Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands – Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

Most Popular Eco-friendly Hijab Brands. Eco-friendly – as the term might represent is being friendly and harmless to the environment. Hijab – an essential and fundamental element of Muslim fashion, preferred and worn by millions of women around the world. So, the best Eco-hijab brands have got to be a topic of interest to such women around.

Hijab is a piece of cloth that Muslim women wear to cover their heads as Islam teaches them to do so. The term Eco-hijab has got the power to compile the green values of Muslims to their identity of modest clothing in their culture.  In today’s age of fashion blogging, hardly any Muslim fashion trend stays in the dark. With so many Muslims having entrepreneurial skills in the fashion business, new classy trends of Muslim fashion are emerging, and Eco-hijabs is one of them. It’s proving to be a top success in the Muslim fashion industry, mainly due to the fact that everyone now prefers organic products.

Where To Buy Environment-Friendly Hijabs?

Islam teaches Muslim women to cover themselves adequately before going out in public. Hijab is a necessity for a Muslim woman, and nowadays, when the world is a global village, Muslim women need to amplify their fashion game to be in the race. Eco- friendly hijabs are those hijabs that are made of pure and natural components such as fabrics made with bamboo plant or organic cotton.  So, here are some top 10 best Eco-friendly hijab brands that all women should keep an eye on if they have a unique concern for the environment and also looking good.

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

Defining Sustainable Fashionable Clothing

Moving towards a greener lifestyle is now considered to be everyone’s responsibility. On a happy note, many fashion designers have taken an initiative towards making a sustainable style statement. Sustainable vogue often refers to clothing that are made from eco-friendly resources, e.g. sustainably-grown fibers from crops such as organic cotton, hemp, soy, and bamboo or other recycled materials. One of the common misconceptions that designers and consumers have about sustainable fabrics is that they are dull and rough, making them less versatile than synthetic fabrics.

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How Did We Decide?

We have selected the best brands that manufacture eco-friendly hijabs for our gorgeous readers who wish to wear hijabs. We have picked these brands based on their fabric quality, availability, prices, sustainability, and their effect on the environment. We have ranked them from 1 to 10 according to their social media popularity and the qualities mentioned earlier.

10 – Gulshaan Paris

9 – Almara scarves Germany

8 – Under-rapt

7 – Queendom hijabs

6 – Happy turbans by Iman Aldebe

5 – Sadoq

4 – Haute hijab NewYork

3 – Hisjab_ista

2 – The green hijab by Waste2Wear

1 – Bamboo hijabs by Artizara

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↓ 10 – Gulshaan, Paris, France

Established: 2015

About Brand: Gulshaan is the first French brand of modest and ethical fashion. It is an environment-friendly Muslim label by Imaan, which was launched in about 2015 and is manufactured in the heart of Muslim fashion – Pakistan. The brilliant fashionista Imaan says that everything in Gulshaan is created by mostly women, who have little means to support their families, are divorced or widowed. The brand mostly uses natural elements and keeps its word as being nature-friendly. Their collections are so beautiful that withing two or three years; they reached other parts of the world like London, Istanbul, Toronto, and Jakarta.

Products: All kinds of hijabs and scarves, Modest and ethical clothing line.

Social Media Portals: Facebook.


  • They use the best quality materials.
  • The embroideries on the scarves are handmade and durable.


  • Some hijab fabric are too sheer.

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Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs


Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

↓ 9 – Al Mara Scarves, Germany

Established: 2017

About Brand: Nouha’s modest, appealing, and Eco-friendly Muslim fashion brand is undoubtedly a pure blessing to fashion itself. It was relaunched in 2017 as purely an Eco-friendly hijab brand that even has an impressive tagline of “Hijab is our passion.” They also use natural materials like organic cotton and oeko-tex standard quality from a german family weaving mill in the production of their garments. This unique fashion brand also has women as its leading ladies for whom life did not turn out so well. The utterly harmless organic cotton is brought from Germany to be handcrafted by women in Morocco and is then finally stitched in Germany by refugees from Afghanistan and Syria. Impressive right?

Products: Hijabs, jewelry, bags, and turbans.

Social Media Portals: Instagram


  • High-quality fabrics are used for manufacturing.
  • They have an excellent customer service team who’re super responsive.
  • The embellishments on the scarves are also organically made from palm leaves and rattan.


  • The scarves should be washed by hand and require intensive care.

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

Shop HERE.

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

↓ 8 – Under-Rapt, Manchester, UK

Established: 2015

About Brand: This is the world’s first sustainable and eco-friendly modest athleisure brand. It is one of the most important ones for women all over the world because its speciality is selling both casual and sportswear and everything modestly Islamic. The excellent founder Yasmin is a pure expert in the category of Islamic fashion and style. Under-Rapt is probably the most creative brand when it comes to designing customer-friendly clothes. They have an excellent sense of modest fashion aesthetics, athletic styles, and performance requirements, and so much more because of which they have made their brand very contemporary of today’s age. Their popular hijab designs such as – sports hijab and hijab hooded base layer can be worn by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Products: Modest sportswear, loungewear, sports hijab.

Social Media Portals: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


  • Their products are made up of sustainable and ecological materials.
  • Their products are comfortable and modest.
  • As its sportswear, so their products are cool, hygienic, and sweat resistant.


  • Limited designs.

Shop HERE on their official website.

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

↓ 7 – Queendom Hijabs

Established: 2007

About Brand: In some places around the world, women may feel a lack of Eco-friendly Islamic clothing. And one such woman took a stand against that. Abeer, from Canada, felt that too and initiated a very impressive Eco-friendly Islamic brand of mainly head coverings – under the name of Queendom Hijabs. But she did not stop here and ensure that all hijabs for women are created from organic materials such as bamboo,, soy and organic cotton. She chose these fabrics because they stay cool in summer and warm in winter – to cater to women of all needs and living anywhere in the world.

Products: Hijabs, sports scarves, and under scarves.


  • Organic cotton and bamboo fabrics are eco-friendly.
  • These fabrics are 100% biodegradable.
  • Hijab material is lightweight and cool.


  • The hijab’s lightweight fabric requires lots of pins to wear it.
  • Less variety and monotonous designs.

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

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↓ 6 – Happy Turbans by Iman Aldebe

Established: 2012

About Brand: Happy Turbans is a Swedish based Muslim fashion brand for hijabs and modest clothing. Its owned by Iman Aldebe who is now one of the biggest names in Muslim fashion, she is one of the best turban designers. Some of the big brands like H&M also retailed her handmade turbans. She started at a very young age; she designed her first line when she was in high school. These are called Handmade Happy Turbans because she used to design and stitch each one herself without using synthetic yarns. These gave a different dimension and style to hijabs. They have a beautiful and stunning range of colorful turbans for all age groups of ladies.

Products: Turbans, Hair Accessories, and Kids Turbans.

Social Media Portals: Facebook, Instagram.


  • Different and catchy designs other than the usual hijabs.
  •  Very lightweight.


  • Not suitable for girls with very long hair who want to cover their hair completely because their width is not enough to cover.

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

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Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

↓ 5 – Sadoq

Established: 2013

About Brand: Sadoq from Amsterdam is another brand that manufactures their fabric for hijabs with the bamboo plant, which is very environmentally friendly. This Islamic fashion brand is very Eco-friendly and makes gorgeous and stunning scarves. Their luxury scarves are one of the best with utmost sophistication and style for casual, formal, and all kinds of wear. You can find the clothes that not only look best but feel best too.

Products: Scarves, Turbans, under caps and scrunchies.

Social Media Portals: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


  • The organic bamboo fabric is woven and colored naturally.
  • Fabric is lightweight and soft.
  • Scarves are decorated with handmade tassels and other embellishments for party wear.


  • A lot of products remain are out of stock.

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Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

↓ 4 – Haute Hijab New York

Established: 2010

About Brand: Haute Hijab is founded by a Muslim power couple Melanie Elturk and Ahmed Zedan. It is a modern and prestigious brand that caters to an essential part hijab of modest Muslim fashion to women who are environmental-friendly. They believe in Eco-friendly products to be sold to women everywhere. They have a vast range of beautiful and high-quality hijabs of all kinds suitable for day to day wear as well as occasional fancy wear. They only accept local fabric suppliers and not international synthesized ones for the manufacture of their hijabs.

Products: All kinds of hijabs, from basic to fancy luxury types and hijab accessories, are available.

Social Media Portals: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.


  • Hijab fabrics are of good quality and luxurious.
  • A wide range of hijabs designs to decide from according to your ensemble.
  • The materials are breathable, durable, and easily washable.


  • International orders take approximately a month to get delivered.

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

↓ 3 – Hijab_Ista

Established: 2011

About Brand: Hijab_Ista is an online hijab and modest clothing retailer based in the USA. Its owner is a talented Muslim woman Reema M Momin; her motive is to provide low cost and eco-friendly good quality hijabs for Muslim women. Their hijabs are trendy yet practical for every day looks as well as elegant options for special occasions. Hijabista is the epitome of Muslim fashion right now. Not only do they make appealing and aesthetic hijabs for women. They also know how to make them environmentally friendly and harmless for their customers as well.

Products: Modest clothing, hijab accessories, and hijabs.

Social Media Portals: Facebook, Instagram


  • Available in stunning colors, funky prints, and fashionable cuts.
  • Very affordable.
  • Excellent quality and weather-friendly fabrics.


  • International shipping is costly.
  • Takes time in restocking articles on the website.

Shop HERE on their official website.

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

↓ 2 – The Green Hijab By Waste2Wear

Established: 1998

About Brand: Green Hijab is one of the many projects of Waste2Wear Malaysia that caters to women who want Eco-friendly products for themselves. For the safety of their skin and also harmless for the environment. Green Hijab, as the name indicates, is something that even customers know is environmentally beneficial. One of the most significant features of this project is that most of the hijabs are made from recycled plastic bottles. As plastic is the most socially harmful substance to society, the Green Hijab is not only catering to women’s fashion needs but also saving our environment from a hazardous material.

Products: Bags, uniforms, sportswear, and workwear.

Social Media Portal: Facebook


  • It helps in saving our planet from pollution.
  • The material feels exactly like chiffon.


  • It only comes in three colors for now.

You can buy The Green Hijab from Klothlifestyle an Instagram page.

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs

↓ 1 – Bamboo Hijabs By Artizara

A vast number of fashion designers and textile manufacturers are becoming interested in plant bamboo. They are good material for clothing because the plant bamboo can be grown in all kinds of climates.

Established:  2002

About Brand: Artizara is a big name for modest clothing in the fashion world. It is based in California USA and founded by a passionate Muslim girl named Sarah Ansari. Some fashion brands like Artizara are considering headscarves made out of the bamboo plant for women everywhere, which is undoubtedly a very good idea. Artizara is undoubtedly putting a generous effort in the manufacture of the bamboo hijabs – that are hand-woven by the workers of Artizara. It is a very modest choice for women, especially in summers, because of the light-weight fabric that Artizara is so expert in producing.

Other Products: It has a wide range of jewelry, fashionable but modest clothing for women and comfortable t-shirts for men.

Social Media Portals: Facebook, Instagram


  • Trendy and artistic designs.
  • Lightweight and cool fabric is perfect for summers.
  • They have all kinds of hijabs like fancy, essential, and sports hijab.


  • A little bit expensive.

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Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands - Top 10 Shops to Buy Eco-Hijabs