19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022

International Makeup Brands that Support Israel: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has divided the world into two halves where some support Israel and some support Palestine. Many businesses, firms, and companies have been divided due to this conflict.

The makeup industry is one of the largest industries in the world just like food and clothing, and due to this conflict, there are many international makeup brands as well that have chosen sides. In this article, I will be telling you everything about the makeup brands that support Israel during this current year.

Why People Avoid Buying Makeup Brands that Supports Israel?

Palestinian protesters and the Israeli police have clashed on an everyday basis in and around Jerusalem’s Ancient City, home to major devout locales sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims and the enthusiastic epicenter of the Middle East conflict.

The recent daily clashes started at the beginning of Ramadan, when Israeli police set obstructions exterior to the Ancient City’s Damascus Entryway, a well-known gathering place after the evening supplications amid the heavenly month when Muslims quick from first light to nightfall.

They afterward evacuated the boundaries, but at that point challenges heightened over the debilitated removal of handfuls of Palestinian families from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jar-rah. The families have been involved in a long lawful fight with ideological Jewish pilgrims who look for to secure properties in swarmed Palestinian neighborhoods just outside the Old City. Israel depicts it as a private real-estate debate, but the families’ predicament has pulled in worldwide consideration.

Clashes in Jerusalem, and especially in Al-Aqsa, frequently resonate over the region. Protests have been held within the involved West Bank and in Middle Eastern communities inside Israel. A series of dangerous shootings within the West Bank had moreover increased tensions.

Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries that have neighborly ties with Israel have condemned its crackdown on the challenges, whereas Israel’s chief rival Iran has energized Palestinian assaults. The US and the EU have condemned the viciousness and communicated concern about the removals.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022

Makeup Brands that Support Israel

↓ 19 – L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is one of the largest makeup brands across the globe. It is one of those Israeli owned companies in the United States and France which supports Israel in every way.

L’Oreal Israel works a production line within the Israeli town of Migdal Ha’emek within the Lower Galilee. The settlement of Migdal Ha’emek was set up in 1952 on lands having a place to the ethnically cleansed Palestinian town of al-Mujaydil, whose original tenants are still denied the proper to return to their homes.

L’Oreal Israel moreover produces a line of items utilizing Dead Sea minerals beneath the title Natural Sea Beauty that’s exported to 22 nations around the globe. One-third of the western shore of the Dead Sea lies within the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Whereas the complete shore and its assets are methodically closed to Palestinians by Israeli military occupation and apartheid practices, Israel abuses the Dead Sea for worldwide tourism, mining, and progressing its personal image.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 18 – NYX

NYX is owned by L’Oreal itself so it is pretty understood that it supports Israel. It is a very famous brand and recently has made the headlines by entering the Israeli market, prior to which it was rumored to exist in the Israeli market through drugstore chains.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 17 – Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York is one the largest brand sin the contemporary world with having the most expensive supermodels and actresses advertising for them. hey are also another big company owned by L’Oreal due to which they stand in support with the state of Israel.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 16 – MAC

The primary branch of MAC makeup, a backup of the Lauder company, as of late opened within the Ramat Aviv shopping center and has been stuffed with customers all through the day. It appears to be that MAC is more well known than any other producer like Shu Umura of Japan, which did not incite much interest in Israel. 

The cosmetics styles for this fall and winter have to however  reach to Israel, but it is as of now conceivable to make impressions of the fundamental collection from the producer, a huge share of which is already on the racks there.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 15 – The Body Shop

The body shop is very classy and expensive makeup brand. The body shop also comes under L’Oreal that is why it also supports the apartheid state of Israel. Apart from supporting Israel, they were also involved in animal harm for the production of their products.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 14 – Lancome

Lancome has always had its place as one of the most elegant makeup brands in the fashion world. Lancome has utilized the Israeli startup ByondXR to dispatch a new range of worldwide e commerce stores including its extravagance fragrances and makeup.

Online customers can be connected with products and client benefit agents, rather than just looking over through a web catalog. Lancome’s stores on the Champs-Elysee’s in Paris and in Germany can be experienced online in 3D.

In expansion to seeing the items on the racks, customers can moreover see out of the windows and observe the advertisements playing on in-store screens. The ByondXR forms are not based on 360-degree cameras capturing real pictures, but on 3D models of images.

All of these actions by the Lancome company make it clear that they completely support the state of Israel.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 13 – Garnier

There is a question going around these days about one of the most popular skincare, hair care and makeup brands Garnier that, does Garnier support Israel or no, so the answer to it is yes because Garnier is also owned by L’Oreal and L’Oreal being one of the biggest supporters of Israel influences all of its sub companies and brands to support Israel as well.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 12 – Urban Decay

The famous and most sleek makeup brand, Urban Decay is also a subsidiary of the French cosmetics line L’Oreal that is why it stands hand in hand with the state of Israel. It was sold to L’Oreal in the November of 2012.

L’Oreal, the world’s greatest makeup company by deals, was aiming to restore its portfolio with the procurement of Urban Decay, the California-based specialist cosmetics bunch aimed fundamentally at ladies in their 20s. The procurement cost was not given but was thought to be approximately 300 million US dollars.

Urban Decay was to sit nearby Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent and Kiehl’s in L’Oreal’s luxury division, which had deals of 4.1 billion Euros within the nine months till September 30. Luxury is L’Oreal’s second-largest division after its consumer items of mass market brands, such as Maybelline mascara and Garnier shampoo.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 11 – Giorgio Armani Beauty

Giorgio Armani Beauty is one of the most elite brands that comes under L’Oreal. The Armani makeup is only used by some of the most elite class people across the globe and of that reason it is of extremely high quality.

In the recent years, L’Oreal has moved to obtain a few new subsidiary makeup companies. In 2018, the company obtained La Roche-Posay, Modiface, and Giorgio Armani Excellence. L’Oreal sees acquisitions as a essential portion of its commerce technique.

Since the company’s establishing generally a century back, L’Oreal has centered on targeted acquisitions planned to compliment and increment the scope of its original item offerings.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 10 – Neutrogena

Johnson Johnson which is the second largest company the manufactures health and beauty products is the owner of the brand Neutrogena that provides us with healthy skincare and makeup products. Neutrogena is a widely used brand especially by people who have cosmetic health issues.

Johnson & Johnson has always had very close ties with Israel and has extremely good trade and economical relations with it as well. While Neutrogena being a brand under Johnson & Johnson, it also comes in support with and of Israel.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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Neutrogena Makeup Products

↓ 9 – Becca Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics comes under the famous company of . The founder of this company himself is a Jew, so without a doubt he, his company and all the subsidiary companies and brands under them stand in support with Israel. 

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 8 – Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret was targeted by BDS campaigners because of where the brand sourced its textures. America’s biggest brand of lingerie and lip kits got its materials from Delta Galil Businesses, a company with a stockroom within the Barkan Industrial Zone, an Israeli settlement within the West Bank.

It moreover runs stores in Ma’aleh Adumim and Pisgat Ze’ev, both in occupied domains. Victoria’s Secret, in any case, isn’t the only company to purchase its materials from the settlement industry. Delta Galil moreover supplies to companies like Walmart, Calvin Klein, Nike and Columbia, among others.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 7 – Aveda

Aveda also is a beauty brand that comes under Estée Lauder , the Jewish founder of all these brands and companies of cosmetics, who stands in great support with the Israeli apartheid state. Ronald Lauder is an ardent Zionist and is also the current president of Jewish National Fund. He works majorly for his people especially through his companies and brands.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 6 – Covergirl

Covergirl is a major makeup brand that comes under the company of Procter & Gamble  who are also pro supporters of the Israeli state.

Procter & Gamble or P&G is ubiquitous, but tragically, it’s one of the biggest clients of Israeli company Avgol Nonwoven, which makes materials for sterile items.

Avgol Nonwoven works a plant within the Barkan industrial complex, an unlawful Israeli fabricating settlement on the West Bank adjoining to the settlements of Barkan and Ariel. due to its enormous name and size, it has a part of other brands like covergirl that come under its subsidiaries.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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Covergirl Makeup Products

↓ 5 – Olay

Olay is a very old and classic skincare and face makeup brand with many decades old customers of itself. It also comes under the company of Procter and Gamble, hence it is also a major supporter of the Israeli state.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 4 – Clinique

Clinique is another brand that comes under the company of Estée Lauder, which is why it supports the state of Israel. Clinique is a very famous and high quality brand for people who have skin problems, it was founded by a group of people who specialized in the skin problems of people.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 3 – Too Faced Cosmetics

The brand Too faced cosmetic which is a popular makeup brand is owned by Estée Lauder as well, which means its a supporter of the state of Israel.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 2 – Revlon

Revlon is a world renowned makeup and hair products brands and is most commonly used and liked for its high quality yet cheap products.

Revlon’s biggest partner, Ronald Perelman, is a major trustee of the Simon Weisenthal establishment, which runs to some degree the ironically named Museum of Tolerance. The Gallery has been criticized for its introduction of the Holocaust as legitimization for the Zionist takeover of Palestine and for its choice to open a branch in Jerusalem on the grounds of the Mamilla Cemetery. Revlon also owns Almay.

19 International Makeup Brands that Support Israel in 2022


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↓ 1 – Where to Find Products of Makeup Brands that Support Israel

Brand Name

Price Range

L'Oreal Paris

$3 - $20


$4 - $45

Maybelline New York

$4- $30


$5 - $70

The Body Shop

£2 - Â£20


$7 -$259


$1 - $50

Urban Decay

$7 - $40

Giorgio Armani Beauty

$30 - $200


$5 - $30

Becca Cosmetics

$14 - $49

Victoria's Secret

$7 - $30


$5 - $67


$5 - $80


$10 - $230


$10 - $50

Too Faced Cosmetics

$0 - $50


$9 -$20


About: Owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Sephora is the world’s leading extravagant products group. It was established in France by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1970 and is characterized by its interesting, open-sell environment with an ever-increasing collection of items from carefully curated brands, including indie darlings, rising favorites, trusted classics, and Sephora’s own line, the Sephora Collection.

In the contemporary world, Sephora is an effective beauty presence in nations around the world, thanks to their unparalleled collection of distinct items in each category, impartial service from beauty specialists, intuitively shopping environment, and persistent advancement.

They work over 2700 stores in 35 nations around the world, with a growing base of over 500 stores over the Americas. Since opening their first US store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood in 1998, Sephora has been an industry-leading champion of diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment within the US, guided by their longstanding company values.

Price Range: $4 – $220


About: The Target Enterprise, once in the past known as Dayton Company and Dayton-Hudson Corporation is an American mass-market retail company working large-scale food and general-merchandise discount stores. It is one of the biggest discount retailers within the United States of America, and its red bull’s-eye symbol is recognizable all through the nation.

In 2012 Target opened its first CityTarget, which catered to urban clients in a stores two-thirds smaller than its normal areas. Just like Sephora, Target also has a variety of makeup brands present at their stores that support Israel.

Price Range: $0.74 – $74


About: Amazon.com is an online retailer and producer of electronic book readers, and Web services supplier that got to be the famous case of electronic commerce. Its central command are in Seattle, Washington. Amazon.com is a tremendous Internet-based venture that offers books, music, motion pictures, housewares, gadgets, toys, and numerous other merchandise like makeup, either specifically or as the broker between other retailers and Amazon.com’s millions of clients.

The company moreover makes the market-leading Kindle e-book readers. Its advancement of these gadgets has driven to sensational development in e-book distribution and turned Amazon into a major troublesome drive within the book-publishing market.

Price Range: $0.01 – $1895

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Q: Does NARS support Israel?

Yes, NARS is one of those makeup brands that support Israel with unknown ties between the two.

Q: Does the Dove brand support Israel?

Dove is a brand of Unilever Israel that supports and promotes programs inside the system of social objectives of its different brands. The Dove brand accomplices with the Ministry of Education to reinforce self and body image among the youth.

Q: Is Clinique an Israeli product?

The brand Clinique, which is owned by Estée Lauder, is a well-known luxury brand around the world, which creates somewhat 60 million yearly in Israel. The talks between Super-Pharm and Estée Lauder are being held through Estée Lauder Israel, headed by Oren Revach.

Q: Does Huda Beauty support Palestine?

The answer to this question is yes, Huda Beauty does support Palestine. At Huda Beauty, their main motto is to stand up for mankind and to raise awareness around the viciousness in Palestine so that together, everyone can make a change. They believe very righteously that it’s a matter of human rights, which everyone deserves equally.

Q: Is Amazon supporting Israel?

Amazon’s cloud service helps in Israel’s growing settlement venture by supporting information for the Israel Land Authority also known as ILA, the government organization that loos after and designates state land.

Q: Which makeup brands are owned by Israel?

There are many brands that are owned by Israel but L’Oreal have worked in Israel since 1990 and their L’Oreal Israel production line works in Migdal Ha’emek, or rather Al-Mujaydil, a possessed Palestinian town. They moreover utilize Dead Sea minerals, benefiting from the possessed Palestinian West Bank facilitating one-third of the Dead Sea shore.

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