20 Businesses Owned by Black Women – with Price and Reviews

Businesses Owned by Black Women As we all know, that in this fast-paced world women, are doing great in every field. According to an American study, it has been proved that about 89% of black women are successful entrepreneurs. However, it is not about color, creed, or cast. Rather it is about the passion and determination these black women possess and businesses owned by black women.

Moreover, black women are no less than others, and they are starting a business faster than any other group. Therefore we have to support them, and one of the major ways to support businesses owned by black women is with our outlay power.

Furthermore, Black women-owned firms had an average revenue of $24,000 per firm, compared to $142,900 for all women-owned enterprises. The difference in average revenue between black women-owned businesses and all women-owned businesses is the largest of any minority.

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Businesses Owned by Black Women

These are exceptional brands with inspiring leaders, missions, and stories, ranging from cosmetics merchants to clothes enterprises. We invite you to learn more about them and shop with them regularly, not just today. We have round-up 20 businesses owned by black women with price and reviews. So, let’s have a look.

Brand Name 

Price Range

Kendall Miles Designs

205$ - 720$

The Crayon Case

3$ - 20$ 

Grace Eleyae 

15$ - 50$

Autumn Adeigbo

295$ - 1500$


18$ - 70$

Mother Mindset

1.99$ - 14$

Black Girl Sunscreen

9.99$ - 18.99$



The Lip Bar

10$ - 68$

Mented Cosmetics

5$ - 50$

Fenty Beauty


Hanahana Beauty

5$ - 45$

Jam + Rico


Ethel’s Club



14$ - 14.2$



Love Notes


Melanie Marie

10$ - 435$

OUI the People

7.60$ - 183$


6$ - 141$

↓ 20 – Kendall Miles Designs (Founder: Kendall Reynolds)

Kendall Reynolds is a great entrepreneur and one to keep an eye on in the footwear industry. Kendall Miles Designs (KMD), a shoe business founded by a 25-year-old entrepreneur. She has been gaining a lot of attention for all the right reasons.
Reynolds has gone a long way from creating in her college apartment to seeing Rihanna wearing her boots, and she shows no indications of slowing down any time soon.

Price and Review:

The price range is from 205$ to 720$. These shoes are fantastic. They are so comfortable like an athletic sneaker but have the quality and attention to detail of a dress shoe. Very well made with extraordinary attention to detail. You can buy them from here.

↓ 19 – The Crayon Case (Founder: Raynell Steward)

Raynell Steward discovered her niche in the market and an extremely loyal fan base with her bright colors, creative packaging, and emphasis on being a cosmetic line dedicated to novice makeup users. The Crayon Case alone made nearly $1.3 million in only one hour on Cyber Monday! How powerful the brand and its products are. Don’t wait and support a business owned by black women.

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 3$ to 20$. Great for getting everything precise, if you don’t have these you are missing out. If you are looking for good soft and precise brushes to do nice eye makeup, these are the truth. I find them really good if you want to get a detailed eye blend and an on-point eyebrow.

↓ 18 – Grace Eleyae (Founder: Grace Eleyae)

Grace Eleyae is a brand owner of Grace Eleyae head caps. So, finally, there is a head cap that black women can wear and do chores. The most amazing and fascinating thing about Grace Eleyae head caps is the protection, that they provide besides cuteness. Moreover, there are different varieties of caps including beanies, turbans, and fedoras.
I have purchased them and it’s super cute and amazing. Click to buy!

Price and Reviews:

The Price range is from 15$ to 50$. I just love the quality of caps. The adjustable tie in the back allows you to tighten to your liking and help keep your cap from slipping. This hat is the best thing. Glad I purchased 3 of them. There are a variety of caps, turbans, and beanies. I have tried beanies and it went out amazing.

↓ 17 – Autumn Adeigbo (Founder: Autumn Adeigbo)

Autumn Adeigbo was chosen “best dressed,” when she was in fourth grade. She attended Parsons School of Design and worked in the fashion industry for several years before creating her line. Her eco-friendly line, which includes everything from headbands to journals to dresses, is a show-stopper and is manufactured using sustainable processes. So, what are you waiting for?
Just go to the website and shop for your favorite item. Hurry up!

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 295$ to 1500$. The fabric of Autumn Adeigbo is so comfortable and worthy. Their skirts and tops are fine in quality and reasonable.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 16 – Avocurl (Founder: Jasmine Curtis)

The brand itself presenting the ingredients that are used in this hair care product. Avocurl is a hair care product that is made up of handmade and clean avocado oil, butter, moisturizer, and conditioner.
Jasmine Curtis started Avocurl in her dorm room when she became tired of having dry hair and using products that contained a lot of extra dangerous chemicals.
We should give a huge round of applause to all the businesses owned by black women and their passion for the business that provides benefit to every woman. Don’t wait to get yours from here.

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 18$ to 70$. Products are nice, I love how whipped the hair butter is and the daily moisturizer is my favorite one. I just wish the bottles were a bit bigger.

↓ 15 – Mother Mindset (Founder: Octavia “Avi” Steede)

Mother Mindset is different from other businesses because it focuses on mother and fertility issues. Octavia “Avi” Steede is a nurse and also runs a YouTube channel. Moreover, she has a brand Mother Mindset combines health, faith, and fertility education through uplifting T-shirts/hoodies, coaching, and other digital programs for women.

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 1.99$ to 14$. I have been using the foods recommended and am feeling healthier each time I eat them.

↓ 14 – Black Girl Sunscreen (Founder: Shontay Lundy)

As you can see, the name of the brand tells you the product and its specialty for Black women. Shontay Lundy created this brand to boost the confidence of black women and named it Black Girl Sunscreen. However, she is on the mission to provide the knowledge of Sunscreen and with more natural ingredients that help your skin glow on Sun.
There are no parabens and harmful chemicals in their products. You are safe! Buy it and get benefits.

Price and Reviews:

The Prices range from $9.99 to $18.99. Black Girl Sunscreen leaves no white cast as other sunscreens do. I really liked the quality of this product. The smell is amazing.

↓ 13 – Glode (Founder: Trinity Mouzon)

Glode is a Brooklyn-born brand and founded by Trinity Mouzon and its independent brand. Glode is on a mission to provide the best products which are useful for your health and beauty. Additionally, they produce superfood-boosted essentials that are super healthy for your skin and health. The products taste good, and you will feel good. Buy it from here.

Price and Reviews:

The price starts at 22$. The quality is fine and the smell is amazing. I prefer to use this for my skin.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 12 – The Lip Bar (Founder: Melissa Butler)

Melissa Butter is a powerful businesswoman and supports black women. She created the brand lip Bar for everybody in 2012. The brand gave a powerful message that every woman is beautiful, and that’s why her collection of products is for every collection, age, and skin type.

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 10$ to 68$. The collection of all the makeup items are super amazing and long-lasting. Great brow pencil. Easy to use and one of the best I have found.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 11 – Mented Cosmetics (Founder: KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson)

KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson created the brand “Mented Cosmetics.” And it is so much appealing for black women. They believed that every woman has the right to look beautiful and confident. Therefore, Mented Cosmetics has every shade for every skin tone. Moreover, the most important things about their products are paraben-free, non-toxic, and vegan.

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 5$ to 50$. Every product is amazing and of fine quality. Love the color and feel of these liquid lipsticks.

↓ 10 – Fenty Beauty (Founder: Rihanna)

Who doesn’t know and love Rihanna? Everyone does! And everyone knows that she is the founder of Fenty Beauty. Yes! You heard it right. She launched her beauty line that features foundations in almost every shade.
She launched a comprehensive beauty brand Fenty Beauty for every woman. Additionally, she founded a clothing brand Savage x Fenty in which she introduced lingeries and loungewear. Well, she is a Superstar with crazy talent. Just for you people. Buy from here.

Price and Reviews:

The price range starts from 18$. Every product is pretty good and at reasonable prices.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 9 – Hanahana Beauty (Founder: Hanahana)

Hanahana Beauty is a clean brand for you! They offered good quality products that are made from healthy ingredients which are good for your body.
Moreover, by using Hanahana Beauty products you will feel good from the inside and confident from the outside. I believe this is what every woman wants.

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 5$ to 45$. This is honestly such a great brand. The products are amazing. It leaves my skin shiny and soft, also, it smells delicious. I will be purchasing more.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 8 – Jam + Rico (Founder Jam and Rico)

Jam & Rico is a women-owned fashion jewelry company that specified in bold, one-of-a-kind, and colorful creations that inspire confidence and beauty. People, culture, music, and art from countries such as the Caribbean and Latin America inspire the two designers. They’re making stunning and passionate jewelry items as a result of their explorations. Moreover, these two are so talented and passionate and, you must shop jewelry items from here.

Price and Reviews:

The price range starts from 35$. The jewelry is so good and I ordered it for myself and I am loving it.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 7 – Ethel’s Club (Founder: Naj Austin)

Ethel Lucas, a matriarch figure in a close-knit community, was her grandmother’s name. With a purpose-driven environment for People of Color to heal and grow through dialogue, wellness, and creativity, Ethel’s Club continues its mission.

↓ 6 – Kazmaleje

This company was created with textured hair in mind. As we know, everyone has different kinds of hair with a unique texture. Kazmaleje’s purpose is to encourage women and men to embrace their natural curls while flaunting and enjoying their individuality. They include a selection of detanglers and combs, as well as advice for those with longer hair. Don’t wait and grab it right now.

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 14$ to 14.2$. Trust me it is the best thing I have ever bought. It suits my textured hair. My life is easy now.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 5 – KNC (Founder: Kristen Noel Crawley)

KNC brand is founded by Kristen Noel Crawley. This brand offers an amazing collection of products including, lip masks, lip scrubs, and eye masks. When you try these products, you will be fresh and naturally cute. You should try KNC.

Price and Reviews:

The price starts from 22$. Your KNC eye mask is like 8 hours of beauty sleep. I am grateful for KNC products.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 4 – Love Notes (Founder: Nya Kam)

Nya Kam is a founder of Love Notes which is Brooklyn based brand. It makes beautiful hand-poured, custom-blended soy candles, as well as body teas and aromatherapy. Love Notes Fragrances is distinguished by its stylish packaging, which was created with the consumer in mind. I am ready to get it, what about you? Buy it from here.

Price and Reviews:

The price starts at 30$.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 3 – Melanie Marie (Founder: Melanie Marie)

Melanie Marie is the founder of this personalized jewelry company, which undertakes a lot of charity work in the community. Melanie Marie provides fun trips, creative mentoring, social advocacy activities, and educational options for young girls to help them explore their hobbies and succeed academically. Moreover, they sell anklets, bracelets, baby jewelry, earrings, hair clips, bags, shoelace tags, and so much more to make this happen.

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 10$ to 435$. If you are a jewelry lover then here is the best brand for you.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 2 – OUI the People (Founder: Karen Young)

OUI the People was founded by Karen Young. This brand sells reusable, direct-to-consumer razors, body gloss, a shave gel-to-milk, in-shower moisturizer, and bikini line treatments. With no perfection, flawless, or anti-aging claims, the company is dedicated to altering the vocabulary of beauty. Additionally, OUI the People creates incredible products that will leave your skin glowing.

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 7.60$ to 183$. Our body needs hydration to look and feel its best, no matter your skin type. So get some.

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

↓ 1 – Pattern (Founder: Tracee Ellis Ross)

Tracee Ellis Ross is an American actress, singer, and television host (and all-around icon). She released her hairline Pattern with a purpose. She spent over two years working with chemists to develop hair care solutions for curly, coily, and tight-textured hair. Ross has also recently started working at Ulta as a Diversity & Inclusion Advisor! Pattern currently sells serums and hair masks. Take a look!

Price and Reviews:

The price range is from 6$ to 141$. It’s perfect for my wash and goes style. Also, the conditioner is so different from most because it comes out like lotion super thick and it makes my hair look like a salon-quality wash. 

20 Businesses Owned by Black Women with Price and Reviews

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: How many black women-owned businesses are there?

A: 35% of Black business owners are women. Women represent 35% of Black-owned businesses, compared to just 27% of female-business owners of other racial identities. Moreover, women are strong and passionate in the field of business.

Q: What is the largest black-owned business?

A: RLJ Lodging Trust, one of the largest publicly owned Black businesses, reported total assets of $5,92 billion in June 2020.

Q: How many Black female CEOs are there?

A: For the first time, two Black women are among the Fortune 500’s 41 female CEOs. Karen Lynch of CVS Health is also the highest-rated person in history, at No. 4. With the release of the current Fortune 500 list, here’s a look at the historically high number of female-led businesses on the list.

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