Top 15 Prettiest Female Models of Pakistan This Year

Top Models of Pakistan – Traditionally modeling has been always associated with the western styles and culture and the models adapted to western clothing and outlook are the ones considered classic. But that no longer has to continue when classic models belonging to the Muslim culture have entered the race.

Below are some of the unique and the most stylish Muslim models from mainly Pakistan who have bossily broken down the stereotype of modeling.

15 Prettiest Muslim Female Models in World

#15 – Rubab

Her impressively stunning outlook and her everlasting natural glamor give her endless amount of edge over her other rivals.

#15 - Rubab

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#14 – Jia Ali

An international face and a humble yet diva outlook make her absolute figure of incomparable talent and beauty. Ruling the fashion industry with her stunning chicness.

#14 - Jia Ali

#13 – Rubya Chaudhary

Rubya Chaudhary – not only is immensely diva-like and a figure of terrestrial beauty but also have set foot in other skillful professions of acting, dancing and of course modeling.

#13 - Rubya Chaudhary

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#12 – Hira Tareen

Not just a model but have shown much more of what’s generally expected of models. Being a VJ Host, a director and an absolute body of glamor could never have been this easy.

#12 - Hira Tareen

#11 – Sunita Marshall

Entered the fashion industry with her bossy arrival into commercial production and have been rocking on ever since. Let it be her glamorous impressions or her vast beauty.

#11 - Sunita Marshall

#10 – Cybil Chaudhary

In the vast fashion industry, Cybil has been recognized and adored by her unique, delicate features that go along awesomely with all fashion themes and make her a born diva.

#10 - Cybil Chaudhary

#9 – Nadia Hussain

It’s amazing how far people can come. Very much like our talented Nadia Hussain who started off her journey as nothing but a model and is now the owner of her very own lawn clothing line and a footwear brand.

#9 - Nadia Hussain

#8 – Mehreen Syed

Along with being gorgeous and fabulous, Syed also owns a very successful fashion institute by the name of International Fashion Academy of Pakistan (IFAP).

#8 - Mehreen Syed

#7 – Ayyan

Ayyan is mostly known for her stunning swag, perfect film industry glamor and is one of the most talented actors to date in the industry. Way to go, Ayyan.

#7 - Ayyan

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#6 – Sara Loren

An actress, a model and all so very attractive. The industry seems to have been skyrocketing at endless heights ever since Loren has step foot in and making the Muslim culture perfectly recognizable.

#6 - Sara Loren

#5 – Iman Ali

Iman Ali, who along with being an actress has also been showering her unique skills in modeling and is among some of the classiest Muslim models all over the globe.

#5 - Iman Ali

#4 – Anoushay Abbasi

Anoushay Abbasi is a Pakistani model and former VJ.

#4 - Anoushay Abbasi

#3 – Mehwish Hayat

Being endlessly classic, attractive and glamorous – Hayat has been nailing the essence of modeling.

#3 - Mehwish Hayat

#2 – Amna Ilyas

Ilyas is definitely one of the divas of the Muslim Culture. Beautiful, glamorous and stunning.

#2 - Aamna Ilyas

#1 – Ainy Jaffri

She is one of the greatest Pakistani models, having won ‘Best Model Female of the Year’ in 2010.

#1 - Ainy Jaffri

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