Top 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Best Beauty Tips 

Beauty Bloggers in India. With so many makeup brands emerging in India, there is no doubt that the culture of blogging is also fast-paced. With the presence of makeup, lifestyle, and beauty prioritizing its way into the lives of people

Women look up to the expertise of those who have an edge in this area. Let it be makeup artists, dermatologists, or even bloggers who are at your disposal 24/7 guiding your way into buying every single product out there. Even competent reviewers will do plenty in assisting you to seek out the right kind of product.

Who are the Best Beauty Bloggers in India?

Beauty bloggers are increasingly becoming as popular as the new digital age progresses. Indian bloggers have proven to appear at the top of the list of any beauty bloggers around the world. These women are not just great at what they do, but also at helping you learn how to do it! Women love to follow these bloggers and keep up with their makeup tips and tricks, as well as their lives. If you’re one of those women, then this article is designed just for you. Have a look at the top-rated best beauty bloggers from India who took their inspiration for beauty and lifestyle to convey it to thousands of women all across India. To be updated with the class, sophistication, and the productivity of these bloggers, don’t miss out on reading about their blogs and also check them out for great ideas.

Top 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Best Beauty TipsTop 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Best Beauty Tips

How did we decide:

We used the number of categories as well as the content and views on posts to put together this list of the top 10 Indian beauty bloggers to follow:

 10 – Rati Tehri Singh

 9 – Deepica Multyala

8 – Mehak Sagar

7 – Ankita Chaturvedi

6 – Anamika Sureka

5 – Gia Kashyap

4 – Sherry Shroff

3 – Ritu Rajput

2 – Ishika Sachdev

1 – Renu

↓ 10 – Rati Tehri Singh | Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

Who is she: Rati started Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog to distribute her love for makeup and beauty with her other friends. Today she covers many fashion and beauty brands and works with them. When Rati Tehri Singh started IMBB, she was an English Honours graduate. She trained under big makeup artists in India, London, and Paris during these eight years of blogging and became a professional makeup artist.

Why you should follow her: The Indian makeup and beauty blog seems like the presence of a reliable source that you can always turn up when it comes to makeup issues. From the honest and meticulous review of the products, how to use them, how to get the best results, and looks, along with answering all your issues on the spot, women look no further when they want the best use out of a product. This blog is probably the most versatile blog out of all Indian beauty blogs. The blog talks about weight loss and gives you tips and step-by-step guides on what to do and what not to do to achieve it. There are separate categories for skin, fashion, body, and makeup. The blog provides you with easy makeup looks and how to do them as well as effective skincare and haircare techniques. It tells you how you can stay healthy while maintaining yourself and look effortlessly beautiful in all ways! Exploring Indian Fashion Brands? Have a look at Indian Fashion Brands.

Top 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Best Beauty Tips

↓ 9 – Deepica Mutyala | Deepica

Who is she: Deepica Mutyala is a South-Asian beauty entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Live Tinted. This inclusive digital community explores diverse beauty for “every shade in-between.” She is best known for a viral YouTube video in which she concealed her dark under-eye circles with red lipstick. Within days, Mutyala was featured on The Today Show and The Dr. Oz Show. The video currently has more than 10 million views.

Why you should follow her: The blog by the talented Deepica Mutyala is another hit to our list of best Indian bloggers. With her great videography skills, she nails a flawless go-to-blog whenever you need to learn a tacky makeup trick. Recently, she released a video regarding how to get the most impeccable result in your first try with a liquid lipstick that makes it so much easier for first-time users. She also comes up with her creative measures to avoid factors such as wrinkles, dark eye circles, etc. Her tutorials are easy to follow, and the tips and tricks sections allow you to quickly figure out answers to any problems you’re having instead of having to watch full tutorials. Her blogs let you read up on all new and old trends, letting you know exactly what to do and what to avoid while also recording the ultimate products that you need to get the final look that you want.

↓ 8 – Mehak Sagar | Peaches and Blush

Who is she: Mehak Sagar is the founder of WedMeGood, which is a startup that helps people plan their weddings. She is also the owner of the blog Peaches and Blush, which features all of her favourite fashion and styling content as well as bridal looks and fashion.

Why you should follow her: If you are a wedding enthusiast, and the entire scenario that includes shopping dolling up and whatnot excites you like a 4-year-old, then this blog is your handy guide. Peaches and Blush are, although recommended for so many women, it is most suitable for Indian women, as they have an entire section of the blog dedicated to bridal shopping, vendors, makeup, and more. The blog keeps you updated with all new wedding trends, new bridal lehenga styles, makeup looks, and everything related to ecstatic beauty looks. But that’s not all it is! The rest of the blog schools you on the latest fashion trends and beauty hacks as well as keeping you on the go from the comfort of your own house with help from the travel section. You can also look at easy and fun tutorials about everything ranging from makeup to decluttering in the youtube section on the website. The blog is a goldmine for anything bridal, and just woman-related!

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Top 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Best Beauty Tips

↓ 7 – Ankita Chaturvedi | Corallista

Who is she: Ankita Chaturvedi has been blogging since 2001 and now owns not only a blog but also a YouTube channel. Her blog and YouTube channel are highly versatile, and she is one of the most well-known beauty bloggers in India and abroad. She has said that she realized she was a makeup artist in her 3rd year of college.

Why you should follow her: Corallista is one professional and diligent blog that truly caters to the consumers’ needs by providing a detailed guide to everything that involves buying a product. From a useful review to catchy and handy makeup tutorials to a well-informed user guide plan into buying what kind of makeup product and an entire section devoted to just DIY skincare. Other than that, the blogger also breaks up the budget plan for you to choose what’s best and worth the cost. Her video tutorials are easy to follow as they go over every small and big step and don’t skip any steps, so if you’re a beginner, this blog is recommended for you. Go through her makeup tutorials and learn how to glam yourself up for any parties and events that may be coming up. Or maybe even just for a day out with your friends!

↓ 6 – Anamika Sureka | WiseShe

Who is she: Anamika started her blog in 2010, and it has only grown ever since. She describes herself as a “shameless shopaholic, beauty, and fashion lover. Mom of an amazing daughter.”

Why you should follow her: Wise, she is at such a level of diversity that no other blog can be called such multi-faceted. From lifestyle to beauty, to epic solutions to hair and skin issues, this blog is a gem when it comes to women who wish beauty with health and not beauty over health. It’s a suitable platform for women of all age groups with effective tips and tricks that can save you an expensive trip to your doctor. They also keep a hawk’s eye to every new trend and ensure that it reaches the notice of all women.

Top 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Best Beauty Tips

↓ 5 – Gia Kashyap | Gia Says That

Who is she: Gia Kashyap says that she loved drawing and doodling even as a kid and often used to doodle clothes and shoes. She started working in the fashion industry at a very young age. When she was 15, she worked as a graphic designer for a website, and then at 18, she started her own t-shirt business. At the age of 21, she got the opportunity to write as a Fashion columnist for a well-known publication in India. And her career has been getting better every day since!

Why you should follow her: Gia’s blog is beautifully Indian-inspired as she possesses a rocking sense of soft makeup skills and gives great ideas for factors such as keeping your lipstick last longer and your skin younger. She keeps an eye on quality makeup essentials and recommends to her readers with profuse reviews on them. Her blog has video tutorials as well as written blogs, so it’s perfect for all kinds of audiences, those who prefer video and those who do not. She doesn’t only post about makeup and beauty but also about her travel adventures and the events that she attends. This gives the viewer an insight into her life and helps them experience a different kind of lifestyle through her by reading her blog posts and watching her videos. Her blog also has trusted reviews of different products, which you can use to pick what products to buy. The shopping category helps you in deciding what stores to go to, especially if you live in Mumbai. All in all, her blog is a handy and interesting blog that you should follow!

↓ 4 – Sherry Shroff

Who is she: Sherry Shroff was a model before she started her fashion and beauty blogging career. Hence her advice on fashion and beauty is like no other beauty blogger out there. And her videos about multiple hauls, as well as tutorials, are just so fun to watch. Her bubbly personality lures you in, and you can’t seem to stop binging her videos once you start. She is an inspiration to young and older women alike as a boss lady. She has proven that women are as capable as men and can be just as, if not more, successful.

Why you should follow her: From basic skincare hacks to expert-recommended tricks of how to get rid of a tan, the talented woman behind the blog brings the element of humor into her blog along with her successful youtube channel that’s full of mesmerizing and fun videos that helps learn as well as have a good time. Her blog is filled with different advice videos and makeup hacks that are sure to make your life a million times easier and more comfortable. She is truly one of a kind at what she does, and is succeeding like no other in her line of work!

↓ 3 – Ritu Rajput| The Indian Beauty Blog

Who is she: Ritu Rajput started the blog in 2012 on one fine day without any plans, and it turned out to be a major beauty & lifestyle resource for Indian women. From being a nobody to a renowned face in the Indian beauty scene, Ritu Rajput has come a long way in making her mark in a short period. Working with leading national and international beauty & fashion brands, being a Lux Ambassador from India for 2016-18, essaying stories for readers, and creating unique content that is loved by all are just some feathers in her cap!

Why you should follow her: If you, too, happen to be nostalgic with your grandmom’s tips and tweaks and numerous life hacks, then this blog will give you a good experience to relive that. The fun and clever blogger behind this blog keep you informed and entertained with catchy ideas and makeup hacks to look and feel better every day. Her blog is the ultimate place to go for all things related to self-care and beauty. Her segment called #SareeStoriesWithRitu is a very personal and sweet take on sarees. The blog posts in this category are fun to read and make you feel like you’re talking to a dear friend and listening to her stories. Her category salons and spas give you an insight into multiple salons and spas that she has visited over the years and help you get some relaxation time to yourself while you’re on vacation by recommending the best ones. Her blog is recommended for people who love relaxing and self-care and themselves!

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Top 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Best Beauty Tips

↓ 2 – Ishika Sachdev | The Beauty Reel

Who is she: Ishika Sachdev is a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant, from the Nutritional Therapy Association of America. She has specialized in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University. Her love for fashion and her career as a nutritionist come together to form the perfect blog.

Why you should follow her: The beauty reel keeps a profound check on every top brand and new fashion startups, along with introducing new and exciting spas for women who love to explore heaven in fashion. Their reviews are very detailed and enough for you to know a product before buying it along with its price, availability, pros, cons, and the most useful element — that’s the user rating. According to a fact, the 2-4 star reviews are much more genuine rather than 1 and 5, as they give us the possible pros and cons of a particular product. Since she’s a certified nutritionist, her posts about nutrition and health are trustworthy and very important to follow!

↓ 1 – Renu | Cosmetopia Digest

Who is she: Although Renu’s mother was a major makeup lover, she says she had no interest in makeup till after her master’s degree. She started playing with makeup once she entered her professional life and has been in love since. She travels a lot and picks up brands from around the world that she thinks her followers should try out.

Why you should follow her: Along with informing you about useful and effective tips to keep your hair, skin, and body healthy, this blog is a good go-to spot when you want to achieve a particular makeup look but are unsure how. With tutorials and tips, and detailed process of makeup looks, you will surely end up getting the look you always wanted along with understanding the idea of skin tone and what best matches yours. Her lookbook is the ultimate place to go if you’re good at copying makeup looks from pictures and don’t want to spend a long time going through tutorial after tutorial of makeup looks.  She shows you bridal looks as well as casual everyday looks and helps you in many beauty problems that all women face all around the world. Her blog is the one to follow for quick and easy beauty advice!

Top 10 Indian Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Best Beauty Tips


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