Ankara Blouse Styles – 10 Ways to Wear & Style Ankara Blouse

Ankara Blouse Styling Ideas. Blouses have taken over as the most basic piece of clothing everywhere in the world. It can be styled in a variety of ways, and that seems to be the reason why people are now reaching out for this piece of clothing more than anything else.

Here you will find all the different ways you can style this gorgeous piece of clothing that you can style in all ways imaginable. Before we get into all the ways you can style an Ankara blouse, we want to introduce you to the world of blouses if you haven’t jumped on the blouse bandwagon yet. We understand that not all cultures have fully embraced this simple yet immensely fashionably useful piece of clothing. Team Branded Girls will cover everything from how to buy a blouse to how you can style it in different ways.

Latest Ankara Blouse Styling Ideas

As the fashion world is expanding its roots into different cultures, the clothing lines are diversifying to cater to a wider audience. The modern world is an inclusive place where all cultures and traditions are given equal representation, and we are loving it. Understanding the origin of something as plain and simple as a piece of clothing is the first step to learning to appreciate a culture and this is mainly why we want to bring this design to you. To show you how in awe we are of the fashion in West African countries and how their style has gone unnoticed for the longest time.

Ankara Blouse Styling Ideas

The Ankara pattern is a design that came into existence in the Indonesian textile market. This print, however, gained the level of popularity that only a few other textile prints have. It made it’s way to the West African market, where the print blew up and was essentially taken ownership of by the tribal people there. Ankara patterns are bright and colorful. It is for the lively, and that is essentially the shortest yet the truest definition of the African culture. So bright and full of life. These are people who live their life to the fullest. This print was initially known as The Dutch Wax Print but is now popularly known as the Ankara print. Wanna know how this print came to be? We do too! Keep reading to a brief history lesson.

How The Ankaran Print Came To Be

During the 1800s, printed cotton was high in demand. The demand was very high, and there weren’t enough textiles that were catering to it, so a Dutch entrepreneur took it upon himself to come up with a method to print Batiks. Batik was a very popular cloth worn in Indonesia, and he chose to base his market there solely on the popularity of the cotton cloth. This print on Batik gained recognition to the extent that it became the most worn print in East and West Africa where it was referred to as Kitenge and Ankara respectively.

Ankara is a cotton cloth that is printed on using wax. This is why there is a crackling effect on this particular piece of clothing. The wax resistant dye technique allows the print to stay on for long periods of time and makes it very low maintenance, which is a difficult thing to find in a piece of clothing.

African Prints Are Not Just A Fashion Statement

African people take alot of pride in their fashion statements. This particular part piece of patterned clothing holds its importance in the fact that their newborns are wrapped in a cloth made out of wax print. It is thus a part of their heritage. Every piece tells a different story thus it requires a different kind of respect. It is important that their culture and the expression of their culture through clothing be not exploited or owned by a different group of people. All wax printed clothes have a different story to tell and having the respect to recognize that is important.

Before we dive into all the different designs of Ankaran Blouses, we are going to go over all the types of blouse styles available on the market and how to choose them.

How To Choose Blouses According To Your Body Shape

The first step to choosing the right blouse is knowing your body type. Here are the different types of blouses best suited to different body types. Keep reading to find out what the best option is for your body type.

  • Apple Shape: Ladies with the apple body types should look for blouses with a broader waist, narrower shoulders, and hips.
  • Pear Shape: Blouses with broader hips and a narrow upper portion would work best for this body type.
  • Hourglass Shape: Blouses with a broad hip and upper portion but a narrow waist will work best for this body type.
  • Rectangular: Blouses with a proportionate width of shoulders and hips will work best for this body type.
  • Triangle: Blouses with wide hips and shoulders will work best for this body type.

Here is a list of the different blouse styles available that you can choose from in accordance with your body type.

  • Look Out For Different Styles: This piece of clothing is now available in so many different styles and designs. There is a blouse style available for all figured. Make sure you have the kind of occasion you want it for in mind before deciding to buy a blouse.
  • Button Downs: This is the style of blouse that works with all body types and works for all occasions but is most suited to workplace environments. Button-down blouses give a very put-together look and pair well with everything from a skirt, jeans to jackets and cardigans.
  • Wrap-Ups: This style gives a wrapped-up look, and can be tied at either the front or the back. This style is universally flattering. It wraps up the waist, making it appear narrower and emphasizing the hourglass look. This particular style is perfect for curvy women because it emphasizes their curves very well.
  • Empire Waist Blouse Style: This blouse falls just under the bust area and flows at the ends to give a very flattering look. It serves to emphasize the upper part of the body and camouflages any other parts of your body that you don’t want to show off.
  • Loose Blouse: This is a kind of blouse that flows loosely at the bottom and fits very loosely. It thus works for all body types. If you want it to give a little more definition, you can always belt it in the middle and make the look appear to be more casual. This particular blouse can be paired with jeans and cargo pants.

Now that we have covered the different kinds of blouses best suited to different body types let us go over all the different ways you can style your extremely fashionable Ankara blouses.

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↓ 10 – Bold Colours For The Win

When it comes to African Fashion, they really do not hold back when it comes to experimenting with bold colors. Get this look by opting for a wrap-up blouse with flowy frills at the bottom. Accessorize lightly to let the beautiful colors of the African print do the talking for you. Wear this blouse with jeans or trousers even. Take a look at Latest Ankara Styles For Ladies To Wear.

Get Similar Look:

African Color Block Zipper Sleeveless Women Blouse with Asymmetric Print.

ankara blouse style


↓ 9 – Spiral Ankaran Design

We are so in love with this particular design and love how the model has paired it with basic ripped jeans. This beautiful Ankaran pattern is surely one that everyone will remember. You can obtain this style by opting for a button-down blouse and tying it with a belt in the middle. A lower neckline will be best to achieve this exact look. This top alone is enough to turn heads, so there is no need for accessories to pull this look together.

ankara blouse style 2


↓ 8 – Rock It With the Baby-Girl Blouse

We are obsessed with this look. This style of blouse is perfect for all you curvy ladies out there. This blouse can be styled with dangly earrings and a natural yet bronzey makeup look. Pair this look with denim and stilettos to get that oomph factor.

Get Her Look:

ankara blouse style 3


↓ 7 – Ankara Blouse with Skirt

Matching separates are all the hype in 2020, and we are living for it. Get a noodle strapped Ankaran blouse and pair it with a matching skirt. Complete this look by wearing matching earrings and a bold lip. We love this look and would highly recommend you try this. This particular style works for all body types and would really help you show off those beauty bones. We love a confident girl, and this is all you need to boost your confidence on a bad day.

Ankara Blouse Ideas


↓ 6 – Off Shoulder Blouse Design

Leather pants have finally made a comeback after being non-existent in the fashion scene for over 2 decades. We believe that anything, when paired with leather pants, makes it undeniably gorgeous. It is just one of those pieces of clothing that will get you all the compliments you need. To get this look pair an off-shoulder blouse with a belt in the middle to give the dress more definition, with leather pants. We personally are huge fans of the good old black leather pants, but you can pair a chic Ankaran top with just about any other colored pants. A high ponytail with sleek back hair will complete this look.

Get Similar Look:

Ankara African Print Boho Off Shoulder Shirt Blouse

ankara blouse style 5


↓ 5 – You Can Never Go Wrong With Neon

Ankaran prints are already so fabulous, and they really don’t need another statement piece to stand out, but neon just somehow makes it better, and we don’t understand how. Pair a gorgeous wrap blouse tied in the front with neon trousers to get this look. We love the vibe of this entire outfit because although it looks vintage, the pop of the colors makes it appear fresh like it is something right out of 2020. We are big fans of hoops and generally tend to pair all outfits with hoops, and these are definitely doing the entire look justice. If the outfit in this picture speaks to you, we love your fashion sense.

Get Her Look:

ankara blouse style 6


↓ 4 – Loosely Fitted Blouse Style

This style is for those of you who are cynical about wanting to try on different looks. It is a very easy option that we honestly believe anyone can pull off. It is safest in terms that it can be worn anywhere without having to worry about the crowd. Pair this blouse with cute jean shorts and you are set. Big hoops will look great with this outfit and would really give you a laid-back look if that is what you are opting for. To look a bit more professional you can pair this with a pencil shirt and heels. Add strips of the cloth to the sleeves if you want to make your outfit stand out. This is one of those elegant outfits that everyone needs in their closet.

ankara blouse style


↓ 3 – Peplum Touch

We love how fusion outfits are a thing now. An amalgamation of different cultures is one of the most beautiful things to come out of the 20th century, and it is something that we should all celebrate. Pair this western peplum blouse with an Ankaran print and a matching cloth wrapped around your hair. You can wear this blouse with a matching long skirt or pair it with pants to get this look. This is a perfect everyday look that everyone can pull off and look fashionably elegant in. Headwraps add a whole new personality to the outfit, and we love how the gorgeous Ankaran print is making the look pop.

ankara blouse styles


↓ 2 – Loose Kaftan Styled Blouse

To get this look, pair a unique patterned Ankaran Kaaftan blouse and pair it with skin-tight bottoms to give you that overall flowy look. We love this look for vacations because it gives that laid back look that every person on vacation wants.

ankara blouse style


↓ 1 – Flowy Ankaran Blouse

Let the Ankaran design do the talking for you. Pair a button-down Ankaran blouse with gorgeous string necklaces and a pair of basic pants to get this look.

ankara blouse style


We loved compiling this list of all the ways you can style your Ankaran blouse. Adios and happy styling!

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