10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget

Pakistani Gym Wear Brands: The pandemic took over the world like a storm making it impossible for people to continue going to gyms due to the easy transmission of the virus. It is because of this very reason that gyms have been closed down for a while and have forced people to work out in the comfort of their own homes.

This shift however has been especially hard for people who are used to going to a gym or a class to work out. Getting comfortable gym attire is something that may help for those of you struggling to get on the workout at home. The more comfortable your gym wear is, the easier it will be for you to move on from easier to harder exercises that don’t necessarily require gym equipment. There is a fix for everything and we are here to help you find the right fits for a fresh start to your workout routine!

Brand NamePrice Range
Tuhura Athletics 800 – 4500 PKR
Livingfit Apparel 550 – 4850 PKR
Haraka600 – 4000 PKR
Iron Gear Fitness 700 – 3900 PKR
KOYO By Lulusar 1000 – 5000 PKR
Gym Armor 700 – 4000 PKR
Sassy 1750 – 6000 PKR
Spartan Athletics 800 – 4500 PKR
Peach 900 – 3500 PKR
Tooney Teez 700 – 2500 PKR

What Are The Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands?

In our last post, we talked about Top Pakistani Clothing Brands for Women, but today our focus will be only on brands that sell gym wear.

The right workout attire will keep you sweat-free while also enabling to you try out different exercises from the comfort of your own home. After doing extensive research on the topic we found the top 10 Pakistani gym wear brands that are not only comfortable and chic but also easy on the pocket. All of these brands have to offer something of value which is why they made it to this list. If you are trying to shift to local gym wear brands this is a great place to start. Keep reading to explore your options!

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget

The gym wear brands listed in this article are all well researched and have received good reviews from users. Before we move on to the brands, we would like to cover things that you need to look for in a gym wear before you decide to invest in it. Keep reading to find out all the things you should consider before buying workout clothes.

Things To Look For In Gym Wear

With so many brands in the market, it can be quite a challenge to find the right brand that fits your need for workout clothes. With so much variety present in the market, how do you tell them apart? If that is a question that has been bothering you, we are here to help.

  • Quality Over Quantity Always: If you are the kind of person who falls for marketing tactics then you need to inform yourself on what to check to confirm good quality of clothing attires. When buying work out clothes, you need to do a scrunch test as a rule of thumb. Besides that you can also stretch the cloth to see if it returns to it’s original form or if it takes a while. If the stitching is neatly done and the seams seem tighter then that is also a good indication of the attire being good quality.
  • Confirm Sweat Control: When it comes to workout clothes it is important to confirm if your attire absorbs sweat before buying. To confirm that, you need to look for clothes that are termed Dry fit.
  • Check Out The Fabric: Workout clothes ideally have a composition of 90% cotton and spandex. For the clothes to be breathable it is important that your clothes are super lightweight and follow this composition.

Other things that you can consider include checking the brand’s online presence and confirming its authenticity. You can confirm this by going on their social media pages and seeing how they interact with their followers. Authentic reviews on pages other than their official handles can also give you a fair idea of how satisfied the consumers of that particular brand are with the product.

Price is also an important factor to take into consideration when comparing brands. We have done that for you here with our list of brands. But when generally deciding whether or not to invest in a brand you should look for alternative brands offering the same products and compare the similarities and differences between the different available options.

How Did We Decide

We researched the best gym wear brands to make the process easier for you. We understand how shopping can sometimes be a pain because of the availability of too many options. It is important to determine whether or not the brands deliver on the things initially promised. In order to do that we shortlisted brands based on the price point and quality of their outfits. The quality was determined taking into account the reviews on their social media handles. Since both the price points and quality were more or less the same, the brands in our list are not particularly ordered. Our list thus includes:

↓ 10 – Tuhura Athletics

Tuhura is a versatile inclusive Athletic apparel brand that covers the fitness clothing needs of all men and women. They have a huge variety of athletic wear with enough designs to keep you covered for any event. Their clothing is such that it will make you stand out no matter where you are. So, if you are someone who likes to be the star of the show where ever you go, then this is definitely the place to shop for gym wear in Pakistan. You can also pair their pieces with chic outfit accessories to make the whole look wearable at fancier events.

Just because you are going to sweat in an attire doesn’t mean you have to look ugly doing it. Tuhura understands this well. For the price point, this is one of the best places you can shop for the best athleisure in Pakistan.

Price: 800 – 4500 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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↓ 9 – Livingfit Apparel

Trendy chic gym wear is what livingfit apparels promise and delivers on. Their athleisure is durable and comes in a range of different sizes that allow for efficient performance. Their leggings are light compression that allows for a comfortable workout. If you want to look fashionably comfortable while working out then this is the brand for you.

Price: 550 – 4850 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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↓ 8 – Haraka

Have an odor problem? Looking for quality gym wear that will let you control this problem while also lasting you a while? Haraka has got your back. They have a range of vibrant gym wear designs that will let you shine where ever you go. They have recently released a neon collection, which if you are into vibrant colors, you must check out. With so much to offer Haraka is definitely one of our favorite Pakistani gym wear brands.

Price: 600 – 4000 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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↓ 7 – Iron Gear Fitness

Quality items last and iron gear delivers on just that. They have everything from mesh T-shirts to sports hijabs. We love how they cater to such a wide range of audiences in Pakistan. Their fabric is of great quality which will hold even with the most rigorous of exercises. The summers in Pakistan can be cruel which is why the breathability of their fabric is such icing on the cake. With their fits, you can run for miles without becoming a sweaty mess.

Price: 700 – 3900 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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↓ 6 – KOYO By Lulusar

This is a brand that has something for everyone. They have athletic fits for women of all shapes and sizes and we are here for inclusive Pakistan! They offer great quality gym wears to address all of your demands. Not only is their athleisure line extremely fashionable it is also very comfortable. You can pair most fits with a jacket and you will be set for a casual day out with friends looking your most fashionable self.

Price: 1000 – 5000 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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↓ 5 – Gym Armor

Gym Armor is one of the trendiest gym brands in Pakistan. They have fashionable gym outfits for both men and women that come in a variety of designs. Users rave about the quality of their attire which is an absolute treat for people looking to invest in comfortable gym wear. Among other things they also stock tracksuits and windbreakers which is very convenient if you are looking to shop from an online brand that is a one-stop-shop.

Price: 700 – 4000 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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↓ 4 – Sassy

If you like to keep your gym outfits fitted well, then this is the place for you. Sassy is a brand that is true to its name. All of their clothing items have a certain element of sass which is why it is so popular with the millennials. Wanna keep your gym fits trendy? Sassy has got your back. Not only does their gym wear fit well but it functions equally well as well. We don’t know about you but this is pretty much all we look for in our gym attire.

With sassy, there is a unique option for just about everyone out there so go ahead and check them out for best sportswear online in Pakistan.

Price: 1750 – 6000 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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↓ 3 – Spartan Athletics

Spartan is an athleisure brand for both men and women. They have a range of unisex athletic wear which is perfect for people who get confused by a wide collection of outfits and prefer fewer quality options to choose from. They have minimalist designs that are supposed to last you a while courtesy of their superior quality. If that is something that speaks to you then you should definitely check them out.

Price: 800 – 4500 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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↓ 2 – Peach

This brand is big on bringing women just what they need in the athleisure department. Only women can understand what women really need which is why this Pakistani brand is doing it right. They initially started off as an intimate clothing brand and later expanded roots in athletic and gym wear. They have a wide range of gym dresses for ladies in Pakistan who are looking for affordable yet comfortable options.

Price: 900 – 3500 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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↓ 1 – Tooney Teez

Tooney Teez has seen massive growth both in terms of size and style ever since they opened for business a decade ago. Starting from casual clothing they expanded roots into athleisure and are seemingly doing it right. They have a huge variety of options to choose from at very reasonable prices. The quality is also pretty good for the amount it is being offered in. If you are on a budget and want a decent gym wear addition to your wardrobe, Tooney Teez is a good option.

Price: 700 – 2500 PKR

10 Best Pakistani Gym Wear Brands For Every Budget
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Now that we have covered the major Pakistani gym wear brands for every budget, we are going to cover the frequently asked questions because we understand how an article probably does not cover everything you might need to know about a brand before investing in expensive attire.


Q. What should I look for in a gym wear?

A. It is important to look at the quality of the attire before you invest in it because of the rigorous nature of exercises if the quality is lacking you will probably have to replace the gym wear sooner than expected. 

Q. Is it OK to wear jeans to the gym?

A. Denim is not a breathable material which is a very important component of gym wear. Thus, we would suggest against working out in jeans.

Q. Do workout clothes make a difference?

A. They most certainly do. Not only do they make you look good they also allow your body to stretch the way you want it to while also keeping you sweat-free. For women, a good sports bra is as important as workout clothes so do go through these Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2021 List


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