Pakistani Bride and Groom Photo Shoot-Pakistani Wedding Poses

Pakistani Bride and Groom Photo Shoot. Wondering how couples nail perfect shots of miraculous poses on their big day? And how photographers guide them into appearing their best and classiest? Here’s your answer to what makes wedding photography a wondrous experience for all couples and how they nail it down to the core.

Have a look at these 16 best poses of wedding photography from both Pakistan and India as well. Don’t miss out on some of the nicest and most attractive poses for looking your prettiest and classiest. Go ahead!

Pakistani Couples Wedding Photography


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#16 – Pakistani Celebrities Wedding Shoot Poses

Even though this particular posing style is not from their wedding, but the stunning couple always seem picturesque no matter where they are!



Here’s another beautiful Pakistani celebrity, Sanam Jung. Her wedding day got all the attention and for all the right reasons. She made a beautiful bride and all her wedding pictures were amazing because of the right poses. We especially love this cute flying dupatta pose. It’s surely one pose that you need to try on your wedding.

sanam-jung-wedding-picture-2 sanam-jung-wedding-picture

#15 – Pose to Look Prettier

Want to look prettier and skinnier on your special day? Get your style on with an elegant side pose and apply makeup in a way to make your cheekbones much more prominent.


#14 – Pose to Look Thinner

You all possibly wish to look your smartest on your wedding and we have got some tips for you to achieve that. Have a look at this model posing slightly tilted to make her posture appear skinnier and there you go! Don’t misss these awesome Dholki Outfits-20 Ideas What to Wear on Dholki/Sangeet Night


#13 – Professional Couple Poses

How photographer tame their customers into looking up to the standard of professional posing and creating a lasting impact.


Check out this cute pose of Pakistani drama actors Ayeza and Danish. The groom fixing the bride’s maatha patti, such a lovely pose.


#12 – The Pose Showing Commitment

Even pictures can depict how couples can be committed to one another and you capture that at the right moment! So always be up for poses that show gestures.


#11 – The Adventurous Couple Pose Style

Want to be a unique pair of posers? Go for an adventurous look and appear altogether dreamy and classy that shows your adventurous affection for one another. Outdoor shoots are also something you must do on your wedding as outdoor shoots and their natural lighting help bring out the most amazing pictures that you’ll love forever.


#10 – The Classy Couple Posing

Or you can simply opt for a classy couple posing and put feelings aside and feel good about swaggy wedding fashion approach. Do have a look at Bridal Sharara Designs-20 News Designs and Styles to Try


#9 – Imran Khan and Reham Khan Wedding

Imran Khan and Reham Khan sparkled their big day with nothing but genuinely bright smiles and at times that could be just as enough! You can too make it your priority.


If you’re the kind of person who wants decent poses for your wedding pictures then these are the kind of poses that you should go for:

imran-khan-wedding-shoot-2 imran-khan-wedding-shoot-3 imran-khan-wedding-shoot-4 imran-khan-wedding-shoot

#8 – The First Look

Some posing on your wedding, under dim lights or a naturally night beauty environment, will also be a great option to get good and impactful pictures.


#7 – The Prettiest Couple to Date Pose

You can also go for pretty portrait styles where you pose with your best expressions. Don’t miss out the 10 Most Expensive Bollywood Wedding Dresses of All The Time


#6 – The Glamor Pose of a Couple

The glamor pose of a style will be your best look when you want to show how absolutely thrilled you are to be with your spouse.


#5 – Adorable Hugging Pose


#4 – The Happiest Pose of a Wedding Couple

The happiest pose that you can apply to yourselves is when you are your happiest and can show that to the world as well!


#3 – The Proposing Pose


#2 – Fun Filled Poses with Props

If you’re looking for a fun filled wedding shoot then use some props. You won’t just have a great time with your husband when creating these pictures, but the results will also be awesome – memories that you’ll cherish forever.

wedding-props-shoot-3 wedding-props-shoot-4 wedding-props-shoot-5 wedding-props-shoot wedding-shoot-with-props-2 wedding-shoot-with-props



#1 – Show Off Your Accessories

You spend thousands of and often millions of rupees on small details like your wedding day shoes, your jewelry, your mehndi, the work on the bride’s dress or the groom’s sherwani. Check out these amazing ideas and poses so you can pay full attention to these small details. Moreover, they are sure to make some amazing display pictures for your social media profiles later on.

wedding-accessories-2 wedding-accessories-3 wedding-accessories-4 wedding-accessories-5 wedding-accessories-6 wedding-accessories-7 wedding-accessories

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