18 Best Period Starter Kits to Buy for Your Daughter

Best Period Starter Kits– Most of us women have horrifying stories about our first period. Why? Because we were not taught about it at home or at school. Moreover, there always had been a taboo attached to talking about periods in public. Hence, most daughters shy away from asking questions about it.

Luckily, the time has changed now! Parents don’t feel embarrassed to do “The Talk” and daughters are well aware, in fact, anticipate their first period. As a parent, you can help your tween be prepared for her Big Day into Womanhood by getting her a first-period kit.

How to Create a First-Period Kit for Your Daughter?

Before you start preparing the kit, please know that each body is different. Some may bloom at an early age of 8, while some their time till they are 14. So make sure you do not wait for them to come crying to you about bleeding before handing them their period kits. Teach them beforehand.

That said, first get your hands on the essentials. If not already at home, run to your nearest store to get the following supplies.

  • Sanitary Pads
  • Tampons (for teens)
  • Spare underwear
  • Plastic bag
  • Cleansing wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mild pain reliever
  • A discrete pouch (optional)

Pads are the easiest to handle for a young girl. For starters, use a cotton pad, and not the thin pads, because you do not know if she would develop a rash using it. Gradually, introduce her to different types of pads as per her need, Long for bedtime, thin for sports, and cotton for summer…

Using tampons is also completely fine for the first periods. However, using it can tear the hymen. This doesn’t mean your daughter will lose her virginity to a tampon, but yes, the hymen can stretch or tear.

If you and your daughter are comfortable with the fact, go ahead and use them. Tampons are a lot convenient and mess-free. It also allows you to swim and participate actively in sports without worrying about the itchiness that comes with the pads.

Keeping spare underwear is necessary! Once she gets her period, her knicker is going to be a blood scene. For hygiene reasons, teach her to change into the spare panty to use pads or tampons. Also, the plastic bag is for her to keep the stained underwear and keep the used pad if there isn’t any bin nearby.

As for cleansing wipes, these are necessary for your daughter to wipe her vulva clean if there is no water in the toilet stall. And hand sanitizer is for obvious hygiene reasons.

If she gets severe period cramps, you can keep a mild pain-killer medicine in the kit as well. Lastly, the discrete pouch, zipper bag, or plastic bag is to store all the essentials together for your daughter to keep safe in her backpack, locker, or gym bag at school.

You can totally create a DIY period starter kit using the list above, or you can buy period kits from the market. There are various brands that sell them with complimentary goodies to make your daughter feel good about having “her days.”

If you’re planning on giving the kit to her as a gift, you can also include some of these Cutest Pink Accessories for Teenage Girls.

Where to Buy Period Starter Kits?

That said, let us have a look at the 18 best period starter kits to buy for your daughter.

1- Always Period Starter Kit

Always Radiant Teen FlexFoam pads are designed especially for tweens. These are available in sizes 1-5. Moreover, the foam is soft and flexible, providing 8 hours long leak-free protection.

Buy from Amazon at $6.79

2- PH Advantage Period Starter Kit

This period starter kit by PH Advantage is affordable and includes all the essentials for your AuntFlo such as:

  • 1 Tampon
  • 1 Sanitary-Pad
  • 1 Bag for Disposal
  • 2 – Feminine Wipes
  • 1 – 70% alcohol hand wipes
  • All packed in a plastic zip lock bag.

Price-wise, this period care package is perfect if you want to run a campaign to distribute free period starter kits for schools.

Buy from Walmart at $6.99

3- JOBEBE Period Starter Kit – Most Environmentally Friendly Pads

The usual plastic menstrual pad takes 500 to 800 years to decompose leading to environmental hazards. If you too are keen on saving planet earth, then using these reusable and washable pads by Jobebe is for you.

The Pack contains 10 washable pads and 1 wet bag to store them. It is made using charcoal bamboo material and a microfibre inner layer to help you feel dry. Moreover, this has wings and snap clips to secure them on underwear.

Buy from Amazon at $19.99

4- The Hello Cup Period Starter Kit – (Best Kit with Menstrual Cup)

Using a menstrual cup is another smart way to avoid the environmental pollution that comes with using pads. It is also much more convenient and safer than using tampons, as it removes the chances of having Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Make your daughter learn through videos on how to insert the cup properly to secure it and how to take it off, dunk the fluid and rewash it before inserting.

The Hello Cup Mini Starter Kit has an XS cup and an SM cup so your tween can see which size fits her perfectly.

The menstruation kit also includes a cleanser spray and a panty liner.

Buy from Walmart at $54.99

5- Hanes Store Period Starter Kit – With Period Panties

If you think your daughter might be allergic to plastic pads and is not comfortable using tampons or menstrual cups then these Hanes® girl’s Comfort Period™ hipster panties are for you.

The breathable 5-layer liner works provide moderate protection and eliminate odors and stains for all-day comfort. It is like wearing comfortable underwear all day long that can be washed to be used later during periods. This is available in sizes 8-18.

Buy from Amazon at $15.97

6- Anigan Period Starter Kit

Anigan’s First Period Kit is a great gift for your daughter’s first period. This period care package includes:

  • My first-period booklet
  • Period tracker diary
  • Pair of hipster menstrual period panties
  • Instant heat pad
  • Discrete velvet pouch
  • 3 hand wipes
  • 10 bags of small scented bags for disposing of used pads or stained panties
  • 2 sanitary pads

Buy from Walmart at $49.95

7- Thinx Period Starter Kit

Available in sizes 9-16, the Thinx (BTWN) period underwear for teens is great at protection against leaks and strain. The material is made out of organic cotton, which controls odors and absorbs flow behind a leak-resistant barrier. These would surely be a good addition for any period kit.

Buy from Amazon at $59

8- Ruby Love Period Starter Kit

The Ruby Love First Period Kit is quite a luxury. You can choose sizes starting from XXS, and going up to L. This cool menstrual kit packs a lot of items including:

  • Period-Proof Seamless Teen Underwear
  • Ruby First Period Kit Book Period Hacks
  • Q&A Feminine Hygiene Pads
  • Ruby Love Discreet Carry Pouch
  • Make A Wish Grow-up Bracelet
  • Ruby Love Relaxing Sleep Mask
  • Warm Cozy Socks (1 Pair)
  • Ruby Love Lip Balm
  • Ruby Love Stress Ball
  • Warming Gel Pad for Cramps
  • Heart Shaped Compact Mirror
  • Facial Essence Beauty Mask
  • Exfoliating Bath Sponge
  • Hair Elastics
  • Inspiration Diary Notepad
  • Keepsake Satin Hygiene Pouch
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hygiene Wipes
  • More trendy surprise gifts for young girls

Buy from Walmart at $59.99

9- U by Kotex Period Starter Kit

The Teen Ultra Thin Overnights Pads with Wings by Kotex provide better absorption, thanks to its unique Xpress-DRI Core to lock in liquid. These are designed to provide leak-free protection overnight. Moreover, each pad is wrapped in vibrant colors and patterns inspired by tweens’ and teens’ fashion trends.

Buy from Amazon at $6.49

10- TOP- the Organic Period Starter Kit (Best Organic Kit)

If you are keen on using organic products then you should opt for TOP-Organic Period Starter Kit. This period care package will help make your daughter’s first-period story a lot less scary. The box contains 100% organic cotton, plant-based and sustainably sourced period products such as:

  • 1 box of 100% Organic Cotton Tampons with Plant Based Applicator – 16 count
  • 1 box 100% Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Period Pads with Wings – 10 count
  • 1 box 100% Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Panty Liners – 24 count
  • 3 instructional cards for each period product
  • A discreet organic cotton TOP pouch to fill it with period essentials
  • Fun TOP stickers

Buy from Walmart at $39.99

11- Generic Period Starter Kit

The Generic store on Amazon is selling one of the best period starter kits. You can subscribe to the menstrual kits supply for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Each pack contains:

  • 12 Sanitary Napkins
  • 10 Panty Liners
  • 10 Feminine Care Wipes
  • 2 Disposable panties
  • Lip balm

Buy from Amazon at $55

12- Ultimate First Period Kit and Spa Gift Basket

This expensive period starter kit is packed with all the essentials for your first period and contains spa goodies for you to pamper yourself. Each basket stands 14-inches x 14-inches and includes the following items:

  • A beautiful handbag filled with pads
  • Period pain relief medicine
  • Facial massager
  • Cramp Care heat patch
  • Shower loofah
  • Shark Week relief gummi candy
  • Manicure set
  • Spa comb
  • Self-esteem Bath Bombs
  • Charcoal cleansing cloths
  • Makeup removing wipes
  • Shave gel
  • Disposable razors
  • Relaxing body lotion
  • Microfiber hair wrap
  • Fleece Blanket
  • eFrutti Cupcake Gummi candy

Buy from Walmart at $89.99

13- Shordy Reusable First Period Cup Kit

Shordy Reusable Menstrual Kit contains 2 menstrual cups of Small sizes which can provide leak-proof protection for up to 12 Hours. The cups are made of high-quality silicone, meaning you can sterilize them in boiling hot water to be reused. The cups can be stored discretely in the plastic container that comes along.

Buy from Walmart at $13.87

14- Be Prepared. Period. First Period Kit

This period care kit includes a really cute pink sequin travel bag that is filled with all the period essentials such as:

  • 2 Organic & Biodegradable Pads
  • 1 Organic & Biodegradable Panty Liner
  • 2 MaskIT Feminine Disposal Pouches
  • 1 feminine wipe

Buy from Amazon at $14.97

15- Luna Cup Period Starter Kit

The Luna Cup period starter kit contains the following:

  • 1 small and 1 large Luna menstrual cup made from 100% medical-grade silicone
  • 1 silk pouch
  • 2 reusable cloth period pads made of 4 layers: a 100% absorbent bamboo fiber, two layers of microfibre, and a layer of polyester waterproof PUL
  • 1 waterproof wet bag made of 100% waterproof polyester

Buy from Amazon at $32.99

16- Helloflo Period Starter Kit

This period starter kit care package by HelloFlo is available at Target and can also be purchased online from their website. The period care package includes:

  • Get Ready Guide for Girls Get Ready Guide for Parents
  • One box of U by Kotex Regular Pads-18 count
  • One box of U by Kotex Liners- 20 count
  • Baggu 3D Zip Pouch for keeping supplies
  • Pura Vida String Bracelet
  • Lasting Smiles Lip Balm
  • Good For You Girls Facial Scrub
  • Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities
  • Two Ribbon Hair Ties

17- Lil-Lets Teens Starter Pack

The Lil-Lets starter pack can be purchased from their official website. You can subscribe to their monthly plans if you want auto-renewal for your order. That said, you get the following items in this menstruation kit:

  • A selection of Lil-Lets Teens pads, liners & our smartfit tampons
  • A small booklet full of useful info about periods and puberty

18- My First Period Sampler Kit™

This sampler kit is available on Amazon and contains supplies from popular period brands such as Always, Kotex and Scensibles. You may find the following items in this period gift box:

  • U by Ko┼ex Teen (28 pads)
  • Always Radiant (48 liners, 28 pads)
  • 2 feminine wipes
  • Scensibles disposal bags (3)
  • A carrying bag

Buy from Amazon at $56.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should a period starter kit have?

A period starter kit must-haves include extra underwear, pads, tampons, panty liners, hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes, plastic bag and a pouch to carry all the stuff in.

Q. How much do period starter kits cost?

A period kit can cost you anywhere between $6 to $60.

Q. At what age should you make a period starter kit for your daughter?

You should start preparing the period starter kit for your daughter by the age of 8.

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