Top 10 Wig Brands For Women In 2021 With Price and Reviews

Top Wig Brands 2021. Wigs can be a fashion choice, but more often than not, wigs are a necessity for making a style statement. If it’s a tool for making a fashion statement, it’ll be worn with pride and confidence. Hair is one of the most important aspects of a person’s appearance.

If you can’t flaunt your hair due to hair loss, a medical issue, or a deformity, wigs come into play. And what beautiful face-savers they can be! If you belong in the latter category of people and have trouble reconciling yourself to wearing a wig, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will you find some wonderful brands offering a variety of wig choices, but we will also arm you with some fun facts and basic wig knowledge to make this a pleasurable experience and to boost your confidence!

What are the Best Wig Brands of the World

Just like many other products for the instant boost in one’s beauty, wearing a wig is becoming commonplace too and is highly considered a simple yet life-changing product across the globe. Many women today wear wigs for several reasons, and hence the wig industry is earning millions per year.

Best Wig Brands of The World

Fun Facts About Wigs:

  • Wigs have been used since ancient times! According to historians, ancient Egyptians used to wear wigs to protect and cover their bald heads.
  • The word ‘wig’ is derived from the word ‘periwig’. Periwig was a type of wig worn by high-ranking officials such as aristocrats and judges.
  • It is estimated that the word ‘wig’ was begun to be used in the late 1600s.
  • The great musical genius Mozart used to wear a wig because of an ear deformity!
  • Queen Elizabeth used to own 150 wigs!

Now, don’t these tidbits cheer you up?!

Top 10 wig brands of the world

Types of Wigs:

Wigs can be ready-made or custom-made. Custom-made wigs are explicitly created for one person, with their head circumference and style preference in mind. Wigs can be synthetic or made from human hair. Further types of wigs are:

  • Polyurethane Wigs
  • Mesh Wigs: These can further be lace wigs or monofilament wigs.
  • Open weft units

ravishing revlon


Cost of Wigs:

Wigs can cost from $50 to $3000. Synthetic wigs are less expensive than those made from human hair. Similarly, custom-made wigs are likely to cost more than a regular wig.

How Long Does a Wig Last?

Synthetic wigs last less than a year, while human hair wigs have a lifespan of up to 3 years!

Wig Maintenance Tips:

  • Synthetic and human hair wigs are different, so buy products specific to each.
  • Wigs undergo intense chemical processing during manufacturing, so avoid using products with a lot of chemicals in them.
  • You will need a special shampoo, conditioner, and wig comb to wash and treat your wig.
  • The wig must be kept covered and safe from dust, etc.
  • Don’t let it get tangled! Don’t sleep or shower while wearing the wig.


How Did We Decide:

Our source for this list is, the most reliable website about wigs. We’ve chosen ten brands from several listed on We’ve selected one best-selling wig from each brand and ranked them by price.

10- Gabor

9- Amore

8- Ellen Wille

7- Jon Renau

6- Noriko

5- Envy

4- Rene of Paris

3- Raquel Welch

2- Estetica Designs

1- Forever Young

↓ 10 – Gabor

Brand’s Portfolio: Gabor originally came into being as Eva Gabor International in 1969. Gabor wigs feature classic, elegant and shorter style wigs. The wigs are made of the heat-friendly synthetic hair fiber. The wide velvet comfort band provides extra security from slippage and prevents friction. ‘Lasting impression’ is the synthetic lace front wig, including sheer-lace front and a monofilament part for styling the hair in your way. The subtle, rooted colors give a remarkably realistic look.

Price Range: $46.99 – $296.99 on

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook

Best Selling Wig: Sweet Talk – Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Wig Price: $249.99


  • The hair fiber used is very shiny.
  • The wig style is funky and original.

lasting impression



↓ 9 – Amore

Brand’s Portfolio: Amore is one of the most renowned brands created by Rene of Paris. It offers every kind of versatile wig and in a wide variety of colors. Amore features monofilament wigs, which are constructed by using a soft cap rather than wefting. They are made from high-quality material. If you are seeking an exceptionally natural and elegant look due to hair loss or scalp insensitivity or want to look like a fashion diva, then Amore wigs should be your brand of choice. To know more about hair care, head over to the Best Products To Use For Healthy Hairs.

Price Range: $117.99 – $897.60 on

Social Media Handles: Instagram

Best Selling Wig: Codi – Synthetic Wig (Mono Top)

Wig Price: $249.99


  • The fibers used in the wig are soft and light-weight.
  • The wig is shorter along the nape, which makes it summer-appropriate.


  • It’s tight and challenging to keep in place but after some practice, you get the hang of it

stylish wig brand


↓ 8 – Ellen Wille

Brand’s Portfolio: Ellen Wille, the founder of the brand, was studying in Paris in 1967. She began creating wigs and selling them out of her van. She approached various salons, and when her beautiful creations became successful, she opened her own wig salon in Frankfurt, Germany. This one salon turned into a global wig brand soon after. Ellen has been designing and creating wigs for half a century now and is one of the ten people in the world to have received the Hair Icon Award.

Ellen Wille is known for her distinct cap construction, quality hair, and dimensional colors. The luxury collection of Ellen Wille is 100 percent hand-tied, monofilament with a beautiful lace front. It offers a wide variety of colors in each of its exclusively designed wigs.

Also, have a look at these 15 New Hair Color Trends for Teen Girls to Try in 2021.

Price Range: $34.99 – $2116.99 on

Social Media Handles: InstagramFacebook

Best Selling Wig: Tab – Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Crown)

Wig Price: $227.99


  • Despite being in a pixie style, the wig has enough hair to be styled in a few different ways.


  • Ellen Wille wigs have known to be inconsistent in fit and coloring.
  • This wig is heavy, so not ideal for the height of summer.
  • The hair fibers are a bit coarse.

best wig brand



↓ 7 – Jon Renau

Brand’s Portfolio: Jon Renau is one of the world’s leading international manufacturers of wigs. He is known for his innovative wigs, which are the most comfortable, fashion-forward, and easy to go. Pixie, Shaggy, long layered, curly and straight are the glamorous styled wigs by Jon Renau. The gorgeous greys are one of Jon Renau’s sophisticated-looking wigs, which includes Julianne, Kristi, and Ruby.

Price Range: $84.99 – $1482.99 on

Social Media Handles: InstagramFacebook

Best Selling Wig: Ignite – Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Basic Cap)

Wig Price: $187.99


  • The wig stretches eventually to fit the wearer’s head, so even if it’s too tight at first, it’ll expand later on.


  • It’s not very realistic and has a doll-like quality to the texture.
  • The wig size is inconsistent.




↓ 6 – Noriko

Brand’s Portfolio: Noriko has the most affordable, breathable, comfortable, and vibrant wig collection. It has wigs for men and women as well as unisex wigs. Noriko, along with Amore, is part of Rene of Paris. The Blake wig by Noriko is short, spunky, and sexy, which costs $187. They are made from excellent quality material.

Price Range: $132.99 – $341.99 on

Social Media Handles: Instagram

Best Selling Wig: Sky Synthetic Wig (Basic Cap)

Wig Price: $160.99


  • The color and fit are exactly as advertised for most people.


  • The wig has too much hair volume and is heavy. It has to be trimmed and styled a little.
  • It’s a bit over-shiny.

Breathable and vibrant NORIKO



↓ 5 – Envy – Eco-friendly Packaging

Brand’s Portfolio: Alan Eaton is the creative head of this brand who has introduced the fantastic wig collection by showing his remarkable skills. He started creating wigs after seeing a close friend suffer from hair loss. When his creations became a hit, he worked for some other brand at the time; he decided to found his own line of wigs. The Petite Paige wig by Envy is the best selling and timeless classic bob cut, which creates the illusion of natural hair. Some other best selling wigs by Envy are Alyssa, Bobby, Brianna, and Tiffany. Envy is an eco-friendly brand; they offer recyclable packaging and marketing materials.

Price Range: $110.99 – $1275.99 on

Social Media Handles: YoutubeFacebook

Best Selling Wig: Paige Petite – Synthetic Wig (Mono Part)

Wig Price: $148.99


  • The wig is soft, light-weight, and comfortable.
  • It’s a low-maintenance wig.
  • Easy to wear


  • The hair has no does not have much volume.
  • It gets messy quickly.

feel envy



Here’s a really good and detailed review of Envy wig:

↓ 4 – Rene of Paris

Brand’s Portfolio: Rene of Paris (ROP) came into being in 1971. It was purchased by Aderans Co., Lld. in 1989. Today, a division of the company, Aderans Hair Goods, is one of the leading manufacturers of wigs and other hair systems in the world. They manufacture fashion wigs, medical wigs, and custom wigs. The leading brand of this division is Rene of Paris, which includes further collections or brands of wigs: Noriko, Rene of Paris, Amore, and Bella Nuova. The wigs are manufactured in company-owned factories, using CyberHair, the finest quality fibers which are technologically advanced and modified for men, women, and children.

Price Range: $77.99 – $292.99 on

Social Media Handles: InstagramFacebook

Best Selling Wig: Cameron – Synthetic Wig (Basic Cap)

Wig Price: $147.99


  • The wig’s cap is super comfortable.
  • The color and fibers used are natural-looking, like real hair.


  • The wig’s webbing is a bit scratchy.
  • It doesn’t last very long.
  • The wig is overly glossy.

Best Wig Brands of the World (2)



↓ 3 – Raquel Welch

Brand’s Portfolio: Raquel Welch is the Hollywood legend and beauty icon who has introduced the most innovative style of wigs. Her gorgeous wig collection has always been so comfortable, lighter, and easy to wear. Love, love, love, Brave the wave, Downtime, Go for it, Infatuation elite are some of her jaw-dropping new wig collections. One may feel chic wearing long, lustrous, and cozy Raquel welch wigs. The brand Raquel Welch is now a part of HairUWear.

Price Range: $45.99 – $3,383.99 on

Social Media Handles: FacebookInstagram

Best Selling Wig: Voltage – Synthetic Wig (Basic Cap)

Wig Price: $141.99


  • It can be worn right out of the box; no alterations or trimmings needed.
  • The size and fit of the wig are consistent.


  • The fibers used in the wig are not of top quality.
  • The hair at the back is not long enough to hide real hair.
  • There is too much hair at the top, which might give away it being a wig.
  • There are limited color options.

the queen of wig


↓ 2 – Estetica Designs – Human Hair Wigs

Brand’s Portfolio: Estetica Designs was established in 1979. The wig designers are Estetica experiment continuously and strive to create the most technologically advanced wigs using the best quality fibers only, and it shows. Their wig collections include Remi Human Hair Wigs, Monofilament Wigs, Front Lace Line Wigs, and pure Stretch Cap Wigs. Their exclusive Luxuria collection is the most recent wig collection featuring six wigs. The wigs are made of hand-tied Remi human hair. Estetica Designs also provide accessories and hair care products such as human hair color rings, wig shampoos and conditioners, mannequin heads, and wig stands.

Price Range: $32.99 – $2,592.99 on

Social Media Handles: InstagramFacebook

Best Selling Wig: Christa – Synthetic Wig (Basic Cap)

Wig Price: $126.99


  • The fiber quality is exceptional.
  • It’s a light-weight and comfortable wig.


  • The cap is smaller than the size advertised.
  • Hair spray or creams don’t affect the wig much, so styling it is difficult.

Best Wig Brands of the World (1)



↓ 1 – Forever Young

Brand’s Portfolio: Forever Young is a UK brand. Every woman desires to look young forever, and with a considerable variety of Forever Young’s sophisticated and chic looking wigs, one could never feel aged. Forever Young features some of the fashionable and modern style wigs which are available in all short, medium, and long length. They offer not only traditional bold colors but also in many beautiful blonde or brown mixed blends. Some of their most selling synthetic wigs include Roll with it, Indie waves, Vintage Vixen, Picture perfect, Classic page, and Parisian bob. The brand claims to source its products from ‘ethically sound’ suppliers.

Price Range: $14.99 – $121.99 on

Social Media Handles: InstagramFacebook

Best Selling Wig: Roll With It – Synthetic Wig (Basic Cap)

Wig Price: $38.99


  • The wig holds up well without the need for adjustment for up to 12 hours.
  • As wigs go, this is the most affordable one available in the market.


  • The wig is a little heavy so it takes some time to get used to it
  • Some customers have reported that the wig has a plasticky smell

feel young forever



Here’s a detailed review of one of the best Forever Young wigs:

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