20 Modern Dashiki Dress For Skinny Girls To Wear This Year

Latest Dashiki Dress For Skinny Girls. Dashiki dresses are getting fame and attention with passing time. Certainly, the bold and vibrant colors are a treat for someone who loves to experiment with loud shades. Adding on, the different and unique designs are the best things about them. The patterns are always noticeable and never fail to catch the eyes of people in a crowd. Dashiki fabric is so intricate and beautiful that even celebrities can not resist them. Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Dreya Michele are a few of the names of the skinny stars who are never afraid of stepping out in a Dashiki dress.

Over the last few years, Dashiki dresses have been getting the recognition they needed. Also, multiple brands have now launched a Dashiki clothes collection or are solely dedicated to it. While previously people thought Dashiki dresses only belonged to the Africans, the thought process has now changed. Currently, people from everywhere and anywhere are wearing and rocking a Dashiki dress. Surely, the traditional apparel not only reminisces the African heritage but also gives a feeling of immense power through the striking colors and design.

How to Style Dashiki Dress for the Slim and Smart?

Certainly, a Dashiki dress is for everyone irrespective of their color, size, or age. It is just the simple tricks and tips that a person needs to follow to slay a look. In case you are wondering how you will wear a Dashiki dress in your small size, then do not worry. This article is the answer to all your queries and has some of the amazing ideas to wear a Dashiki dress on a skinny body. From jewelry to handbags, there are recommendations for everything. Just remember whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. Despite your size, you should always have a big wide smile when you walk out in a Dashiki dress.   


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Dashiki Dress

The History of Dashiki 

Before we dive into the styling ideas it is good to know a little about Dashiki clothing itself. Dashiki is a type of African clothing that can be traced back to the 1970’s. Certainly, it was quite popular among the people of West Africa as loose fitted clothing that helped them survive the summer heat. With time Dashiki dresses also evolved and became popular outside Africa as a symbol for Black American Afrocentric identity. Be it shirts, mini dresses, or gowns, there is everything available in Dashiki print.

↓ 20 – How to Wear Dashiki Dress like a Fashionista?

Surely, cut-out dresses are the new style statement of this year. Now imagine incorporating them with stunning Dashiki prints, the combination will be the deadliest. Not only will it distract attention from the size zero but also give a new definition to Dashiki dresses. The earthy color palette and floral print are the plus points for this gorgeous piece. As you wear this do not forget to pose like a fashion diva.

Dashiki Dress

Dashiki Dress – $146

↓ 19 – The Street Style 

Want to look casual and stylish at the same time? Opt for a shirt dress. Also, keep the accessories and makeup minimum to go with the overall look. Certainly, everyone on the street will be surprised by how perfectly you styled and managed the look. Once all approve your look, remember to tell them about us so that they can take some ideas too. 

Dashiki Dress

Long Sleeve Loose Gown – $49.00

↓ 18 – How to Accessorize your Dashiki Dress?

There is nothing exceptional when it comes to accessorizing a dashiki dress. As the dress is itself eye-catching styling it is an effortless job. Be it a handbag or a clutch, everything is now available in Dashiki prints. You can either match your bag or contrast it with your Dashiki dress to add the final touches.

In addition, considering the ongoing pandemic masks are a necessity of today’s time. To our surprise, they are also available in the very same Dashiki prints to go with your outfit. Do not forget to grab yours too.  

Dashiki Dress

Handbag – $43.99

Dashiki Dress

Mask – $24.80

↓ 17 – Go Overboard

Now that you are confident enough to rock a Dashiki dress, then why not go a little overboard too. Surely, the long frilled sleeves and the plunging V neckline will divert attention from your slim waist to the beauty of the dress. Adding on, the sleeves will make your arms look fuller and bigger. Throw on some high heels and be the queen of the event.

Dashiki Dress

Rukky V’ Neck – $89.90

↓ 16 – The Strapless Dashiki Dress

Strapless dresses have been in trend for the longest time now. They not only let you show off your collar bones but also look incredible at the same time. Moreover, the colors and pattern of the Dashiki dress mingle with the attire. Lastly, wear a heavy choker and put your hair up in a bun to finish off.

Dashiki Dress

Elegant Strapless Dress – $53.00 – $57.00

↓ 15 – What to Wear on a Birthday ?

A birthday girl is not only supposed to look cute but also be the center of attraction. Surely, it is her big day and she needs all eyes on her only. Thus a cute little Dashiki dress will be a perfect option. Match a headpiece or a bow just like in the picture with some dainty earrings and you will forget about your skinny body. 

Dashiki Dress

Loose Short-Sleeve Dress – $57.00

↓ 14 – Dashiki Dress for the Slim Bridesmaid

Deciding dresses for bridesmaids is a tough job and if they are slim it adds to the trouble. But we come to the rescue like every time. A long Dashiki dress with off-shoulder detailing and thigh-high slit is the best choice. Certainly, everyone will be praising your choice. Finish the look with pencil heels and less jewelry so that all the attention stays on the gown.

Dashiki Dress

Maxi Dashiki Dress – $199.99

↓ 13 – Chic yet Cute 

It is only a Dashiki dress that can look chic and cute at the same time. While the colors and patterns give it a pleasant look, the cuts add a flattering touch. A mini-length Dashiki dress with little detailing is something you can easily wear to a brunch or bridal shower. Accessories it with some hoops and style your hair the way you feel the best. 

Dashiki Dress

Front Mini Length Dress – $65

↓ 12 – When to Wear the Basic Dashiki Dress

A basic Dashiki dress is a necessity of every wardrobe in 2021. It is a life savior for sudden plans for someone who is size zero. Be it a trip to the park, a birthday party, or a casual dinner, the Dashiki dress has to be the first choice. The only secret to wearing it everywhere is how you style the look, wear nude makeup for the day while opt for dark lipstick with glittery eyes in the night.

Dashiki Dress

Dashiki dress – $76.05

↓ 11 – The Couple Set

When we are talking about Dashiki, matching couple dresses are a must. It does not matter whether you are slim or chubby but you have to have a Dashiki couple set. Take your partner’s advice here and wear the Dashiki dress he thinks you look the best in. Also, have a look at 25 Cutest Matching Outfits For Black Couples.

Dashiki Dress

Modern Couple Set – $199.99

↓ 10 – Bodycon Dashiki Dress for the Petite

Tightly fitted dresses are not for the thin. You must have heard this a thousand times. But, now it is time to break the stereotype and rock a bodycon Dashiki dress. Especially when it has such a gorgeous fit and intricate design it can not be resisted. Feel confident, feel like yourself, and you will slay the look.

Dashiki Dress

Bodycon Lady Party Dashiki Dress – $33

↓ 9 – Dashiki Dress for a Lunch 

Going to lunch means you have to feel comfortable and look classy at the same time. A modern Dashiki dress will always come in handy. The minimal neck detailing, subtle colors, and floral earthy prints all make a perfect combination for a stylish dress. Go with some large earrings and maybe a watch to add the final touches to the look.

Dashiki Dress

Modern Dashiki Dress- $199.99

↓ 8 – Flaunt the Frill

Layers or frilled dresses are a go to option for skinny girls. Likewise, a Dashiki dress with frills not only gives a modern touch but also is the perfect attire for almost all events. While the dress is broad at the bottom, the belt on the waist balances the body frame to keep things in proportion. Also, go for bright colored nail polish to make your thin fingers appear fuller.

Dashiki Dress

Prom Dress – $120

↓ 7 – For the Above 40

Are you in your late 40’s and also size zero?
Dressing up does not feel like your thing already?
Well, be ready to be the fashion queen at the next event. A modern and elegant Dashiki dress will not only boost your self-esteem but also make you the highlight of every party. Surely, the bright colors and bold prints are the cherry on top.

Dashiki Dress

Modern Dashiki Slim Fit- $14.70

↓ 6 – Dashiki Dress to a Friends Reunion 

A friend’s reunion is something we all look forward to. Not only do we wish to gossip about our lives but also look our best. A contemporary Dashiki dress is the best option at such events. The vibrant colors, unique designs, and thigh high slit make sure you stand out among all. Let your hair open and accessorize with minimal jewelry to finish off.

Dashiki Dress

long dashiki – $10.85

↓ 5 – For Teenagers

As it is always said, teenage is the age of experimenting and exploring oneself. It is the time when everyone is building their personality and wants to look strong and confident. Surely, a modern and smart Dashiki dress gives off a strong look. Style it with some aesthetic jewelry and a sophisticated purse.  

Dashiki Dress

Short Dashiki Gown- $156

↓ 4 – The Minimal Dashiki Dress

It is not always necessary that a Dashiki dress is full of colors and designs. At times a plain dress with very little design can go a long way. You can wear it to every party or occasion just by styling it differently. The one in the picture is perfect for a high-tea or family gathering. Add finishing touches with minimum makeup. 

Dashiki Dress

Black Dashiki Dress – $58.99

↓ 3 – Jewelry for the Dashiki Dress 

A modern Dashiki dress will only look good with some contemporary jewelry. Not so blingy, not so plain has to be your motive. The pictures down here are a perfect example of what you can easily carry with a Dashiki dress. Golden color always looks good with the prints and colors of a Dashiki dress. 

Dashiki Dress

Gold bar ring -$47.28

Dashiki Dress

Jewelry set – $34.38

↓ 2 – Dashiki Dress on a Night Out 

A Dashiki dress with tight curls, heavy makeup, high heels, and a simple plain chain is the best option for a night out. The designs look absolutely gorgeous for a club night along with the colors. Also, the plunging neckline and mini dress are the plus points in the dress for a late night party. 

Dashiki Dress

Dashiki Dress – $199.99

↓ 1 – Where to Buy Dashiki Dress

Some options to buy a Dashiki dress from are;

  • Afrikrea – It is a brand solely dealing in African clothing. Their Dashiki dresses are not only authentic but also stunning. 
  • Alibaba – They also have a great variety of Dashiki dresses that are truly out of this world.
  • Africablooms – Their collection of Dashiki dresses has almost everything, from modern, kaftan-style, gowns, etc.


Q. What type of dress should a skinny girl wear?

A. A. Certainly, dressing and styling should be done irrespective of the size of a person. It totally depends on what the person likes and prefers to wear. However, few types of dresses complement a skinny girl.
For a size zero, dresses that add curves to their frame are a preferred option. Not only do they make them look fuller but also give the body extra shape and dimensions. For example, dresses with multiple layers and horizontal stripes are a good option.

Q. What color looks best on skinny?

A. Surely, skinny girls look their best in light colors like white and beige which make them appear fuller and bulky. They accentuate the natural curves of the body. Adding on, pastel colors are also a good choice. It’s basically the dark colors that they should avoid as they tone down the body more and make them look slimmer. 

Q. What shoes to wear with a Dashiki dress?

A. In particular, there is no specific footwear for Dashiki dresses. You can wear anything and everything depending on the dress you are wearing. While sneakers look good with a mini dress, high heels and pumps complement gowns and long dresses. Last but not least it is based on how comfortable you are in what. 

Q. How to make the face look fuller with makeup?

A. A skinny body means a slimmer face. To ensure that your face also looks fuller go for heavy lashes so that eyes pop out. Also, avoid doing dark eye shadows and go for wing eyeliners to cancel the narrowness of the face. In addition, arched eyebrows make a great difference in giving a wider illusion. 


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