15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

Top Indian Beauty Bloggers. In a world where we spend most of our time online, it is only obvious that we look for advice and recommendations online. One of the main sources to get advice is via Instagram bloggers and influencers.

Thankfully, with the evolving era of digital media, we can find many Indian beauty bloggers online that can give us tips and tricks to become our best selves with products that can be found locally. So, if you are looking for some of the top Indian beauty blogs that provide the most authentic and trendy hacks and recommendations then keep on reading!

What Indian Beauty Bloggers Should You Follow?

We’ve already talked about Top Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram but today we’re focusing on Indian bloggers only. I have searched high and dry and found these best 15 blogs you need to follow in 2022. Whether you are into skincare, makeup, or DIYs, I have listed down the most talented in each category. I have also included their Instagram handles so you can go over to their pages and swoon over their stunning content!

15 – Tannia Syiemlieh (@beautyskin.pamper)

Tannia Syiemlieh is an emerging Indian beauty blogger who has some of the most elaborative and creative eye makeup that I have ever come across. Not only is she serving looks that will leave you in awe but her content is definitely an amazing source of entertainment for all her followers.

Besides her extraordinary eye makeup looks, you will also find her trying out different products, especially different lipsticks, on her feed. So, if eye makeup looks and lipsticks are in your forte, you need to follow her!

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

14 – Mrinalini Gupta (@makeupbymrinalini)

A boss lady, a makeup artist, and a content creator; Mrinalini Gupta is it all! Based in New Delhi, Mrinalini, or Mri, works with various brides and makes them look absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous on their wedding day.

She has made many makeup tutorials and also uploads a few reels featuring herself trying out new hacks that she found on the internet!

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

13 – Anjani (@ninisvanitybox)

Anjani is the queen of DIYs when it comes to Indian Beauty Blogs. Her feed includes many useful DIYs regarding tips to get glowing skin, lose weight, or long luscious hair.

The best part is her DIYs include ingredients that you already have at home or those that are readily available in the local market. Also, she gives recommendations of the best dupes you can find in India and her makeup transitions are definitely worth watching. So, make sure to follow her!

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

12 – Chetali Chadha (@chetalichadha)

Chetali Chadha is a skincare reviewer who reviews local as well as international brands to let you know which ones are worth buying and trying.

Moreover, I loved her because of two reasons.

First, she gives dupes recommendations which are extremely helpful considering how expensive some of the international products are.

Second, she is big on affordable high-quality beauty products and has some pretty good suggestions up her sleeve.

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

11 – Tanya Joshi (@relatewithtanya)

Are you tired of applying that one kind of eye makeup you learned ages ago? Do you want to learn new types of eye looks that will turn some heads when you walk into a room?

If yes, then Tanya Joshi is the person to follow! Tanya is super duper talented when it comes to eye makeup and her entire feed is proof of that. Each post on her feed features a different look and some eye looks make you wonder how on earth did she make those colors look so good together?

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

10 – Akanksha Kommirelly (@akankshakommirelly)

Do you like watching Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos? If so, Akanksha is the beauty blogger to follow. Her feed is absolutely flawless.

I loved how diverse her content was! From GRWM to OOTD/N (Outfit Of The Day/Night) to how to get the perfect bouncy curls, she posts it all! Moreover, her radiating personality instantly makes you like her and when you start watching her content, it won’t be long before you start swooning.

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15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

9 – Prerna (@mascara_tales)

Looking for a blogger who shows you how to look absolutely fabulous at any event? Prerna is the person to follow! You would be blown away the minute you click on her profile because of her sheer talent.

She makes really creative transition reels; each featuring a different styling option. Her videos will definitely keep you hooked because of her dynamic personality, flawless makeup, and glamorous fashion sense!

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

8 – Anmol Wadhwani (@anmolwadhwaniofficial)

What made me include Anmol in my list? Her subtle and flawless makeup techniques! The first thing that I noticed about her Instagram page was how classy and elegant she looked in each one of her posts. Most of her content revolves around subtle makeup tricks and hairstyling.

However, you would find a few posts regarding her favorite places to eat and visit as well. Her blog is perfect if you want to learn how to do your makeup when you go to university or your workplace.

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

7 – Shreemayi Reddy (@shreemayireddyy)

Shreemayi Reddy caught my attention and I immediately started following her because of her super useful insta-stories. She gives the best advice when it comes to beauty products!

From what she uses to film her videos to which product to use to remove body hair, she will give you suggestions about everything and anything. She also posts regular reviews about different skincare and makeup products so if you want to know how to get glowy and radiant skin (just like hers), you need to follow her right away!

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

6 – Jovita George (@mrjovitageorge)

Jovita George is one of the best beauty bloggers to follow if you are looking for a trustworthy person to review local and international beauty brands.

Though she regularly uploads on Instagram, she has a huge following on Youtube as well. Whether it is the best blush brands for brown skin to the best foundations, she has suggestions for everyone!

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

5 – Silky AKA Sedoso (@sedoso_)

Silky or better known as Sedoso is an Indian beauty blogger who is famous for her outfits and her hilarious reels.

She is someone who combines humor with classiness and that is one of the reasons why she is in my top five. She is certainly someone who you can relate to, especially if you grew up in a desi household. Apart from her reels, her dressing sense and makeup are always on point and will make you drool.

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

4 – Simmy (@simmygoraya)

One of the first things that you would notice on the blogger’s Instagram feed would be her gorgeous outfits.

Simmy always knows the best outfits to wear on any occasion; going to a shadi? A date with bae or out with friends? You will find every type of outfit on her feed. Apart from outfits, she occasionally makes makeup tutorials and mini vlogs as well. So if that is something you like, then do follow her!

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

3 – Tarini Peshawaria (@tarinipeshawaria)

Are you someone who loves skincare? If so, Tarini Peshawaria is the perfect person to follow on Instagram.

Her feed is full of videos in which she is trying new products and explaining common skin problems and their remedies. Furthermore, she is most famous for her ethereal hair so make sure to check out her videos and find products that would help you grow strong, silky, and thick hair like hers!

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

2 – Gurnaz (@itsgurnaz)

Gurnaz is one of the best bloggers that you can follow on Instagram. Her flawless eye looks, her breathtaking outfits, and her hilarious reels are what make her unique among all the other beauty bloggers.

You need to follow her if you want to learn flawlessly smooth makeup techniques that can help you look stunning at all your desi events! From hair to makeup and lifestyle, she brings the best type of content for all kinds of people.

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15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

1 – Ankita Chaturvedi (@corallistablog)

Ankita Chaturvedi or as known by her Instagram name Corallista is a UK-based beauty content creator who has more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram. Honestly, she is the ideal person to follow if you want an all-rounder influencer to look up to for different beauty-related suggestions and guidance.

She regularly updates her profile with reviews of recent makeup and skincare products so if you are someone who loves to know about the latest trends, she is the person you need to follow!

15 Best Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow This Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I become a beauty blogger in India?

There are a few steps you need to take in order to become a beauty blogger in India:

  • Select your niche; do you want to focus on eye looks, skincare, lifestyle, or do you want to be an all-rounder?
  • Select your platform; the most common ones used by bloggers is Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube
  • Regularly update your feed; you need to be consistent with posting content on your feed and stories
  • Follow relevant profiles and engage with your audience
  • Last but not least, be patient

While the road is certainly long and hard, it is not impossible. Do not lose hope, just keep on working towards your goal and let your persistence and motivation lead the way!

Q. Are beauty blogs profitable?

Yes, beauty blogs are profitable once you have enough following. However, to earn, you would have to create your own personal brand in addition to having enough followers (at least 10k+). After that, you will most probably start getting paid partnerships and sponsorships which is the basic mean of income for most influencers on Instagram.

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