Crop Top Ankara Outfits – 20 Ways To Wear Crop Ankara Tops

Best Crop Top Ankara Outfits. Ankara outfits are something that you can not easily resist. The bold striking pattern not only brings the person in highlight but also makes them feel confident. The sudden punch in the self-esteem changes the entire vibe of the person who is all dressed up in an Ankara outfit.

Though crop tops seem to be a little exposing and modern, they can still be easily played around with. They make a perfect pair with almost anything and people can wear them in various ways to lift their styling game. Indeed, there are numerous ways to make an Ankara crop top wearable to nearly every event without any hesitation. 

How to Wear Ankara Crop Top Outfits?

For the fashion queens, Ankara outfits are a major comeback in the styling field. Be it denim or high-waist skirts, you can combine Ankara crop tops with everything to slay any event you attend. Unquestionably, either it is a birthday party or a school reunion an Ankara outfit can never go wrong. To top the fashion game many celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have incorporated these African prints in their wardrobe and have been in the spotlight since then.

If you also get excited seeing these outfits and want to give them a try then this is the best place you could be at. Above all, ladies of every age group can wear Ankara crop tops irrespective of their figure through the various ways given to make this possible. With little investments and variations in your styling method, you can have an entirely new look every time.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

What is Ankara? 

Ankara has its deep-rooted history from African traditions and culture. In particular it belongs to the heritage of West Africa, where 100% cotton fabrics are made by hand. From the tribal prints to the bold colors, everything carries a meaning with it. The intricate designs reflect different ideas and messages belonging to its area of origin. Though, Ankara outfits have been printed since the 1880’s they got in the limelight outside Nigeria only after 2010 and have been popular since then. After them being displayed in high-end fashion shows people have been in utter admiration of them just like you. Everyone is up for different ways to style their Ankara outfit.

↓ 20 – Best African Prints of Crop Tops

Prints and patterns are what make an item of clothing stand out. Ankara crop tops are in fame because of their intriguing designs that do not fail in catching a glance. Moreover, when you wear an Ankara crop top people can not stop admiring its beauty. There are various Ankara prints available around the globe, from summery floral designs to trendy strip prints there is much more to it. However, we suggest you to get your hands on the classic geometric print which can never go wrong. 

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

SUWA African Print Strapless Crop Top – £30.00

↓ 19 – With High-Waist Trousers 

Are you scared of showing too much of your skin? Then pair the Ankara crop top with a high-waist trouser. The trousers embrace every curve of your body and help you feel confident in whatever shape you are. Furthermore, it is one of the easiest and preferred styles. You can opt it to showcase your hidden fashion diva.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Femcy Ankara crop top, easy wear – $45.10 

↓ 18 – What to Wear on A Day Out with Friends 

Despite your friends have known you for a long time, they always expect you to look the best at even a casual lunch. Palazzo pants and an off-shoulder crop top make the perfect combination. Adding on, the African prints are cheery on top. A light blow dry completes the look. 

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Ankara PALAZZO Pants Set – $120. 79

↓ 17 – Style Crop Top with Long Skirts 

Comfort over everything is what we favor on a hot summery day. Putting on a crop top with a floral chic skirt completes your look for a picnic. While adding on a heavy choker or earrings to this look makes it wearable to a Sunday brunch. Wedge heels are what we recommend with this attire keeping up with the comfort level. Also, have a look at How To Style African Skirts For Plus Size Women.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

AZIZI Kente One Shoulder Crop Top – £35

↓ 16 – Head-piece to match Ankara Outfit

A headpiece matching to your Ankara crop top is the final touches one needs. It not only complements the look but also makes you feel young and playful. Besides that a lot of Africans chose to wear headbands and scarfs numerous times which explains why they are a necessity of an Ankara outfit. A headpiece with a crop top lifts the styling game without any doubt.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

DAKARAI African Print Ankara Crop Top –£35.00 

↓ 15 – For Women Above 50  

Undoubtedly, anyone can wear a crop top. They are not only for teens and all you need to wear them is confidence. Either you want to look modest or chic everything is possible if done the correct way. Nevertheless, we suggest you to go for an Ankara crop top that is not too short or dull in color. In addition, the bright colors act as a booster and cut off years from your age.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Orange Blue Ankara Wax Print Off Shoulder Strapless Cotton Crop Top Blouse – $58.50

↓ 14 – Pair a Crop Top with Matching Bottoms 

Clearly, an Ankara outfit with matching separates is a pair made in heaven. Be it matching colors or print it can never go out of fashion. As well as that you can also choose between pants or a skirt, whatever you feel will look the best. Lastly, to break the single color, complete this look with heels of some other bold color.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

KEYSHIA African Print Ankara Off Shoulder Top (Red) – £45.00 

↓ 13 – When to Wear Crop Top with Jeans 

Denim is the answer to every question in the fashion world. Going out for groceries? Feeling gloomy? Throw on an Ankara crop top with some jeans and you are good to go. Decidedly, it is like the best pair you can be wear at all times. Also, you have a new look every time with the different types of jeans from slim fit to ripped. Also, have a look at Patched African Jeans Outfits & 12 Ways to Wear Patched Jeans.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Ankara crop top – $35

↓ 12 – How a Birthday Girl Wears it

The birthday girl wants to be the center of attention and she surely becomes one in her Ankara outfit. For instance, the bright colors and cool patterns make her stand out and look perfect for an event that is all about her. You can pair the crop top with a skirt or jeans with some funky jewelry to complete the look. Be it sweet sixteen or the thirtieth birthday, the top looks the best.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

ZOLA African Print Ankara Short Sleeve Crop Top – £38

↓ 11 – Ankara Crop Top with Frill Sleeves  

Layered frill sleeves are considered high-end when it comes to basic fashion sense. They make a plain crop top look fancy and help you dominate every event. A metal choker or big hoop earrings accentuate the attire. As the frill sleeves make the Ankara outfit all grand pairing it up with some shorts or similar bottom is the best choice.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

↓ 10 – How Teenagers Wear Ankara Crop Tops  

Teenage is all about looking stylish and hot. Girls in their teens are up for experiments in their outfits and Ankara crop tops give them all the freedom to do so. High-slit skirts and ripped jeans make the look all glamorous. Also, pencil heels are the perfect match for it.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Ankara two piece – $ 134.10

↓ 9 – For Slim and Petite

Go for a crop top that is not fitted as it makes you look more small and thin. Additionally, baggy sleeves are a good choice for slim girls. Also, big floral or symmetrical Ankara patterns help in completing the attire. Pair the crop tops with baggy and boot-cut jeans to distract attention from the thin legs. 

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Zainab Ankara prints sexy crop top – $85.58

↓ 8 – Monochrome Crop Top 

Monochrome black and white crop tops are a popular part of Ankara designs. Put on a jet black or white jacket and pants and you are good enough to slay a formal meeting. Single colors work for everyone of any age and make people go head over heels for the look.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

ALIKA African Print Ankara Puff Sleeve Crop Top – £55

↓ 7 – For Plus Size Women

Do you feel shy because of your size? Then toss an Ankara crop top with any bottoms you prefer whether it is jeans or a skirt. The next thing I know is that you people are fascinated with your charisma. You look smart and attractive without doing much. Furthermore, black color is the best choice for overweight people as it helps give a slimmer look.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Ankara Belted Crop Top – $42.50

↓ 6 – Match it With Your Best Friend 

Evidently, it is a great idea that you and your best friend flaunt your matching Ankara outfits together? Well, it is the best one. Ankara crop tops are Instagram-worthy and twining them with your friends makes this combination much better. From attending parties to going to a club surely you two are in the prime focus. Adding on, some classy jewelry is what we recommend.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits


Get a similar outfit from AFRICAN PRINT KIMONO – $50

↓ 5 – Long Sleeve Ankara Crop Tops 

Long sleeve crop tops are a must-have, especially in winters. Besides that, showing off that tit bit of skin balances the look. The Ankara prints need to be exhibited for instance and the long sleeves give them all the space to show that. The long sleeves make your arms look thin. Further pairing this with a long necklace or earring accent the entire look.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

TINASHE African Print Ankara Long Sleeve Crop Top – £38 

↓ 4 – What to Wear in Summers

The best way to wear an Ankara crop top in summer is to pair it with a high-waist midi skirt or flared jeans. The bright floral or symmetrical prints complement the weather too. Then make this look complete with some sunglasses and a hat. Some heeled joggers are what we will recommend.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Remi African Ankara  Summer Top – $58.50

↓ 3 – Accessories to Accentuate your Crop Top 

The prints and color of Ankara crop tops are bold and so people usually avoid accessorizing them. However, they are missing something great. Not only sunglasses on a sunny day complete this look but also make it better. Moreover, wearing a statement necklace and earring helps grab attention to the empty neckline. Undoubtedly, crop tops are the best way one can show off the tattoo on their waist.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

REYA African Print Ankara Beaded Necklace- £20.00

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

SEKAI African Print Ankara Diamond Earrings – £8.00

↓ 2 – Footwear  

Almost anything can be worn with an Ankara outfit. For example pumps, wedges, pencil heels, joggers, etc, it all depends on where you are going. Furthermore, you may also toss on some cool slippers if your friends are coming over to your house.

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Charlotte PVC Stiletto Heel Ankara – $ 111.31

Crop Top Ankara Outfits

Ankara wrapped Flip Flops, African Wrapped Slipper – $25.00

↓ 1 – Where to Buy Ankara Crop Top Outfits?

After going through all the different ways you can wear an Ankara crop top and showcase your look, you must be wondering where to get one from. Indeed, it is important to have a high-quality Ankara top that makes you look your best. To help you out I have compiled a list of some reliable brands. 

  1. Afrikrea: In our opinion, it is the best site to shop for Ankara crop tops online. It helps you choose a top depending on the occasion, fabric, color, and much more. Every single clothing piece is made by authentic African clothing sellers.  
  2. Naborhi: It offers unique African print crop tops that give you a sophisticated and glamorous look. The site helps you filter out the top that fits your needs from its stunning pieces. 
  3. Etsy: Once you open the site you will be bewitched by the beauty of their clothes. From Ankara crop tops with long sleeves to geometric prints, it offers everything. 
  4. L’aviye: This is a well-known brand that sells some astonishing and budget-friendly crop tops with their origin from Africa. The colorful tops once grab your attention are then hard to resist.

Also, check out African American Clothing Brands-Top 15 Black Clothing Designers.


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