30 Latest Nigerian Dresses for Nigerian Brides 2020

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses. For many women, the quest for a perfect wedding dress begins far before she’s even found her groom. Nigerian women have the advantage of having a beautiful culture rich in unique traditions. Their wedding dress can range from a colorful Ankara Kobe to a classic white dress.

Here we have compiled all kinds of wedding dresses for Nigerian brides this year so that you can look your best for your big day.

Latest Bridal Wear For Nigerian Brides

Like what Rachel Zoe said in the past that style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. The style trend in Nigeria is genuinely unparalleled with rich and eccentric patterns you would not like to miss. The fashion business in Nigeria has always been unconventionally mirroring its different lifestyles, ethnic societies, rituals, and cultures. Nigerian fashion has really developed with more publicity, standards, and fashions. In the midst of expanding western influence, the industry still reaches to mingle these two designing wearable and everyday style. A lot of people now work in this fashion business from clothing designers, fashion stylists, fashion photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists as well as fashion journalists.

Bridal Dresses

How to Select Right Nigerian Bridal Dress

There is a fair difference between regular clothing and western apparel in Nigeria. Nigerian conventional clothing reflects the lifestyle of the different ethnic groups. In pre-colonial times, Nigerians wore their common attire all the time. Here are some tips to help you pick the right dress for your wedding.

  • Listen to your heart: Try to have a clear picture of what you want and stick to it. Often, confused brides find themselves being pressurized towards dresses they don’t even like in the first place. Listen to your heart, not your friends.
  • Look at the Bigger Picture: Mentally go through the wedding; is it a morning or evening event, will you be kneeling, will you need to dance? Etc. Make sure you and your dress are prepared for every situation. Comfort is critical for a successful event.
  • How to Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction: When trying on a dress, wear the same undergarments or any traditional accessories that you are planning to wear. This will help you avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Right Dress is what Perfectly Fits: Once you’ve picked the right dress, schedule your fittings as close to the wedding as possible for a perfect fit. Check out our earlier post about Modern African Dresses.

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↓ 30 – Traditional Aso Oke Dress

Aso Oke is traditional hand-woven fabrics without which no Naija ceremony is complete. They come in a variety of fresh colors and signature patterns. Many Nigerian brides prefer to wear this fabric in honor of their culture. Aso Oke which is commonly read as Ah-Shaw-Okay that means top cloth. These are the apparels which are manufactured by the Yoruba men in Nigeria. Men’s aso oke dresses are also called Agbada. There are three kinds of aso oke dresses: namely Alaari, Sanyan, and Etu. Alaari is that which are red ones; Sanyan which are normally brown or light brown aso oke dresses; Etu, the dark blue aso oke dresses. Aso Oke dresses are carried everywhere the southwestern division of Nigeria on their wedding functions. Women’s aso oke garments ordinarily consist of four elements which are the Yoruba blouse called “Buba,” the wrap skirt called “Iro,” the head tie called “Gele,” and the shawl or shoulder sash called “Iborun” or “Ipele.” Men wear agbada and trousers called “Sokoto.” Primarily, Aso Ebi follows a number of functions. First, it guarantees continuity in relation to the utility and manufacturing of the previously mentioned clothing, which is the aso oke. Next, it assists visitors to identify the wife/groom/celebrant’s group members or those who refer to the likewise social or religious club with the groom or the bride, or the celebrant. Third, it is related not only by Nigerians but the rest of the African lands too. Here are 17 Cool Ankara Dresses for Weddings.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (3)


↓ 29 – Colorful Ankara Printed Dress

The Ankara cloth is a huge part of African textiles. This wax-resistant printed cloth is made in vibrant hues and can be the life of any event. Its abstract patterns can be used in many versatile ways, especially with the retro cuts trending nowadays. Ankara is truly one of the commonest popular fabrics which are produced by using Indonesian batik designing techniques. It has tribal-like designs with radiant colors. Unlike Aso Oke which is used particularly for weddings and other happenings, Ankara is also accepted as everyday wear. You can do the Ankara fabric into jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, and blouses or even used as an additive factor for the clothing. Whether to religious events, dinners, weddings, social outings, and events Ankara assists daily fashion purposes. Various people with various tastes came about with stoning, beading and even combining embroideries and frills to their Ankara dress styles designing modish looks. You can rock Ankara skirts, simple dress, shorts or rompers for pleasant events and parties paired with sneakers, teeshirts or jeans. With modifications and demands to make the Ankara fabric more valuable and contemporary, accessories like bags, shoes, pieces of jewelry and so on came about. Many people have become extraordinarily innovative in shaping Ankara into pieces of jewelry like necklace, bracelets, earrings as well as rings. This has produced a job and skill attainment opportunities for lots of ladies and gentlemen alike. To get it more smart and chic, women do stones, beads, frills, and embroideries to sew their Ankara fabrics. Other accessories created with Ankara covers phone cases, book covers, pillowcases, and glass cases.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (24)


↓ 28 – Ivory Fringed Dress

A gorgeous figure-hugging gown, studded with fringes and stonework. What more could a bride want? Fringe work has been seeping into bridal wear for many women in the past few years.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (14)


↓ 27 – Graceful Off Shoulder Dress

Nigerian women are not limited to wearing their traditional clothing. They can rock a modern gown just as well – and when you look at this picture, we rest our case.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (16)


↓ 26 – Red Ruffled Gown

Naija women can choose to wear a colorful bridal dress for their weddings, thus combining their traditional colors with Western stitches.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (9)


↓ 25 – Strapless Purple Ankara

Purple is a color of regal and royalness. This strapless piece combines Ankara printed cloth with beautiful silver filigree work that literally adds charm to the stunning gown. Here are 18 Latest African Fashion Styles 2020.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (4)


↓ 24 – White Gown with Gold Embroidered Cape

Capes are no longer limited to superhero costumes. And what better example can there be than this couple. The capes are adorned with gold embellishments and wonderful contrast with their white attire.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (2)


↓ 23 – Eccentric Geometry

The beauty of Ankara cloth is that the prints alone are complex enough to create a riveting bridal outfit. Eccentric geometry looks pleasing to the eyes of the beholder. Geometric designs are something to die for as they are ideal for bridal wear and for office wear too.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (22)


↓ 22 – Kente Style Fuchsia Outfit

The kente cut gets a fresh take with this bride, as she dons a fresh fuchsia color set off by her lovely skin.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (13)


↓ 21 – White Bridal with a Sweeping Panel Trail

Who here doesn’t love the idea of a long panel trail, gracefully sweeping behind them as they join the ceremony?

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (29)


↓ 20 – Sculptured Kente African-Western Fusion

Like this bride, you can reinvent the Kente outfit by creating a sculptured silhouette that is gathering all the hype this year. Here are Top 15 African Fashion Blogs to Follow.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (7)


↓ 19 – Egyptian Vibes

Channel your inner Nefertiti by opting for some glittering blue and gold stripes.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (21)


↓ 18 – Flaired Ankara Skirt

For a change, you can pair your bright skirts with a contrasting blouse instead of the Kente. Either way, the print is sure to make you feel like a princess.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (18)


↓ 17 – African-Western Fusion

If you can’t make up your mind on what style you want to go for on your wedding – why not have the best of both worlds? This bride incorporated the traditional Nigerian prints with a white bodice to create her perfect look

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (28)


↓ 16 – Gold Embellished Dressed

According to the latest trends, there is no such thing as too much bling. Although we wouldn’t go so far as to suggest glittering lips for your wedding,  you can carry the gold look with as much style as this glowing bride.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (17)


↓ 15 – Intricate Silk Gown

This lavish silk gown is filled with delicate florets and paisleys with a matching shawl and Gele headscarf. Pastel colors like this can also be worn instead of white.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (15)


↓ 14 – Royal Blue Aso Ebi

A blue Aso Ebi can add a touch of royale and culture to any bride’s day.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (30)


↓ 13 – Silk Gown with Accentuated Shoulders

This silk gown is filled with exquisite detail work at the shoulders and waist, creating a slimmed-down effect.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (5)


↓ 12 – Sequined Bridal Dress

Sequins are back with a bang this season and the trend has seeped into bridal wear as well. This charming dress is filled with sequin-work of the same color which keeps the design from being tacky.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (6)


↓ 11 – Plum Minimalist Gown with Rubies

The beauty of Nigerian brides are in their versatile dresses. This bride keeps her dress minimalist and uses her jewelry as the statement piece of her look.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (10)


↓ 10 – White Swarovski

This astonishing bridal is studded with countless Swarovski crystals that will glitter like stars every way you turn… You’ll also enjoy going through these Top 15 Black Clothing Designers.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (1)


↓ 9 – Exaggerated Bows

The bridal dresses this year make use of flamboyant cuts and shapes that add a wow factor. This dress makes use of an asymmetrically placed large bow to complete the look.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (19)


↓ 8 – Bejeweled Ankara Dress

Who says Ankara can’t look glamorous? A diamante studded Ankara dress like this is sure to keep all heads turned your way.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (27)


↓ 7 – Bridal Mermaid Dress

Mermaid dresses never have and probably never will go out of fashion – especially for brides. The fishtailed skirt of these gowns is ideal for those who want to emphasize their curves.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (26)


↓ 6 – Corset Kaba Slit

This Kaba and slit dress is a nod to Ghanaian fashion but uses a corset for a more refined approach.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (23)


↓ 5 – Cinderella Style

This scintillating white dress with waves of structured flairs looks straight out of a fairytale. Such gowns by the likes of Michael Cinco have been garnering all the love this year.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (25)

↓ 4 – Ice Queen

Blue bridal dresses look sensational with warm skin colors and have been popular with bride-to-be’s ever since Elsa got them trending in all haute couture boutiques.


↓ 3 – Modern Afronista

You can discover conceptions about modernistic African Dress Designs by looking over ideas on modern Afronista. Many Nigerian brides tend to revamp their traditional dresses with voluminous and structured silhouettes. This teal number is the quintessential dress if you want to join the trend of futuristic high fashion cuts so, it originates to African attire, Berla Mundi’s Afronista Style is right there at the vanguard leading the pack.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (12)


↓ 2 – Elegant Pastels

Chantilly lacework is a classic look for brides. The ambrosial fabric creates a look full of grace, poise, and simplicity. Pastel work looks elegant specifically in the summer season.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (20)


↓ 1 – Regal in Red

A girl can never go wrong with a red dress. Red is something that exhibits positive energy, love, and enthusiasm.  Many Nigerian brides turn to the bold color for its striking ability to adapt to any combination. This bride uses a red Ankara with beadwork for a vibrant look. Red is the color of dominance. Red looks beautiful on African and eastern brides as well. On traditional Nigerian weddings, mostly Red and Gold are used in making Nigerian bridal dresses. Guess what? It is perfectly fine if your groom chooses to wear red on the wedding day as well. Nigerian fashion is popular because Nigerian fashion gives all due attention to lively colors, chic and modern styles blended into traditional fabrics.

Latest Nigerian Bridal Dresses (8)



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