15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

Top Instagram Bloggers: Blogging is the new art of influencing people and surely Italians are on top of the list. Daily our Instagram is flooded with pictures of top Italian bloggers due to their boldness, beauty, or extrovert nature.

No matter, whether they belong to fashion, biking, cooking, sports, or photography, they are on the top of our list due to the mesmerizing images on their social account inspiring us to add their life elements into our routines. These famous Italian Instagrammers have compelled us to follow them and we suggest you to do the same.

So, let’s take out your beach dresses and sunglasses to roam around Italy, finding the 10 top Italian bloggers.

Best Instagram Influencers (Female)

You know we love both, Italy and Instagram as we’ve talked so much about Italian Men Street Style Fashion Ideas and we also keep you updated about the Instagram accounts that are worth following.

Instagram is all about pictures paired with mesmerizing dresses, bold poses, and aspiring stories. These Italian Instagram influencers, open and shut their eyes on Instagram with the most dolled-up images. Let’s learn about their personalized stories and the reasons behind their fame.

1. Chiara Ferragni

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

28.1 million Instagram followers

Never tell me that you are a fashion enthusiast, and you don’t know about The Blonde Salad!

Law student turned into a fashion blogger; Chiara Ferragni has earned millions of pounds by putting her media-ready personality into images.

In this age, who doesn’t like hearing aspiring stories and that too narrated by a pretty face with branded essentials? She has created waves throughout the world as a self-made woman.

One of the creators of the famous Italian shoe brand Tod, and a Ferragnez series aired on Amazon, 33-year-old Ferragni is not only known for her looks but for smart brains too.

2. Donatella Versace

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

9.3 Million Instagram followers

Donatella Versace, the house of power and creativity. After the death of his brother Gianni, Donatella became the creative director of her brand Versace.

Versace is primarily a high-street fashion brand for clothing, footwear, and bags that includes an expanded version of home and corporate décor. This larger-than-life personality is known for the status of carrying an Atelier Versace and a pret line also.

What we absolutely adore about her personality is her philanthropic heart; serving as a patron to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, she has won numerous recognitions for her brand.

3. Marzia Kjellberg

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

8.3million followers

Heard of the word cutie pie? Now see it in real!

It is the username of the YouTube channel held by Marzia Kjellberg. She is a famous Italian vlogger known for creating content about fashion, lifestyle, and daily life.

Starred in her own videos beside her love interest Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (known as PewDiePie), she has attracted over 6 million subscribers and 446 million viewers making her a real-time content creator.

Marzia started her own clothing and shoe line known as “Daisy” in 2014, making her eminent in the world of lifestyle fashion.

4. Valentina Ferragni

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

4.5 million Instagram followers

Forget the Kardashians because the Ferragni sisters are here to slay! These sisters have their own reality show, millions of followers and well-settled businesses that they continue expanding.

Just turned 30, she has surely contributed enough to the fashion statement of blondes by launching her jewelry line Valentina Ferragni Studio.

Beware! Don’t take a closer look at her jewelry pieces because we can’t hold you back from breaking your bank then. Oh yeah, they are THIS irresistible!

Valentina is one of the most followed Italian fashion influencers on Instagram. Furthermore, she has been a face to many luxury brands, including Dior, Prada, Fendi, Chopard, Labello, and others.

Engaged to Luca Vezil for quite some time, they make the most adorable couple in town. Also, if you love dogs, then don’t forget to watch out for some heart-touching moments of Pablo (Valentina’s puppy) with their caretakers.

5. Benedetta Rossi

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

4.4 million Instagram followers

We surely understand that this blog post was incomplete without a food influencer.

Benedetta is one. She launched her food porn website named Fatto in Casa de Benedetta which became enormously famous due to the appetizing yet aesthetically tempting pictures and we surely agree with that.

Instagram is all about good pictures and this girl knew how to attract a foodie. At this young age, she has made a good name for herself by regularly posting mouthwatering recipes.

This is the reason we have been following her. If you also like watching tempting Fettucine picture on your feed, then do follow her.

Top Italian Influencers (Male)

6. Khaby Lame

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

80.5 Million Instagram followers

Khaby Lame aka Khabane Lame is counted as the youngest male influencer all over the world. Known for sarcastic and comedy videos, Khaby was born in Senegal and brought up in Italy. He became a digital tycoon in a couple of years.

Moreover, the most amazing thing about Khaby is that all his videos are muted and don’t incorporate any high-tech information. Contrary to this, he is known for simplifying hassles into eases. Besides this, he became the most-followed TikToker in 2022. If you want a daily dose of laughter, then start following him now!

7. Michele Morrone

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

15.6 million Instagram followers

If you are a Netflix addict, then you surely know about 365 days. Michelle Morrone was the main lead. Though he had other projects too before this series but not every project is a hit. The publicity of 365 days took Morrone to a whole new level.

Morrone is 32 years singer, model, and actor who also owns his own swimwear brand named Aurumroma. Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands like his are really inspiring for new and upcoming influencers as they have a business model to look up to and learn from.

Morrone has been married for some years and had two cute sons as well, which is definitely a heartbreak for some readers here, including us. ☹

8. Fedez

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

14.4 Million Instagram followers

Federico Leonardo Lucia known as Fedez is a famous Italian rapper, songwriter, and businessman. He is 33, and husband to the most famous Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni. Fedez and his wife is known for having a big heart for kids with specific needs.

They donated around 6 million Euros to a Milanese hospital during the recent pandemic breakout.

Along with careers going on the rise, this power couple has maintained carrying their family life with two children.

9. Valentino Rossi

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

14.4 Million Instagram followers

Valentino Rossi is not an influencer majorly; he is known for his biking tactics. Those who strictly follow MotoGP must know who Valentino Rossi is. Rossi is known as the greatest motorbiker of millennials, receiving 9 times the title of Grand Prix. He also completed 400 Grand Prix which undoubtedly made him the king of motorbiking.

Unfortunately, the phrase rise and fall fit his career well. Rossi got the worst biking accident that resulted in a broken leg ringing a red flag to his biking career. Still, he is seen in the Moto GP hall of fame.

10. Mariano di Vaio

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

6.7 Million followers

Mariano is the one who is known for bringing men’s fashion and street culture into blogging. Famous for being a multi-level entrepreneur, fashion designer, model, and an actor.

What we absolutely love about Mariano is his ability to perfectly juggle between his career and passion. Launching a shoe brand, eyewear, a high-end brand NOHOW, and publishing a book; all are accounted into career diversity.

Besides his profession, Mariano is trying his fullest to keep a balance in his work life and family time. Married for more than 10 years and a father of 4 young kids, he has genuinely aced the phrase ‘family comes first’.

Upcoming Italian Bloggers with Amazing Instagram Feeds

While we’ve already talked about the Italian bloggers with the most followers or the most famous Italian bloggers, the new and upcoming Italian bloggers are giving them really tough competition. Here’s a list of 5 of our personal favorites who we’re sure will be having millions of followers in some time:

11. Volha Yakubouskaya

A Rome-based content creator sharing her everyday outfits for inspiration.

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

12. Naty Latinovic

If you want to get an idea of what the Italian street style truly looks like, this should be the account you follow.

13. Paola & Alessia

Now there’s is what we call a truly mouthwatering feed! Cakes, pizzas, deserts and of course Pasta! These girls can truly do it all.

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

14. Gianluca Ala

There’s so much to love about Gianluca and his Instagram profile but if I have to choose one, it will definitely be his travel outfits. If you’re traveling to Italy anytime soon, check out his profile for some outfit ideas.

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

15. Jora Meraj

The account to follow for your daily dose of cuteness! Jora is the most stylish and confident little girl we’ve ever seen but this mommy-daughter twinning outfits are what have our hearts for now. If this is the kind of content you enjoy then you need to check out these Most Fashionable Kids on Instagram.

15 Top Italian Bloggers on Instagram (Men + Women)

Wrapping up:

Surely you have realized by now that there are plenty of Italian bloggers on Instagram but we have included the ones who are here for more than just a pretty face.

We love those people personally who are big on charity, have a multi-level entrepreneurial sense and known for creating appealing pictures, obviously!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the most famous influencer in Italy?

Khaby Lame is the most famous influencer in Italy with 80.5M followers. He is known for his next level comic videos that are famous for simplifying hacks in a muted tone.

Q. Who are the best Italian fashion influencers?

  • Mariano Divaio (inventor of fashion blogging)
  • Chiara Ferragni
  • Chiara Biasi
  • Donatella Versace
  • Veronica Ferraro

Q. Who is the top Italian youtuber?

Human safari is the most followed Italian YouTube channel. Known for thrilling videos and discovering the unseen places of the world, it has become one of the most watched channels that will excite you to travel around the globe.

Q. Who is the best Italian vlogger?

Marzia Bisognin is the best Italian vlogger, famous for her fashion sense. She launched her YouTube channel named ‘CutiePieMarzia’ at a very young age, which was particularly focused on fashion and makeup. Later the channel also included household tips, game commentary and reading advice for teenagers.

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