Top 18 Most Expensive Cosmetic Brands In The World 2020

Most Expensive Cosmetic Brands. The updated list of the most expensive cosmetics may not include all of the most famous cosmetics or may have a renowned brand name, but still, their rates have managed to go up to the sky and make customers wonder how they can afford them while being economical.

While there are a lot of drugstore brands that offer great quality makeup, some of you divas like experiencing the high-end life, which with these price points is the wishful thinking of apparently many citizens. If you are someone who has used both, drugstore and high-end makeup brands you can talk about the difference. While this list may not include many drugstore brands, some of the brands’ are still priced pretty economically to make fashion affordable for all. Some top-notch celebrities such as Rihanna and Jeffree Star have taken this initiative of bringing out makeup products that are both, affordable and have excellent quality.

Top Luxurious Makeup Brands

Most of these brands of cosmetics include some who really will be worth your money for good and the better. So have a look at the top 10 most expensive cosmetic brands in 2019 and figure out which ones are spending on with the best of results. Happy putting on makeup!

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How Did We Come Up With The List?

Well for you lovely people, we went through the hassle of comparing prices of various products offered by each of these brands to check which brand is the most expensive. We considered several products to draw the final comparison out of which a few were; foundations, because usually foundations are the most expensive product on a makeup list and investing in one good foundation can help you out. Next on the list were lipsticks, where we took similar categories of lipsticks and compared for the prices. To be more thorough, we did a quick search on prices of eyeliners, eyeshades, and mascaras to finally decide which brand lies where on the most expensive makeup brands list.

18 – Fenty Beauty

17 – Jeffree Star

16 – Too Faced

15 – Mary Kay

14 – Smash Box

13 – Nu Skin

12 – Oriflame

11 – Elizabeth Arden

10 – Artistry

9 – Estee Lauder

8 – MAC

7 – L’Oreal

6 – Anastasia Beverly Hills

5 – YSL

4 – Dior

3 – Giorgio Armani

2 – Chanel

1 – La Praire

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↓ 18 – Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is one of America’s greatest singers’ baby. Yes, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite Rihanna. Fenty Beauty products never disappoint, so the being on the most expensive list is justified. Be it their lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations or highlighters, the quality and look of the makeup is gorgeous. Be ready to spend at least $50 when shopping from this cosmetics brand.

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↓ 17 – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

If you are a makeup lover and do not know about Jeffree Star, you have been doing it wrong all this time. Jeffree Star is one of the best beauty bloggers around the globe. He came to popularity when he started his Youtube channel, which revolved around makeup entirely. His channel is full of makeup tutorials and reviews. Anyway, this makeup guru decided to launch his very own cosmetics line, which is going wild all across the globe. The price point is not as high as the most bougie brands, but he knows exactly what good makeup is about and puts that all in his products. While the most expensive product by Jeffree Star can cost you $54, which is the Supreme Frost Highlighter, other products are generally reasonable.

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↓ 16 – Too Faced

A company formed by former Estee Lauder employees back in 1998 is what we know as too faced today. This California based brand is the favorite of many makeup-enthusiasts. The highest you can spend at too faced is $68 for their Natural Lust eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow might cost the most, but the best product by this brand is undoubtedly their lipsticks, especially the matte ones.

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↓ 15 – Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash founded the brand with her name in Texas in 1963. They invest a whole lot on their staff of workers, which includes only the best artists, designers, and scientists who also serve as the sales agent.

And this is why they offer a reasonable sum to their staff while keeping their quality products expensive. The extensive amount of training given to their workers result in products being right up to the level of customer satisfaction. The Mary Kay company has been running the brand as an organization with the highest level of professionalism like any other large corporate firm.



↓ 14 – Smash Box

So let’s get started from the 10th most expensive or the least expensive brand in this; Smashbox. It was initiated in the Culver city by two brothers — Dean and Davis in a creative photo studio. The Smashbox focus most of its products on the eye makeup and lip colors. And the reason they march off your budget is because of the unique oil properties in their formulation of products.




↓ 13 – Nu Skin

Nu skin beats all because of the brilliant anti-aging formulation used in its products. Products of the Nu skin contains a lot of anti-oxidants, which makes it chemically suitable for all types of skin. They may not have satisfactory fragrant properties but surely is very useful in giving absolute UV protection. Many people also use their products for skin treatments as well.



↓ 12 – Oriflame

With about $1.5 billion of their annual sales, Oriflame leaves no hint in the fact that it earns entirely off the rates it has set on its products. It sells its products in many different countries like Nu Skin does, and the incredible quality of its products is the reason why it is so expensive. One of the best products that Oriflame sells are facial cosmetics (foundations, etc.) and the compact lip colors. The most exciting fact about Oriflame is that most of the products offered by the brand are organic. Have a look at Top 13 Best Makeup Styles From The Most Beautiful Celebrities




↓ 11 – Elizabeth Arden

The most faithful follower of the women’s beauty and whose products are only meant for all women’s prettiness is none other than Elizabeth Arden. The women-oriented brand has been charming people since the world war I, where it brought light to the darkness by servicing US women with the best of these beauty products. Although it masters in the lip colors and mascaras for women, it also has been lately providing all kinds of beauty products for women to buy. In 2011, it attained a net income of about $40 million.



↓ 10 – Artistry

Artistry, as its name indicates, is a uniquely famous makeup brand, which was initiated by a couple. They were unique in a way that they used the basis of science, nutrition, and healthiness to compose these makeup products rather than chemicals and additives. RECOMMENDED: These 25 Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials Will Change Your Look Dramatically

Some healthy fruits from Africa and Mediterranean are used to manufacture these makeup products, and the brand apparently has the customer’s healthiest interest at the priority, which is why they are equally expensive. Hence, artistry falls as one of the products that are worth your money.



↓ 9 – Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder was initiated in 1946 and is now a well-establish fashion and makeup brand that is well-worth when it comes to being prestigious. The reason is left others behind in the race was because it was the first brand that initiated the second line of men skincare and health products. It provides all kinds of beauty products for both men and women. Its sale is now above $10 billion, and as of some researchers, its best products include lip colors and mascaras.



↓ 8 – MAC

MAC was founded in Toronto, Canada. This brand was specially designed for professionals and makeup artists who want to pursue a career in the makeup industry, but now it has become more general and is available for all kinds of customers to use. Its products are reliable and authentic, which has demanded more rates for themselves. The reason why so many customers prefer it is because of its effortless usage of products.



↓ 7 – L’Oreal

So as we all know, LO’real is practically the most significant cosmetic brand there is and also the most known makeup and cosmetic brand. What further makes it so desirable is because it is headquartered in the city that is most associated with fashion and glamor — Paris, France.

Apart from makeup products, its hair products are also skyrocketing towards an increase in sales, because LO’real provides the best possible. Hence, it makes one another brand that is every bit worthy of your money. The company has nearly 72,000 employees who tirelessly work in multiple shifts to make LO’real such a success and an absolute blessing to customers.



↓ 6 – Anastasia Beverly Hills

The eyeshades that any makeup lover would live for are from this amazing brand name, Anastasia. While the brand offers a wide range of products that includes lipsticks, brushes, mascaras, eyebrow gels and liners the best of the best among these products is the eyeshadow palettes which have a standard price of $45; not too expensive for the fantastic colors and quantity. The highest that Anastasia will want from your pocket can be up to $55.

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↓ 5 – YSL

Yves Saint Laurent or YSL is a renowned makeup brand. There are several YSL cosmetic products that we can go on and on about when talking. Well, to be honest, the brand is expensive, but when you use their products, you’ll know the reason. To start with, the YSL foundation is pretty awesome. The texture is smooth, and the feel of the product, when worn, is light and natural. The lipsticks are fantastic and are perfectly fine to be used by people who have severe allergies from cosmetic products. Last but not the least is the ultra-fabulous YSL shock volumizing mascara which will cost you $29. There is no better mascara than that one in the world. The prices of YSL cosmetics start at $60.

↓ 4 – Dior

Dior offers excellent quality makeup. While the rates may be a little higher than what you might wish to spend, the look of this makeup is the one worn by celebs. The best product from Dior can undoubtedly be their highlighters and eyeshadows. The quantity on the palettes of the eyeshadows might seem less for the price which is up to $65, but what can be said, it is Dior, and it is expensive.

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↓ 3 – Giorgio Armani

Straight from the fashion houses of America is this brand which fortunately offers makeup that is as good as its clothing. Armani is a renowned brand, and its makeup continues the same legacy of latest trends and high quality. The highest that Armani makeup can go is up to $200 because why not, it is Armani after all. Although it has many amazing cosmetic products, their eye makeup set with primer and mascara is something to die for.

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↓ 2 – Chanel

Although Chanel does offer not only makeup products but also all other kinds of fashion accessories, it still seems to be the costliest cosmetic brand and beats all the rest. The brand is not the best or better than LO’real in any case as they don’t have any unique formulation or a more skilled firm, but rather the fact that it has been on the platform since about 1909 when Coco Chanel initiated it. And up till now, it has expanded into a gigantic fashion brand and therefore, sells its cosmetics on the same page.



↓ 1 – La Praire

The most bougie of all expensive brands is this one; La Praire. Our research concluded that the price point of La Praire products is the highest. Although the contents of their products seriously justify the prices. For instance, we came across a unique product, which was their caviar-infused foundation. We all know caviar is an expensive product itself. So when used for this foundation, it makes the foundation to appear smooth and doesn’t crease at all even if you wear it for the whole day. While the prices can go as high as $250 for this brand’s products, it is still worth it.

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These are the most expensive makeup brands around the world. While you must have known most of these brands if you are a makeup fanatic, some of these names might have been new to you. So, if you are someone who loves pampering themselves with top-notch high-end makeup, then you should check these brands out for their ultra-expensive products. Let us know which expensive makeup brand was your favorite.

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