Hijab Skirt outfits-24 Modest Ways to Wear Hijab with Skirts

Hijab Skirt Outfit Ideas – As we all know hijab  is a symbol of modesty. Around the globe it is considered the most important piece of cloth for Muslim women.

Earlier hijab was only worn for the modesty but know it can be styled in many ways with any kind of outfit to look stylish and chic. Hijab can be worn in many modern ways. This post is specifically for those girls who want to wear hijab with modern and chic style outfits. The most stylish outfit is to wear hijab with top and skirt.Also see 10 popular Hijab Fashion Instagram account to follow.

From the pictures below, you can get lot of ideas on how to dress up with the skirt. These are some of the very famous and trendy street style ideas that can be followed by young girls. I would recommend  you to try more bold colors in hijab that look stunning. There are a lot of quirky and stylish printed hijab designs available that can be matched with the plain skirt. Try and experiment different designs and options that can suit you. From the following  images you will get a lot of ideas and tips on how to wear a skirt with the hijab.

How to Wear Skirt with Hijab


24. Style it with Sneakers

modest skirt styles


23. Teen Girls Style with Pink Skirt

modest dresses for muslim girls


             22. Spring outfit with Tulle Skirt
21.Winter Style with Tulle


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20. Hijab Polyvore Combination

Hijab-outfit-ideas 2016

Hijab gained popularity in many Non Muslim countries as well. You will see many ladies and girls in hijab with jeans and top, or skirt and top. These are some of the very famous hijab fashion trends. Muslim women can now follow fashion trends with modesty very easily. Long skirts look elegant with the hijab. You can pick up the hijab that matches your outfit and looks good in contrast with the skirt. For hijab wrapping ideas you can check out the pictures below, you will get plenty of ideas on how to wrap or wear the scarf with the skirt outfit.


19. With Black Floor Length Skirt



18. Hijab with Floral Skirt

hijab with pencil skirt


17. Party Wear

hijab party dresses


16. Exquisite Style



15. Western Style

pretty hijab women fashion


14. For Dark Complexion Girls



13. Stripe Skirt with Turab Hijab

hijab turban with skirt


12. With Denim Top and long skirt

winter style with hijab skirt


11. Floral skirt with matching hijab

How to wear hijab with skirts? (1)

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10. Floral designed scarf worn over a skirt and a top with a coat

How to wear hijab with skirts? (2)

9. Gorgeous hijab worn with an orange skirt and blue shirt.

How to wear hijab with skirts? (3)

8. Multicolored skirt looks stunning with the plain hijab

How to wear hijab with skirts? (5)

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7. Tie and die scarf with the colors matching with the skirt

How to wear hijab with skirts? (6)

6. Hijab worn with the undercap

How to wear hijab with skirts? (7)

5. Qaftan scarf looks amazing with the skirt

How to wear hijab with skirts? (8)

4. White hijab worn with the combination of polka dots skirt

How to wear hijab with skirts? (9)

3. With Tulle Skirt

How to wear hijab with skirts? (10)

 2. Hijab As Work Wear

How to wear hijab with skirts? (11)

1. Silk hijab in combination with the belt color

How to wear hijab with skirts? (12)


Such Style has surely improved the fashion trends of women who like to wear hijab. Several kinds of skirts are available in the markets. Hijabi’s can look ravishing with the new outfit ideas and looks. Not only that the skirt covers the body but it really looks amazing with the hijab.You can wear matching pair of shoes and pick up the right kind of accessories that will enhance the beauty of the outfit. I hope these ideas will help you pick the right kind of skirt and top for yourself that will go well with the hijab.


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