Tips to Permanently Remove Body Hairs without Laser Treatment

Although it is every woman’s dream to be unwanted hair free, laser treatment is usually only seen as the viable option to achieve this. However, this is not necessarily the case. But why go to for those expensive and painful procedures when you can remove body hairs in simple ways? In this post I will cover a couple of other ways to get rid of those pesky little hairs. Remember you will see good results after applying these techniques regularly .


Waxing is one of the most popular processes when it comes to hair removal. It can be done professionally in a salon or even at home with a home kit. This technique, however, is not permanent but will keep you smooth and hair free for at least six to eight weeks. Waxing pulls hair from the root which can irritate skin so it is best to exfoliate or moisturise when using this method.

Although these are not really considered a ‘permanent’ cure, they can keep you silky smooth for an elongated length of time. This is because epilation uses a method similar to waxing and removes hairs by pulling them out at the roots. Some women can find it to be a painful experience using epilators although this will ease with repeat use, same as waxing. Be sure to moisturise your skin after using epilators to help ease skin. You can also keep exfoliating skin when using this type of hair removal to help keep skin healthy and soft.


This type of hair removal is approved as a permanent cure however this is not guaranteed to everyone as it completely depends on your hair type, stage of growth and skin type. This method uses a tiny needle or electrode which is inserted directly into the hair follicle and kills the root with chemical or heat energy. This is not considered a painful treatment although you have to able to withstand the heat. This treatment will also take several sessions before all hair is removed due to large areas or hair and skin types. A similar treatment to this is thermolysis which uses the same principle.

Threading Hair Removal
Threading is an easy and quick way of hair removal especially for sensitive skin as it requires no heat and no chemicals. All it requires is an arm’s length of cotton thread and a good eye. This method will take a few sessions just like waxing but will overtime weaken the root to such an extent that hair will not grow back at all. The great thing with this technique is that you do not have to wait for hairs to grow back to any length before removal again, as soon as you can see them then you can book your next threading appointment.


It is wise to book appointments with professionals in this field or seek out medical advice before splashing out on treatment. Some of the images below show the different treatments and products available for hair removal.

Easy Ways to Remove Body Hairs Permanently

Threading – DIY Hair Removal


 Thermolysis Hair Removal


 Epilator Hair Removal


 Waxing Hair Removal




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