Top 15 Middle Eastern Fashion Bloggers to follow in 2020

Middle Eastern Fashion Bloggers. All the middle-eastern trends are no less than the typical Western fashion stigma of today’s era. These bloggers from various middle-eastern countries are making their way into lasting trends of fashion and beauty.

So you can’t help but let them decide for you, your style. Because you are only going to end up looking your best. You don’t have to be from Kuwait or Dubai to be inspired by these middle-eastern bloggers and allow their skilled fashion tips and tweaks into your wardrobe, but you can just admire their work and impact they have in the Middle east. Their cool and casual styling tips from fashion, to beauty, to skin and hair care, will surely make your life better or at least stylish.

Who are the best fashion bloggers in the Middle East

So, have a look at these top 15 fashion bloggers from the Middle east who surely are some great women enthusiastic about trends, and changing the face if beauty in Middle east. So don’t miss out on their trends, which could come in handy for you and your style.

Top 15 Middle Eastern Fashion Bloggers to follow in 2020

↓15 – Zahra Layla

Zahra Layla surely knows how to slay a style that Dubai is meant for. When she initiated her blog named, ‘just Lyla’, she did not know how far it would take her from collaboration with various big fashion companies, photographers, and designers from all over the world. She not only portrays the culture outlook of Dubai, with unique middle-eastern kaftans but also styles with a western touch of jeans and tops. And she ends up nailing styles for every common Dubai girl! RECOMMENDED: Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020.


↓14 – Huda Kattan/ Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is eccentrically at the phase of a professional glam girl, which is not even a term, but still, she plays it like it is. From knowing every makeup tweak there is in the world, to giving handy tips in immensely easy to grasp video tutorials, Kattan just knows what she is doing.

And if she could teach us how to slay gorgeous makeup looks in only a 10 minutes video, then we are all up to it.

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↓13 – Kat Lebrasse

Kat Lebrasse has got the fashion inspiration for every possible occasion. She’s the kind of blogger who has traveled one step ahead with commencing a career in freelance journalism as well. But her blogging is over the edge too. She’s an authentic stylist from Australia but has explored a lot in middle eastern fashion too. From her epic photography and blogs on business styles to casual walks in the park, Lebrasse gives us some serious goals on every fashion look.

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↓12 – Dalal AlDoub

She follows an approach that not many bloggers follow and that’s empowerment of women through style. Even owning up to your style is another form of feeling confident in your own skin and Dalal is inclined on proving that. She’s one great of a makeup stylist and knows how to cast amazing looks for all kinds of occasions. Here are Top Arabian Models–15 Sexiest Arabian Female Models in the World


↓11 – Tala Samman / @myFashdiary

What you may not know about this blogger is that she happens to be the first blogger from UAE with shedding her fashion wisdom on us since 2009. There is more to her blog than surface fashion tips and she makes her emphasis on all lifestyle and fitness-related news and tips to not only help you look better but live a healthier life. She is perhaps the coolest you know because she blogs on everything she finds interesting from tasty food stops, to new boutiques, to fitness centers and much more!


↓10 – Ruba Zai / Hijab Hills

Ruba Zai from Hijab Hills is another gem to follow the Middle eastern fashion. She’s practically the queen of hijab styles and guides the best for every hijab look, what outfits to wear a hijab with, and how to style it. She proves that there is chicness in modesty as well and she’s our leading lady for all hijab and Islamic fashion looks.

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↓9 – Teresa Karpinska

Never will you find such extensive variety in one blog. And this is what Teresa does with her blog, which is to make it as diverse as she can, with styling tips from elegant sequin dresses to simplistic and casual like outfits with sneakers. Check out her blog and you will find your style for sure! Do check out Top 10 Most Expensive Arab Weddings of All The Time


↓8 – Hanadi Diab / Hanadi Beauty

Above all, her YouTube tutorials and Instagram are a must follow for all fashion enthusiast ladies out there. Plus, her makeup tutorials and their ideas will surely save you extra effort and a great makeup style will be just at your disposal. So check this out too!

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↓7 – Nadya Hasan / @the fierce nay

She can give you some serious style goals with her excellent styling tips in matching shoes with outfits. When she turned out to be this good, she decided to initiate her own fashion line of epic and heavenly shoes which is an absolute paradise for all those who are obsessed with shoes.


↓6 – Fouz Al-Fahad / The Real Fouz

She’s the most sought-after artist in trend right now who is Kuwait-based and knows it all. RECOMMENDED: Top 10 Arab Countries with Most Beautiful Women- Arab Beauty

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↓5 – Natalia Shustova / @Shoestova

She’s a dynamic fashion artist from Dubai who knows way more about fashion than fashion itself. She’s more experimental with style and will inspire you to be too. By trying out every possible outfit she gets her hands on, she’s a total pro with her game.

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↓4 – Tamara Al Gabbani

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↓3 – Sanna / Look A Million

RECOMMENDED: 10 Most Handsome Arab Men in the World; Hottest Arab Guys

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↓2 – Mona Kattan


↓1 – Ahmed Al Sayed / @twistedcurlz

Yes, the cool and casual Ahmed Al Sayed is no less than all the female fashionistas from the middle east. He is a Dubai-based epic face behind the fashion house, “house of nomad”. You might have come across its name and how it caters to styles for every type of occasion. From parties to casual, to formal, to fancy and stylish; there is no style you will not found at the house of nomad. So, give it a try!

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Athletic wear by @twistedcurlz – Instagram



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