Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls- 23 Ways to Wear and Style them

Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls- Tee-Shirts are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. As the summer season is here and we all want to wear comfy outfits. Therefore, t-shirts are the best ones to wear whether you are skinny or curvy. Do you know what the best thing about Tee shirts is? You can look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. Great, right?

Moreover, our fashion industry and designers are aware of all the body types and that’s why you don’t need to worry about styling a tee shirt if you are a skinny girl. I know you are thinking about, how to wear a t-shirt fashionably for a skinny girl? Which type of t-shirt is suitable for a slim girl?

We are here for you to figure out these questions and help you style tee shirts stylishly. However, you just have to embrace yourself whatever you wear. Therefore, in this article, I am presenting you the 23 best ways to wear and style tee shirts. This article will help you identify different ways to wear and style tee shirts for slender girls. Keep reading and get inspiration from different ideas and get to know how to style a thin body type. So, are you ready to shine and look remarkable? 

How to Wear and Style Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls?

It’s the most important question for slim girls that’s why I am here to solve your confusion regarding tee shirts. Here are some tricks, tips, and hacks to make you look chic and modish. Moreover, you will get to know ahead how handy and versatile tee shirts are!

Tips and Ways to wear Tee Shirts for Slim Girls

Is your wardrobe full of tee shirts but confused about how to style them? You need to select wisely and see the effect on your look! Let’s have a look at some tips.

  • Choose the correct fabric! Avoid heavy clothing.
  • Avoid mid-waist belts on tee shirts.
  • If your tee shirt is plain then wear accessories with it. 
  • Make an outfit that will highlight your waistline.
  • Wear big printed t-shirts as they will make you look fuller. My favorite prints are floral, and they come in a variety of colors.
  • Tropical leaves print is suitable for thin body types. It’s chic and feminine and gives a boost to your wardrobe. 

Also, have a look at Skinny Girl Hairstyles – 25 Best Hairstyles for Petite Women.

↓ 23 – What to wear if you are Skinny?

When you have the best option of tee shirts then, no need to worry about your outfit. However, you just need to choose what to wear with tee shirts to look more sassy and hot. 

What kind of bottoms to wear with tee shirts for skinny girls?

  • Ripped jeans
  • Cut-off denim shorts
  • Shorts with sheer tights
  • Skirts
  • Leather pants
  • Printed trousers 
  • Skirts

What kind of shoes to wear with tee shirts for skinny girls?

  • Combat boots
  • Ballet slippers
  • Converse
  • Sneakers
  • Pumps 
  • High heels

↓ 22 – When to wear Tee Shirts and Style them?

Interestingly, tee shirts are for everyone, and it’s a fun fact that you can wear them everywhere and on every occasion. Check what is trendy in fashion. Also, check the colors which suit you. Ready to smash the party girls! 

↓ 21 – Where to Buy Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls? 

Good quality is all that matters, right? So, we have to buy a good quality tee shirt to feel confident and comfortable. Want to wear something comfy, and simple? Do try this outfit and make your look fascinating. 

Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls 23 Ways to Wear Them

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Let’s get started with these best tee shirts for skinny girls and 23 ways to wear and style them to make you more confident and sassy. 

↓ 20 – Tee Shirt with Dungaree for Slim Girls

If you are too skinny and want to look elegant with a hot and chic style then, dungaree is definitely for you. Dungarees are always in fashion and trendy. You can wear any light color tee-shirt with dark color dungaree to make your look remarkable. However, dungarees can be tricky to wear, but here is the smart look with a horizontal striped tee shirt and a cute little shoulder bag.

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Have a look on Lily Aldridge and how classy she looks in white shirt with denim dungaree.

↓ 19 – Oversized Tee Shirt with Jeans for Skinny Girls

Wait! Wait! We have another best option for you to style oversized tee shirts for skinny girls. Also, you can wear a printed tee shirt or a simple tee shirt with jeans or shorts. It’s all up to you to carry and flaunt the outfit. Moreover, the best part is you can move comfortably anywhere you go. Check out this spiffy and modish look.

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Here is the look with oversized tee shirt with shorts.

↓ 18 – Tee Shirt with Flare Jeans

Having a great, sassy, and dapper style is all we want! Right? The bell shape of flare jeans gives a smooth and unique detail to your outfit. Furthermore, a simple and classy tee shirt with denim flare jeans will make your look elegant. Although, flare jeans were so common in the 70’s and 80’s and they are even more common and trendy nowadays. Have you tried Flare jeans with a cool and cozy tee shirt? If not then, this outfit is going to be perfect for you!

Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls 23 Ways to Wear Them

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↓ 17 – For Women over 50

You know what? Tee shirts look classier on women over 50. Yes! It’s true. You can wear it on every occasion and make an outfit with jeans or shorts. We are here to give ideas to style your tee shirt in different ways and spark with confidence. Moreover, you can take inspiration from printed tee shirts with pumps and white skinny jeans or sneakers. So, try this outfit ladies.

Check this graphic tee shirt with jeans and sneaker.

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↓ 16 – Tee Shirts Tucked in Trousers

While most of us already know about wearing tee shirts and how to fully tucked in trousers or jeans. But you have to know how to do it properly with class. However, the most versatile way of styling a tee shirt is to keep it tucked in trousers but you also have different options like half-tucked in or full-tucked in with a tee shirt. Furthermore, the other best part of styling this way is your waistline will become prominent if you are a skinny girl.

Here I am presenting you different styles of tee shirts.

↓ 15 – With Blazer and Cut Off

Shorts with a tee shirt is casual wear no doubt but you can easily wear them anywhere. It’s the best chance for skinny girls to enhance their look and make it sassier. But you know adding a blazer and cut off with dapper heels will make you look Bomb. Therefore, all you have to do is take inspiration from Rihanna and style a tee shirt like this.

Look at the Meagan Brandon fashion blogger of Meagan’s Moda wearing blazer with denim shorts and valentino sandals.

↓ 14 – Tee Shirt with Pleated Skirt

Here is another style of tee shirt with a pleated skirt for thin girls. Even though you have a slim body, you can make a hot and sassy look. Pleated skirts are trendy in fashion because of their unique designing everybody likes them. You can say a pleated skirt with tee shirts is a perfect combination of street style and sophisticated look.

In case you want to keep it simple and sassy. So, this outfit will be perfect for you. Try this mini pleated skirt with a white shirt and flat shoes.

How about this eye-catching outfit with a cute white tee shirt and black pleated skirt? Don’t forget to wear white heels with hand bag. Furthermore, if you have a thin and skinny body then this outfit will look marvelous. Also, you can add some accessories to make your look complete.

Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls 23 Ways to Wear Them

Here is another catchy and dapper look for you. Pink pleated skirt with black shirt and heels. Stunning!! But the purse and its color add spark to this outfit.

Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls

↓ 13 – With Fitted Skirt and Boots

Nothing can beat an elegant and sleek fitted skirt. The charm and class of wearing fitted Skirts are different. Moreover, if you are skinny, then your look will do magic on others. Give it a try! Isn’t it look classy?

Maybe you love the idea of a black fitted skirt with a plain shirt. In addition to some accessories like a handbag and a hat make you look stunning. Oh wait! You can wear boots but high heels are a good idea though. Well, it depends on the weather!

Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls 23 Ways to Wear Them

Want to look sexy and stylish with heels, then this outfit is gonna rock!

Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls 23 Ways to Wear Them

↓ 12 – Tee Shirt with Printed Trousers

You can inevitably play around with various printed trousers with tee shirts. The best thing about printed trousers is that they can add more weight to your outfit.
There are a variety of styles to wear printed trousers with tee shirts. However, you can wear it with a simple shirt or printed one with a jacket over it. If you want to make it voguish, then add some accessories.

Check this sleek and elegant outfit with printed floral trousers and a white tee shirt with a jacket and sunglasses. Moreover, if you style it with a tiger print handbag and cute accessories, then you will surely attract everyone to the party 😀

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↓ 11 – Swag Style with Tee Shirt

Be sure whatever you wear, you look classy. Despite your body appearance, you can look dapper. Whether you are thick or have a skinny body, leave a spark with your swag style wherever you go.

Here is another bright and light mix match outfit for you to spark and shine. Also, have a look 25 Outfits for Skinny Girls – What to Wear If You’re Skinny

↓ 10 – Cropped Tee Shirt with Skirt for Slim Girls

I believe you wouldn’t miss out on this Chrissy Teigen outfit of a cropped tee shirt with a skirt. Just look and take inspiration of elegance from a white cropped tee shirt and skirt. To be very honest skinny girls, just try it out now! Isn’t it look marvelous?

You can also play around with cropped tee shirt and palazzo with belt and swag style sunglasses with chic hand bag.

↓ 9 – With Suit

We know you guys are thinking about, to wear a suit with a tee shirt or not. It’s a quick and easy way to grab everyone’s attention. You can wear a matching outfit of a suit with a tee-shirt. Moreover, a white tee shirt can also do magic. Right?

↓ 8 – For Teenage Girls

Tee shirts are a go-to style for teenagers. All teenagers and skinny girls out there, here is the outfit for you. You can wear it and style it on any occasion by adding some accessories to make it formal.

Here is our favorite Selena Gomez giving us some major vibes of styling tee shirt with jeans. Try this cute look.

↓ 7 – Denim Tee Shirt with Jeans

Worried about styling denim tee shirts with jeans? Take an inspiration and makeover your outfit whether you are thin or curvy. Denim is evergreen! Do you agree with us?

↓ 6 – Horizontal Stripes Tee Shirt for Skinny Girls

The most popular fashion tip is to wear horizontal stripes for skinny girls. Just see the magic!

Best Tee Shirts for Skinny Girls 23 Ways to Wear Them

↓ 5 – Tee Shirts with Tights  

Want to do some casual look? Then wear a tee shirt with tights to feel comfy.


↓ 4 – Celebrity Style with Tee Shirt

Check this round deep neck shirt with shorts to make your class. Well, I must say this outfit is really comfy for summers.

↓ 3 – Scoop Tee Shirt

Scoop tee shirt is the best one for formal and casual wear. Moreover, it will look classy on skinny girls. The classic scoop neckline of this tee shirt will make it easy to style in various ways.

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↓ 2 – V-Neck Tee Shirts for Slim Girls

It’s my favorite tee shirt because you feel so comfortable wearing it.

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↓ 1 – Summer Outfit

Tee shirt in summers feel so cool and sassy because of heat you just wanna wear something loose and chilling. Right?

We hope you liked these ideas of tee shirts for skinny girls. Please share your ideas and suggestion with us in comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you style plain tees?

A: There are different styles and designs to wear pain tee shirts. some of them are mentioned in this article. just check the ideas.

  1. Tuck It Into High-Waisted Jeans, see the article.
  2. Layer It Under a Lace Tank Top.
  3. Pair It With a Suit like mentioned above.
  4. Cropped tee With a Ladylike Skirt.
  5. Wear It Under a Slip Dress.
  6. Have Fun With Color.

Q: Are white T shirts attractive?

A: I must say that White Tee shirts are a hot favorite because it makes you look so classy. Check the article above and see the magic of white tee shirts and must try it.

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