25 Western Outfits to Wear with Hijab for Gorgeous Look

Western Hijab Styles – Have you ever wanted to look chic with a hijab look? There are multiple ways to look stylish with Western outfits.In latest hijab fashion styles many top muslimah models/bloggers are found wearing western clothes . Best way to dress up well is to wear an outfit that makes you look elegant and expresses a good fashion sense. We will talk about the modern and latest hijab styles along with english outfits to wear with hijab for a chic look. Usually women are seen wearing simple outfits with hijab. But if you wish to wear Western dresses then this post is meant for you.You can also style hijab for parties with these outfits.

Don’t hesitate to pick up a dress that you love. Go for latest trends and outfits you would feel comfortable in. Here we bring the most amazing Western style outfits you would love to wear with your hijab. You no longer have to worry about your wardrobe. Check out the variety of  simple yet stylish outfits for a chic look. You can select the one’s that will suit you the most and those which enhance your personality. Hopefully you will love all of these.

Hijab with Outfits

There are several types of hijab styles. Each style is meant to cover but there are simple steps to follow.

  • Under hijab cap can be worn with a hijab scarf.
  • Headband or a brooche can be worn over the hijab.
  • Emirati style, moroccan style, turkish style hijabs go well with English outfits.

Muslim girls face a common problem when they decide to wear a English outfit. Most of the clothes are too revealing. Therefore for your ease we have put up the styles that will make you look modest and chic.

How to Style Hijab with Western Outfits

#1 –  Style it With Ankle High Boots.

turban Indah Nada Puspita

#2 –  With Ripped Jeans

Modest Street Fashion

#3 –  With Long boots and Distressed Jeans

Dian Pelangi hijab Style

#4 –  With Wedges

street hijab fashion Indah Nada Puspita

#5 –  Hijab with Baggy Pants

Kuwaiti hijab style

# 6 – Turban Hijab

Hybrid in a Headpiece

#7 –  Printed Hijab 

Hijabi Swag

#8 –  Wear it with Jeans and Sneakers

hijab with sneakers

#9 –  With long Skirt

hijab with long skirt

#10 –  Long coat and wedges

hijab with long coat

#11 –  Street Style

Hijab with long boots

#12 –  With Boyfriend Jeans

hijab with boyfriend jeans

#13 –  Black hoodie with White Sneakers for Swag Look

hijab hoodie style

#14 –  Swag with Hijab

capri pants with hijab

#15  – Knotted Turban Style Hijab

Ascia AKF hijab fashion

#16-  Accessorize hijab with Right Jewelry for Chic Look.


#17 –  With Skirts

Floral skirts  worn with top with a belt around the waist. This is a great way to stay covered in style.


#18 –  Multi colour hijabs

These look amazing with perfectly stitched long coat and thin pants.


#19-  Tied up hijab worn with a white coat and black top.


#20 –  Office outfit

Formal narrow pants with a coat style toap and the emirati style hijab makes the look more professional and classy.


#21 –  Floral Hijab

Floral printed scarf looks gorgeous with a straight maxi style dress.


#22 –  Floral skirts worn gracefully over jeans and perfect combination of head scarf picked up.


#23 –  White formal shirt with straight khaki style pants worn with a long front open coat.


#24 –  

Blue top worn with a track style pant which looks amazing with red flat pumps.


#25 –  

Jumpsuit style dress never goes out of fashion. Wearing the right kind of hijab with it will enhance the outfit and your appearance.



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