Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020

Arab Fashion Brands. With the fashion industry becoming the fastest growing platform and owning a business worth billions of dollars, there is no doubt that every country in the world would want to explore a bit in it.

And why would not it? Since the wealth and prestige of a country are now counted upon its fashion industry; with France being an epitome of glamorous success broadcasted all over the world or the phenomenal and groundbreaking Italian fashion brands making history, it is evident that these countries have the greatest fashion platforms to date.

The game is so intense that the middle east does not want to lag behind and want to taste the luxury of having a well-established fashion industry. The newly emerging Arab designers and fashion brands are keeping up the pace and are playing a good enough game. For more ideas, you may find this article interesting; 10 Best Islamic Designer Brands in USA For Women; Muslim Fashion

Who are the Best Arab Fashion Designers?

Feel free to check the rest to take a glance at some classy and equally remarkable new Arab fashion brands. These brands have not backed out and have done some phenomenal work to get their clothing recognized in different parts of the world. Most of which are newly developed startups, so all they need right now is your support. Have a look at these top 10 best Arab designers on their way to glamor in 2019.

arab-fashion-brands Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020

#10 – Mashael Al Rajhi

The new addition to the list of some big fashion brands in Saudi Arabia is this dainty startup by a talented designer from Riyadh. She received a degree in fashion designing and marketing prior to initiating her own brand and gaining a big name with the quality she has been producing. Not just this, but most of her products have the element of innovative craftsmanship that many new brands lack. The brands came out in 2013 and are now at a place which is recommendable to consumers. Here are Healthy Cosmetic Brands-Top 15 Healthy and Organic Makeup Brands


#9 – Fatema Fardan

Fatema Fardan is the present entrepreneur of her extensive clothing line ‘Fatema Fardan Designs’ which was launched by her in about 2014. Her talent was progressive enough to get her at this stage and she completed her fashion designing and marketing education before initiating and working on her own business. She was also the very first designing from the Middle east to showcase her collection in New York. She got her education from the university of London and immediately started exploring to get started on her big plan.

FATEMA+FARDAN+Fatema+Fardan+Runway+Dubai+FFWD+bOSXNLcoaHZl Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020


#8 – Hussain Bazaza

The Lebanese-based designer Hussain Raza is also the new emerging artist who was also awarded the fashion design prize when he worked on his thesis project back in about 2011 before he graduated from college. He already showed his great talent while he worked with some great fashion brands and their projects. He also won the Elle style award for the best upcoming middle east designer which was a great accomplishment while being present at the novice stage, as he was voted for by many global Elle workers. This isn’t all, as he was just recently awarded the best middle east designer by the Middle east fashion award ceremony.


#7 – Lama Jouni

The phenomenal and the positive force in the fashion industry — Lama Jouni, the young artist from Lebanon, after completing her education in fashion, started to work in several firms such recognized Balmain and many others. In 2013, she came up with her amazing retail and has been very participative many awards shows to keep with the current experts in the industry. She always has been observed with a distinct vibe of looking up to inspirations around and eventually becoming on herself. Don’t miss out these Top Arabian Models–15 Sexiest Arabian Female Models in the World

Lama+Jouni+Runway+Dubai+FFWD+Fall+Winter+2016+BNIyUMW5SwXx Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020


#6 – House of Nomad

The cool fashion brand has been constructed by the collaboration two great artists, who started their clothing line in about 2014. One of nailing duo graduated from the Virginia university while the latter graduated with expertise in graphic designing from the American University of Dubai. Sports fashion is what they possess their greatest interest in and also put in huge amount of effort to prove that. Their sports luxury line is surely something worth looking up to.

600-ffwd-dxb-2015-house-of-nomad-live Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020


#5 – Inayah

If you want a balance between simplicity, modesty, and beauty, then Inayah brand is just suitable for you. It’s a London-based fashion retails that has never ceased to impress its consumers. Let it be their diligent, generous and professional customer service or their approach to making comfort a normality for their consumers or it can be every feature that makes Inayah a top brand in the Arab world.

tumblr_mt81m1dMrD1qke9fbo1_500 Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020


#4 – Haute Hijab

The classic brand for all Muslim women to rely on when it comes to prioritizing both style and comfort. The meticulously working artists behind the brand ensure that they cater to the needs all kinds of women by making products that are modest, well-designed and offers the highest level of style that women can possibly expect in the year 2018. Here are Top 10 Most Expensive Arab Weddings of All The Time

photo-1_grande Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020


#3 – Diana Kotb

The astonishingly phenomenal brand is from Australia where everything good happens. From food to fashion, Australia truly has the best talent and the best people. This gorgeous ready to wear label is another hit in the industry because Muslim women always are in need of brand which respects their style and this brand is aware of that. The stunner approach of the brand always opts for the technique of exquisite designing of the products and the excellent crafting skills.

diana-kotb-vicereine-2015-j Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020


#2 – AAB Collection

For all the independent and multi-tasking women in today’s world who find themselves with extremely demanding roles in the workplace and the society, should know the kindness of this brand who caters the comfort for women who don’t have a lot of time to shop and ponder over details of what to go for that’s best. Because this excellent brand already created the best and most suitable clothing for women, with style, with beauty and everything trendy.

tumblr_o1tzlfCw371tk39eeo1_400 Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020


#1 – Aere

Aere, which has the literal meaning of nature of grace, is an excellent brand that focuses on bringing out the element of grace and beauty in clothing. They believe that a women’s clothing is not complete until it’s graceful and modest.


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