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Top Branded Perfumes for Women. This year has seen a boom of floral fragrances. Some have popped up from years before and some are new for this year. From crisp and clean citrus scents consisting of orange and lemon all the way to more subtle fragrances incorporating cedar and light musk.

Perfumes are not just ‘a nice smell’, women can be very choosy when it comes to fragrance and rightly so! A woman’s choice is personal and the perfumes chosen should suit her personality and level of self confidence. Bold and crisp scents are perfect for the live wire lady whose confidence and power overflows while the more subtle scents which are available are perfect for the quiter and more timid lady.

Some people will be put off buying more prestigious perfumes due to the price tag some of them can carry. However, there is a vast range of affordable and beautiful fragrances available on the high street so every woman out there can find her perfectly matched perfume. This list holds the top affordable fragrances which have been all the rage throughout the last year.

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 Top 10 Fragrances For Women 

#10- Nina Ricci – Fantasy 50ml

 Priced at a very affordable £30, Nina Ricci’s ‘Fantasy’ holds a fresh, floral scents incorporating moonflowers, lemon and lime, calabrese and red toffee apple. This perfume is aimed at the young and modern lady and is also visual appleasing with it’s cute and colourful apple shaped bottle.

#9- Calvin Klein – Euphoria 50ml

 Originally launched in 2005, Calvin Klein’s ‘Euphoria’ stole the hearts of women worldwide. Infused with pomegranate, black orchid and green accord, it’s striking scent burst with attitude and is definitely one for the confident lady. Priced at £46.99 so is also very affordable.

#8- Givenchy – Electric Rose 50ml

 Givenchy has always produced top quality products and this item is no exception. Givenchy’s ‘Electric Rose’, from the Very Irresistable‘ collection features blueberry punches and beautiful lemon and basil twists. Base fragrance for this perfume consists of cedarwood which gives an alluring, subtle scent. Affordable on the high street at £44.50.

#7- Gucci – Premiere 50ml

 A beautiful fragrance from the highly prestigous company of Gucci. This perfume, which would be perfect for a red carpet event, is ideal for the lady who likes nothing but the best. A sophisticated perfume with musky, woody aromas. Stunning fragrance for winter months and holds a price tag of £68.

#6- Ralph Lauren – Romance 50ml

 From 1998 this perfume has held it’s value as well as it’s love from women globally. Lotus flower, White violet, water lily and soft musk come together to bring a vibrant and alluring scent with a soft undertone. Perfect for those romantic evenings, candle lit dinners and hand in hand autumn walks. This fragrance retails at £55.

#5- Thierry Mugler – Alien 30ml

 Thierry Mulger’s ‘Alien’ boasts out of this world femininity and passion. Incorporating beautiful jasmine and madarin, this fragrance give a powerful and crisp sense. Cashmeran wood and white amber allow this perfume to denote a comfortable and gentle feel. This perfume is available on the high street at £39.

#4- Giorgio Armani – Code Luna 50ml

 ‘Code Luna’, inspired by the moon being a symbol of feminity, holds fragrance from the Mirabilis flower. This flower blooms only during the night so a fantastic and fitting ingredient for this perfume. Other heart notes include orange blossom while the base note consist of vanilla. This scent is aimed at women who want an air of seduction, romance and power. This fragrance can be bought at £45.

#3- Christian Dior – Hypnotic Poison 50ml

 One of the many empowering fragrances brought to you by Dior. ‘Hypnotic Poison’ boasts bold and vibrant scents of bitter almond, soft vanilla, sambac jasmine and jacaranda. A beautiful fragrance for powerful and bewitching women everywhere. Dior’s ‘Hypnotic Poison’ retails at a reasonable £57.

#2- Prada – Infusion D’Iris 50ml

 An elegant and luxurious fragrance from Prada. ‘Infusion D’Iris’ holds a stong top note of Iris and orange blossom for a crisp and fresh floral tone. Base note consists of cedarwood and vetiver for a subtle and alluring scent. This perfume is available at £61.

#1- Tom Ford – Shangai Lily 50ml

 This perfume is definitely one at the top end of the price ladder. Part of the Private Blend collection from Tom Ford, ‘Shanghai Lily’ brings forwards oriental touches with a mix of warm spices, frankincense and vanilla. Perfect for the glamourous lady and without a doubt a fragrance to get noticed. This product retails at £145. Also have a look at [highlight]5 most expensive handbags with cost these days[/highlight].

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