15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow 

Latest Hijab Styles. Talking about the latest trends, if you look around, you will see a lot of women who are very creative with hijab styles. Hijab was earlier worn in a simple style, but with time new trends have emerged.  Girls wear a hijab as a sign of modesty as well as fashion.

Today branded girls bring you the most recent 15 hijab fashion ideas that every Muslim woman can take inspiration from these days. If you want to look elegant and beautiful, then you should give it a read.

Latest Hijab Fashion Ideas

The recent trends in the hijab are indicative of the different cultures and countries which have adopted it. Hijab can be worn to parties, gatherings, religious events, and other occasions. Hijab styles can be changed according to individual preference. We will show you here the most fantastic hijab styles to follow these days.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

Types of Islamic Headwear Styles

The following are some common and most popular five types of Islamic headwear styles, which are the fashion inspiration for many Islamic hijabi fashionistas.

  • Hijab: The most traditional type of headscarf wrapped by Muslim women in Europe. It is a headscarf that shields the head and neck but gives the face clear. The scarves come in many distinctive shades and shapes and are usually colour coordinated with ladies’ outfits.
  • Abaya: These are large, loosely suited garments worn by Muslim women to conceal the shape of their bodies. They are often covered in union with the hijab or niqab.
  • Niqab: The niqab is a union of a head covering and scarf that includes all of a gentlewoman’s appearance except for her eyes. It normally runs down to the mid-back to cover a woman’s hair and may pass down to the mid-chest in the front. It is most often carried in Arab countries, but a growing quantity of Muslim women in the west prefer to wear it. Although many scholars accept that the hijab is obligatory, only a few of them say that the niqab is. Head over to our earlier post about Top Hijab Styles That Every Hijabi Should Know
  • Chador: The chador is a body-length outer attire, regularly black, worn chiefly by women in the Iran region. It is not guarded at the front by buttons or clasps, so the lady holds it folded.
  • Burqa: The terms niqab and burqa are often mistakenly applied interchangeably; a niqab includes the face while a burqa envelops the whole body from the top of the head to the ground. It is the most maximum concealing of all Islamic veils. It shields the entire face, including the eyes (with a mesh cloth to see through) and the body.

↓ 15 – Fluffy & Frilly Hijab

Hijabs made me frilly fabric have quite a summer/spring-appropriate vibe to them. The material has this quality to it where it fluffs and stands up easily, so it adds extra bulk and holds itself without much effort. Various kinds of hijab-tying styles work great with this kind of material. We recommend hijabs of lighter colors in this material.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 14 – Sleek Silk Hijab

Silk hijab is perfect for formal occasions and events. The lushness of silk adds a certain charm and elegance to whatever it’s been used as and hijabs are no exception. They are a bit harder to control, that is the only downside, but with so many online tutorials and pins and everything, that isn’t even an issue anymore. All you need is practice. There is a whole manner of accessories available in the market today related to the hijab.

Silk hijabs are timeless and always look classy. This style, as shown in the picture below, is more popular. It uses a hijab cap to pin the material in place with pins and such, so it doesn’t move around much and then, as silk is shifty and slippery, to just let the rest of the material hang behind.

If you have a round face, then you need to see these 17 Cute Hijab Styles for Round Face With Simple Tutorials

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 13 – Warm Woollen Hijab For Winters

Hijabs don’t strictly need to be winter-appropriate since you’re already covering your hair with layers of material with caps and such so it’ll be warm and safe from the cold even if you’re using a lighter material. However, if you find yourself craving some extra warmth, you can use wool hijabs. Not only are these incredibly cozy, but they’re also super soft and have a smooth texture, so they’re guaranteed to look amazing no matter how simple your style of donning the hijab is. Here, of course, the wearer has opted for a stunning side twist to the hijab, and the coverage is also quite nice.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 12 – Stylish Layered Hijab

Layered hijab styles are super popular, and there are dozens of Youtube tutorials on them on account of them being all fancy and fashionable looking. The layers are easier to manage if it’s a stiff material and not something lighter like and slippery like chiffon or silk. Hijabs with bigger girth are highly recommended for this particular style because you need to add at least two layers, and if there’s still some material left, it’ll give the chest are more coverage.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 11 – Printed/Patterned Hijabs

Patterned and printed hijabs have been seen more and more lately. Some go for the simplicity of a plain hijab but are picky in choosing the material itself. Others go for cotton hijabs that are printed. Patterned silk hijabs are also worn in some parts of the world, like Iran, Turkey, etc. Digitally printed hijabs are a new thing and are much preferred if your outfit is quite simple, and you need to ramp things up.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 10 – Karaca Style Hijab Scarf

Karaca is the name of a brand which is producing a modern and unique version of the Turkish hijab.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 9 – Turkish Style Hijab

Turkish style hijab is really famous these days and quite trendy. Turkish women opt for tailor-made hijabs that match their outfit and give feminine vibes. They are usually available in printed silky materials or plain ones. They don’t usually create a lot of layers around the chest. In Turkish style hijab, the ends of the hijab are either left hanging behind the shoulder or knotted at the front to avoid a voluminous look. Turkish hijabis are also really fond of nude-colored hijabs, which can be worn with almost any outfit. To choose from the latest Turkish outfits to go with your Turkish hijab, check out Turkish Casual Fashion-15 Best and Trending Casual Styles in Turkey

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

Moroccan Style Hijab-  The Moroccan style hijab is best to wear with skirts.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 8 – Decent and Easy Style Hijab

If you run out of time, then you can go for a decent and easy style hijab. It’s one of the easiest hijab styles around that you can wear within seconds. All you have to do is wear your under cap and wrap the hijab around it in a circular movement.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 7 – Iraqi Style Hijab

Iraqi style hijab is all about elegance and sophistication. You can see how awesome it looks when worn with long coats.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 6 – Emirati Style Hijab

If you are a fan of Emirati fashion, then you will surely love this style. Emirati hijabs are usually shorter in length and are worn with abayas. If you’re looking for a great abaya to go with your hijab, then you need to see these Latest Abaya Style Designs for Beautiful Look.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 5 – Knotted Style Hijab

The knotted style is best for young girls, especially the school and college-going ones. Muslim Women can wear colored Hijab, which is other than the traditional Black color. You can wrap Hijabs, which are in original colors like white, red, yellow, green, etc. but it should not be rich in color where it will make you the center of attraction. Light-colored Hijab is ideal for the summer season this year.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 4 – Omani Style Scarf

There are many different styles of hijab popular in Oman, depending on the area one visits. While in some areas like Muscat, colorful hijabs are popular, but black hijabs seem to be the most common in a majority of the areas. Hijabs are available in Oman in a huge range of textures, and it is generally wrapped around the head and left hanging around the chest. Under caps are not very common in Oman, so hijabis generally use the hijab to create folds and layers. Here’s a cute hijab style from Oman:

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 3 – Lebanese Style Hijab

No Muslim bride in Lebanon is complete without a white hijab, which shows the importance of hijab for Lebanese women. Lebanon is also a very fashion-conscious country, which can be realized from the fact that a number of the most renowned fashion designers of the world are from Lebanon, Elie Saab is one great example of course. Many Muslims in Lebanon choose to go for a hijab with modest outfits. Their hijab styles are greatly influenced by the French, and they mostly wear hijab in a pointed style.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 2 – Indonesian Style Hijab Scarf

In Indonesia, people usually use the word ‘jilbab’ to refer to the hijab. Many Indonesian women choose to wear a hijab for a formal look at different events. In recent years, hijab fashion has been gaining immense popularity in Indonesia, and this has even encouraged Non-muslim designers to experiment with hijabs. A number of young Muslim girls from Indonesia have also been trending on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, and they are the young fashionistas who give everyone inspiring hijab ideas. They are commonly known as “hijabs.”

Hijab is essential to Muslim wear, and it can be worn in several styles. Most of the girls find it challenging to pick up a style. If you have a look at the ideas above, you will surely find the perfect one for yourself. We hope that you’ll find these ideas helpful, and we would love to hear about your favorite hijab style too! For some more inspiring ideas, check out our detailed post on the Indonesian Hijab Styles.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

↓ 1 – Sporty Look In Hijab

Ladies who love sports, sportswear hijab, is for you! Sports ladies’ hijab scarves are formed from ultra-light cool technology fabric. This extraordinary quality, lightweight, breathable material is suitable, and an asset for professional sportswomen and is also excellent for workouts in the gyms.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow

Now, summing up with a few tips on which fabric of hijab you should choose:

  • The most preferred types of hijab fabrics are Linen hijab, Jersey hijab, Pashmina hijab, Viscose hijab, Shimmer hijab, Knit hijab, Polyester Silk hijab, Chiffon Hijab, Crepe hijab, Athletic workout hijab, and satin hijab.
  • You can pick and choose the type of fabric according to the theme, event, and the type of season of the year.
  • Jersey Hijab is the easiest Hijab fabric. Jersey is stretchable lightweight stuff that endures in form without safety Pins. The level of convenience it gives not only gives us craving more of it. It is great for all seasons of the year. It works splendidly in hotter climates as it absorbs sweat quickly and is tough to protect us in the Winter season of the year.
  • Satin clutches and displays light from distinctive angles, so try to dodge low-looking satin fabrics. Printed or plain, you can never go incorrect with satin square scarves or shawls. If you’re a satin newbie, start with dark colors and gradually get your way to the lighter ones as you achieve self-confidence.
  • Linen scarf gives a coolness that wraps your neck, gratitude to the weave, and linen fiber, which supports more airflow, and it’s structure suggests it stays off from your skin, providing more excellent airflow over your body, giving your body clear of moisture. Linen is a stiff fabric and is less likely to stick to the skin; when it billows off, it immediately dries out and displays cool again. Your Linen scarf feels fresh to the touch, and linen fabric will swiftly expel perspiration from your skin. Linen is able of absorbing moisture before promptly yielding it again. Pashmina Hijab has their look and beauty. Whether you desire to wear it for Parties, for social wear or informal Wear, you don’t have to believe twice on it. It can be a bit hot in the summertime but it’s ideal for other seasons.

15 Latest Hijab Styles 2022 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow



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