30 Cute Pictures Of Baby Girls In Hijab To Melt Your Heart

Muslim Baby Girls Wearing Hijab. The family is a central institution of  Muslim society. Talk of any culture, it is usually considered that the Muslim family structure is often seen as oppressive and backward, an obstacle to modernity.

But this fact cannot be denied that the Muslim culture is indeed modest and distinct from all other religions of the world. As the regions change, Muslim dressings also have some diversity. When we talk about the issues Muslim families face, the Hijab tradition for women is on top of the list, which is highly criticized in Europe and the west. Covering a woman’s head is almost in every religion, but the Muslims are always on target. However, these little angels look very adorable when they cover their heads, and it adds more modesty in women as well.

Adorable Muslim Hijabi Baby Girls

Hijab is worn with various styles in different parts of the world. Small baby girls don’t need to cover their heads, but if you want some cute photoshoot of your baby girl, then do try the traditional Hijab looks and snap up her memories for a lifetime. If you are looking for ideas on how to wear a hijab for babies, what styles are best for kids, this collection will be an ultimate guide for you. You can also use a few of the ideas here for yourself! Here are some pictures which can give you a glimpse into this culture.

↓ 30 – A 1-Year-Old girl

It is not obligatory for little girls to wear hijab, but when they wear them, they look super cute and adorable. For this kind of hijab combo, you can go for blue colored cloth nicely tied around the face of your baby. You can do this if you want your little girl to know the real importance of the hijab and if you want her to keep her scarf on her head when she grows up.



↓ 29 – Fashionista Muslim Young Girls

Who says kids do not understand fashion. Indeed, they do and can carry whatever you give them to wear. Here is an idea to dress up your little girl with a hijab, which she can carry very conveniently and look fashionable in as well. The color combinations used here are truly eye-catching. Just look at this picture of these four adorable girls posing with umbrellas for the picture.



↓ 28 – Turkish Beautiful Young Girl

This look is something that is traditional to the Turkish rural look. The young girl looks beautiful in her traditional head covering with the glistening coin like attachments. She can be seen kneeling and praying. You can tell that she will grow up to be a beautiful young woman.



↓ 27 – Simple Hijab for Baby Girls

Baby girls with colored eyes look so cute when wearing hijabs in the same colors as their eyes. Check out this little angel to see what we mean. Her blue eyes and blue scarf look so fabulous. And that red hair can make any grown-up girl jealous! She’ll surely grow up to be a diva. You can help your young daughters in wearing a loose hijab in the start so they don’t feel overwhelmed and can slowly learn to love the hijab.



↓ 26 – Cute Girl in Eastern Style

This young girl looks like she is from a South Asian country, like Pakistan or India. She can be seen posing with traditional roti making equipment. She is using a dupatta as a hijab. She looks adorable with her dupatta and posing next to the traditional stove. It might be a little dangerous, however, so do not try this at home!



↓ 25 – African Style

Muslim girls from around the world take a hijab on their heads on matter what kind of race or caste they belong to. It’s better to allow girls to wear one out of their interests rather than forcing them to wear it. When a little girl sees her mother taking an interest in it and wearing beautiful scarves and adopting different styles, she would want to wear them too. When girls show an interest in the hijab, they tend to keep it with them throughout their lives. So to help you style your hijab, check out Latest Turban Hijab Styles.

Pin de Monica Teixeira de Souza em Beleza negra | Belezas negras ...


↓ 24 – Young Palestinian Girl Praying

Most of the time, inner caps are worn inside the hijab to keep the hijab in its place throughout the day. They are great for young and active girls who are on the move the whole day long. You can simply make a bun and then wear inner caps inside your hijab. For this purpose, you can use hijab pins to secure the cloth with the inner cap. The inner cap will prove as  lifesaver as it will need let your hijab slip.



↓ 23 – Adorable Baby in a Head Wrap

Headwraps are so cute you can easily make them in an interesting way to keep your little girl’s interest in covering her hair. You can make a side flower when putting it on for them, or you can also make a rose on the front part just like it’s shown in the picture below. They not only look stylish but also do the job of keeping your hair tucked away.



↓ 22 – Turkish Girl in Croatia Lace Scarf

This young Turkish girl looks adorable in her blue headscarf with lace borders. Her scarf also has red flowers on it, which is a good idea to adopt for yourself or your kids. She has the most beautiful greyish green eyes, but she looks a little sad, as can be seen by her pout.



↓ 21 – Beautiful Smiling Girl

This girl has the sweetest smile with the most breathtaking glassy green eyes. The light purple dupatta on her head works as a loose cover for her hair and matches perfectly with the sweater she is working. You should also try out matching your hijab with your clothes!



↓ 20 – Cute Beautiful Hijabi Baby

If you want your little girl to start wearing a hijab, you can start by making her take a scarf around her head tied in some way. This will make sure she starts to wear the hijab step by step and will make her fall in love with the hijab, too, as she will like how she looks wearing it.



↓ 19 – Pretty and Adorable Hijab with Lace

You can see the innocence of this baby in her eyes and all over her face. She has gorgeous green eyes and long lashes. Her headscarf is in a cap style. With a knitted piece and some coin like attachments dangling from it. It’s a wonderful way to introduce kids to the hijab without the hassle of putting on a wrap-around hijab for them.



↓ 18 – Wrap it like a Star!

Especially in Tunisia, and in other African countries, the hijab is worn with quite a different style which is more of a head wrap and looks very glamourous as well. You can try a different style of wrapping a scarf on the head and turn your baby girl into a Fashion model. This can also be used to make your child comfortable with wearing a hijab.


↓ 17 – Elegant Kashmiri Girl

The Kashmiri girl in this picture is wearing a dupatta loosely wrapped around her head. She has deep brown eyes that speak way more than any words ever could.



↓ 16 – Gorgeous in Black Hijab

This photograph is very aesthetically pleasing due to the blank background. The girl has a plain black cloth wrapped around her head that is blending into the background. She looks hopeful and serene as she poses for the camera. This shows that sometimes going simple is way better than anything fancy.



↓ 15 – Lovely Little Girl in Pink

The young girl looks like she belongs to a rural area in a South Asain country. Her attire and the background make it seem like she lives in a desert. She looks sad, but her eyes are hopeful for a better future for her and her family than she has right now.


↓ 14 – The Emirati Style Hijab

Indeed, the Emirati style of hijab is very glamorous and beautiful. These Hijabs are adorned with jewels and shiny Laces, which add stunning effects. This child looks adorable in her veil. Since most baby girls have a round face shape because of the baby fat, you should check out these Cute Hijab Styles for Round Face.



↓ 13 – Happiness is Beauty

These pictures of the girl child being adorably happy are such a treat for the eyes. You can tell she is enjoying her experience with a hijab and likes how she looks. Her smile is contagious, and we’re sure you’re smiling just looking at her!


↓ 12 – Cute Girl in White Hijab

A plain white hijab can be a little risky to put on kids as they can get it dirty easily. But this baby has not only kept it clean but has also made it look so effortlessly perfect. She looks adorable while laughing and enjoying her time while adorning this simple look.



↓ 11 – Adorable Twin Hijabi Girls

You can always use a bigger dupatta or shawl to use as a hijab like has been done for these adorable little girls. They seem to be enjoying it a lot by the way they are smiling and laughing. The picture screams double trouble and oozes twice the usual cuteness of baby pictures.



↓ 10 – Baby Girl In Abaya

Baby girls don’t need to wear Hijab or Abaya, but if they do wear any dress, it makes the outfit more adorable. Just like this cute beautiful girl who is wearing a matching headscarf with her dress. It would look awesome in any formal events like weddings or even at religious occasions like Eid or Milaads.



↓ 9 – Flowers in Floral Head Scarf

Take a look at the four young girls smiling happily for the camera in their gorgeous floral hijabs. They’re setting a new fashion trend by adorning these printed scarves and letting people know only plainclothes aren’t the way to go.



↓ 8 – Bedazzled Innocence

Just look at the big brown and innocent sees of this delightful baby. She looks so hopeful and pure in her embroidered hijab. This picture is probably from Eid as she seems to be entirely dressed up. Her hijab appears to be attached to her shirt. This is a great way to make sure the hijab stays on as little kids play ad move around a lot during the day.



↓ 7 – Beautiful Young Girl with Knitted Scarf

This look is perfect for winters to beat the cold. Instead of a woolen cap, you can wrap this knitted scarf around your kids’ heads to keep them warm and make them look great at the same time.



↓ 6 – Innocent Girl with Pretty Eyes

This young girl with striking green eyes looks gorgeous in her white chiffon scarf. It is loosely wrapped around her head, which is a great idea to adopt for your kids if it’s hot outside.



↓ 5 – Baby’s Lovely Smile

This baby looks like she’s having the time of her life just playing around on the carpet in her printed purple pull-on hijab. The knitted rose on it makes her look even more lovable.



↓ 4 – Chic Style

This is a very fashionable and stylish way of covering your or your kids’ heads. It’s easy to manage for the kids as it isn’t long and is also ideal for summers because it stays away from the neck completely.



↓ 3 – Baby with Beautiful Smile

This baby looks so happy with her bright pink headcover and fun necklace. Her smile is contagious and is making us smile as we write this!



↓ 2 – Innocent Eyes

This black and white picture of a delightful baby wearing a textured hijab looks gorgeous and magical. Her eyes are so big and pretty; they seem like a portal to another universe!



↓ 1 – Epitome of Simplicity

Isn’t she too adorable and lovely? This will help in building the habit of wearing hijab gradually and slowly and will also allow your little girl to know the real importance of the hijab.




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