Top 14 Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2022 List [Updated List]

Top Bra Brands in Pakistan Lingerie has the power to make or ruin an outfit; any fashionista would tell you that well-designed underwear can drastically transform the way an outfit fits and falls. Searching for lingerie in Pakistan is not really a pleasurable event; it’s tough to locate a good amount and standards, so many individuals depend on relatives and friends to buy lingerie from overseas, despite the possibility that it won’t fit or look right.

Many Pakistani women still don’t have the opportunity to shop for themselves in a long time, so when it comes to purchasing innerwear, they’re far more unsure about what they’re searching for. As a result, many people become stressed and abandon the search. We’re here to prevent it from happening. Shopping for a good bra takes a lot more time than it ought to be, and with so many new lingerie companies to choose from, it might be more frightening than we would want.

Quick Guide: How to Know Cup Size Before Shopping for your Dream Bra?

To avoid your breasts becoming saggy, it is important to wear the correct size of bra. If you wear a bra that is too tight to wear then you are probably blocking blood circulation around your breasts resulting in lump formation that might lead to breast cancer. If your bra is too loose, then you might start suffering from extreme shoulder and neck pain.

In order to measure cup size, you need to measure around the bust.

A difference between underbust and bust of;

  • 12-14 cm means you require an A Cup15-16 cm means you require B Cup.
  • 17-18 cm means you require C Cup.
  • 19-20 cm means you require D Cup.

Top Bra Brands with Prices In Pakistan

Well, bras are one of the types of fitted garment that is specifically designed to elevate and provide support to breasts. In order to help out Pakistani women, team-branded girls have compiled a list of the top 14 best brazer brands according to their Instagram followers with their prices mentioned in order to help you decide what bra is fit for your body size and your pocket size. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start adding irresistibly beautiful bras to your shopping cart right now! Have a look at Indian Bra Brands with their price list

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 14 – British Lingerie Studio

Buying bras is surely a hectic task and not every brand offers what one wants. However, with British Lingerie Studio, one does not need to worry. Even though it is a lingerie store yet they sell bras that have a delicate and frail appearance, perfectly complementing a feminine body. The silk and lacey designs and patterns of this brand are tempting and sexy; however, if you are just looking for something comfortable, then this brand offers soft cotton bras as well.

The bras from this brand are worth the price and are impressive. Prices for bras can range from PKR 1,200 to 4,100 approximately.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 13 – Flourish

Are you looking for something affordable yet sexy and stylish? Flourish offers budget-friendly bras and lingerie that are comfortable. They have a variety of bras and the designs and styles of the bras are tempting and alluring. Most of the bras by this brand are made up of net and cotton and they are light and delicate. Other than light bras, the brand also offers soft and hard padded bras for a voluptuous and busty appearance.

The bra price ranges from PKR 360 to 2,650 approximately.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 12 – Espico Pink

If you prefer classic sets of bras, then Espico Pink is the brand for you! It is a famous brand because of its top-rated variety of garments. From Nylon based bras to underwire bras, everything is available on Espico Pink. It is one of the most trusted online brands in terms of high quality and faster delivery. 

Their bra variety includes padded bras, non-padded bras, cotton bras, sports bras, full support bras, lacey wired and non-wired bras; all of these products fall under the range of PKR 5,000 and start from as low as PKR 950.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 11- Losha

When discussing top bra brands of Pakistan, then we often see the name Losha. Being the top local lingerie brand in Pakistan, it has maintained its reputation in providing a sensual experience to the women who opt for it by providing a simple yet slinky appearance. The bras from this brand make your body look well-proportioned and curvaceous. 

Another distinctive feature of Losha is that it offers bra sizes that are often difficult to find in other brands. Being a local budget-friendly brand, the prices offered by the brand are quite good. 

The bras from this brand cost from PKR 1,000 to PKR 3,800, quite affordable, no?

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 10 – Amante

One of the most dominant Asian brands of lingerie and innerwear is Amante. It offers a premium product line and affordable products as well. The products of Amante are durable, high quality and long-lasting which makes its products high in demand. 

One can order Amante products from their official Instagram or Facebook page where their product price ranges from PKR 1,500 to PKR 3,000 as mentioned on their official Facebook page.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 9 – Triumph

Triumph International is an international innerwear manufacturer and a leading brand that was founded in 1886 in Germany whose headquarter is in Switzerland. Being an international brand, Triumph has its presence in all over 120 countries worldwide of which Pakistan is one. The product range of Triumph has Bras, Lingerie, Briefs and Shapewear too in which a wide range of designs with comfort is offered. You can avail Triumph bras availability at your doorstep too. 

The Triumph’s bras price ranges from PKR 140 to PKR 5,100 whereas shipping will be free for all orders above PKR 2,000.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 8 – IFG

International Foundations and Garments (IFG) has successfully played a mainstream role in eastern society to educate young girls and women about how important is to wear the correct size bra. They have even launched a bra size calculator on their website to help young girls and women in selecting the correct bra size for them.

IFG blogs are another source to educate girls about bra shopping. IFG products are easily available online, and in different stores too. The unique selling point of IFG is its discreet packaging that helps to maintain privacy so you get IFG products delivered to even your office too without any hassle.

The IFG bras price ranges from PKR 280 to PKR 1200.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 7 – Women’s Secret

Women’s secret, founded by Tendam in 1993 is one of the biggest women’s clothing brands whose product range starts from sleepwear, pyjamas, lingerie, panties, bras to beachwear and bikinis. 

Cortefiel group is the owner of Women’s secret which has an official presence in over 650 stores in 60 plus countries all over the globe. 

The women’s secret bras’ price ranges from PKR 2,990 to PKR 12,000 along with Free delivery and flash delivery services. 

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 6 – Mothercare Pakistan

One of the experienced retailers of all the products from expecting mothers to babies, toddlers, and children up to the age of seven or eight. You will be surprised to know that Mothercare not only provides maternity clothing but nursery furniture, pushchairs, home furnishing, toys, and travel equipment are also being provided by Mothercare to worldwide consumers. 

The price range of maternity bras, nipple shields, and breast pads ranges from PKR 700 to PKR 1,000.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓ 5 – Miniso Pakistan

A Japan-based fashion brand named Miniso was co-founded by Japanese designer Miyake Junya and Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu in Tokyo. The brand proposition of Miniso emphasizes the need for the “Simplicity and Going back to essence” notion. It has fast-fashion chain stores located in many big and small cities of Pakistan and has been operated effectively to date.

Miniso has a number of other lifestyle products but when it comes to bras, Miniso has won the hearts of millions of women all over the world. The bras manufactured by Miniso have magnificently merged high-end fashion and leisure together.

The reason behind the increasing popularity of Miniso is that it offers market competitive rates. The price of bras from Miniso Pakistan is about PKR 700 to PKR 900.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List


↓ 4 – Next Pakistan

One of the ruling British brands, Next has been one of the biggest fashion e-tailers with over 650 stores in not only Europe but around the world. It has a huge following in Pakistan. From classic to contemporary fashion products for both Men and Women, Next is your “next” big thing to visit for home shopping.

Whether you are looking for Gym styled comfy bras or beachwear stylish bras, Next got it all for you. For over the last 30 years, Next has been recognized as one of the producers of classic and contemporary style clothing that defines the good taste of design and high-quality benchmarks. Isn’t hard to resist Next products?

The next bras price ranges from PKR 3,000 to PKR 12,000 as mentioned on the Next online store.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

↓  3 – Be Belle

Be Belle is the biggest manufacturer and importer of all types of women’s undergarments in Pakistan. The product portfolio of Be Belle includes Lingerie, Nightwear, and clothing for curvy girls and women, corset, classic type shapewear, Bras, Bandeau and other women’s clothing items. 

Be Belle bras’ price ranges from PKR 750 to PKR 1,350.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

2- Sapphire

Who hasn’t heard of Sapphire? It is a well-known Pakistani company that debuted a beautiful line of lingerie in 2022, making it a great addition to Pakistan’s lingerie market.

Sapphire Bras’ price ranges from PKR 3,000 to PKR 10,000.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

1 – Victress

Victress is a digital retailer that sells one of Pakistan’s most popular lingerie brands. You may find everything from casual innerwear to sophisticated innerwear at victress for a reasonable price. The excellent thing about this brand is that, with exception of other online stores in Pakistan, they offer a store photography room where real photos of things may be captured.

Victress Bras’ price ranges from PKR 600 to PKR 1,200.

Top Ten Bra Brands in Pakistan with Prices 2020 List

Which brand is best for cotton bra?

In the above list, brands like Amante, victoria’s secret, and IFG have a good collection of cotton bras.

Q: How do I choose a bra?

A: That is something important and you need to figure it out NOW! If I tell you that most of the time we buy the wrong bra and it is not according to our cup size but we don’t feel like this. It’s the truth! We have to measure our bust size and cup size first and then buy a bra. However, the other thing is that every company has its own measuring scale and chart so always cross-check yours with their chart size. Well, keep in mind these tips I am writing below;

  • Don’t be afraid to float around with sizes and select after measuring the size.
  • Keep an eye on that middle bit of fabric because if you wear the wrong fabric which creates itching in your skin, then everything will destroy!

Which type of bra is good for health?

Well, this is the most important question that needs to be addressed. Bras are a part of our daily routine dress up so we have to choose them wisely. Underwire bras are made up of soft wire inside the cups which provides support, so if you are looking to have a support bra, then buy underwire bras. But many people don’t find this comfortable. Always choose bras according to your comfortability.

Which brand is best for bra?

There are a variety of brands now available in Pakistan and they have every kind of innerwear for their customers. I have mentioned the top 14 bra brands in this article but if you want the best bra brand overall, then I would say British Lingerie Studio, IFG, Triumph, and Amante are the top brands. Well, everyone has a subjective choice so it is up to you to choose the best one according to your requirement.

Q: Which bra is suitable for sagging breast?

Don’t worry if you have sagging breasts because a push-up bra is ready to cover you and give you confidence. The push-up bra is best for sagging breasts as it gives a lift that every woman desires. Moreover, it is the best choice for ladies who want to look sassy with deep-neck dresses. However, you can get push-up bras easily from stores or online. So, ladies, it is the time to shine bright and look more confident by having a push-up bra.

What is a balcony bra?

The name of this bra is super funky and it has wider straps that lift from the bottom of the cup. Moreover, the benefit of wearing a balcony bra is it gives your breast uplift and a fuller shape. If you haven’t tried this one, then add this one to your innerwear collection.


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