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BrandedGirls.com is a website that’s all about brands, the brands that you love, the brands that you want to read about and some amazing brands that you might not have discovered yet. So we work together to bring you the best brands, along with detailed reviews that can help you make smarter and well-informed decisions.

Our Team:

We are a team of writers, storytellers, poets, thinkers and creators! We all come from different places and different backgrounds, but the one thing that we all have in common is our love for writing.

Zoona – Creative Director



In her role as creative director, Zoona guides the whole team and oversees the content at BrandedGirls. Apart from writing, she loves baking, reading, travelling, gaming and of course binge-watching Netflix. Laughing like crazy over a good meme? Yes, you’ll find her doing that too.





Sara – Writer

Sara is a 24-year-old (on the outside but a 10-year-old from the inside) from Lahore, Pakistan. She has a Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences but she’s more enthusiastic about books, sewing, and art in general. She considers herself to be a fast learner unless the one teaching is her mother. She hates feeling useless and has therefore found a variety of hobbies to keep herself occupied. She loves money (who doesn’t?), which is why some of her hobbies also pay. She blogs unprofessionally from time to time, takes half-way decent photos of books and posts them on Instagram and also runs a small handicraft business. So if you’re looking for a cure new and handmade laptop sleeve, handbag, wallet or some other interesting stuff, do check out her products. Otherwise, just have a good read with her blogs.



Faryal – Writer

Faryal describes herself as a millennial girl who can’t decide whether to buy more chocolates or more makeup. Being obsessed with fashion, she loves to write about mainstream brands and the latest fashion trends that are being followed globally.




Arooshay – Writer

Arooshay is someone who feels grateful just for having tasty food on her table and good clothes in her closet. Her interest area lies between what Kate wore to her recent royal event to which brand launched its latest clothing collection.


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