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Most Beautiful Arab Women: Arab women are thought to be very attractive and beautiful. Though every person has his or her definition of beauty, in general, the women with Asian skin, big eyes, and black hair are thought to be very irresistible.

Usually, women from Arabian origin have big and hazel colored eyes, creamy white complexion with long and thick eyelashes, which can stun anyone. So if you ever got interested that which Arab women are top on beauty lists, Branded Girls is here with the updated list of collected data from different forums, surveys, yahoo answers, and Quora to bring the final solution.

Who Are Most Goodlooking Arab Women?

We cannot resist saying that Arab women are a treat for your eyes. Even if we look at the entertainment and fashion industry of the world, beyond Arab countries, we can find that many Arab women are successfully ruling in their professions. Mostly the Lebanese women are doing great in the entertainment and fashion industry. There are big names in Hollywood who belong to Arab descent of different origins and are very successful. The Arab world is full of these glittering alluring treasures. In the past few centuries, the Arabic-speaking countries amalgamated their populations of different ancestral origins and races. Now there are 22 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of the Horn of Africa, who have Arab races.

A significant number of people migrated to European, American, and Latin American countries; that is the reason demo-graphical mixtures have brought changes in their facial features as well.

What we have now is a more refreshing pretty mix of Arab features in women. Their beauty is unique, attractive, and pleasant. Indeed they are incomparable with the rest of the world for having some unique characteristics that cannot be found in other races of the world. You won’t believe the list of some most popular Arab Beauties! Head over to Top 10 Arab Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2020

Women in Arab Countries:

Women in the Arab world have always faced discrimination due to cultural, traditional, as well as religious reasons. They’ve been mainly under-represented in politics and matters of state, but that’s something that’s steadily improving. Arab women’s role in politics is dictated by their male counterparts, but Arab first ladies have been striving to change that. Queen Rania of Jordan is one such inspirational role model for women all over the Arab world. Prominent Arab women include Lama Al-Sulaiman of Saudi Arabia, Christine Sfeir of Lebanon, Mona Yousif Almoayyed of Bahrain, Mona Bawarshi of Lebanon, Donna Sultan of Kuwait, Dr. Ismahane Elouafi of Morocco, Buthaina Al Ansari of Qatar, and Abeer Abu Ghaith of Palestine. Searching for some Muslim models ruling the fashion world? Check out these Prettiest Muslim Female Models in World

Beauty Standards in Arab Countries:

The beauty standards prevalent in Arab countries are still pretty much racist to this very day. Most of the Arab people are dark or olive-skinned. It’s a common belief among them that fair-skinned people are superior or more beautiful than they are. This has been described as ‘internalized racism’ and Islamic teachings haven’t been able to rid the people of this notion. The use of beauty products especially skin-lightening creams in Arab countries has reached staggering proportions.

Beauty Essentials of Arab Women:

People from Western countries may find it funny that women from Islamic countries care about their appearance because most of them cover their faces. Well, we have news for you: they do, and they do it for themselves, not for the sake of showing off. Here are some of the things Arab women usually pay attention to:

  • Having a smooth, clear skin.
  • Having long and luxurious hair.
  • Clean nails
  • Beautiful white teeth
  • Applying perfume
  • Wearing bold and obvious jewellery

↓ 10 – Beauties from the UAE

The United Arab Emirates or UAE is perhaps one of the most successful and popular of Arab countries. It’s a hub of cultures and ethnicities and is globally recognized as being the best place to do business and grow financially. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two cities of UAE, draw hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Despite being a Muslim country, it’s quite modern in its lifestyle. There are women in abayas and then there are women in Western clothing. Emirati women have a typical Middle Eastern complexion which is olive skin color with brown or black eyes. Women in the UAE are slowly but steadily gaining empowerment by entering the labour force and participating in important political activities. They’re all well-educated, and the rate of women being employed in government sectors in UAE has increased over the years. Sheikha Lubna of UAE appeared on Forbes list of 100 most influential women in the world through her efforts. Exploring some Hijab ideas? Have a look at Top 20 Hijab Styles 2020 Every Hijabi Should Know



↓ 9 – Peerless Stunners from Lebanon

Lebanese women are thought to be most gorgeous women in the world that is why a sufficient number of Lebanese women are working in Hollywood and entertainment industry. They are pretty and liberated as compared to other Arab countries’ women. In many of the public and social media surveys, the Lebanese women are considered to be world most sexy women because of their unique and distinct features.
Women in Lebanon enjoy equal civic rights as men. It’s a country of several religions, however, and the gender roles apply to women depending on the religion they belong to. A large percentage of women in Lebanon attend higher education institutions. The parliamentary representation of women in Lebanon is low, 3.1% according to a 2009 survey. The different organizations and NGOs in Lebanon have played an important part in creating awareness towards issues such as gender inequality, violence against women and lack of representation on various forums and platforms. In short, it’s a fairly progressive country where most women are educated and striving towards their goals.



8 – Qatar’s Grace  

The percentage of women in Qatar obtaining academic degrees is increasing each year which is why the ratio of Qatari women in the labor force is the highest in the Arab world. According to a survey done in 2014, over 32,000 Qatari women are currently employed. Most of them work in the public sector while the rest of the work in the construction industry, as well as technological, social, and natural sciences. The private sector in Qatar is male-dominated, however. Women don’t have much control or participation in political, legislative and other decision-making matters. Nonetheless, women in Qatar do vote alongside men and they can run for public office if they wish. Sheikha Ahmed al-Mahmoud was appointed the first female education minister in 2003. In 2017, 4 women were made part of a 45-member consultative assembly council. In 2013, a female representative was appointed to represent Qatar at the UN assembly. Qatari women have also worked hard for their rights in various walks of life and have made major strides since the 1990s.

Just like the beautiful land and rich country, women of this land are also very beautiful and rich with natural beauty. 



↓ 7 – Morocco’s Enchantresses

Morocco is a northwestern African country. Women have played a significant role in the history of Morocco, laying down the foundations of important institutions, holding powerful positions as well as resisting their oppressors. Compared with other Arab countries, women in Morocco have had a hand in politics from the beginning. They’ve held positions in the cabinet, the government and major political parties.

There have been some incredible Moroccon women over the years who’ve made their country proud with their achievements and the widespread effects they caused. Fatima Mernissi was a sociologist who wrote many books and presented the first ‘feminist interpretation of Islam’. Meriem Chadid was an astronomer who was responsible for representing Arab nations in Antarctica. Touria Chaoui was a pilot who was assassinated at the age of 19, a day before Morocco gained independence.

Women in Morocco usually have big, dark eyes and olive or tan skin.



↓ 6 – Tunisia’s Beauty Charmers

Tunisia is a country in North Africa, in a region where most countries are predominantly Muslim. Tunisia gained independence from French colonization in 1957. It is considered the only democracy in the Arab world.
The life expectancy of women in Tunisia is 76 years. Women have been able to vote and seek office in the country from the very beginning. The constitution of Tunisia promotes equality between the two genders and that is why women have been able to gain difficult and unusual jobs. 91% of Tunisian women are literate between the ages of 15-24 and about 30% of the women in the country are employed, which is a low percentage. Women work in all areas in the country, including medicine, business, army, civil service, and police. Women were required to wear the hijab until 2011, but that has changed. Women can now wear whatever they want, although cultural norms look favorably upon modest clothing.



↓ 5 – Bahrain’s Beauties

Bahrain is a Muslim country in the Persian Gulf. Bahraini women are more socially and politically active compared with other Arab countries. A large portion of the female population works outside their household. Women are active in the country both professionally and politically. They hold high-ranking positions in the government as well.



↓ 4 – Saudi Arabia’s Ravishers

Saudi Arabia is considered the strictest follower of Islamic sharia law. It’s the home of the great cities of Mecca and Madina, as well as other sites of historical significance for Muslims all over the world. Women in Saudi Arabia aren’t allowed to step out in public without wearing an abaya. Though covering their faces isn’t mandatory, most women do it anyway, which shows their love and dedication to their religion.
The people of Saudi Arabia are both from Arab descent and African descent so there’s a lot of diversity when it comes to skin tones and facial features. What can be said without a doubt is that every single one of them is unique and beautiful in his or her own right. Your next read is Top 10 Middle Eastern Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2020



↓ 3 – Algeria’s Charismatic Women

Since the Algerian War of Independence, women have struggled and fought alongside men though the years. They are involved in the development of their country and enjoy equal rights as that of men. Women in Algeria can also vote and run for office. Algerian women are well educated and proof of that is the fact that more than half of the country’s lawyers and judges are women. They’re doing all kinds of work, both conventional and unconventional such as being taxi drivers and bus drivers.
Sofia Boutella is a famous Algerian actress who has worked in Hollywood films such as Star Trek and the Mummy. Another famous woman is Louisa Hanoune, who became the first Algerian woman to run for the position of President.



world most beautiful arab women

↓ 2 – Iraq’s Allure

Women in Iraq have been subject to brutality and abuse due to a number of factors, not least of which is war, cultural traditions, and religious conflict. Activists of women’s rights have struggled to improve the living conditions of Iraqi women for decades. According to the constitution, one-fourth of the government must be made up of women in Iraq.
Harsh facts and realities aside, Iraq is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world.



↓ 1 – Jordan Rules the List

Women in Jordan received the right to vote later than many other Arab countries. Jordan is a part of many organizations working internationally to improve women’s rights. Women’s inclusion and role in the parliament of Jordan have improved over the years, thanks to Queen Rania, who has consistently worked to establish better rights for women. It is due to her efforts that Jordan has the highest literacy rate in the middle east today.

Queen Rania is a role model for girls all over the world, not just Jordan. She displays a rare combination of intellect and beauty; most of us hope to have. She has a significant social media presence and uses these platforms to cause awareness of many issues.





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