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Top Natural Hair Dye Brands – In the world of aesthetics and fashion, women’s hair have always been considered the epitome of personality and beauty. They symbolize the feminine identity and the individual’s sense of style and confidence. A trendy hairstyle with a fresh hair color sets the tone for an entire look.

Dyes nowadays are a literal need of fashion and style, where the young and old equally enjoy the colossal range of options to celebrate their individuality and express their style statement. The trend of styling and experimental nature of women of the new generation insists on wider production of body-friendly products which ensure safe usage for longer durations. The modern era is focused on all natural products guaranteeing health safety while providing excellent results.

What Are The Best Organic Hair Dye Brands

For an individual following health and fashion in coherence what could be more fascinating than an authentic natural hair dye. Hence the emergence of a handful of Eco-friendly brands in the market with their exciting organic products is setting very well with the audience. However shopping for an organic hair dye can be slightly tedious as the markets are now flooded with all different sorts of fancy local and foreign brands offering sometimes misleading labels and information about the contents of the box, thus to make your shopping experience productive and enjoyable we have shortlisted our top 10 brands for a wide range of all natural organic hair colors to help you make an informed and safe choice for your hair. You should also have a look at these 6 Whimsical Festival Hair and Makeup Trends.

best natural hair dye brands


Madison Reed is an online professional salon quality, Italian brand. This brand is known for its innovative products with certified Organic ingredients, crafted with generations of experience. The key ingredients being argon oil, keratin, ginseng root extract, honey, mongongo oil, baobab oil, and maracuja oil. These natural formulations bring a healthier vibe and texture to the color treated hair.

This brand is our top choice for you as its suitable for all hair types. The products and the technique of Madison Reed range is focused on providing a custom professional look for each customer in the comfort of your home. They conduct an online color quiz followed by consultant’s advise guiding the first time users towards their dream esthetic hair look offering an extensive range of shades to choose from.

The permanent hair color provides 100% grey coverage and is safe and easy to use at home. The application time is only 35 minutes with a gentle rinse off, to fix the color for better intensity usage of Madison Reed color protecting shampoo and conditioner is advised, which are present in the kit including a cleaning wipe to readily remove any stains from the skin.

However, the brand is a bit expensive and offline availability can become quite a challenge sometimes.


O&M is a revolutionary hair system with clean color technology focusing on eliminating all synthetic chemicals providing the customers with ammonia free hair colors. The brand provides customers with a bright, vibrant and lustrous array of shades. Their advanced formulas have Australian natural botanicals and micro color pigments. The unique clay mineral complex has a low-stress action on hair providing with long-lasting results making this our second top choice.

The products come in attractive packaging with each product containing UV protection, depicting luxury along with nature. This line of product is available in a mega variety of 99 shades providing with a 100% grey coverage, with no itching or reaction on the scalp. An absolute choice for salon and home usage. Buying this product will be a  bit of a strain on your pocket but will definitely live up to your expectations


An evergreen and all natural brand LOGONA herbal hair colors are a mystic fusion of finely ground pigmented plants enriched with avocado oil and plant proteins. The brand offers ultimate organic products as all the ingredients have a plant source. Usage of shikakai fruit for the strengthening of hair and the absorption of dye is surely the standout feature of this organic brand. Do have a look at these Top 10 Hair Straighteners Brands in World

These plant-based hair colors are available in 17 different individual shades. The classic hair powder is available to mix in 12 vibrant nuances while the ready to use cream is available in 5 glam nuances. These natural dyes are expensive but totally worth trying.



Organic and a pro salon natural hair color dye, the brand is working with the certified organic products for a long time and first initiated products without parabens and propylene glycol. The products have low pH as compared to high pH chemical products, these open the hair cuticles using heat by heat dryers rather than the pH action which damages hair causing split ends.

ONC product is made of 60% certified organic products, rest of it is mainly water, oils, and vitamin C and E that nourish and protect your hair even while dying. ONC is free from all synthetic chemicals with the fragrance of bananas and saves you from an itchy scalp and lines after new hair growth giving a natural glossy shine with full coverage and color that deepens with time.

The permanent hair colors are available in an extensive range of 29 shades of soothing colors. The two-step color process is user-friendly and the usage of heat is advised on the roots only.

↓ 6. SANTE  HERBAL HAIR COLOR                                

If you are looking for a natural herbal feel when coloring your hair then you have to look this one up, 100 % natural and a 100% herbal product. This product stands out with a fascinating fusion of organic henna, ground herbs, and fruits with the incorporation of wheat proteins.

The hair color is gentle, long-lasting and has a desirable shimmering effect on your hair. The popular hair color powder is available in 9 subtle and expressive nuances to choose from. The non-dripping creamy hair color formula is simply formulated by adding hot water to the powder, with the application of 15 minutes to two hours as per your selection of shade. The hair color cream is, even more, user-friendly with a three-step kit with a pretreatment, to free the hair from any residue from previous dyes and a wonderful after color conditioner intensifying and fixing your shade. However loads of gray hair might take longer and more regular coats to achieve desirable results.


This brand offers a natural and a not so traditional formula, producing high-quality results. This vegan formula focuses on protection of hair proteins and essential oils to give damage free results leaving the hair with a soft and smooth after color and texture.

It has the lowest possible levels of PPD pigments, 75% certified organic and 95% naturally derived ingredients. This natural formula ensures, that the moisture level of hair is maintained during the coloring process making it a worthy choice. If you want a healthy glam and gloss look with full gray coverage, they offer a semi-permanent henna cream formula made with natural henna in combination with 95% naturally extracted and up to 15 certified organic ingredients. The long-lasting, full coverage and the nourishing phenomenon of the product make it extremely desirable.

They provide you with an extensive range of 24 inter-mixable colors offering a massive variety to choose from and fashion your custom desirable look.

However, the hair needs to be wet before the usage and smell of the dye can prove to be a little tacky up to 24 hours of application.


Using healthy and natural products is as important as eating healthy. This brand promotes the use of modern knowledge to focus on nontoxic alternatives for personal care and grooming Their products are purely botanical and safe with no callous chemicals like PPD, PTD, Artificial Dyes, Amines, Ammonia, Peroxide, PVC and EDTA essentially being a chemical free option for both men and women. They offer a wide variety of color range to mask those grays and produce a neat healthy outlook. It focuses on the revolutionary Green Chemistry producing all plant-based products. a healthy non-toxic regime of fashion and style. We also recommend that you check out these Best Products To Use For Healthy Hairs.

The product is easy to use and focuses on the nourishment of hair fortifying the scalp, adding volume and texture to hair and provides damage free results. The application time is quiet long around 60 minutes and continuous use of heat by hair dryer is required which can become tiring and prolonged heat exposure can cause hair damage. Plus it asks for careful usage as the dye might leave stains which are not easily removed.


Indus valley, a brand that holds the global certification, comes with a wide range of natural organic herbal products with no added chemicals, their combinations are PHAB free hair dye (free from PPD, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide and Barium).

All of the dyes are halal, dermatologically tested and the colors used are doctor recommended. Their products are designed to accommodate both men and women with sensitive and itchy scalp saving them from harsh chemicals of commercial products.

Their range offers 12 vibrant and rich shades of natural tone which require only one application to achieve the desired result. The 100% botanical hair color contains some of the rarest herbs such as Chamomile, Henna, Madder, Neutral Henna, Brahmi and Fenugreek as key ingredients. This brand offers an innovative Capsule Color Kit and a quick apply kit for a local effect followed by a gentle before and after cleansing.

However. the dye might have to be left on for longer durations for better gray coverage and its availability can be an issue sometimes.


Their tagline being ‘organic is the real natural’ Radico Color Me Organic, is a leading Indian brand. This brand has evolved massively since its existence and holds certification from all the major bodies, practicing the Ayurveda art of medicine, a long-practiced knowledge of natural and herbal health care and replicating it in their products.

The organic hair color is Ecocert certified and is made of 100% certified organic products. This product offers an extensive variety of 23 natural shades to choose from, ranging from reds and darks to blondes.

The color me organic products can be used safely at home as it contains zero synthetic chemicals. It provides a natural coverage for gray hair producing best results with 30-40% gray hair ensuring healthy hair by balancing the shade and nourishing the hair simultaneously. The color darkens over up to 5 days post application as it sets in and lasts perfectly up to a month. It will leave your hair with a smooth texture and a natural after shine.

The application requires a minimum of 60 minutes, heat can be used as well to enhance the results. presence of 100% grey hair can produce an orange or purple tint which requires an additional coat from indigo and henna paste respectively to achieve a darker color.

Color intensity and retention can be less satisfying in comparison to the chemical alternatives and root coverage can be another issue as well as sometimes even after applying heat as instructed, the color may not set well.


This being a highly professional salon quality brand with a focus on the usage of natural and certified organic ingredients provides with an all natural alternative yet professional results. The key ingredients being pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, and apricot seed oil.

The product contains 97% certified organic and natural ingredients. It remains 100% ammonia,  lauryl sulfate and paraben free. it provides with 100% gray coverage and the hair color line is available in an extensive yet expressive range of 73 different shades to choose from. It has a pleasant mild odor and is gentle on hair with a conditioning effect biding a separate range for men providing with 4 different organic nuances.

However, this product is mostly designed for professional usage might be a little difficult to manage at home. The product does contain some toxins which are present in chemical dyes for the opening of hair cuticles thus products might not be as organic as claimed to be putting it at the end of our list.


Color Dyes are finding their extensive usage in women and men, all over the world as both remain in sync with emerging new fashion trends. Thus safe products with easy usage and perfect results and are becoming a popular demand. Here we have presented you with our top 10 recommendations  for organic dyes hoping to assist you in making your healthy hair color choices in the future.

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