Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020

Arab Fashion Brands. With the Muslim fashion industry becoming one of the fastest-growing markets worth billions of dollars, there is no doubt that every country in the world would want to invest in it. Women from Saudia Arabia, U.A.E, Qatar, and other oil-rich Gulf countries are huge spenders on luxury fashion. According to surveys by Middle East luxury experts, an average person from these countries spends approximately $2000 a month on branded fashion and beauty products.

They’re very conscious about keeping up with the latest trends despite the fact that most of them cover themselves in abayas on outings. Keeping up appearances and maintaining image is important to them, which is why they wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit twice. They are lovers of haute couture and expensive designer pieces.

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What are the Best Arab Fashion Brands?

To the Western eye, the countries of the Middle-East and the culture of the Arabs are a collection of some commonly-spread and widely-believed stereotypes. In reality, Arabs are a couple of meters ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to fashion and beauty. In interviews conducted with young beauty enthusiasts from countries like Qatar, U.A.E, and Saudi Arabia, it was revealed that Arab women are hyper-conscious about their fashion and style choices underneath the abaya. They want to look good for themselves, not for anyone else.

Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020

Stereotypes Attached to Arab Clothing

There are several misconceptions and stereotypes attached to clothing worn by people of the Arab nations. The truth is that each country has a vivid culture and traditions of its own. A number of factors determine the kind of clothing worn by the Arab people.

For instance, age is one such factor. Younger people in Arab nations can be seen sporting Western clothing casually while older people are generally seen in traditional clothes. People in cities are more trend-conscious compared with those belonging to rural backgrounds. Similarly, people of the upper class tend to spend lavishly on luxurious, branded items those of smaller means cannot afford.

Our point is, it’s not black and white, as people of the West think. Some of these misconceptions are:

Please note that this information was accurate at the time of the article’s publishing.

How Did We Decide?

We’ve chosen the acclaimed fashion brands from the Arab world and ranked them by their popularity on social media. These brands include rising streetwear labels to luxury fashion houses.

10- Jeux de mains

9- Fatema Fardan

8- Precious Trust Clothing

7- Coded Nation

6- Shabab International Clothing

5- Lama Jouni

4- Mana Al Mansouri

3- Mashael AlRajhi

2- Rami Al Ali

1- Yousef Al Jasmi

↓ 10 – Jeux de Mains

Brand’s Portfolio: Jeux de mains is a fashion label created by the Lebanese designer, Selim Cherfane. He was born is Beirut. He studied graphic design and art direction from L’Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts. He launched his first collection in 2018. His brand has been a hit among famous celebrities, Beyonce among them. Cherfane’s designs consist of clean cuts and colourful and playful patterns.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Instagram Followers: 3,066

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Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020

↓ 9 – Fatema Fardan

Brand’s Portfolio: Fatema Fardan is a UAE-based fashion designer, born in 1987. Fatema grew up in a fashion-conscious family, and after graduating in fashion design, she worked for high-end labels such as Louis Vuitton. Fatema’s namesake label launched in 2014 is a contemporary women’s wear brand offering ready-to-wear clothing for the modern woman.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Instagram Followers: 4,093

Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020


↓ 8 – Precious Trust Clothing

Brand’s Portfolio: Wathek Allal, a young Algerian in his twenties, launched Precious Trust in 2017. The self-taught designer and illustrator designs minimalist clothing with traditional colours and fabrics. The attires created by the brand are practical and modern in aesthetics. Precious Trust’s offerings are a mix of traditional Algerian garments and Western sportswear, heavily influenced by the skateboarding culture that is prevalent in the underground scene of the Middle-East.

Social Media: Instagram

Instagram Followers: 4,797

Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020

The cool fashion brand has been constructed by the collaboration two great artists, who started their clothing line in about 2014. One of nailing duo graduated from the Virginia university while the latter graduated with expertise in graphic designing from the American University of Dubai. Sports fashion is what they possess their greatest interest in and also put in huge amount of effort to prove that. Their sports luxury line is surely something worth looking up to.

Image result for house of nomad


↓ 7 – Coded Nation

Brand’s Portfolio: Coded Nation was launched by two Saudi sisters Thana and Sakhaa Abdul in 2016. It’s an e-commerce platform where various designers and brand products chosen by the sisters are showcased. The duo moved to London along with their siblings from Medina, and they are pursuing education in the UK. They’ve since collaborated with big brands like Chanel, YSL, and Marc Jacobs.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Instagram Followers: 7,801

Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020

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↓ 6 – Shabab International Clothing

Brand’s Portfolio: Shabab International is a homegrown, streetwear label that is based in Dubai. Shabab was founded by two photographers/designers, Chebmoha who hails from Iraq and Chndy, who hails from Oman, in 2013. Celebrities such as Anwar Hadid and Dua Lipa have been spotted wearing this hit brand.

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Instagram Followers: 12k

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Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020

↓ 5 – Lama Jouni

Brand’s Portfolio: Lama Jouni is a Lebanese designer who started her namesake label in Paris in 2013. After studying in Paris, she worked for big names such as Balmain, Rad Hourani, and Reed Krakoff. Her brand offers minimalist ready-to-wear womenswear pieces, which are elegant and bold at the same time.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Instagram Followers: 22.1k

Price Range: The designer’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection ranges from $106 to $790 while the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection costs between $129-$538 available for preorder on the official website.

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Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020


↓ 4 – M0na Al Mansouri

Brand’s Portfolio: Mona Al Mansouri is an international designer that hails from the United Arab Emirates. She used to be an engineer before joining the fashion industry in 1991. Her collections have been showcased in dozens of countries including, Bahrain, Oman, Morrocco, Romania, Italy, France, and Russia. Mona designs exquisite bridal and party dresses.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Instagram Followers: 30.1k

Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020

↓ 3 – Mashael AlRajhi

Brand’s Portfolio: Mashael AlRajhi is a Saudi fashion designer who launched her namesake label in 2013. After achieving her Business Administration degree from King Saud University she pursued her love for fashion. Her clothing brand merges Eastern and Western clothing styles, masculine and feminine attire elements and sportswear with couture. Her spring 2018 collection debuted the Nike Pro hijab for the first time. The brand makes use of minimalism to create experimental causal-wear.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Instagram Followers: 60.1k

The brand does not have a significant online presence. Its collections aren’t available for purchase online as Alrajhi is based exclusively in Riyadh.

Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020

↓ 2 – Rami Al Ali

Brand’s Portfolio: Rami Al Ali is a Dubai-based fashion designer who designs bridal, ready-to-wear and couture dresses. He was born in Deir ez-Zor, Syria. He joined the College of Fine Arts in Syria’s capital city Damascus in 1991. He chose to design and produce a fashion show as his graduation project. It was positively received by his professors and he has been designing ever since. The brand has retailers in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Paris, and Qatar. It has been featured in major publications such as Vogue, Bazaar, and Grazia.

Rami Al Ali’s Bridal and Ready-to-Wear collections can be found on the designer’s official website.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Instagram Followers: 493k

Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020

↓ 1 – Yousef Al Jasmi

Brand’s Portfolio: Yousef Al Jasmi is a luxury fashion house created by the designer of the same name. Yousef is Kuwaiti in origin. His brand is divided into two labels: Yousef Aljasmi Haute Couture and Yousef Aljasmi Bride. He also designs and produces ready-to-wear ensembles and accessories. Big Hollywood celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Mariah Carrey have been seen wearing Yousef Aljasmi.

You can check out the brand’s ready-to-wear dresses on the official website.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Instagram Followers: 1.6m

Arab Fashion Brands – Top 15 Arab Designers 2020

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