African Fashion Bloggers – Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

African Fashion Bloggers. The African fashion industry and literacy have now come a long way ever since Africa commenced on a route to development. And now so many artists and fashion experts are exploring in the field and are making African fashion for what it is right now.

Apart from making it globally recognizable, some genuinely authentic and skillful fashion bloggers from Africa are entering the game and changing it like never before. Have a look at these ten most profound and top African fashion blogs that you need to follow to understand how diverse fashion can be and just how authentic and gorgeous African fashion is.

Best African Fashion Bloggers

African fashion is one of the most iconic and worth following styles of all time. African men and women slay everything they wear with ease, and these top African fashion bloggers show you exactly how to do the same. One of the key tips on always looking stylish is owning yourself and your look. Even something that may not be considered fashionable can be rocked if worn with confidence, and if anything, you’ll end up being a trendsetter! Its time you own your heritage and culture with pride and whos better to show you how to do that than these bloggers. So have a look at the list we’ve compiled to help you in achieving the best version of yourself!

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

How did we decide

We used their popularity, views on posts, and Instagram followers to put together this list of the top 10 African beauty bloggers to follow in 2020:

10 – Hayet K Rida

9 – Uche Eze

8 – Jacqueline Shaw

7 – Chiedza Chinhara

6 – Sergio Ines

5 – Dénola Grey

4 – Steven Onoja

3 – Sharon Mundia

2 – I See A Different You

1 – Zandile Blay

↓ 10 – Hayet K Rida

Bio of the Blogger: Hayat Rida was born on December 23, 1988, in Ghana. She spent most of her childhood in Ghana before moving to the U.S. at age 18. She is currently based in Chicago but embraces her African heritage every chance she gets. She appeared in a “What I Look Like Without Makeup” video for Refinery29’s YouTube channel. She is one of the most well-known plus size bloggers in the fashion industry today.

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About the Blog: Hayet Rida’s blog is the ultimate guide for everything from fashion to beauty and travel to lifestyle. Although her blog is primarily focused on fashion and her outfits are always on point, it also has tips on dating and body positivity. She has a very bubbly personality, which shows through in her posts. Her website is all about promoting body positivity and letting women know that fashion isn’t about looking a certain way, but loving how you look. Because confidence is key, she has different categories in the fashion tab on her blog, which makes it easier to browse as you can just jump to casual or work and dressy or fitness outfits while also getting links to buying those clothes.

Social Media Handles: 

Instagram: hayet.rida

Twitter: @HayetRida

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

↓ 9 – Uche Eze | BellaNaija

Bio of the Blogger: Uche Eze, a fashion idol from Africa, initiated her blog in 2006 by the name of BellaNaija, and it has now become one of the best grounds of lifestyle, entertainment, and fashion-related hot topics. Uche Pedro is an award-winning Nigerian entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of BellaNaija, a media-tech brand known for entertainment and lifestyle content. She went to the Ivey Business School in Ontario, Canada.

About the Blog: BellaNaija is one of the most popular African blogs of all time. It has different categories where it supports and promotes businesses as well as entrepreneurs while giving fashion advice, amongst other things. This cool blog represents the global outlook of African styles and a good understanding of the iconic African-produced fashion brands and products. The style section of their website highlights all new trends, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this is the place to be.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: bellanaijaonline

Twitter: @bellanaija

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African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

↓ 8 – Jacqueline Shaw | African Fashion Guide

Bio of the Blogger: Jacqueline Shaw is the Founding Director of social enterprise and sourcing agency Africa Fashion Guide (AFG) and is the author of the coffee table book Fashion Africa featuring over 40 African designers. Jacqueline is a professional Fashion Designer by trade with a background working and designing for fashion companies PUMA, Russell Athletic, Ocean Pacific, Fila, Chilli Pepper in London, to name a few, C&A in Germany, Kingsheen in Turkey and Babylon Princesse (Talent in Shanghai) in China.

About the Blog: Jacqueline Shaw’s emerging website blog is recognized as having been created quite a sustainable fashion institute in Africa. Shaw is a renowned name in the industry and is making a difference for the African fashion industry by staying true to the heritage and promoting it worldwide, examples of which can be seen on her blog like her participation in the Brexit UK-Africa Summit. You can find information about celebrity picks of Beyonce etc, as well as ways of purchasing and styling African clothing.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: Africa Fashion Guide

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

↓ 7 – Chiedza Chinhara | Diaryofsmurfdinkie

Bio of the Blogger: Mrs. Chiedza Chinhara is Head of Graphic Design for Crafted Media Guys and the Brand Ambassador for Haus of Stone Natai Natai. She is from Zimbabwe and aims to help people achieve their best fashion looks without spending too much money.

About the Blog: Her blog is the ultimate place for getting outfit inspiration as there are countless pictures of her posing in exciting and cool others. She also specifies where she got the clothes from, and for how much, which will make it easy for you to get your hands on them. Her blog is centered on showcasing fashion designers from Zimbabwe while incorporating a financially friendly way to wear clothes through thrifting for second-hand clothes.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: diaryofsmurfdinkie

Twitter: @vanessamahere

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

↓ 6 – Sergio Ines | What My Boyfriend Wore

Bio of the Blogger: Style icon who runs What My Boyfriend Wore, a style blog focused on his outfits and men’s fashion tips. He has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and is the starter of the trend #FancyFriday. What My Boyfriend Wore began after his then-girlfriend started documenting his outfits on Instagram. He was born in South Africa on the 21st of May, 1978.

About the Blog: Here you will find the where, what and how of men’s style as well as the fun finds of living a gentleman’s life on the tip of Africa! The blog is very simple and straightforward. On the website, Sergio hasn’t divided his posts into any categories so they appear as a list starting from the latest. This will allow you to jump right into newer posts with the freshest trends without having to fish around! What My Boyfriend Wore has now become a highly followed blog on Instagram that features the updates and everything latest in men’s fashion and style.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: whatmyboyfriendwore

Twitter: @whatmybfwore

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

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↓ 5 – Dénola Grey

Bio of the Blogger: Dénola Adepetun, known as Dénola Grey, is a freelance fashion consultant, writer, and an on-air multimedia personality based in Nigeria. He studied at Baylor University in Texas, United States. Denola Grey is an excellent fashion blog by Grey who was really inspired by his uncle’s clothing which would always be flawless, ever since Grey was a kid. And that leads to his highly populated blog.

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About the Blog: Utilizing his 5-year, pan-African television career, as an on-air multimedia personality, Denola blends his passions for culture and urban sartorialism, offering impeccable insight into brand development and creative design. His blog is easy to follow with his articles showing up once you press enter on the initial page. His style is impeccable and you can copy his outfits or take inspiration from them easily.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: denolagrey

Twitter: @DenolaGrey

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

↓ 4 – Steven Onoja | Ostentation and Style

Bio of the Blogger: Steven Onoja was born and raised in Nigeria in 1989. He now resides where fashion reigns king. At a tender age, he discovered his love for art and immediately started developing an interest in painting. Now residing in New York City with the explosion of menswear and art, his craft is providing stylistic vision from an urban perspective.

About the Blog: This blog happens to put its focus more on the aspect of the culture of fashion and the blogger shares his experiences and whatever he’s learned about fashion as a whole. His blog has articles filled with fashion tips and reviews while his Instagram has many pictures that can be used as outfit inspiration. Steven Noja’s Blog can be followed to stay up to date with the new trends as he publishes articles very often. The enthusiastic blogger of Ostentation and Style put in his time in creating a glamorous image of fashion and highlighting the best in current celebrity styles to follow

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: stevenonoja

Twitter: @stevenonoja_

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

↓ 3 – Sharon Mundia | This Is Ess

Bio of the Blogger: Sharon Mundia started blogging right after graduating from Monash University in South Africa with a degree in Marketing and Management.  She started the blog as a way of letting her thoughts out but soon realized it was taking up a lot of her time and she had to make it profitable. Thus she turned it into a business by hiring someone professional to photograph her while also taking in paid promotions.

About the Blog: The blog This Is Ess is one of the most fun and easy-going blogs. The blog not only addresses fashion but also everyday life and how you live it, including your food and relationships. Her YouTube channel is a great place to go when you just want to feel like you have someone to talk to as she uploads engaging videos while also helping you bring out your inner diva. This is probably the most artistic and fun fashion blog to follow, allowing its followers to learn so much – from how to make leather shorts to wax-printed tote and heart-shaped glasses to endless creative ideas.

Social Media Handles:

YouTube: This Is Ess

Instagram: sharon_mundia

Twitter: @ThisIsEss

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

↓ 2 – I See A Different You

Bio of the Blogger: The blog is owned by three friends (pictured below), Vuyo Mpantsha; Fhatuwani Mukheli; Ongama Zazayokwe. They started the blog as a way of expressing their fashion, and more importantly, the African culture because they believe that Africans are never represented by Africans themselves.

About the Blog: This mesmerizing blog is filled with exposure-inspired snaps of the bloggers as they travel across Africa putting light on the bigger picture of fashion. Once you enter the blog you can click on any article you wish and get inspired while you can follow them on Instagram to get help with daily fashion decisions. The clever Kenyan bloggers of I See a Different You give a wonderful message to their followers about how fashion is not just about dressing up nicely, but it is also about showing your character and celebrating your personality on the whole.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: iseeadifferentyou

Twitter: @iseedifferent

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow

↓ 1 – Zandile Blay | African Style Daily

Bio of the Blogger: Zandile Blay is a Style & Culture columnist at the Huffington Post. She is currently Fashion & Beauty Journalism Lecturer at Syracuse University and Managing Partner at BDM. Blay was formerly Digital Fashion Editor for ESSENCE Magazine, Women’s Fashion Editor for Paper Magazine and Readers Editor at SEVENTEEN Magazine. She has been a fashion inspiration for several young African ladies.

About the Blog: African Style Daily is made to emphasize the huge contribution of African fashion to the Westerns. The blog educates on how African fashion is one of the most diverse and gorgeous fashion industries of all time and helps you incorporate your heritage into your daily style with styling tips as well as outfit inspirations. African Style Daily excellently put its efforts on redefining and reforming fashion boutiques and the newest fashion events in the city for its followers. Hence opening itself as a platform for all fashion-related news.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter: @AfricaStyleD

African Fashion Bloggers - Top 10 African Blogs To Follow


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