10 Popular Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

Famous Hijabi Instagram Celebrities. Instagram is a very famous social network where people can engage in and explore a new world of pictures. There are several Bloggers, Photographers, and Celebrities getting fame through posting their pictures.

You will also come across many highly followed hijab fashion accounts on Instagram, who has taken the hijab fashion industry to a whole new level. We have chosen the top 10 Hijabi Fashion Bloggers who should follow on Instagram to get the latest update on modest fashion.

Top Hijab Fashion Accounts to Follow On Instagram

Hijabis have become increasingly popular on Instagram, and long gone are the days when finding fashion inspiration for Hijabis was an issue on the app. Now these amazing and gorgeous women are putting in hard work to keep up with trends and help you do so too. So follow them now to look for daily looks and get general styling tips for your Hijab!

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

How did we decide?

We used their Instagram follower count to rank these ten must-follow Hijab fashion influencer Instagram accounts.

10 – Maha Ramli

9 – Aziza

8 – Lujayne

7 – Amira C

6 – Safiya El-Houdaigui

5 – Farah Emara

4 – Yasemin Kanar

3 – Melanie Elturk

2 – Sahar Foad

1 – Ruba Zai

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↓ 10 – Maha Ramli

About her:

Maha is the turban-tying hijabi. She plays a significant role in the popularity of the turban hijab fashion. Apart from that, she also has a YouTube Channel where she posts videos about like hauls and how to do different Hijab styles, so you should subscribe to her channel. She is 23 years old and is fluent in the Barawa Language as well as English.

Why you should follow her:

Christian Dior, Burberry, Coach, and Louboutins are her favourite brands. You will see her in outfits from H&M,  Zara, Bershka, and many more brands. She wears her Hijab in multiple different ways, depending on her outfit and mood that day.

Her account has everything from lifestyle to fashion to food, and we think her account can serve as a great style inspiration for you. Her hijab style is fabulous, and you must check out her Instagram.

Instagram: mahaxramli

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

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↓ 9 – Aziza

About her:

Aziza is an influential Muslim fashion blogger. Her fashion sense is unique, and she loves blogging about the latest hijab fashion trends. She is based in Germany.

Why you should follow her:

Her account is perfect for everyday looks. She posts once a week, but the looks are diverse enough to give you ideas for outfits for the whole week. She shows styles with a traditional hijab as well as a turban hijab. Hence her account can be followed by many different hijabis, no matter what your style is. Her account has some ideas for formal and business looks as well, which can help you if you are a working woman.

She is an activist as well. She posts petitions in her Instagram bio as well as tries to educate her followers on social issues such as the oppression of Muslims in different parts of the world.

Instagram: wolfieaziza

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

↓ 8 – Lujayne

About her:

Nuha lives in Texas, United States. She is a Palestinian and Jordanian originally and loves to upload her pictures on Instagram. Being a fashion freak, she loves following all kinds of trends.

She is also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Cosmic Cases. They sell phone cases that are not only really pretty but also affordable and safe. These cases can be customized, or you can choose from a selection of premade designs. Her company also sells AirPods cases.

Why you should follow her:

You will see her with a traditional hijab style. Her style represents comfort, and she shows how you can dress comfortably while also looking fantastic. She is oh so gorgeous, and her fashion sense is divine.

Her account is relatively new and doesn’t have many posts yet, but she is slowly building it, and soon it will be standing right by the very top accounts. So make sure to follow her to see her journey!

Instagram: luj.ayne

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

↓ 7 – Amira C

About her:

Amira is a French Instagram influencer. She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos with try-on hauls as well as Question and Answer videos and simple chit chat videos. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel if you understand french and enjoy her content there as well as it is in french.

Why you should follow her:

She is a woman living in France and still adorns her Hijab with pride. What more reason do you need to follow her? Other than her pure bravery in wearing a hijab in a country that is against it, she is also a true fashionista.

Her outfits are always on point, and her Hijab flows ethereally. Her makeup skills are also exceptional, and you will see many closeup shots of her face on her Instagram account. You can use these to take makeup inspiration for looks ranging from every day to special formal events.

She is also associated with multiple charities tha are doing great work for the wellbeing of Muslim and non-Muslim residents of France and around the world. You can find these associations in her Instagram highlights.

Instagram: amira__c

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

↓ 6 – Safiyah El Houadiagui

About her:

Safiyah El Houadiagui is a 22-year-old Morrocan living in London. She is also the owner of the popular Instagram page Hijab Fashion. This page has created quite a buzz on Instagram for hijabis all over the world. Like the recently created Egyptian accounts, it is devoted to reposting pictures from hijabis around the world that stand out in their fashion trends – all you have to do is hashtag #hijabfashion.

Why you should follow her:

Her page is a lot more easy-going, and her pictures feature more mirror selfies in her house than an official photoshoot. This makes her page very relatable for many women, and that is one of the primary reasons behind her success. Her makeup is also always very natural and light. While her outfits are something, all women can wear in their everyday lives. So they are easier to copy.

Her account is one of our favorites solely because of her relatable content. You will also see the features of her husband here and there on her wall. Her highlight Home looks like her house, and you can use that for interior design motivation for your own home as well.

Instagram: safiyahhh

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

↓ 5 – Farah Emara 

About her:

Farah Emara is a very successful entrepreneur. She is the owner of WaHekaya, a headpiece naming company. They customize headpieces for brides and also sell hijabs. She is also the co-owner of two other companies.

BFE World is a company that sells hijabs and turbans. BFE World started when Farah Emara and Amal Elshehaby came together. They both wanted to help women feel their best selves through their journey of choice. They created this brand in the hopes of giving any veiled girl the option to be comfortable, confident, and creative.

Nesaa is an online clothing brand that she owns. The brand has everything from Hijabs to blouses and jumpsuits.

Why you should follow her:

This Adelaide Kane look-alike is an Instagram icon. She is a fashion freak and loves experimenting with the hijab look. She likes to wear a hijab with different patterns.  She is petite-figured and smart. Again turban styling is her favourite hijab style. Her page has some funny skits and videos that she makes with her sister as well.

You can also see posts about her husband on her wall sometimes. But mostly her posts include outfit of the day posts as well as promotions for her brands. She also works out, and you can see her gym videos on her Instagram as well.

Instagram: Farahemara

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

↓ 4 – Yasemin Kanar

About her:

Yasemin Kanar is a very famous Instagram fashion blogger and loves to demonstrate high fashion trends. She loves to wear hijab and experiments a lot with the new looks and trends. She is Cuban and Turkish by origin. She is married and has two kids, namely Nura and Sulaiman. She also has a blog that you can follow at YazTheSpaz.

Why you should follow her:

Her account has posts about her outfits and about her life, like most Instagram fashion influencer accounts do. One unique thing about her blog is that she also posts links to the clothes she is wearing in each photo in the caption. This is especially helpful if you like something she has on and wants to purchase the same thing.

She also offers services like bridal makeup and wedding hijab styling, which you can avail by contacting her through the given link on her blog.

Instagram: YazTheSpaz89

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

↓ 3 – Melanie Elturk

About her:

Melanie Elturk, who is the founder of Haute Hijab, loves wearing Hijab and shows all of her styles on Instagram. Haute Hijab is a luxury Hijab company in the US. It is the leading US hijab brand. They drop a new Hijab every Tuesday, so you have many options to choose from.

Why you should follow her:

Her account has her modeling the Hijabs her company produces. This is also the official Instagram account of her company Haute Hijabs so you will be able to unlock special deals and discounts by following them and seeing their new posts as they come.

Instagram: HauteHijab

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

↓ 2 – Sahar Foad 

About her:

Sahar is one of the leading Hijabi Instagram influencers right now. She lives in Dubai with her husband and beautiful daughter. Her daughter also has an Instagram account, which is managed by Sahar. Sahar posts the milestones in her daughter’s life on this account. You can follow it if you have a daughter of your own or love kids!

Why you should follow her:

Sahar Foad is known for her trendy hijab styles. She is extremely good at her hijab and outfit combinations. Her collection includes colorful outfits with accessories that can complement the entire look. She is also an artist and loves art.

She is sponsored by huge companies like Turkish Airlines, Adidas and Ajwa, and Hilton Hotels. Her blog has everything from travel to lifestyle to fashion and is one you should surely follow!

Instagram: Saharfoad

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

↓ 1 – Ruba Zai 

About her:

Ruba Zai, who is a 21 years old blogger, is settled in the Netherlands and has a brilliant fashion sense. She is the co-owner of NOÉ Skincare, which is a vegan and halal brand of skincare. She also has a home account that you can follow for interior design inspiration.

Why you should follow her:

Her favourite job is blogging about hijab and hijab fashion. There are tons of pictures on her Instagram, and you all will surely love it. She is married with two beautiful children who often make an appearance on her page. Her page is much more than just fashion. It covers baby stuff, lifestyle, and interior design.

She has a lovely personality, and it shows through her posts and stories. We are sure you will love looking at her posts on your feed!

Instagram: hijabhills

Top 10 Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

Q. How can I become a hijabi influencer?

A. There isn’t an easy answer to this question. You will need to have good content, to begin with. Good content is any content that will appeal to your target audience. If you have a specific interest or talent that you want to earn from, then focusing on that will be your best bet. Then decide your target audience and tailor your content according to them. Work hard and stay committed, and soon you will see traffic on your socials.

The key here is to stay motivated, as this isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. You will have to wait months, maybe even years, before you can turn it into a liable income source. So hang in there and do your best!

Q. How many followers do you need to start making money on Instagram?

A. You need to gain at least 2000 followers on Instagram to start earning some bucks. If you do not have that many of the followers, then chances for making money are dim.

Q.  Is having a lot of followers necessary to earn from Instagram stably?

A. The key to having a stable and reliable income from Instagram or any social platform like YouTube isn’t just followers. That is probably the last thing that matters. The thing that matters most is the engagement on your posts. The more likes, comments, and views you get, the better. These have to be authentic, however, and not bots.

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