17 Cool Ankara Style Dresses To Wear For Weddings This Year 

Ankara Styles for Wedding. A wedding is a very significant occasion for not only the bride and the groom but their friends and family as well. Even all the close-knit friends and cousins want to look equally good on the wedding day.

Since western gowns and dresses have become just too mainstream so this season you should go for the most trendy and vibrant Ankara style dresses for your own or any of your close one’s wedding. Ankara is a very cool cotton or semi-poly cotton which is ideal to be worn in the summer season. African fabric which is loved by fashion gurus all over the world. It’s a unique style, and you can even go for an entirely Ankara themed wedding as well.

How to Wear Ankara Outfits for Weddings

 Fashionistas will mutually agree with us that there are some unimaginable yet practical styles using which you can style Ankara outfits. These exotic styles are associated back with conventional customs and if you cherish classily, then you simply can’t ignore some of these Ankara styles we have gathered. Here are the 17 most stylish Ankara outfit ideas for the big day. Warning: It will be hard for you to get your eyes off from below beautifully designed Ankara outfits.

Ankara Styles for Weddings

Shopping Destinations for Ankara Styled Dresses and Fashion Accessories

If you are searching for an online store to shop, Ankara styled everything, then we have shortlisted few online shopping destinations for you from where you can shop online.

↓ 17 – Traditional Ankaras for Wedding

The traditional Ankara style is rich in colors and patterns. The bright shades are recognized by the fashion industry of Europe, Canada, the USA, and Asia. The striking patterns of beautifully designed Ankara gowns are loved by the African brides. Ankara gown with an Aso Oke style head tie called Gele is the traditional wedding dress in Nigeria. However, Asian brides can carry this traditional style with all the grace and perfection. Aso Ebi is another traditional style (which means uniformed solidarity dress) is basically worn by the celebrants’ family. You can check them out from these Latest Lace and Aso Ebi Designs These Days.


↓ 16 – Short Ankara Wedding Day Costumes

Short Ankara looks very peppy and bubbly. Knee-length frocks and skirts are just perfect for you as a guest or the bride’s friend. They’re loved by all the women around the world from teenagers to adults, even the music and fashion icon, Gwen Steffani, is rocking the charming Ankara prints on formal events. These short dresses look perfect regardless of one’s skin color. If you want to view all modern on your wedding, these garments are the best answer for you.


↓ 15 – Western Ankara Wedding Outfits

If you want to look all western on your special day, then west African Ankaras is the best option for you. Gorgeous long Ankara outfits are adored by the celebrities as well as the professionals. Lupita Nyong’o was slaying this beautiful silk Ankara style gown at Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of her new movie Queen of Katwe. You’ll look equally fabulous in a dress like that on your loved one’s special day. Long dresses in silk, chiffon, or any other luxuriant fabric will give you a very royal look. You can either wear these as simple or embellish them with pearls and beads to make them even more enchanting.


↓ 14 – Ankara Style Wedding Gowns

You can wear either purely Ankara wedding dress or fuse it with the western white-colored gown. Both are very eye-catching, but the fusion of both will give a very modern look as it’s unique and voguish. Bright red and plum lip paints will make you look fresher and stunning. Accompanying a marriage and you would like to defeat the norm of donning dresses, this can be the proper look to pull. It is simple and might be carried by anybody’s size and yet look gorgeous. A headwrap can also be carried to combine a small flavor to the look. The top also can be matched with a pair of jeans and still produce that fresh look.


↓ 13 – Celeb Choice: Ankara Printed Skirts

Recently Ankara skirts have overshadowed all other wedding dress styles because of their slim and smart look. These skirts are beautifully patterned and, thus, complement your curves very well. Beyonce, the Queen of infusing fashion, has been seen rocking Ankara skirts on streets, award ceremonies, even in her music videos. You definitely do not want to miss on these Beyonce style skirts for your own or your friend’s super day. Here are some more Beyonce Outfits Worth Copying.


↓ 12 – Ankara Style Inspiration 2021: Dashiki Style

Dashiki African dresses in Ankara style are just mind-blowing for traditional wedding themes. Dashiki is distinct in its way. Long Dashiki maxy looks very elegant on formal events. You can slay the very typical Dashiki Ankara outfit with stilettos on your own or your close one’s wedding day.

Ankara customs for skirt and shirt have effortlessly established to be an all-rounded vogue that will be carried to any event by literally anyone. The print was previously believed to be more of a feminine until a sign of fashion designers. Gentlemen can also look excellent in Ankara. Not like other prints, Ankara does not restrict anyone due to their body size.


↓ 11 – Ankara White Wedding Dress

This West African style can be blended with typical white color for those who do not like the striking shades of Ankara fabric to give it a monotone effect. The combo of Ankara and white is very different and gives a very royal look to the bride. You can also wear a simple white skirt with a luxuriant top made of Ankara fabric. For decades Nigerian styles have commanded the business and have experienced a positive impact from people. Their fashions are effortlessly adopted. They are even being applied for wedding robes. Isn’t it magnificent that African culture still prevails in us despite the admirable influence that western culture casts over most African states? A slim person features will be equally impressive wearing the same print as of curvy plus size person. It also occurs to be the most manageable textures to accessorize. The print has also openings gates for a kind of fashion, that omits us with only one job that is coming up with freakish styles. This article has emphasized some simples to vintage designs like the Ankara styles for skirt and shirt which will leave an impression of you as of a  confidently gorgeous personality.


↓ 10 – Chic Strapless Ankara Dress

A strapless Ankara can be worn by either skinny or plus-size girls. It gives a very classy and refined look (regardless of what size you are) on occasions like weddings. If you want to choose a strapless Ankara outfit for your friend’s wedding day or you want a strapless gown for your day, then make sure your neck, shoulders, back, and collar bones are looking smooth. You can even add a little highlight to make it look even more prominent and appealing. A messy bun on the top goes very well with these beautiful outfits, or you can untie your hair if you feel like your shoulders are a little chubby.


↓ 9 – Ankaras for Day Ceremony

Ankara is just perfect for night functions, as well. A short Ankara dress or a backless long gown is strongly captivating for pre-wedding photo shoots, after-wedding dinners or bridal showers. You can put on minimal makeup like mascara and a bright lip shade and can slay these fantastic outfits. Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose are seen wearing short Ankaras at formal events.


↓ 8 – Frilly Ankaras for your Special Day

Frilly Ankara is a very different style that is recently introduced in the form of frilly Ankara skirts and long bateau style dresses embellished with ribbon and belts around the waist. You can wear these attractive items with Louboutin wedding shoes. You can see how beautifully the top bun goes with this outfit, for more quick and easy hairstyle ideas, have a look at Beautiful Celebrities Hairstyles.


↓ 7 – Ankaras for Grooms

Choosing a wedding day outfit is a very crucial decision for not only the bride but the groom as well. This season grooms or even the best men can rock beautiful Ankara jackets at weddings. You can even match your jacket with your bride’s outfit. You can even accessorize them with shoes made up of Ankara fabric. Even if you’re going as a wedding guest, make your man wear this outfit to match your own Ankara dress, and you’ll both be a couple of the day.

↓ 6 – Ankaras for Bridesmaids

The enormous versatility of the Ankara fabric makes it the favorite of every West African bride. You can design very stylish and classy outfits for your bridesmaids using these charming patterns.

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↓ 5 – Ankara Wedding Guest Dress

There is a huge variety of styles in Ankara fabric. Guests can use silk, velvet and chiffon fabric to create Ankara frocks i.e. short frocks with silk belts around the waist or umbrella frocks. You can wear these with leggings and shorts even. These give a very formal and ceremonial look. Ankara leads to the striking and bright patterns seen in popular African fabrics. It is a very popular-priced idea trend nowadays. Gowns, skirts, pants -you select a garment, you can discover it in an Ankara print.


↓ 4 – Wedding Ankaras for Kids

Kids can totally rock these long Ankara gowns as well. If you want your little fashionistas to look super cute on the wedding ceremonies, use your aesthetic sense to design captivating accessories to wear with adorable Ankara. This is one stylish and fashionable style that has had its share within the fashion industry since last year. The fashion is effortlessly rich, and other people cannot get sufficient of it. This style is worn to all or any causative effects. A fitting off-shoulder shirt is matched with an elementary pencil skirt to take out that chic look. It conjointly acts magic once worn with suitable mermaid clothes and tucked in. This look is used to church or a ladies’ day trip to cover a bit skin, the shirt is accessorized with an extra detailed neck-piece or a head wrap to highlight a bit.


↓ 3 – Makeup Tips for Ankara Style Lovers

It’s time for the most favorite makeup tips. If you’re going for all very colorful Ankara outfit, then smokey eyes and nude lipstick is the ultimate option for you. However, bright pink, red, and maroon lipsticks with the on-fleek winged eyeliner look just perfect with white or pastel Ankara dresses.


↓ 2 – Ankara Accessories for Wedding Ceremonies

Jewelry is a must at weddings. Ankara accessories look amazing even with western dresses. The fascinating style of Ankara accessories is the ultimate option for formal wear. Pretty Ankara necklaces look so cool with strapless and off-shoulder dresses.


↓ 1 – Ankara Footwear

Do you know there is a separate category of shoes called Ankara shoes that one can slay with Ankara outfit? The basic feature of Ankara shoes is that it is made with the combination of all rich and vibrant colors like Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, and many other bright colors. To maintain the balance between different shades of rich colors, fashion designers usually prefer blending some subtle colors like blue, red, and black. In this way, the Ankara dress or Ankara shoes won’t look too loud in design and color shades. Neutral colors are never meant to be used in Ankara outfits or Ankara shoes. The type of shoes that goes best with Ankara outfits is usually funky sneakers or high heels. Avoid wearing flats shoes with Ankara outfits. If you are confused regarding your footwear choices for your special day then, Ankara footwear is the answer for you. The matching Ankara clutches and heels are always in fashion. They look very trendy at weddings particularly.

I hope these ideas will help you in designing your wedding dress. Please share your opinions and ideas in the comment box below.


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