17 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

Best black influencers: Remember the controversy that the popular cosmetic brand “Tarte” got into for lacking diversity in their foundation range? A lot of fans especially people with darker skin called the brand out for not being inclusive of all races. Black influencers and bloggers also highlighted the fact that the market lacks racial equality.

And since, we previously discussed top American Bloggers, Saudi Bloggers, Italian Bloggers, Indian Bloggers and even Korean Bloggers, how can we leave our Black community behind?

So here we have compiled a list of Melanin Rich influencers that you should follow.

How Do We Know They are the Best?

In a world where there is an overwhelming amount of White content creators, often black consumers find it hard to relate to their fashion, lifestyle or beauty needs.

We searched Instagram to see which black influencers have helpful, up-to-date and interesting content that is relevant to dark-skinned people and have compiled the list categorically.

Celebrity Bloggers You Should Follow ASAP!

1. Beyonce– 296M Followers

We know you know Beyonce already. Black or not… you are most probably already following her on all social media.

And while we all love her for blessing us with the best songs, we quite admire her for his fashion sense. She can walk in PJs and still look stunning, let alone her glam looks for the events.

She is one of those black celebrities that look equally beautiful in dark and blonde hair.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

2. Nicki Minaj– 210M Followers

Known for her bold style and hip-hop music, Nicki Minaj is always in the limelight. It would not be wrong to call her a drop-dead gorgeous Black Barbie.

Her vibrant fun wigs, bold lip colour and that curvy body draw attention without her even trying. Before starting her career in RAP, she worked as a backup singer for local aspiring RAP singers in NYC.

And today, she has earned the title of being the first female solo artist to have 7 singles simultaneously on the Billboard 100 chart.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

Best Fashion & Beauty Influencers

3. Rihanna– 142M Followers

Rihanna is no less than a life saviour in the beauty industry for black women. When the cosmetic industry was being lashed at for not being inclusive, Rihanna launched her beauty brand, by the name, Fenty Beauty, and became the first ever cosmetic company to be “INCLUSIVE of ALL”.

Even now, Fenty is one of the top makeup brands for black women.

The brand takes pride in having a foundation range of more than 50 shades. Other dark beauty influencers on YouTube who previously struggled in finding the colour matched correctly, swore by Fenty Beauty.

Also, other products from her makeup range such as highlighters and blushes are pigmented enough to show up beautifully even on the darkest skin tones.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

4. Danielle Gray– 98.8K Followers

Danielle Gray is a digital creator and a popular black beauty blogger who has earned a Blue Badge on her social media. You can read her blog posts at The Style and Beauty Doc or follow her Instagram feed to get your skin together one post at a time.

She has highlights on her IG as well for Anti-ageing, her laser journey, acne care, getting rid of dry skin tips and many more.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

5. Kevin Screven– 165K Followers

Kevin is an advocate by profession and a makeup artist by passion. He can rock bold-coloured makeup with dramatic falsies and a megawatt highlighter for his trip to even Walmart and Target. But at the same time, Screvin can flaunt his bare skin like its no body’s business to prove Instagram makeup cant be for everyday.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

Best Lifestyle Bloggers

6. Mimi– 13.6K Followers

Based in Atlanta, Mimi is a full-time digital influencer at Unlikely Martha and an owner of a retail store, Unlikely Market.

She has been sharing the ups and downs of her personal life on social media to inspire others on how to keep their sanity when they are struggling and how to remain humble when they achieve heights.

You can find some great tips on gardening, and home organization and even find some fun DIY projects for home décor. That said, her brand features apparel, fashion accessories, home décor items, stationery and even gift items.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

7. Kevin Hart– 165M Followers

Kevin Hart might have started his career as a stand-up comedian before his debut in Hollywood, but today he is deemed one of the best Black motivational speakers. Hard to believe, but the incidents he shared about his dad being a bad parent to him in his comedy skits were true.

He shares how he was discouraged and neglected by his father in a podcast interview. The clip is present on his social media as well. He also shares, how his mother was his strength in all those difficult times and even helped him financially to pay his rent when he was an adult.

A lot of people can relate to his story, which is why he has such a huge fan following and is one of the best black male influencers today.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

8. Rashad Little– 546K Followers

Rashad is one of the top black male lifestyle bloggers, based in LA. You can get inspiration from his content related to fashion, fitness and daily routines. He also does paid promotions for brands..

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

Best Food Influencers

9. Jenné Claiborne– 383K Followers

Jenne is one of the most popular black influencers for her unique and tasty vegan recipes. She runs her blog, by name, Sweet Potato Soul. Here you can download her recipes if you sign up for Sweet Potato Soul VIP List. That said, she is from Georgia but lives in Los Angeles.

Jenne Claiborne is passionate about travel, animals, cooking and of course sweet potatoes.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

10. Jocelyn Delk Adams– 247K Followers

Have you watched the popular series “Santa’s Baking Blizzard’ and “Beat Bobby Flay”? Jocelyn Delk Adams is a Food Network Judge for these two shows, a TODAY show Tastemaker, cast member of “Food Fantasies” and “Unique Sweets”.

She also has been regularly featured on The Rachael Ray Show, Food Network’s “The Kitchen”, Dr Oz, The Cooking Channel, People Magazine, ABC World News Now, Hallmark Channel, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, O (The Oprah) Magazine, The Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS, Essence Magazine, Huffington Post, Bon Appetit, Southern Living Magazine, and many others.  

Jocelyn gives all the credit for her passion for cooking to her Grandma. She also launched her cookbook which bagged her a Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Blogger Cookbook in 2016. If you feel tempted by her creations, you can place an order for her cakes at the Williams Sonoma store.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

11. Aaron Hutcherson– 29.2K Followers

Though Hutcherson is a Systems Engineer and has a Master’s Degree in Finance, his love for food is what gained him fame. He runs his own food blog, by the name,  The Hungry Hutch, where he shares his kitchen creations. Aaron later enrolled into culinary school to obtain a Chef status. Some of his most popular recipes are Black Pepper Cultured Butter Biscuits and Hazelnut Flour Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread recipes are just two of the many we’ve bookmarked.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

Best Fitness Influencers

12. Jeanette Jenkins– 978K Followers

Jeanette is a popular black fitness influencer in America. She is the owner of the Hollywood Trainer Company and the author of The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan – 21 Days to Make Healthy Living a Lifetime Habit book.

Miss Jenkins has a total of 18 international certifications. She knows various training methods including weight training, kickboxing, pilates and yoga. With her guidance on nutrition and metabolic testing, you can easily lose weight. FYI, she also has been a personal training coach for top celebrities including Pink, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys and Tracee Ellis Ross.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

13. Ally Love– 879K Followers

Ally Love is an American fitness trainer and the founder of Love Squad. She is also a popular instructor for Peloton. You might know Ally from the Brooklyn Nets, she hosts the in-house arena. She also is a model and an Adidas Global Ambassador.

She has also done various commercials including Victoria’s Secret, Reebok, Self Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Fitness Magazine, Health Magazine, Doritos and Under Armour.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

14. John Gaines– 194K Followers

In March 2020, John launched his tiktok account and soon rose to fame with the “Break the Egg with Bicep” challenge. His video got viral and now people look up to his account for fitness tips, nutrition info and just to stalk his mesmerizing modelling videos. He is also a certified fitness trainer.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

Best Parent Influencers

15. LaShawn Wiltz– 32.7K Followers

LaShawn Wiltz, from Georgia, is a talented Influencer at Everyday Eyecandy. She is also a Howard University graduate and a registered nurse. Her blogs are a lifesaver for busy working moms and she has bagged several awards including:

  • 2018 Photography of the Year Iris Award Winner
  • 2015 BlogHer Voices of the Year Recipient
  • 2017 Mom 2.0 Summit IRIS Award winner for Instagram of the year and technology editor for Mom2.com

She is passionate about photography and books. You can find most of her work on Shutterfly, Borrowlenses and VSCO Cam. Also, she is the founder of Pouring Over Books Box, which is a book club.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

16. Christina Brown– 42.5K Followers

Christina Brown is a public figure and a supermom to three beautiful children, Candence, Colton & Courtney. She has embraced the changes pregnancy has brought to her body gracefully and showcases the #NoFilter version of reality.

Christina uplifts and empowers women of colour by spreading a positive message to be comfortable in their skin.

12 Best Black Influencers to Follow on Instagram (Men + Women)

17. Cornell C. Conaway– 68.9K Followers

Chico is a dad to a beautiful daughter, Brooke. She is his partner in crime and you will fall in love with their funny videos and daily adventures. You may also know Chico as the owner of Gainz Sportsgear.


Q. Who are the top Black influencers?

According to search engines, the top five Black influencers ranked by the largest number of Instagram followers are Dwayne Johnson with 297 million followers, followed by Beyonce having 237 million followers, Nicki Minaj bearing 174 million followers, then Kevin Hart with 136 million followers and lastly Zendaya with 128 million followers. Many of the top bloggers are also listed among black clothing brand owners.

Q. Who is the most famous Black influencer?

Dwayne Johnson is the most famous Black influencer with 297 million followers on Instagram.

Q. Who is the biggest black content creator?

Deji, Khaby Lame, CoryXKenshin, CalebCity, Marques Brownlee, Casual Geographic and Dtay are some of the biggest black content creators right now.

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