African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding

African Wedding Outfits. African culture is what makes dressing up all interesting again. With a culture unlike any we have seen, and outfits that beam in a riot of color and diversity, we cannot help but feel enthusiastic about adding African styles into our wardrobes.

Especially the wedding styles of African culture cannot be compared to the simplistic white bridal wear culture of the West. And you will see why that is so. Because Africa’s wedding styles and outfits often feature the inclusion of marvellous headpieces and eccentric-looking jewellery that seem downright captivating, and at times, the groom himself is wearing matching outfits to that of the bride.

How to Dress for African Weddings

Vibrant, radiant colours are one of the significant emblems of African outfits and fashion accessories.  Have a go at these 20 catchy yet modern African outfits to wear at an African wedding and find yourself beaming with the pleasure of wearing something classic and traditional.

African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding

Traditional African Outfits with Colored Prints

Culture is best showcased by proudly embracing it and staying true to it. African fashion, as we all know, is a fascinating explosion of colors and patterns, bold and attention-grabbing. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that their wedding outfits also reflect the vibrancy and liveliness of their culture. Take a look at some of our best picks for traditional African wedding outfits.

↓ 20 – Sunset Wedding Dress Style

A traditional and classic style to wear at an African wedding with an aesthetic and fancy design protruding from the neck and continuing to over-flowing frills and plates. A perfect catch for women who love to opt for fanciness with a taste of culture now and then. You can also find some great ideas from our earlier post on Modern African Dresses.


↓ 19 – Dark Pink African Bridal Gown

A classic bridal gown with a delicious combination of white and dark-pink along with the addition of a classic and traditional headwear that is going best with a fabulous set of pearls. What makes it just the best is the design of mehndi that the bride has pulled off quite well.

↓ 18 – Metallic Orange Gown with Frills

This is an excellent example of how the bride and groom match their outfits at their wedding. Both have gone for this metallic orange number that is giving off extra heat in the summer sun. They’ve also opted for the same beaded accessories which complete their awesome tribal theme.

↓ 17 – Matching Ankara Bridal Gown

We’ve previously discussed in one of our articles how Ankara is a large part of the culture of Africa. Their fashion clothing has risen from these vibrant batik prints, a large number of which are printed by hand. This matching bridal set appears to have been made from one of such Ankara prints. The groom has incorporated the print in his cap and vest, while the bride’s dress has been made entirely from it. Besides the lively print, the structure of the gown is spectacular and is showing her curves in a flattering way. We simply love the double layer of frill at the bottom of the bride’s dress. For more inspiration, here are the Top African Fashion Bloggers to Follow.

African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding


↓ 16 – Ice Blue and Gold Gown

The coordinated bride and groom’s happiness is reflected beautifully in their sleek and vibrant getup. The self-printed blue silk shines so brightly on its own, but the gold takes it two steps further. With the elegant cut of the gown, the frills on the sleeves, and the design in the gold sections of the gown, it looks like a lovely dress that’s fit for a princess.

African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding


↓ 15 – Seductive Forest Green Velvet Dress

A phenomenal dress! The background is white instead of skin, which better displays the moodiness of the green color. The side train of the gown will make the bride look like a vision in her dress. The fitted nature of the gown flatters the curves and increases the appeal. Finally, the design of the gown is the most exquisite that we’ve ever seen.

African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding


↓ 14 – Pale Green Gown with Gold Accents

This shimmering light green dress is marvelous. There is a substantial inclusion of gold in the outfit, which luckily merges nicely with the green. The gold-laced sleeves, the enormous gold headpiece, and the subtle gold leaves on the dress all add to the fanciness of the outfit. The best part is that despite all of this, the dress isn’t too flashy. You can look formal and well-dressed without going overboard. The headpiece is a little ambitious for our taste. We recommend a hijab made of a similar shimmering green material as that of the dress or gold silk. The size of the headpiece distracts from the dress, so it’s best to tone it down a bit.

African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding


↓ 13 – Funky Tribal Wedding Look

This exquisite number stole our breath away, and there are so many reasons. The hot-pink color alone can set fire to the party. The head-.gear of the bride looks exotic and gorgeous, with its colorful rim, full top and a bindi like an ornament. The eye-popping work on the neck, sleeves, and chest of the gown is the best part about the look without a doubt. It looks absolutely stunning! Next up is the bride’s accessory, which probably is something related to culture and tradition and thus, adds more radiance to the getup. Lastly, sneakers. They steal the show! We love how she managed to both reflect her respect for tradition and her desire to appear modern in her outfit.

African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding


↓ 12 – Fashion-forward Abstract Dress

If you want to appear as stylish as a runway model on your wedding day, we suggest doing something like this. It’s funky and popping with color all over. The dress’s top looks fantastic, but the one-sleeved jacket takes the prize in our opinion. Every color on the spectrum is artfully arranged on this one item of clothing. Mixed with the fabulous cut, the wide strip going to the side, the metallic accessories, and the matching headgear, this dress will win your hearts and several Best Dressed Bride-of-the-Year awards to boot.

African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding


↓ 11 – Magnetic Magenta Number with Stylish Hijab

Such fitting, much wow. Hold on to your seats, ladies, we know this dress is making you lose your chill. We’re experiencing the same thing. Let us first praise the color. All hail the gloriousness of magenta! The cut and style and fitting of the gown are all exquisite, yes, but let’s focus on the two main attractions: the incredibly stylish headpiece or hijab, which appears to be made of a crinkle-type fabric, and the ruffle on one of the sleeves! Our minds have effectively been blown. Wear this dress and woo your husband to be! If you’re planning to go shopping, do check out these awesome African American Clothing Brands.

African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding


Western Inspired White Bridal Outfits for African Women

Their Western counterparts wholly inspire these incredible wedding outfits. If you want to go for a modern theme for your wedding, take a look at these outfits. Rest assured, white looks great on every skin tone. There are so many different variations you can add to a simple white dress. In this section, we’ll show you examples of how you can do that.

↓ 10 – Silk White Dress with Golden Details

A white silk dress with classy and sensual golden details adds up to the elegance of the outfit and the attractiveness of the bride as well. She has nailed the look with minimal jewelry and an appropriate amount of makeup that goes nicely with the dress. We also recommend that you keep the hairstyle as sleek as the model in the picture; this will enhance the crispness of the outfit.

↓ 9 – White Dresses Mixed with Colors

Ostentatious headgear is a staple in all formal African wear. Here, as you can see, all four women are wearing white dresses with varying degrees of color coordination. The leftmost dress has chocolate brown, while the headgear is pistachio green. The next one is fully white, but the headpiece is dark brown. The second dress to the right is a dress with a black corset and white skirt matched with a white hijab, and lastly, an amalgamation of pink and purple and black and white with a headpiece to match. These are all different styles in which you can add color to the white and make it more interesting.

↓ 8 – Couture Gown with Feather

An absolutely stunning couture creation with a metallic-looking feather and equally fabulous head ornament, this outfit will earn you style points with the crowd. To add a touch of African spice, you can incorporate more colors, something different than a feather, or you can simply choose accessories that show your African roots. Though don’t go too overboard with the jewelry, going minimalist is the key to pulling off this beautiful dress.

↓ 7 – Bride in a Soft Pink Gown

We’re conflicted as to whether we should call it ‘angelic’ or ‘badass’? Perhaps it’s both. The softness of the dress merges with the spunky earrings, making the whole look super drool-worthy. Go for dramatic eye makeup and minimal jewelry.

↓ 6 – Bride and Groom in White Attires

Both the bride and groom are wearing heavily embroidered and beaded outfits. The groom is complementing his bride’s dress wonderfully, and we love how his front has more work than hers. His sleeves are also bigger and flowy. He is pairing a cap with his outfit while the bride has paired a splendid crown of pearls that is stunning in its simplicity. We recommend small studs instead of hoops, but we adore her diamond bracelet!

↓ 5 – Matching Gowns for Bride and Bridesmaid

Let’s get the accessories out of the way first. We are dying here! Everything from the necklaces and earrings to the bracelets are magnificent beyond belief. And if we’re perfectly honest, it’s the ornaments that win here, not the dresses themselves. Sure, they’re soft and pretty, but they’re rather bland. There’s nothing extraordinary about the cut of the dress. But we’ve included it here to show how you can pair your bridal gown with your mini bridesmaid’s.


On to our next section of outfits!

Western Wedding Gowns with African Touch

Like any culture, African culture also takes inspiration from the West. But what’s great about it is that it takes something familiar and ordinary and transforms it into extraordinary pieces of art. The following dresses have the same structure as that of a white bridal gown but behold the colorful splendor and dash of their customs, the African designers have added to them.

↓ 4 – Crisp  White and Gold Gowns

These dresses are giving us Cleopatra vibes! The only thing that makes them remotely Western-related is the white color and maybe the veil. Let’s tackle the dress on the right first. We simply adore the cap she’s paired with the dress. The gold in the cap and the sides of the dress, and the gold pattern on the front of the dress look ethereal. It’s just the right amount of gold. Now, take the dress on the left. The beadwork looks excellent on the bust and the headgear. The mermaid cut of the suit enhances the crispness of the gown.

↓ 3 – White and Green Combo Wedding Style

What You Should Pay Attention To: The train of the robe, the beautiful hem of the dress and the trousers, and the matching caps! If you’ve been paying close attention to the outfits, you would know that none of the brides and grooms were wearing matching hats. This is taking coordination to the next level, and we’re here for it! One thing we would like to add, though, is a thin strip of the same green embroidery to the veil. We can’t help but notice that it looks bare compared with the rest of the outfit.

↓ 2 – Fancy White Outfit with Embroidery

Fancy white costumes that the bride and groom have matched with quite class. The bride is draped in a fabulous gown with shimmering and bold embroidery, which includes detailed work of gold and brown designs. The groom’s neckline is lovely, as well. The netted headwear and the gold jewelry create a stunning effect. We especially love the belt-type design on the gown’s waist. Even though it’s all one piece, the brown-and-gold detail makes it look like she’s wearing it separately from the white. It’s smart, and we love the symmetry of it.

↓ 1 – Black and White Winter Dress

Our number one pick for the most breathtaking wedding dress is this white number with delicate black stripes and barely-there touches of blue. Its simplicity is wondrous to behold. The armbands and the chic black headpiece has stolen our hearts! She looks like a dream in this wintery landscape.

African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding


We hope you liked our picks! Comment below and tell us which one you liked the most.

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