Booklover Wedding Décor – 15 Wedding Ideas for Booklovers

Bookover Wedding Décor: Everybody has a desire to make their wedding day most memorable. Different unique themes are perfect for a wedding. But do you have any secret dream wedding theme in mind? Of course, yes! I got you already. 

Despite usual wedding themes, you should try something elegant and different for your wedding. Hey, wait! Are you a book lover? Are you a bookworm like me? Do you want to have a cheesy booklover wedding decor? 

If your answer to all these questions is YES. So, read this article and got the perfect book lover wedding theme to make your day super special. 

How to Create Wedding Décor for Booklover?

Gather your squad, and let’s create booklover wedding décor. You know what? This book-themed wedding is going to be epic. Many couples select books as their wedding theme, or some people have them in their décor because books are cool and sweet. Therefore, if you are a couple of book lovers and want books to be a part of your wedding, this article is for you.

However, don’t leave your favorite books on shelves at home and try to incorporate them into your wedding décor. It will look charming. Everybody has a nerdy side, and it is not something to be ashamed of. Well, there are plenty of ideas for wedding venues for booklovers. Are you excited? You are going to love the ideas of booklover wedding decor. Check Unique items here that will help you create wedding decor for book lovers.

Booklover Wedding Décor

Where to Organize Booklover Wedding Décor?

Well, we all have watched Harry Potter, and we loved it, Right? The big hall, a big library with hundreds of books, the gown, and the mysterious theme. It is dreamy though. What is your dreamy destination for a storybook-themed wedding? Do you have any crazy ideas for a venue? 

In my opinion, to fulfill your secret desire for a book-themed wedding, you must choose a library or an open place. However, there are various décor ideas for the book lover wedding theme, regardless of the place you can decorate everything with books or stationery items. 

You just need motivation and eagerness to get it done with the theme. If you are ready to surprise your guests with this super nerdy and bookish wedding theme, then we should discuss the 15 Amazing theme ideas. I am telling you, everyone will fall head over heels and get amazed with this idea. Check here antique books for decoration.

When to Do Wedding Décor for Booklover?

When you and your partner are ready to say “I do,” and you are drafting to include books in your big day. That is the time when you have to arrange bookish wedding décor. I know you are having butterflies in your stomach if you are a book lover, and your wish to have a booklover wedding decor is going to happen.

Get ready to say, “I love you, and I love your bookworm/nerdy side,” in front of people beside a huge stack of books. Although, “Books were safer than other people anyway.” -Neil Gaiman.

We have round-up 15 theme ideas to make books a part of your wedding. Follow me to the end if you are a bookworm like us and start planning your storybook wedding decoration.

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15 – Book Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Well, I believe everybody loves centerpieces décor at a wedding. However, it is in our nature to get excited and cheerful by looking at centerpieces at weddings. Right or not?

Moreover, a pile of beloved books, quotes, or antique books on each table will look beautiful and represent your love for literature. Your favorite compact hardbacks will look fascinating.

If you want everyone to fall head over heels, then book-themed wedding centerpieces are the best idea. You can place any old books as a centerpiece, stack of books, vintage books, and electric centerpieces. Similarly, you can create your DIY centerpieces or order them online from here.

I hope you will find this idea helpful. I like centerpieces with flowers and candles.

14 – Vintage Typewriter

Have you ever seen a vintage typewriter at wedding décor? If not, then this theme is going to be a blast for you. This bookish theme is unusual but a great idea so far.

Isn’t it good to have a typewriter on tables for décor and for the guests to type a message for the couple? Although, it is whimsy and stylish to attract everyone.

However, you could also use a vintage typewriter to display plans for the wedding or menu. You can also make it fancy by decorating it with flowers and books beside the typewriter.

Agree or not, but your guests will feel calm and relax because of this booklover wedding theme. Buy Vintage Style Typewriter from here.

13 – Library Card Invitation for Booklovers

Usually, specific wedding cards are distributed for wedding invitations. But don’t you think it is boring and old-fashioned? Therefore, in the booklover wedding theme, there must be some exciting wedding invitations for guests.
However, the library card invitation idea is an exciting idea that will amaze people. They haven’t seen such an invitation before.
It is a classic element for a bookish wedding, and it represents the big day. From wedding dates to a wedding venue, everything will be written on that card.
Well, you can send book themed wedding invitation. You can make an invitation with a book and send it to your guests.

12 – Library Themed Wedding for Booklovers

An antique library is a best and sophisticated place for a booklovers wedding theme. You can make the library the most illuminating place by adding lights. A library-themed wedding is a sophisticated but most romantic theme ever. 

Getting married in the library is the best choice for booklovers. Why? Because you are surrounded by all your favorite books and love stories, and your vows. What could be more idealistic and romantic than this theme? 

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11 – Book Themed Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a thing, and every couple finds it difficult to decide what to have for wedding favors. But Book-loving couples are lucky in this matter. Do you know why? 

You can give books as wedding favors to your guests. Don’t worry, if you have a limited budget and you have to give wedding favors, then go to an old bookstore or library. Trust me! You will find the best books there.

Although, your guests will appreciate you because books are thoughtful gestures.

Moreover, bookmarks are also a good choice for wedding favors. The best part about bookmarks wedding favors is that you can customize them with love quotes and your names on them.  

Check Colorful Cool Bookmarks for wedding favors.

10 – Book Planters for Booklovers Wedding

Book planters for wedding décor is a great idea because it creates freshness in the environment along with books. Although you can keep them at home after the wedding.   With the Vintage Wedding Book Planter, you can go green and beautiful. These lovely DIY wedding centerpieces are ideal for whimsy and fantasy-inspired rustic or antique weddings. This planter is a creative way to incorporate flowers into your decor and is the ideal wedding accessory for book enthusiasts.

9 – Book Arch for Wedding Theme

How beautiful the idea of a book arch is. If you want to amaze your guests then create a book arch which is made through hardback books, and ask your event décor to create a book arch at the reception entrance.

Moreover, you can say your vows under the book arch or use them for a photo booth at your bookish theme wedding. However, we all love this unique and literature lover idea of a book arch at a wedding. Buy a hardcover book set from here.

Well, if you are thinking about where to buy a bulk of books for book arch. So, don’t worry! We got you! Buy books from old books or bookstores at low prices. But don’t forget to add this décor item to your booklover wedding theme.

8 – Literary Table Names

Literary table names are another chic idea to show love for books and literature. If you have decided on this booklover wedding décor, then do everything which represents your bookish nature. However, there are endless possibilities to design table names and add them to your wedding tables.

Incorporate your favorite literature books into your wedding table names. Moreover, you can name them after your beloved favorite author, love stories, novels, or love quotes. It will look amazing and intellectual. Well, you will drop a bombshell when you sent a library card invitation to guests.

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7 – Paper Flowers for Booklovers Wedding Décor

Are you romantic like me? I believe yes! And if you are a romantic bookish person, then paper flowers are the best bouquet for the bride. You can utilize her favorite book and make a bouquet out of that book.
Carry your favorite book and love story to your big day in the form of a bouquet. This paper flower bouquet will knock the socks off everyone at the wedding.

6 – Wedding Venues for Booklovers

Searching of venues for booklovers wedding décor? Don’t worry! Many places can be good for wedding venues for a book-loving couple. But, in my opinion, Libraries may be an elegant and chic place that leaves a lasting impression.
Although, it is a lovely and unusual idea. Antique libraries are ideal for bookish theme weddings.

They are sophisticated, vintage, classical, and exquisite. Moreover, if you choose the library as your venue for a bookworm wedding theme, then you will get amazing nerdy photos with your bookworm partner.

5 – Book Ring Box

If you want something different for the wedding ring box, then the book ring box is the best idea so far. As your wedding theme will be bookish so, why not book a ring box, Right? It would be super sassy and romantic to present rings in a book with love notes. Put your rings in an exquisite memento ring box to keep them safe.

Buy bookish accessories for the bride and groom from here.

This book ring box is made from an ancient French book and has several blank pages inside for someone to add a personal message. Moreover, it might be utilized as a unique gift for an unexpected proposal or as a unique way to have your wedding rings carried down the aisle at a vintage-themed garden wedding. This ring box book has a romantic vibe about it!

4 – Wedding Dinner in Library or Book store

What can be more romantic than a candlelight dinner at a library or book store with light and elegant bookish décor? A vintage-inspired bookstore or library provides the ideal atmosphere for an intimate wedding with low lighting and modest décor.

3 – Photography with Books

Take advantage of this beautiful booklover wedding décor and have some awesome photos with your partner. Well, photography idea with books is fascinating and unusual. Because usually, couples have their wedding shoot at a park, hall, or any dream place.
But this idea is outclassed, and the couple will have the time of their lives at the library. You know what? Whether you are a book lover or not, you can still have your wedding photoshoot at a library or any bookstore.

2 – Blush Stacked Books Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can assist you in embracing the theme book concept. Therefore, select the choice that appeals to you the best. Some cakes look like book pages, cakes with quotes and vows, cakes that look like book spines, and cakes with book page toppers. However, if it seems like too much, start with one or two layers of book page décor to get inspired.

Have a look at this muti story cake designed with a bookish theme. These cakes are so appealing.

Booklover Wedding Décor 15 Wedding Ideas for Booklovers

1 – Favorite Story Theme for Booklovers Wedding

Why not go all out and theme your entire wedding around a favorite story for couples who share one? A wedding theme based on a novel, such as Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland, is one of our favorites. Although, it is far better than usual wedding themes. Also, check this Pocket Watch Necklace Quartz Watch Alice in Wonderland Rabbit from here.

Moreover, you can have your own favorite story theme at your bookworm wedding idea. So, share your thoughts with us related to the story theme.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do you pick a wedding theme?

A: First think about your desires and secret planning about your wedding day. As a couple, you should think about and plan your wedding theme. Take a look at your favorite colors, themes, and secret fantasies. Suppose if you are a book lover or nature lover then this article is helpful for you.

Q: What is the trending wedding theme in 2021?

A: When it comes to wedding themes and decor, so you know what? everything is trending. Bookish wedding decor is something unique and trendy in 2021. However, farm wedding ideas, elopement ceremonies, and much more are trending.

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