Outfits for Brides Mothers-20 Latest Mother of the Bride Dresses

Bridal Dresses for the bride’s mother. Attention all the mothers of the bride-to-be girls! As your beloved daughter’s big day is on its way, you might be looking for some latest, flattering and elegant outfit for yourself. Well, we know that finding a flattering wedding dress for the bride is a top priority for many mothers of the bride; however, finding one for themselves is not given much importance.  Gone are the days when bride mothers used to look modest; now it’s common for a bride’s mother to look as festive and chic as the rest of the bride’s party.

Here you go, have all these iconic pieces of Mother of the Bride collection this year skyrocketing at a gigantic pace. These styles and designs are ruling the world of wedding fashion, and all the moms out there are going ahead of the game to ensure that they stay up to date.

Have a look at these 20 latest styles and styles in bridal dresses for only the classiest mothers of the brides everywhere. Don’t miss your chance to surprise your mom by choosing any one of these beautiful styles and make her appear every more prominent than yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should a bride’s mother wear?

Usually, the mother of the bride wear a dress that complements the colors of the wedding party, it should be not necessarily the match. If the bride is wearing cobalt blue, mother of the bride can wear a navy dress to give your pair a classy look. However, experts refuse the bride’s mother to wear the same color as the bridal dress.

  • What colors are in trend for mother of the bride dress?

Some of the colors for mother of the bride dress that complement best with the bride’s wedding dress are Champagne, Taupe, and other metallic such as Silver, and Gold that are always in trend and look just amazing. However, the mother of the bride can also wear Black, but make sure it suits you, specifically when you are beside your lovely bride.

  • Can the bride’s mother wear a floral dress?

Well, it’s a great idea for the mother of the bride to wear a floral dress on the big day of her daughter. A floral dress is no doubt a perfect way for a bride’s mother to look beautiful and classy. This dress ensures that look of bride’s mother best coordinate with the wedding party and color palette of the day.

  • Can the mother of the bride wear black on her daughter’s wedding?

Nowadays, black color is common to wear on weddings as many people have accepted this trend. As per the etiquettes of the mother of the bride dress, wearing a black dress is a good option for you, if this color suits you well. If the wedding is formal or semi-formal, it is OK to wear black but if it’s a casual wedding, avoid wearing black.

  • When should the mother of the bride buy her dress?

It is ideal for mother of the bride to start searching for her dress at least 6 to 8 months earlier than the actual wedding date. You should also keep the margin for shipping time or if you need an alteration in your dress. This time duration would be enough to find and buy a dress that will stand you out in the party as the bride’s mother.

  • What’s the best dress to hide the tummy?

Wrap dresses are the best option for the bride’s mother with a visible tummy. These dresses look flattering on almost all body shapes, making it the best wardrobe staple. Other than this, the mother of the bride can wear Trapeze and Pleated dresses.

  • How can I hide my belly fat in a tight dress?

If your daughter’s big day is approaching fast and you are just confused about the dress that can hide your belly fat, you should use shapewear to flatten your silhouette. However, when you choose shapewear for your tight dress, make sure you select the smoothing bodysuit. You can also go for the slip-style option.

Beautiful Outfit Ideas for Bride’s Mothers this Year

mother of the bride dresses

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↓ 20 – Jacket for Plus Size Mothers

A sanguine gown for all the curvy and classy mothers of the brides with a satin top segment and a flowing bottom just makes it even more prestigious with the blessing of a jacket. For more tips on plus size outfits, check out Top Ten Brands For Plus Size Women These Days.

mother of bride dress with jacket

Pick these slender heels with this perfectionist dress.


↓ 19 – A Dramatic-looking Gown

The dramatic look to this gown cannot be condoned. And with this dramatic look, comes the simplistic yet gorgeous design of the dress. Try light makeup and silver jewelry to go perfectly.

mother of the bride dress

Try the gold emerging heels shoes for flawlessness.


↓ 18 – African Dress for Bride’s Mom

Loving the color combination of this exquisite African style dress. After wearing this dress, mother of the bride will be in the limelight along with the bride. Other than this, you can go for different colors like royal blue, green, deep burgundy, and some other bright colors that are popular among African mother of the brides. However, if you like delicate colors, you can also choose peach, turquoise, lavender and pink to keep a personal touch in your dress.

African mother of the bride dress

↓ 17 – A Bronze Chiffon Gown

A bronze-colored gown speaks a whole lot about colors that define the class of sophisticated women. And we here go, with another perfect pitch for all moms. For moms who always go one mile ahead of everyone else.

bronze wedding gown

↓ 16 – A Fancy-glossy Style

There’s always that one guest at the party that illuminated the entire festivity. Be that guest and don’t miss the chance to outshine others. Try nude makeup and a fancy hairstyle to go with this.

fancy glossy wedding dress

Some slender heels would be best.

Try the silver emerging heels shoes for flawlessness.

silver heels for wedding

↓ 15 – The Diva-like Style in Grey

Women over 40 look both elegant and sophisticated in Grey color. The diva-like essence and magic in this dress and its specification for all the amazing moms out there make it a glamorous gift of fashion. Leave your sassy hair flowing gown and get some hot makeup on. Though the grey color is often understated neutral color, Grey dress will look dazzling on the mother of the bride. You can also go for pale dove grey dress, or rich platinum can also be a good option.

grey dress for mother of the bride

↓ 14 – Lace Dress

The unique color of the dress and its lace texture cannot be let go of. You can pick this simple yet elegant dress to create an awe-inspiring modest look. After wearing this lace sheath dress with long sleeves and illusion neckline, you will become the prettiest mother of the bride in town.

sheath lace dress for mother of the bride

↓ 13 – Satin and Silk Phenomenon

Here come the satin and silk phenomenon of a vibrant, shiny lavender gown for mothers of the brides. If you happen to have a hairdo like this one, it will work most profoundly. This soft and chic satin chiffon A-line gown with elbow-length sleeves and V-neckline is going to create a flattering look.

satin gown for mother of the bride

Try the blissful natural makeup with a lovely lip color!


↓ 12 – A Sexy Gown

Age is just the number, and therefore you cannot measure the dress style on this ground. With this amazingly beautiful cap-sleeve jersey dress, you are just going to slay the wedding party of your daughter. Many mothers of the bride might hesitate to wear this sexy gown due to their age. But don’t worry, you have beautifully aged raising kids. So, don’t make any excuses, value yourself and wear this sexy and elegant gown which will take you to your young, old days.

sexy gown for mother of the bride

↓ 11 – Emerald Gown

Your daughter’s big day is a significant occasion that you both will treasure ever after. This stunning emerald-colored gown for mother of the bride is the ideal dress to look at your best on the special day of your daughter. You can wear this dress for a winter wedding. Accessorize yourself with silver, gold or emerald jewelry to complement your dress.

emerald wedding gown

↓ 10 – The Ball Style

A gown or dress adorned with flowers is perfect for a fancy wedding. To all the mothers of the brides out there, look beaming mom on your daughter’s wedding by wearing this ball style blue dress.

mother of the bride dress

↓ 9 – Embroidered Style

This mother of the bride dress is for plus size women. The top of this dress is embellished with blooms while its hem is adorned with scalloped lace. This blush pink sheath dress will turn everyone’s heads towards you in the wedding party.

mother of the bride dress

↓ 8 – Black Wedding Dress

Wearing black on the wedding day of your daughter has become an old-fashioned notion. Nowadays, the mother of the brides prefers to wear a black dress that looks chic, elegant, and not to mention attractive. You can find a range of classy black dresses that you can wear on your daughter’s big day. If you are a woman with deep, clear winter coloring (cool skin and dark hair), you will look stunning in a black dress. So, if your heart sticks on black color, you should wear a black dress with an embellished neck that will add sparkle on your happy face. You can accessorize your dress with some glittery jewelry too.

mother of the bride black dress

↓ 7 – A Shimmering Gown

So you have assisted your daughter in picking out a gorgeous dress for her wedding, now it is your turn to pick one for yourself. How about wearing a shimmering silk gown? Shimmering metallic is always a good ides when it comes to occasions like wedding. This shimmery golden is a striking and classy color to wear for formal weddings. But don’t overdo makeup and prefer wearing the neutral accessorize with this bold hue.

mother of the bride dress

↓ 6 –Pink Mother of the Bride Dress

Any women can look classy in Pink color. If you want to steal the spotlight, being the mother of the bride, go for shades of pink when choosing the mother of the bride dress. You can team this dress with a pair of silver heels and accessorize it with statement earrings. Whether your daughter is going to tie the knot in winter, summer, fall, or spring, this pink dress is an ideal option. What’s more interesting? You can find numerous shades of pink so select what suits you better.

pink wedding dress for mother of the bride

↓ 5 – Spring or Garden Weddings

When it comes to summer or spring wedding dress, nothing can be the best than a floral wedding dress for the mother of the bride. Not only flowery dresses are pretty, but such dresses also add color to even modest of silhouettes. So, if your daughter’s wedding is in the Spring season or at a garden, then nothing will be better than a flowy floral dress as they are on theme. And here are some amazing Spring Fashion Tips–10 Fashion Ideas for Transitional Weather. And here are some amazing Spring Fashion Tips–10 Fashion Ideas for Transitional Weather


mother of bride printed outfits

↓ 4 – Vermillion Colored Gown

On such an important day, all mothers of the brides are advised not to economize their clothes. Wearing this vermillion-colored gown will complement best with your daughters’ stunning white gown.

latest outfit for mother of the bride

↓ 3 – Gown for Eastern Mother of the Bride

In eastern weddings, mother of the bride usually sticks to the traditions. Lehenga is always a good idea to have your charm on your daughter’s big day. Wear this attire to show your charm.

gown for mother of the bride

↓ 2 – Blush Pink Lehenga 

Mother of the bride will look stunning in this classic blush pink lehenga beautified with golden embroidery. This fully embroidered lehenga adds a unique charm to the mother of the bride outfit.

mother of the bride lehenga


↓ 1 – For Winter Weddings

Dressing for a winter wedding is just as fun as spring or summertime wedding. A winter wedding is a time for the mother of the bride to express their style credentials. You can adorn your silk dress with the embroidered jackets, shawls, or glittery wraps that match your dress. Besides, velvet gowns, chiffon wide-leg trousers with a matching jacket will keep your style fashion-focused. For mothers of the brides who can’t handle the cold weather, a nice jacket with matching accessories can do wonders.

winter wedding dress for mother of the bride

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