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Best Islamic Designer Brands in USA For Women. Being a Muslim in a foreign country is never easy. Apart from their lifestyle, the culture too matters, and it is often hard to embrace it when you feel the odd one out. But no longer will that occur, if you believe in your ability to nail outfits of your own culture and stand out like a boss because we know that you can and you will.

So, to have some unique outfit ideas that make Islamic Fashion for what it is, have a look at the brands below. So all the Muslim women who have been asking where to buy Islamic dresses in the USA, here is the list for you. You can purchase the outfits online from there sites or shop at their stores.

What are the Fashion Brands for Muslims in America?

10 Best Islamic Designer Brands in USA For Women

#10 – Islamic Design House

Islamic design house in the USA ever since its establishment has been aiding all the American Muslim Women to have a chance to stand out in the best possible Muslim fashion outfits and never feel odd about fitting into the typical American culture. Plus the hijab fashion is represented as utter decency.

#10 - Islamic Design House

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#9 – Artizara

Artizara best offers phenomenally classic and artistic modes of Muslim clothing as the name indicates. Headquartered in California, US, and is a unique body of American Muslim Fashion like never before. Offers decent yet fabulous Muslim cultural outfits.
#9 - Artizara

#8 – Modanisa

Modanisa has yet to be the coolest Muslim Fashion brands to date because a unique look will make you cherish the concept of Muslim fashion. It’s stunning, classic, and timeless. And will make you want to adopt Muslim fashion even if you are culturally American.

#8 - Modanisa

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#7 – SHUKR

Islamic clothing by Shukronline.com is one of the classiest brands in the US, that offers shipping only within there. So it is a bad call for those not residing there. But those who do, are on the way to nail a diversely classic outfit. Because this brand offers all Islamic wardrobe items.

#7 - SHUKR

#6 – Islamic Fashion and Design Council

Although not exactly a clothing brand, because it’s much more than that. It offers a wide area of products and services and is basically an advocate for Islamic fashion. So there is no chance of you feeling conscious about your culture in a foreign country when a professional council like this exists.

#6 - Islamic Fashion and Design Council

#5 –  Louella

Founded in Los Angeles, US, the fashion brand has been created by someone who has a strong aspiration for the Muslim fashion industry. And if you’ll have a look, you will see how diverse, how inspiring and how artistic these outfits trends are.

#5 - Louella

#4 – Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab – since last year, has been enormously offering cool Islamic outfits with modernly designed hijabs and hijab-friendly designed clothing.#4 - Haute Hijab

#3 – AAB Collection

For Muslim women who believe in a diversified and a glorious fashion in today’s mainstream society. This is sending away of the message that it’s awesome to bring out your culture in a non-native place.

#3 - AAB Collection

#2 – Madeena

A fashion brand adored by numerous American Muslims and is on its way to provide best urban Muslim clothing to million across the globe and those who value the essence of Muslim fashion.

#2 - Madeena

#1 – Dolce and Gabbana

D&B – on its coolest Islamic fashion trend road. Do not miss out the Dolce & Gabbana Hijab and Abaya Collection 2019-Branded Girls.

#1 - Dolce and Gabbana

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