10 Most Handsome Arab Men in the World – Hottest Arab Guys

Most Handsome Arab Men in the World: Arab men are unanimously considered famous for their beauty in the world. There are many Arab male celebrities who got fame and appreciation in Hollywood as well because of their looks and excellent acting skills.

10 Handsome and Most Good Looking Arab Men

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Here are some most attractive, handsome Arab celebrities who gained fame because of their talent and beauty. They are not only professionally good but ridiculously handsome as well. The list includes celebrities, as well as random ordinary people who are known for their irresistible looks.

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#10-  Omar Borkan al Gala – Deported for being too Handsome

Omar is a poet, actor and a photographer. He was deported from Saudi Arab for being irresistible to women and being too good looking. Omar belongs to Dubai and is highly popular in all over the world, especially after he got deported from Saudi Arabia.See his 50 most Hottest Looks.

handsome-Omar-Borkan-500x500 10 Most Handsome Arab Men in the World - Hottest Arab Guys


#9- Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

Nobody can resist the beauty of this man. He is one the most famous Turkish actors who got fame in no time. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is not only famous in Turkish drama industry but his popularity has gone on the international level. Widely know as Behlul from drama serial Ishq e Mano, he is every woman’s favorite. Kıvanç is a new sensation in the entertainment industry and is a model as well. 32 years Kıvanç won many beauty pageants. Some also call him Turkish Brad Pitt because of his hazel eyes, blonde hair, and features. Since we are talking of Turkey, do have a look at this amazing collection of [highlight]25 photos of Turkish Street Style Fashion – Outfit Ideas[/highlight]

Handsome-Arab-man-Kıvanç-Tatlıtuğ-500x466 10 Most Handsome Arab Men in the World - Hottest Arab Guys


#8- Udi Karni

This Arab hunk does not only have a good personality but also has a good physique as well. Udi has a flawless body and it is reported that he is very generous as well and works for peace projects. Udi had been modeling for many high brands e.g Emporio Armani. He is an athlete too.

Handsome-Arab-man-Udi-Karni1 10 Most Handsome Arab Men in the World - Hottest Arab Guys


#7- Bachar Houli

Bachar is an Australian footballer born to Lebanese parents. He was listed among most handsome and sexy sportsman in the Arab world. Bachar plays for Richmond in the Australian Football League as a midfielder, and he’s the second devout Muslim to play in the AFL. He used to be clean shaved but from some time he is seen having a beard, which does not lessen the charm from his personality at all.

Handsome-Arab-man-Buchar-Houli 10 Most Handsome Arab Men in the World - Hottest Arab Guys



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