6 Whimsical Festival Hair and Makeup Trends

When the festival season begins, you can expect anything and then some! From the craziest outfits to the trendiest hairstyles and makeup techniques, festivals bring together the old, the new, and especially the bold.

Since festival fashion is a universe so versatile you can find something for every taste, you can check out the trends, the attending celebrities, and all the photo collections you can find to get inspired. Be on a lookout for crazy hair colors and peekaboo highlights and exquisite fashion choices as this year’s trends bring us fresh takes on hairstyles, clothes, makeup, accessories, and more.

Today we will look at six whimsical festival look trends to put your creativity in motion!

1. Colored Mascara and Two-Tone Hair Color

6 Whimsical Festival Hair and Makeup Trends

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A fresh, cute, and easy-to-maintain festival look this year must comprise colored mascara and some of the newest trends in hair coloring: ombré chestnut with caramel. Colored mascara is back in the game, receiving the seal of approval from this year’s fashion week. Moreover, as hairstyles go, two-tone warm chestnut colors are all the rage right now. A simple fringy bob will keep heat away from you.

2. Natural Makeup and Metal Ringed Coachella Braid6 Whimsical Festival Hair and Makeup Trends

Source: Pinterest

You can achieve natural/neutral festival makeup easily. Also known as the no-makeup makeup, nude makeup with very few products (think moisturizer, concealer, and water-based foundation), natural shades and colors as close to your skin tone as possible, and just a dash of mascara.

You can easily enhance this feminine, subtle, and easy to wear summer makeup with a Coachella-style braid adorned with metal rings for a splash of glam rock. You need long messy hair and some braiding skills; otherwise, you are good to go. Keep your hair in place with some hairspray, but make sure it does not load or grease your hair.

3. Mosh-Pit Perfect Rainbow Braids6 Whimsical Festival Hair and Makeup Trends

Image Source: Pinterest

You can draw inspiration this year from Romee Strijd’ colored pipe braids (a highlight of this year’s Coachella). The main idea is to braid your hair tight in cornrows, but mix in colored ribbons or band-like threads. Romee’s pipe braid or side pipe braids was a crowd favorite this year.

While not hard to achieve, pipe braids require some skill, so you should start practicing right now. Regarding makeup, make sure you pick a bold color that works to enhance the color of your eyes and skin tone.

4. Face Glitter and Faux Braids6 Whimsical Festival Hair and Makeup Trends

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A young, funky fresh, and laidback look this year requires some face glitter and faux braids (ponytails held with elastic bands at even distances).

When it comes to face glitter, you can never go too far (as we will exemplify immediately), but if you still want to keep a toned-down appearance and still look glamorous, shimmer, glitter, and sparkling face stickers represent the first step towards flashier looks.

If you have long hair, the faux braids are one way to approach summer. You can, of course, create two symmetrical messy buns on the sides of your head and use glitter to highlight the parts’ hairline for a dash of wow. Do not forget about oversized earrings and slouchy, silky clothes to work with your boho look.

5. Fishtail Braids and Burning Man Makeup

6 Whimsical Festival Hair and Makeup Trends

Image Source: Pinterest

Some festivals channel our inner bohemians, hippies, and artists, while others unleash our wilder sides. If you have long hair, some face glittery stars, and the right makeup, you can achieve an unforgettable Burning Man-style look that will turn you into the star of any party.

Start with two messy fishtail braids you adorn with your sticky glitter silver stars. For a jaw-dropping makeup, use deep burgundy for lips and a bold peach/pink/gold for your eye makeup.

If you do not sport your hair in light shades of blonde, make sure you pick lips and eyeshadows that enhance your best features and match your skin tone and eye color.

6. Unicorn Makeup

6 Whimsical Festival Hair and Makeup Trends

Image Source: Pinterest

It sounds strange, but it looks spectacular. We saved the best for last, as the unicorn makeup is more than just makeup, is an entire ensemble, sporting glitter, skin-sticking rhinestones, sometimes body paint and one of the trendiest hair colors of the year: silver.

If you do not like a metallic shade of silver in your hair, you can go for the next best thing: the new platinum blonde, with shades of pink, lavender, and even blue if it suits you.

The Unicorn makeup plays icy and frosty shades of white, diamond, blue, pink, and yellow and you can create your designs as they fit you. Usually, you will see an emphasis on the forehead and amazing designs made with glitter dust, stars, and rhinestones.

Metallic shimmering makeup for your eyes and lashes, colored shimmering lipstick and lip-gloss, body painting in sparkling colors, crayons, and stones and so on – they are your weapons of choice for this years’ festivals.

What are your favorite hairstyle and makeup festival trend this year?

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