Turkish Abaya Fashion – 20 Ways to Wear Turkish Style Abaya

Ways to Wear Turkish abayas: The Turkish embellished hijabs and abayas are a chic style statement for Muslim women around the globe. Turkish fashion brands have revamped their fashion strategies to appeal to the Muslim female clientele.

Turkish designers are producing a collection of hijabs and abayas targeted to Muslim customers in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The garment, while engineered for modesty, has all the flair to it. The jewel-encrusted and lace trim abayas are made for Muslim women with a taste for luxury fashion. The modern collection of Turkish abayas is an exciting development in the world of fashion.

 How To Wear Turkish Abayas

Turkish women for long have been one of the most fashion-conscious women in the world. And Turkish abayas eloquently represent their image of fashion. We have lined up the best of Turkish style for you in this post from simple to coat like abayas, Turkish women own it all, and much more! Here are 20 different ways in which Turkish Abayas can be worn.

Turkish Abaya Designs

Fashion Do’s and Dont’s of Styling Abaya

Want to look modest yet modern? Following are some global fashion guidelines about wearing Abayas and styling them the right way, no matter which country you are from:

  •  Un-necessary Layers of Abaya: If you are one of those petite females, then avoid wearing abayas that have been designed using several layers of the fabric. In the summer season, avoid wearing Abayas having multiple layers.
  • No to Floor Sweeping Abaya: Extra-long Abayas are a big No! Avoid wearing Abayas that have long tails and sweep the floor where ever you go. Such long abayas can cause an exceptional level of discomfort and can even create a slipping hazard as well.
  • Abayas don’t come in Black only: The traditional color of Abaya is Black, but Abaya doesn’t always come in Black color only. You can always go for neutrals, decent solid colors, and light colors in the Summer season as well.  Another essential factor about Black Abayas is to note the levels of fadeness in Black color as the Black color fades away under UV rays. As soon as you observe color fades in the Black Abayas, please replace the Abaya right away.
  • Abayas should not be Crafty: Don’t overdo your Abaya. Too much embellishment on Abaya kills the motive of being modest. Try picking Abayas that are decent in color and have embellishments on the border only and not on the main body of Abaya.
  • Choosing Fabric Type of Abaya: If you are buying Abaya for the summer season, then always prefer wearing Linen, Lawn or Cotton. For the Winter season, prefer wearing Abaya made up of woolen fabric or velvet.
  • Avoid Too Tight Abaya: Wearing too tight Abayas is a big No! Avoid them at all costs! Abaya is a sign of modesty and decency and wearing too tight Abaya will simply not look appropriate at all

Names of Turkish Clothing Brands

If you have reached Turkey and you’re searching for some modest clothing brands that are available online and can deliver anywhere, then let us help you out in naming some of the best Turkish Hijab & abaya Brands. These brands can deliver anywhere in the world and have quite an affordable price range of Hijabs, scarves, Islamic swimsuit, etc.


Established in 2016, ISTANBUL LALE is engaged in different branches of the textile sector. ISTANBUL LALE, which is generally centered on sales abroad, has begun its projects in 2016 years with GOO.MODA brand in Turkey, principally in the field of Turkish clothing. You can shop at Goo. Moda from their online store any day.

  • Akcakaya Textiles

Founded in 1995 in Izmir, Turkey, Akcakaya Textiles is an apparel manufacturing group for women’s, men’s, children’s and babies’ garments made of knitted fabric. They professionally handle the procurement of materials, trims, accessories, fashion designs, and swing tags, design making, grading and sampling, custom embroidery, custom presswork from sublimation to digital and screen printing, cutting, sewing, and packing as well as shipping and delivery in Turkey.

  • Orimpex

The Orimpex is a Dutch and Turkish business firm of organic and bamboo clothing. Their production plant is located in Izmir, Western-Turkey. Izmir is in the middle of the Aegean area. The cottonfields are close by Izmir, which is the ideal place for cotton production.

↓ 20 – Gown style Turkish Abaya and Hijab

The gold-embroidered silk abaya is a vision of modesty. The abaya is an ever-shifting and multi-layered emblem encompassing illusion, divination, sacredness, and envelopment. The symbol of faith resonates with chicness and style on many different levels. The embroidered abaya and headscarf is definitely worth a buy.


↓ 19 – Long Turkish Abaya with Belt and Shoulder Detail

The floral embroidered abaya can be styled with cocktail jewelry, patterned bags, and oversize sunglasses. The abaya collection is an exciting development for modest Muslim women with a taste of luxury and fashion. Abaya is one of the most decent and modest clothing styles which has now been adopted by big clothing brands as well, so why not take inspiration from Turkish abaya designs and ideas.


↓ 18 – Khaleeji Style Turkish Abaya

The contemporary and modern abaya style is trendy and versatile. The abaya can be styled alongside a matching tote bag and some bangles. It can be worn to create an array of a trendy and semi-casual look that will see you through the day in style. The statement Khaleeji style abaya and headscarf are definitely worth the price tag. Here are Top Abaya Designers & Top 10 Abaya Brands in the World 2019.


↓ 17 – Maxi Style Turkish Abaya with Hijab

The long grey Turkish abaya is stylish yet modest. The unique maxi style abaya can be worn with a deeper colored headscarf and can be carried at any time of the day. Fishtail Maxi Abaya is also something which is the hottest trend in the Abaya clothing these days. Other types of Abayas are Belt Abaya, Coat type Abaya, Lace Abaya, Umbrella Abaya, and Border Embroidered Abaya. Butterfly Abaya is one of the flared designed Abaya that is mostly preferred by women around the globe. Grab a contrasting color clutch with your Abaya to turn your casual Abaya look into a formal look or an Eid look. Carrying a clutch with your Abaya will add more sophistication to your personality and is perfect for daily wear too.


↓ 16 – Coat Style Turkish Abaya with Hijab

The semi-casual modern abaya can be buttoned up or left open. Either way, it will get you through the day in style. The rust coat-style Turkish abaya is available in a variety of different colors. Style it with leather pants, a chunky necklace, and oversize glasses. The statement coat style abaya and headscarf are definitely worth the price tag. Here are Top 10 Hijab Brands & Best Brands for Hijabis to Try this Year.


↓ 15 – Skirt Style Turkish Abaya with Hijab

You can notch up your Abaya game by adding Turkish touch to it. The elegant yet modest Turkish abaya and look will have the whole world in awe. The intricate detailing adds all the elegance to the abaya. The deep colored silk headscarf with the embroidered abaya is perfect for a night out. Accessorize the abaya with chandelier earrings to give it a more formal look.


↓ 14 – Long Black Turkish Abaya with Belt

Sometimes, the black colored abaya is what you are looking for! Adding a boldly designed waist belt to the Abaya is one of the classiest fashion heck that anyone can try. Remember not to overdo the embellishment part so avoid working on sleeves and necklines if you have already added a heavily designed Abaya belt. The unique, modest abaya with a belt exhibits modesty and class. The black burqa surfaces simplicity and sacredness. We also recommend that you check out the latest Summer  Abaya Designs to Stay Cool in Summers.


↓ 13 – Floral Bodice Turkish Abaya

The sequined body-con abaya with digital print detailing and a silk scarf will get you through an evening with style while serving the purpose of an abaya. This abaya is all about style! It is not always necessary to wear Abaya in solid colors only. Thanks to the modern clothing designers who have introduced printed Abaya as well! Floral Abayas looks best when worn in Spring and Summer season. Avoid wearing floral over floral. If the abaya is already printed in floral design then never go for a floral belt as it will overdo your look. A thin belt with a solid color (as shown in the image below) is what looks best on any floral abaya.


↓ 12 –  Long Dress Style Turkish Abaya

This Turkish style abaya is edgy, classy and sophisticated. The Maxi Style Abayas presents you with a very unusual look due to its uniquely stitched style and trend.


↓ 11 –  Turkish Abaya with Silk Hijab

The simple abaya can be styled with cocktail jewelry, patterned bags, and oversize sunglasses. Here are some great Kaftan Abaya Designs.


↓ 10 – Long Turkish Abaya with waist tie

A simple off white Turkish abaya that can be worn with a brighter colored scarf. Style the abaya with a chunky necklace and oversize glasses to add a statement. Accessorize with a matching purse, and you’re ready to go!


↓ 9 – Floral Turkish Abaya for Spring

Looking for the chic street style Abaya fashion? Go for a Turban hijab style with your sunglasses on and rock the day! Style the abaya with a chunky necklace and oversize glasses.


↓ 8 – Long Black Turkish Abaya with Turban Hijab

The black abaya with floral detailing and embroidery is for sure, also an exciting development for modest Muslim women with a taste of luxury and fashion. Style the abaya with a chunky necklace and oversized sunglasses.


↓ 7 – Gown Style Turkish Abaya with Bedazzled Borders

Silk abayas are a timeless classic. The bedazzled borders of the abaya won’t even require accessorizing much. The intricately embroidered silk abaya is a perfect choice for an evening dinner. Pair your abaya with a matching silk scarf, and you’re ready to go!


↓ 6 – Long Turkish Abaya with Hijab

One can never go wrong with a simple cut abaya with clingy sombrero sleeves. The unique, modest abaya with an embroidered front exhibits simplicity and sacredness.


↓ 5 – Gown Style Turkish Abaya with Floral Detailing

Want to give a feminine girly touch to the latest Abaya designs? Add flowers to make an adorable signature look. The abaya while engineered for modesty has all the flair to it. The floral lace trim abayas are made for Muslim women with a taste for luxury fashion.


↓ 4 – Embroidered Front Turkish Party Abaya with Hijab


↓ 3 – Long Cape Style Turkish Abaya

The abaya can be accessorized with hoop earrings as hoops are one of the accessories that go really well with western as well as eastern fashion. Hoops with Abaya and a loose hijab will do the magic for any formal or casual look any day anywhere. Solid neutral colors in Abaya’s designs are key to modesty and decency. Make sure that the sleeves of the Abaya are of the perfect length as your arm as a longer sleeve length of the Abaya can make you look clumsy.


↓ 2 – Long Turkish Abaya with Floral Belt

What makes Pink an ideal color for the Summer season is its property to reflect heat. The floral belt is a unique addition to the simple design. Floral Pink Abayas are perfect to be worn in the Summer season, and floral prints give the right amount of feminine touch. Here the belt is with the beautiful floral touch, which is making it an irresistible thing to shop for.


↓ 1 – Turkish Abaya with Bedazzled Belt

The abaya is a vision of style. The abaya is an ever-shifting and multi-layered emblem encompassing modesty. The chic abaya can be accessorized with oversize glasses and a subtle colored scarf. The abaya with a bedazzled belt and headscarf is an emblem of stylishness! You can style the belt as per your personal style. Some prefer wearing a thin slimmer belt whereas some prefer wearing the belt with beads and other embellishments to make it more noticeable. Abaya with Belt gives an illusion of thin and slimmer waist so why not give it a try.



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