Funky Outfits for Wedding-30 Funky Styles for Wedding Guests

Funky Outfits for Weddings. Looking for the wedding guest outfit list? This season is all about filling rails with some versatile and funky patterned outfits, which can make you look indifferent and extremely ravishing on occasions like engagements, weddings, and wedding receptions.

This is the era of versatile prints and funky shades, as well as pastels. Shoes and accessories are some critical choices to be made, as well. The styles and trends are changed, and now it’s not that difficult for you to pick a funky outfit for friends’ or relatives’ wedding. The time has come to dodge perfect black-tie type wedding functions! Say good-bye to the typical formal white and beige outfits for weddings.

How to Dress Funky at Weddings

Invited for a wedding of your close friend and want to make a head-turning style statement? Bored of wearing all whites at weddings? Try something funky! Here is the deal: Add a twist to your white wedding wardrobe without putting a burden on your small pocket size. Looking funky at weddings is now a new hot trend that some young wedding guests love to follow. If you are one of those fellows, then get into the funky fashion race and let the funky fun begin!

funky wedding guest outfits

Funky Wedding Guests Outfit Ideas

So the wedding function is planned at some vineyard or lush garden, and you are not in the right mood to don the traditional white monotonous hues at the wedding. If you are looking for some excellent fashion way-outs, then call off your search right away! We have compiled some quick funky fashion hacks that are worth a try.

  • Choose Flashy / Neon Tones: One thing which is most striking among the funky outfit choice is the color. Radiant Neon tones are best for garden weddings or beach weddings. Bright yellow, royal lilac, or bubblegum pink can be your next pick for the funky outfits as the wedding guest.
  • Go for Bell Flared Long Sleeves: Not a big fan of sleeveless dresses? Instead of straight boring full sleeves, you can go for bell-shaped sleeves. It will not only give you a funk factor but at the same time, it will make your arms look sleek. Bell flared sleeves work best for all the beautiful plus size ladies out there.
  • Add some Puff to your Shoulders: If you are one of those skinny girls, then puffy shoulder dress is something which is specially made for you. Puffy shoulders will help in creating an illusion of broader shoulders.
  • Embrace Animal Prints: Snake or tiger print dress or animal print fashion accessories are something that you can carry to make a funky style statement.
  • Carry a Bold Designed Wrap Dress: What to wear for a rehearsal dinner? Go for radiant colored or floral printed wrap dress to make a casual style statement. Add some fur to make it funkier.
  • Statement Style Accessories: Score some floral headbands, Pearled bobby pins, colorful hair clips, chic bows to your funky fashion accessories basket.
  • Strappy Long Heels: Who doesn’t love strappy heels at the weddings? Towering strappy heels with metallic tint go well with a short midi dress for wedding parties.

↓ 30 – Funky yet Trendy Outfits for Parents

Mothers of the bride or groom will surely be looking for something low key yet amazing at the wedding party of their son or daughter!

Funky Outfits for Wedding

Look how B-Town dads look swag in funky outfits! Amitabh Bachan and Abhishek Bachan were spotted as wedding guests at Abu Dhabi at the wedding of their relatives. Here both father and son give us some primary funky outfits goals. The floral turbans added the funk factor to their plain outfits. This look works best if you are heading for a traditional eastern marriage ceremony.

Funky Outfits for Wedding

↓ 29 – Bored of White Wedding Dresses?

Is Black OKay to wear at weddings? Of course, it is! Gone are the days when only white tones are being worn at weddings. Now Black outfits on weddings are no longer a taboo for the world. You can add a thick metallic accent to your black dress to give extra oomph to your wedding outfit. Although more exotic or pastel shades have always been a safe option for a wedding guest outfit, black is ceremonious, chic, and entirely suitable, as long as you pick the best clothes with the appropriate accessories.

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↓ 28 – Dodge Grandma’s Wedding Trends

It is hard to imagine a western wedding without a flower girl and a ring bearer. Finding an adorable outfit for your flower girl or ring bearer can be a difficult task, but adding a funk factor to the outfits can be daunting. One of the best parts of the ring bearer and the flower girl wedding outfits is that they are versatile in design and style, so you have vast choices to pick and choose for your child. If you are planning to attend a beach wedding, then you can style up your ring bearer as a sailing man or a ship captain. Another idea is to dress up your ring bearer in a button-down sailboat printed white and blue colored blouse. For a flower girl, you can opt for a long or short tulle dress in blue colors (or maybe with ocean blue tones). You can add cute floral headbands to the flower girl’s outfit. A bright-colored tuxedo will help you to add some fun funk to the ring bearer dress. If buying a tuxedo dress is too much for your budget, then add some lace details to the outfit. A bow tie or slate suspenders can also help in elevating ring bearers’ dress.

Funky Outfits for Weddings (21)


↓ 27 – All the Awesomeness Your Eyes can Handle

Lucky you to have a girl squad by your side at your wedding! Looking for some funky bridesmaid looks to steal? We have come up with some creative, fashionable wedding outfit ideas for bridesmaids that you may find irresistible.

If you are planning for a wedding eve at gardens or vineyard, then Boho themed wedding outfits are something that you should pick. You can order bridesmaid wedding funky floral or Boho outfits from Anthropologie, ASOS, and Nordstrom.

To build a striking contrast with your gown, full-length floral attires are always a safe bet, especially dark floral prints, which are relatively well suited to summer and winter weddings. You can shop floral funky bridesmaid gowns from Alice and Olivia.

Funky Outfits for Weddings (24)


Funky Outfits for Wedding for Men


↓ 26 – Millineals Fashion Obsession: Glittery Outfits

Make an eyeball grabbing appearance by wearing an all glitter dress at the wedding. Give your best shot by adding glittery spark to the earthy tones of your dress.

Funky Outfits for Weddings (10)


↓ 25 – A Non-traditional Wedding Bridesmaid Attire

Funky Outfits for Weddings (4)


↓ 24 – Editors Pick: Vintage Dress-up for Weddings

Funky Outfits for Weddings (1)


↓ 23 – Say Yes to African Styled Wedding Outfits!

Interested in African fashion? Head over to our earlier post about Outfits to Wear for an African Wedding

Funky Outfits for Weddings (30)


↓ 22 – Funky Onesies for Weddings

Funky Outfits for Weddings (16)


↓ 21 – Dreamy Floral Attire for Beach Weddings

Funky Outfits for Weddings (15)


↓ 20 – Printed Slit-Cut Dress for Weddings

Funky Outfits for Weddings (7)


↓ 19 – Stripes and Polka Dots

Have a look at our previous blog about Cute Fall Wedding Guest Outfits.

Funky Outfits for Weddings (9)


↓ 18 – Quirky Spring Tropical Wedding Fashion

Heading for a wedding scheduled in the spring season? Dressing up for a summer/spring wedding party is fun. Take inspiration from the below funky spring tropical wedding dress. By the way, we love her strappy heels. Don’t you?

Funky Outfits for Weddings (2)


↓ 17 – Eyeball Grabbing Celebrity Wedding Attire

Funky Celebrity Style for a Wedding


↓ 16 – Can’t get Enough of Retro Wedding Outfits!

Funky Outfits for Weddings (6)


↓ 15 – Elegance at its Peak

Funky Outfits for Weddings (26)


Funky Men Outfits for weddings

↓ 14 – Cheers to Vineyard Weddings: Fun Prints

Funky Outfits for Weddings (25)


↓ 13 – Glitter + Matt = Glamorous Wedding Look

Funky Outfits for Weddings (11)


↓ 12 – Alexander McQueen’s Sheer Outfit

Funky Outfits for Weddings (29)


↓11- Outfit Idea for Wedding Reception

Funky Outfits for Weddings (8)


↓ 10 – Offbeat Summer Look for Wedding Guests

Funky Outfits for Weddings (12)


↓ 9 – Atypical Short Frocks

Funky Outfits for Weddings (13)


↓ 8 – Looking for Outlandish and Traditional Attire In One Look?

Funky Outfits for Weddings (23)


↓ 7 – Who doesn’t love Earthy Tones?

Give yourself a break from Black and White wedding outfits! This season wrap yourself around with sophisticated earthy shades so that you can nail the wedding look even as a guest at the wedding.

Earthly tones are the perfect choice if you want to make a subtle yet funky look at the wedding. Who wouldn’t desire to swap vows in front of beautiful Mother Nature-inspired shades? Neutrals and earthy tones typify autumn’s charming nature. Blending and matching some earthy shades with sequin and shimmer accents can score a dazzling and captivating touch. On the other end of this lovely and charming spectrum, murky sage green or husky mauve tone impersonates autumn’s softer side. This tint is an ideal selection if your wedding is scheduled at that time of the year when the weather transitions. Even rich ivory looks classy and chic, brilliantly contrasting with autumn’s vibrant colors. You can pair these wedding dresses with a big-sized bouquet of bright flowers to make your wedding eve stand out.

Funky Outfits for Weddings (22)


↓ 6 – Embrace Pastel Shades: Unapologetically Fashionable

It never appears to matter what period the wedding is scheduled in, or where the marriage is being held, or what marriage aesthetics the bride and groom have decided, pastel-colored details always wins, and they do so effortlessly. Eggplant, teal, emerald, and burgundy mainly make for a majestic pairing. There is still something delicately romantic about pastel colors—something soothing, lighthearted, and pleasant. Pastels are endlessly attractive hues, but not at the expense of the novel and fun appeal. Pastels colored outfits can make a funky yet decent style statement if paired up with suitable fashion accessories.

You can buy an ASOS Designed Tiered Mini Dress in Pastel Color Block Tulle: $33.00

Funky Outfits for Weddings (3)


↓ 5 – Wacky Formal Outfit for Skinny Women


↓ 4 – Outré Formal Outfit for Curvy Women

For all the curvy women out there, we have got all of the wedding guest outfit ideas you will want to keep you looking festive and funky. Be the talk of the town by wearing any of the below outfits at the wedding. Looking for Plus Size outfit ideas? Head over to 27 Stunning Spring Outfits Ideas for Plus Size Ladies

Funky Outfits for Weddings (20)


↓ 3 – Deep Colored Makeup for Weddings

Ready to be the queen of the funky town? The easiest funky makeup fashion hack is to have some glitter on your eyeshadow. All you have to do is to mask your eye-shadow with the same shade of glitter, and there you go! Another way is to apply a bold thick eyeliner on your eyes. Gold metallic eyeshadow is something which can never fail in making a funky makeup look. For lips, don’t feel hesitation to have dark-colored lip color being applied on your lips. Remember not to apply all the above mentioned funky makeup ideas in one look.

Funky Outfits for Wedding


Funky Outfits for Weddings (17)


↓ 2 – Killer Footwear Ideas

Be the offbeat bridesmaid by nailing your funky shoe game! After deciding the best funky dress, it’s time to find out the perfect funky pair of shoes.

Add some funky feather touch to your regular heels. Try out Feather-embellished satin mules by Dolce & Gabbana: $725

If your dress is all about sparkles and glitters then go for Glitter slingback pumps by Miu Miu: $790

If you are searching for some budget-friendly ideas, then opt for a DIY approach. For example, adding a pair of radiant colored tassels or pom-pom to your shoes can help you to have some wow factor within no time.

Funky Outfits for Weddings (27)


↓ 1 – Unique Hair Accessories’ Designs

Funky Bobby pins: Bobby pins have never been so much fun to have. A look we bet will be everywhere soon is pearl bobby pins worn all along your hairline, so don’t be scared of wearing as many bobby pins as plausible.

Lelet NY Blush Crystal Bobbi Set: $158 at Shopbop

Floral Headbands: A few months ago, Kate Middleton wore a black velvet headband to her visit to Westminster Abbey, and a picture of Hillary Clinton decked out in beautiful pearls with a navy dress has been on top of the searches on the Internet for quite a long time. So why are you scared of pulling off a headband look at a wedding? Style Hack: Headbands can save you from a bad hair day. (Thank us later)

Epona Valley Beaded Gingham Cotton Headband: $140 at Moda Operandi

Chic Bows: Bows are possibly the most useful of all hair accessory trends because you can use them to tie your hair up into a ponytail. You can also undoubtedly crowdsource bows from any gift you’re given (while shopping for any designer package or beauty products, always keep the logo ribbon! save it for later use). If you are bold enough to make a head-turning style statement, then bows can also be worn as a choker.

Ribbon Scarf Pony: $18 at Free People

Colorful Hair Clips: Let us tell you a funky fashion hack that hardly gets fail. Try out some funky hair Barrettes or colorful hairclips with a wedding outfit.

Black Diamond Hair Barrette: $20 at Pixie Market

Valet Studio Valet Ariel Clip Set: $52 at Free People

Funky Outfits for Weddings (18)


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