Top 14 American Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2023

Top American beauty bloggers to follow: Everybody is pretty obsessed with the world of glamour and the ongoing beauty trends these days. Most of us spend our time watching our favorite beauty bloggers doing new makeup looks, funky tutorials, and sharing beauty tips and secrets. Not going to lie but they are the ones who have taught us a lot about makeup. Across the web, they are helping women of all ages by becoming their beauty and style experts. Women love to share and are drawn to the community, which makes these blogs the perfect place to learn, share, and enjoy that sense of sisterhood.

Although makeup or skincare launches all the time and a makeup brand can never successfully grow without the help of our bloggers’ community, we love to go back to our favorite bloggers to have an opinion on the stuff before purchasing and trying it. And there is no second opinion about the unmatched knowledge they have about the beauty stuff. In this article, we are going to talk all about the top American beauty bloggers and inspiring facts about them.

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Who Are The Best Beauty Bloggers in the USA?

We’ve rounded up 14 of the best American beauty bloggers on the basis of their popularity and engagement with the people. Almost all of these have a huge fan following. These are the ones who have built entire industries around
their names and are dominating the makeup world. They are an inspiration to a lot of girls and boys around the world. The names are:

  • Jeffree Star
  • James Charles
  • Nickie de Jagger
  • Jaclyn Hill
  • Tati Westbrook
  • Huda Kattan
  • Laura Lee
  • Gabriel Zamora
  • Nikita Dragun
  • Patrick Star
  • Shayla Mitchell
  • Cole Carrigan
  • Kathleen Lights
  • Kaylee Melissa

What do Beauty Bloggers do?

Becoming a beauty blogger may seem like an easy task but it actually is not. Constant brainstorming is a part of this job to create loads and loads of content. Updating their personal blogs and Instagram feeds on a daily basis may get overwhelming for some of them but only the passionate ones stay and get all the well-deserved spotlight, brand deals, and success. 

Beauty bloggers need to stay updated about the latest trends and styles at all times. Tons of knowledge and experience about the tips and tricks for hair, skin, makeup, and fashion is required to enlighten the people who follow and look up to them. They also tend to collaborate with like-minded beauty bloggers to get exposure. In short, providing value is the topmost priority of every blogger in the beauty industry in order to retain the people’s attention and obviously the engagement on their posts and YouTube videos.

↓ 14 – Jeffree star

Who doesn’t love Jeffree Star and his cosmetics line?! Every time he comes up with the most iconic and affordable makeup products that sell out like hotcakes. He started off experimenting with his mom’s makeup and got
bullied for it in high school but that made him the star that he is today!

Whichever brand you’re looking for, be it drugstore or a bit on the higher end he’s got you covered with his reviews. They are 100% honest and worth watching before making a purchase. You can search them up on youtube as he’s become the fifth most paid Youtuber. (December 2018). With a following of 16.1 million on Instagram, he is definitely one of the trusted influencers in the beauty community.
Instagram handle: @jeffreestar

↓ 13 – James Charles

This NY-based beauty guru and makeup influencer definitely turns heads with his creative and mesmerizing makeup looks. At the age of just 17, he received a number of awards for his art, became the first male ambassador of the
CoverGirl and recently launched his first makeup palette in collaboration with Morphy. He was also a part of the Youtube original series “The Instant Influencer”. With a following of almost 18.1 million, he’s definitely making an impact on the beauty community with his quirky and fun-loving nature. 
Instagram handle: @jamescharles

↓ 12 – Nikkie de Jagger

Nikkie is a 27-year-old dutch beauty blogger who runs a successful YouTube channel with almost 14 million subscribers.  Her diverse makeup looks, tutorials, and product reviews are absolutely loved and trusted by many, all around the world. She has recently come out on her YouTube channel as a transgender that has become a source of light and liberation to the LGBTQ community. 
Instagram handle: @nikkietutorials

↓ 11 – Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn started her career as a beauty blogger and influencer through YouTube in 2010 and since then she has become one of the most successful makeup influencers with a following of millions. She is also an entrepreneur and has a makeup line, “Jaclyn cosmetics” with a beauty mantra of “it’s more than just makeup”. Her obsession with makeup can be truly seen in her work. It is said that whatever Jaclyn touches sells out like hotcakes.
Instagram handle: @jaclynhill

↓ 10 – Tati Westbrook

Tatiana Aleksandra Westbrook is an American Internet personality with a huge fan following on her YouTube channel and Instagram account. She is loved for her unbiased reviews and recommendations of newly launched products and
services. Recently, she landed herself in hot waters for becoming a part of the internet drama which led her to take a break from the overwhelming and oh-so-competitive world of beauty for almost a year. 
Instagram handle: @glamlifeguru

↓ 9 – Huda kattan

Huda Kattan has Iraqi-American origins and started her career in the field of beauty in 2007. After gaining much popularity for her skills and artistry, she founded one of the biggest makeup brands in the entire world with the name
of “Huda Beauty”. The products of this high-end brand are loved across the globe for their immaculate quality. Along with that, Huda is a proud single mother and inspires millions out there.
Instagram handle: @hudabeauty

↓ 8 – Laura Lee

Laura Lee is one of the self-made makeup artists who are located in Los Angeles America and are working day and night for the beauty industry. Although she had become quite controversial for her insensitive racial remarks but took no time in apologizing for her actions and since then is trying to be a better version for herself. Her social media success is the main reason why big brands like MAC, Too Faced, and Benefit Cosmetics loved collaborating with her. In 2017, the entrepreneur Laura launched her own makeup line known as “Laura Lee Los Angeles “ and it was a huge success for her.
Instagram handle: @larlarlee

↓ 7 – Gabriel Zamora

Gabriel Zamora is a YouTube star with a strong fan following. He is recognized as one of the top male makeup artists and social media influencers to date. He uploads all sorts of videos on his YouTube channel including makeup tutorials, product reviews, his life stories, vlogs, challenges and collaborations with other YouTubers, skincare tips, and much more. He’s also a part of Michelle Phans beauty community known as “ipsy” as the first male makeup artist.
Instagram handle: @gabrielzamora

↓ 6 – Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun aka Mama Dragun is a YouTube star and a top beauty influencer. She came out as a trans woman during her YouTube career a filmed some of her transitioning videos. The way she embraced her trans self was a source of inspiration to a number of people who were struggling to come out. She also started her own brand called “Dragun beauty” which was appreciated and loved by her fans all around the world. 
Instagram handle: @nikitadragun

↓ 5 – Patrick Star

With a fan following of millions, Patrick star has definitely become a heartthrob in a short span of time with his makeup skills and humorous nature. He is also a freelance makeup artist who knows how to bring colors to people’s faces for specific occasions. The funky-colored turban is what makes him unique in this glamorous world of beauty. We absolutely love his sense of style, hence adding him to the list of the best American bloggers to follow is a must.

Instagram handle: @patrickstarrr

↓ 4 – Shayla Mitchell

Shayla belongs to California and recently got married to the love of her life. This dusky beauty is an Instagram star with an influential personality. Having a strong fan following of about 2.7 million followers on Instagram is something great that Shayla has achieved in her lifetime. She also owns a YouTube channel which is an outlet for her to showcase her spectacular makeup skills. Her fans get the most excited when Shayla goes live and demonstrates the makeup tutorials in depth and detail.
Instagram handle: @makeupshayla

↓ 3 – Cole Carrigan

Cole is a Los Angeles-based beauty blogger and influencer. He is a self-taught makeup artist and has continuously worked on his skills to become what he is today. The professionalism in his work is evident in his detailed makeup looks. His association with FX makeup is a big plus for his makeup skillset. Cole Carrigan is an ambassador and promotor of many beauty brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree star cosmetics, and Lilly lashes. 
Instagram handle: @cohlsworld

↓ 2 – Kathleen Lights

Kathleen is a 29-year-old makeup influencer who was born in California and is currently based in Miami. Her clothing hauls and makeup tutorials are eagerly watched by a huge fan base of almost 4 million subscribers on YouTube. She
is considered one of the top beauty gurus on the internet. If you are curious and want to have a look at her daily life, Visit Kathleen’s vlog channel with the name “DaysOfOurLights”. Her collaboration with color pop is a big achievement for her career.
Instagram handle: @kathleenlights

↓ 1 – Kayley Melissa

Kayley is a 31-year-old US-based hairstylist and a content creator. She is called the hair braiding enthusiast by her followers. Her creative and easy-to-do hairstyles are watched and appreciated by a subscription base of almost 1.5 million. She started her first Youtube channel in 2010 with the name “letsmakeitup1” and later launched another YouTube channel “letsmakeitup2”. Her achievements in her career include partnering up with Style Haul.
Instagram handle: @kayleymelissa

How to Become a Beauty Blogger?

If you want to live a boss-free life, here is your chance. Anyone can be a beauty blogger but for that, you need to be patient and passionate about this world of beauty. The attainment of popularity and success is actually through
a snowball effect, you just need to be consistent in whatever you’re posting online. For beginners who are looking forward to making it a long term thing for themselves, we have listed a few important steps:

  • Pick the right platform for yourself. You can either choose or to create your beauty blog. But as instagram is more trending these days and almost all the brands are closing brand deals with instagram influencers, hence it is the best place to start with.
  • Choose a catchy name for your beauty blog. It should be attractive enough to leave an impression on the minds of the people who visit. Keep in mind that it is preferable to not have punctuation or numbers in your Instagram handle.
  • Find your niche. In the vast world of beauty, you can have a number of niches to choose or talk about. We would suggest you to choose the least saturated ones. Comprehensive research on choosing a niche and understanding the audience never goes to waste.
  • First impression is the last impression. Get a good camera and lighting for your first post and introduce yourself to the world.
  • Moreover, You can promote yourself through advertisements and collaborations.


Q.1: Who is the Most Popular Beauty Youtuber? 

James Charles is definitely the most subscribed beauty influencer on YouTube with a subscription of almost 25.5 million. Second, comes Yuya with a following of 24.6 and then Jeffre star with a fanbase of 16.5 million

Q.2: Who is the Richest Makeup Artist?

Huda Kattan is probably the richest makeup artist, entrepreneur, and an Iraq American beauty blogger.

Q.3: Is Makeup Artistry a Good Career Option? 

As the world is progressing we see a number of boys and girls indulging in the field of makeup and skincare as it is gaining a tremendous amount of popularity and attention from people all around the globe. Makeup artists are trusted, wanted, and respected everywhere for their amazing and unique skillset.

Q.4: How Big is the Beauty Industry? 

The beauty industry is definitely growing bigger and stronger with each passing day. According to the statistics, the revenue of the US cosmetics industry was calculated to be 49.2 billion US dollars in 2019.


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