dresses are usually fancy, classy and sophisticated. However, in recent times, short dresses have taken back the limelight and always spotted at various events. They are generally meant for a casual look, even though some of them blend seamlessly in a traditional setup. Here are some of the trendy outfits going around that will catch everyone’s attention. hjsdb js d

african kaba and slit outfit

↓ 8 – How to Wear Kaba Gown with Head Wrap

This is part of Ghanaian clothing well-tailored for a confident and daring woman. It’s made to a comfortably fitting size, a long length and off-shoulder straps that cross over the arms. The cleavage is also precisely cut to expose just a little bit of skin while leaving the rest for imagination.

african kaba outfits

↓ 7 – Celebrity Style Kaba Outfit

The acclaimed pop and Jazz singer from Ghana, Stephanie Benson is also a massive fan of wearing traditional African attire with a modern and evolved look. At the recent Glitz style award, she was seen wearing a beautiful and vibrant green Kaba and slit, but she turned the Kaba into a crop top, and her slit was made of see-through fabric, making her one of the hottest guests of the day. Check out these Top 15 Black Clothing Designers.

kaba and slit outfits for african women


↓ 6 – Classy Kaba and Slit

Here we see the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Second Lady, Samira Bawumia. Samira is wearing a beautiful blue Kaba and Slit for this meeting, and she sure looks spectacular. Even though it may appear dull, it perfectly complements classy and elegant women. It’s a beautiful flare-styled dress that gives a lot of freedom for body movement and relaxation. It also has off-shoulder straps which gives enough room for conspicuous accessories around the neck. Ideally, the kind of accessory you choose should balance the ornamental art around the chest. With a precisely cut cleavage, this dress is definitely for courageous and confident ladies. Anyway, it can be a perfect outfit for a date or simply a casual out and about.

african kaba and slit outfit


↓ 5 – Royal Kaba and Slit

For a royal look, golden color is a must-have. Which is why we love this golden and black striped crop top and fishtail skirt that again is a modern interpretation of the age-old classic Kaba and slit. This version, however, of course, is more in line with the latest trends and it gives off unique regal vibes. kaba outfits african women

↓ 4 – Matching Kaba and Slit for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids wearing matching Kaba and slit outfits in any style or color look superb. This look can work for not just weddings but also bridal showers. This is part of Ghanaian clothing well-tailored for a confident and daring woman. The dresses are made in comfortably fitting size, a long length, and off-shoulder straps.

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african women kaba and slit outfits


↓ 3 – Kaba and Slit Funeral Attire

A black colored Kaba and Slit can be used a funeral attire. You should also check out these Work Outfits for African Women. This is for the kind of ladies who are bold and confident in their bodies. It’s a perfect outfit for formal meetings or funeral. Since the fitting is good, it gives you all the comfort you need. You can also wrap it up with a nice thin belt preferably with a distinctive color if you opt to wear for a meeting.

african women kaba and slit outfits


↓ 2 – Traditional Kaba and Slit Style

We all know that Kabas have been around since ages and our mothers and grandmothers have grown up wearing and loving them. This love has luckily been passed on to our generation as well. The traditional Kaba styles never go out of styles so when you’re out of options, you can always rely on them. Looking for a simple decent gown for a date night? Well, look no further as this short purple print dress will definitely solve your dilemma. With a flare on the bottom half, it can surely give you all the comfort you need when in it. It can be paired with neutral colored heels and attractive accessories. One good thing about this dress is that it blends well with any kind of body shape be it hourglass or plus size. It’s actually one of the best Ghana women clothes highly in demand

african women kaba and slit


↓ 1 – What Shoes and Hairstyles go with Kaba Outfit

Whether you’re looking for a Sunday church service outfit, or just a stylish Friday look, or perhaps something special for an occasion, a Kaba and Slit outfit would never disappoint. But what confuses most of us is, what shoes and hairstyles should you choose with a Kaba? Well, we highly recommend pump shoes, either flat or in heels, depending on your personal choice. Since Kaba and Slits mostly come in colorful prints, you can simply choose any of your favorite colors for the accessories, including your shoes. Here we see that the model added the right pop of color by choosing red pump heels to highlight the red color in her Kaba outfit.

When it comes to hairstyles, you can see that any type of tied up hairstyles looks really well with Kabas. This can include ponytails, braids or even cornrows, whatever you feel looks best on you since no one knows what suits you better than yourself.

african women kaba outfit ideas

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