10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

Top Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK– No doubt that top-rated brands have been working towards creating unique products for the consumers each and every day for decades. Constant experimenting with different types of fabric, designs, and dyes has been integrated into the fashion industry.

This offers individuals a variety of choices in different sectors of shopping. However, the case is quite opposite for environmentalists or the people who do not support environmental degradation in any way.

With growing awareness, the sustainability and ethical values of a brand are being questioned. Individuals are sorting brands that offer eco-friendly clothing. This tends to pose a threat to the brands that are unable to meet the demands of consumers. However, there are certain Uk Brands that are working towards meeting the requirements of the people for mutual benefit. We have sorted out a list of top sustainable clothing brands in the UK to save you from the hours of surfing on the internet.

What to Look for in a Sustainable Brand?

Policies and Practices: The first and foremost thing to look in a brand should be the policies it has related to environmental safety. Moreover, a sustainable brand launches various programs that work towards not only protecting the environment by using eco-friendly material but in turn, working towards benefitting the environment from the implemented practices.

Material Usage: A sustainable brand is keen on the materials used in products; the usage of materials such as conventional wool, conventional leather, conventional cotton, and conventional silk is prohibited. As we know that the manufacturing process of these materials requires the usage of fungicides and pesticides which are not eco-friendly materials.

Resources and Energy: If a brand plans out the proper usage of its resources without harming the environment, only then a brand can be called a sustainable brand. Reducing GHGs emissions and proper disposal of materials such as chemicals and dyes should be a matter of priority for sustainable brands.

If the brands from where you make purchases have the above traits, then rest assured, you have been going to the right place. However, if you are unable to find such brands in the UK, then we have prepared a list for you.

What are the Best Sustainable Clothing Brands in UK?

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

How Did We Decide?

We have drawn research based on the materials used by the brands in the manufacture of their product. Another factor we have considered in sorting out the brands is the environmental programs they run and the policies and practices opted by them.

1. Heiko Clothing Brand:

Heiko clothing brand is a sustainable and ethical brand in the UK that makes use of organic cotton to prepare its products.

Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) has marked the material of this brand as “certified organic”. This means that no pesticides, fungicides, or any other harmful chemicals are added to produce cotton, unlike done in the preparation of conventional cotton.

Additionally, the brand has worked on the basis of environmental policies which include minimizing the company’s waste production.

Also, over the order placement of each product, a donation of 50 pence is made for the sake of high-impact environmental charity.

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

2. Birdsong London:

Birdsong London is yet another brand that has been working towards attaining sustainability since its start. It has fulfilled this goal by manufacturing clothes that are entirely made up of ecologically friendly materials.

The brand is in partnership with the sources that deliver entirely sustainable and ethical material. Biodegradable, organic, and good quality fabrics such as Tencel, Bamboo fabric, and organic cotton make the good quality clothes of this brand.

Another great thing about Birdsong London Brand is the usage of reclaimed fabrics as they believe that no fabric is unuseful fabric. Such methods employed by the brand in its policies and practices have made it a sustainable clothing brand.

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

3. H&M:

Hennes & Mauritz AB commonly called H&M has around 289 outlets in the United Kingdom. It is one of the most popular apparel brands worldwide. It is noteworthy that H&M is an affordable brand yet it is competing with a luxury brand like Zara!

The brand has taken initiatives to re-launch its products under the policies of sustainable brands. H&M invested £72million to initiate the Planet First Programme, which supports the use of technologies for eliminating environmental degradation and benefits the environment through such positive techs.

It has launched a series of collections that use sustainably sourced materials. The increased consumption of eco-friendly materials such as recyclable polyester and organic cotton is gradually drawing the brand’s name towards the list of sustainable brands.

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

4. Stella Mccartney brand:

Stella McCartney is a famous fashion brand. It is a highly ethical and sustainable clothing brand as there is no use of animal leather, animal feathers, animal skin, or animal fur in the products. The minimalistic designs of Stella Mccartney’s sustainable brand have proven to be truly elegant.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Organic Content Standard (OCS) have also approved the material from which the products are prepared.

Stella Mccartney is an active member of environmental organizations which work to eradicate any harm done to the environment; she has been employing these methods in her clothing line as well. Her collections and campaigns such as the Greenpeace collection, Our Time Has Come, and Agents of Change are proofs of the brand’s sustainability.

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10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

5. Agnes LDN

A minimalistic brand of the UK, Agnes LDN started with the core value of sustainability. Each product of the brand is handmade. Even the packaging of the products is done in such a way that minimizes waste production; there is no usage of plastic in the products’ packaging.

As the brand launched, Agnes LDN made use of reclaimed or leftover fabrics for the purpose of recycling and reuse. Even until now, organic cotton is used by the brand for its clothes that does not pose any threat to the environment.

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

6. Blonde Gone Rogue

The cool and vibrant vibes of this brand are surely eye-catching. However, the core values of these brands are more inspiring. This brand is doing a good deal of work for employing sustainability in each step of its growing business.

For a starter, Blonde Gone Rogue uses organic, upcycled, biodegradable, and deadstock materials. The trims such as zippers, linings, patches, beads, etc are all eco-friendly as they are recyclable.

Also, the packing for products consists of corns and is compostable. The materials used for manufacturing clothes are entirely low-impact items as they are manufactured from by-products of other materials.

This re-utilization of the remaining material also shows the brand tries to utilize each and every item without producing any significant waste.

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

7. Zola Amour

The brand, Zola Amour, is a UK-based brand that holds the values of sustainability. It also stands entirely against fast-fashion brands that produce products rapidly in masses because of which, waste production increases.

Not only this but also, this fashion brand is timeless and manufactures all the clothes from organic cotton. Each offcut of fabric is recycled to lessen any kind of excessive waste.

However, the list does not end here, there are more brands like Zola Amour that are working towards achieving sustainability.

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

8. Albaray

Alabaray is a sustainable women’s clothing brand that believes good clothing does not necessarily have to cost tons of damage to the earth.

This brand offers good quality clothes within the limits of sustainability. Also, the name of the brand, “Albaray”, itself reflects optimism for the betterment of Earth. This positivity has a firm position in the brand’s core values.

In addition to the brand’s other practices, the usage of Ecovero Viscose for the production of clothes has reduced carbon emission by up to 50%.

Its clothes’ manufacturing process has restricted water usage. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) has certified its organic material. So it is a competent brand in terms of sustainability.

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

9. Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is a luxury brand that commits to remain a sustainable brand without compromising on the product of quality. Its designs are never boring, however, it is classic.

This brand made a remarkable entrance in the industry of fashion by launching its first completely sustainable clothing line named “No Frills”. Since then, it is working hard to be consistent with this initiative it took back then.

Additionally, Mother of Pearl uses renewable resources which do not harm the planet. Also, natural fibers make all of its clothes.

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women

10. Culthread

This UK-based brand offers the most amazing and stylish jackets that are made from vegan materials. The brand is also highly focused on female empowerment and produces only a limited number of products in a year.

10 Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK for Men & Women


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Q. What does a sustainable brand mean?

A sustainable brand is simply an eco-friendly brand that uses its resources by managing them and dealing with GHGs successfully which degrade the environment. Successful management of resources includes the usage of material and the products used in the production of these materials. The sustainability of a brand discusses eco-friendly measures taken to resolve environmental issues.

Q. Which clothing brand are sustainable?

All the clothing brands which are present in the list above are highly sustainable brands that use organic materials in their products.

Q. Are designer brands sustainable?

Yes, many brands mentioned above such as Zola Amour and Stella McCartney are the best examples of designer brands that are sustainable.

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