Burka vs Niqab- The Basic Difference Between Niqab and Burka

Burka vs Niqab. Muslim women around the globe are mostly recognized by their culture of wearing a Niqab, Burqa or as of the current fashion trend – a hijab too. Mostly, although wear them due to personal comfort, satisfaction or probably if they find it attractive,while some have their religious beliefs that encourage them to practice this. Well, some simply wear it for fashion, some for a style.

But the fact that they all are same garment types is indeed very inaccurate. There is some distinct difference between a Niqab and a Burqa. The headscarf is indeed one way to show modesty, faith, and religion but it can be often difficult to differentiate which one is which.

Let’s reflect on them.

What is the Basic Difference between Niqab and Burqa

Burka vs Niqab- The Basic Difference Between Niqab and Burka

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Let’s first reflect on what these two terms basically mean and represent through their history, their wearing practice and their purpose and characteristics.

 – Niqab

A Niqab is something that covers the face that is basically a part of the sartorial hijab. Muslim women wear it as part of their religious beliefs in public places in front of non-mahram men. The Niqab is mostly worn in the Muslim countries – mainly Arab countries of the Arabian peninsula such as Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. While some other countries that it is widely worn in are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. and more.

Because of the fact that how widely it is worn by billions of Muslims around the globe, it is quite difficult to distinguish between one type of veil and another. As of current, the terms Niqab and Burqa are often used interchangeably by many, mostly those who don’t have many strong views about religious clothing and covering.

Burka vs Niqab- The Basic Difference Between Niqab and Burka



The burqa, just like Niqab and Hijab is a segment of Islamic clothing and is basically an enveloping outer garment, worn by women to merely cover their bodies while in public places or from non-mahram men. In a Burqa, the part where the veil covers the face is not an ordinary one – but rather a semi-transparent piece of cloth.

The veil although hangs down covering the face and can be easily pulled up if the woman wishes to reveal her face. In some other style hijabs, the Niqab of the veil is attached only on one side and covers the face just below the eyes.

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Burka vs Niqab- The Basic Difference Between Niqab and Burka


The Basic Difference Between the Two

Very evidently, the Niqab is mainly a piece of clothing that just covers the eyes below the face. Although, if women wish to, they can very easily be worn by a separate eye veil. Or it can be worn with an accompanying headscarf.

On the other hand, the Burqa is clearly the most concealing of all of the Islamic clothing. It is all just a one-piece veil that covers the entire face and the body; therefore, leaving just a mesh screen or a light net to see through from. And this is merely the most distinguishable difference between the two types of clothing.

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