20 Top Korean Female Bloggers on Instagram Who We’re Loving

Top Korean Female Bloggers – Korean fashion, skincare regime and makeup have been the talk across the globe lately. Everyone is going gaga over their glass skin, cute hairstyles, minimalistic makeup, quirky clothing and food. And if you too want to keep up with the latest Korean trends, then what could be a better way than to follow Korean influencers on Instagram.

There are several Korean female bloggers on Instagram from different niches who have a powerful fan following. We have compiled a list of the top 20 female influencers from Korea who will surely leave you star-struck with their Aww-So-Cute social media presence.

How Did We Decide?

In our last post, we talked about Top Korean TV Shows to Watch and how it just takes you to watch one episode of a Korean show to fall in love with K-Pop, Kimchi and Korea in general.

This is the reason why the fan following of the top female Korean influencers is not limited to their country.

Their content, style and art has gathered love and admiration from across the world. Hence, we have chosen to rank the top 20 female bloggers in Korea according to the number of followers.

RankingFemale BloggersInstagram Fan-Following
1Lee Sung-Kyung14.4M
2Jung Ji-woo11.7M
3Irene Kim2.6M
5Lee Ho-Jung1.4M
6Park Sora1M
8Bora Kim1M
9Woo-Hyun Kim784K
10DJ Jina681K
11You-na Jung676K
12Soo Joo Park654K
13 Ehwa Kim603K
14Su-min Nam576K
17Eudeum Shim476K
18Jeong-ah Kim474K
19Park Da-hyeon329K
20Jin Jin306K

Best Female Korean Bloggers on Instagram

1 – Lee Sung-Kyung

Followers: 14.4M

top korean female bloggers

Lee Sung-Kyung is a popular South Korean model, actress and singer. She is one of the top Korean fashion bloggers on Instagram. With a fan following of more than 14 million, she sure knows how to keep her fans entertained with her behind-the-scenes and dance videos.

Apart from winning several best acting awards, this queen also bagged the ‘Best Female Fashion Model of the Year’ award in 2014 in the CFDK Fashion Awards. We highly recommend you follow her for fashion inspiration for every occasion.

2 – Jung Ji-woo

Followers: 11.7M

top korean female bloggers

Jung Ji-woo, a.k.a. Jung Da-won is a South Korean businesswoman and is the CEO of an eyewear brand ‘Fun The Mental’, an online shopping mall ‘Mejiwoo’ and a fashion company ‘AJLook’. Apart from inspiring young women to be independent and successful, her unique graceful style can make celebrities run for their money.

Another fun fact about Jung Ji-Woo is that she is the elder sister of the BTS member J-Hope. She also signed an exclusive contract as an influencer with Cube Entertainment in March 2021. And soon after, in the same year, her Instagram followers exceeded 10 million followers.

3 – Irene Kim

Followers 2.6 M

top korean female bloggers

One fashion influencer who knows how to showcase rebellious yet modern attires is Irene Kim. She gained popularity as a fashionista through her tv shows including K-Style and Style-Live. Her fun, quirky and experimental fashion sense is what makes her unique.

Also, Irene Kim has collaborated with big beauty brands such as Chanel, Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein. You can follow her for fashion tips on her IG or wait to shop from her clothing brand on the way called ‘Irene Is Good’.

4 – Chrisellelim

Followers 1.4M

top korean female bloggers

From being an entrepreneur to a fashion icon to a mom, creator and creative director, Chriselle Lim has earned several titles to her name at the age of only 37 years. Her style sense is so sophisticated and practical that we highly recommend all working ladies to head straight to her Instagram account for workwear inspiration.

Apart from having her website and youtube channel for beauty and lifestyle tips, she also inspires young moms through her podcast ‘Being Bumo’. She also offers Child Care services through her co-founded venture, ‘BumoWork’ and is also the brain behind ‘BumoBrain’, which is a virtual learning platform for kids. She is one of the highly rated Korean lifestyle bloggers on Instagram.

5 – Lee Ho-Jung

Followers 1.4M

top korean female bloggers

This model cum actress is a famous Seoul blogger. Her sustainable balance between simple, comfortable yet stylish clothing has made her walk the stage of Seoul Fashion Week and gather international media attention. She is quite popular among young teens who follow her Instagram feed just to watch her flaunt minimalistic Korean Fashion with her denim, and t-shirts paired with a jacket.

Not only has she been featured in top fashion magazines such as ELLE Korea, Vogue Korea and W Magazine but also she has won the award of ‘Best Female Model’ in Korea Best Dressed Swan Awards in 2015.

6 – Park Sora

Followers 1M

top korean female bloggers

After dabbling first as a K-pop singer in a group called Flying Girls and then later as an actor, Park Sora finally struck the jackpot as a fashion influencer. Her modelling career with Stylenanda and 3CE is what attracted the audience to follow her for peppy and comfortable outfits.

7 – Boram

Followers 1M

top korean female bloggers

Healthy eating and fitness are what helped Boram gain popularity as a Korean food blogger. With fans over a million, she inspires people to work daily with her easy workout tutorials and healthy dieting tips. She also shares healthy recipes as well as share skincare reviews so you can glow from the inside out.

8 – Bora Kim

Followers 1M

top korean female bloggers

The love for travelling and fashion is quite evident on Bora Kim’s Instagram account. Aesthetic views from her holiday trips in Korea as well as other countries with Bora posing in a variety of casual, sexy, to sporty looks, is what helped her gain over a million followers on Instagram.

You should follow her for outfit inspirations for your next vacation.

9 – Woo-Hyun Kim

Followers 784K

top korean female bloggers

You can only imagine the level of popularity of this Maxim model by the blue tick on her Instagram account. In a short period, Woo-Hyun Kim has accumulated 784K followers due to her super-hot photos. And this is not just her only talent. She has recently won a ‘silver medal’ in Life Sports Wrestling Tournament -50kg Weight category.

10 – DJ Jina

Followers 681K

top korean female bloggers

Lee Ji Na or popularly known as DJ Jina too has a verified Instagram account with over 681K followers. Not only this sexy model has a stunning smile and great personality but also is quite intelligent. She has degrees in Accounting, Law and Economics.

Moreover, in 2021 Ji Na won the ‘DJ & Creator’ title due to her amazing DJ skill and sexy look. No wonder, why all her posts get high engagement on Instagram.

I would also recommend that you go through this list of Top Korean Actresses.

11 – You-na Jung

Followers 676K

top korean female bloggers

Deemed as one of the most popular female influencers on Instagram, You-Na Jung has accumulated over 676K followers. That said, she was also the cover model for Maxim Magazine in July 2020. Though she is a famous Korean blogger, she lives in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for work. Her audience simply adores her sexy and flawless looks.

12 – Soo Joo Park

Followers 654K  

top korean female bloggers

Born in Seoul, South Korea and then brought up in California, America, Soo Joo Park has made a successful career in both countries. She was the first Asian-America Loreal spokesmodel, has worked with Chanel and has also been featured in popular magazines such as ELLE, W Magazine, Dazed & Confused and Vogue. Her iconic style statement is platinum blonde hair with dark eyebrows.

13 – Ehwa Kim

Followers 603K  

top korean female bloggers

Gen Z and Millennials simple adore Ehwa Kim’s casual style. You do not need to shop for extravagant to look pretty is what she symbolizes through her posts. You can also shop her outfit inspirations from 906 Studio.

14 – Su-min Nam

Followers 576K  

top korean female bloggers

Owner of a chic clothing brand called ‘Delight Moon’ and a photo studio that goes by the name ‘Cherry on Top’, Su-min Nam has become a popular entrepreneur and a fashion inspiration. Her outfits are casual and can easily be worn on any occasion.

15 – Sovely

Followers 500K

top korean female bloggers

Beauty and fashion tips are what has gathered a huge fan following for Sovely. In a short period, she has earned the title of being one of the top Korean beauty bloggers. You should follow her for beauty tips and read her Korean skincare blogs and product reviews to have healthy glowy skin.

16 – Jess

Followers 497K

top korean female bloggers

Fashion, travel and fitness are Jess’s moto for life. Apart from her fitness routines and travel updates, Jess with her own experience of being a new bride shares wedding dresses, pre-wedding photoshoots and pictures from her honeymoon trips to inspire all bride-to-be. She even shared updates on her pregnancy and the news of the birth of her firstborn.

17 – Eudeum Shim

Followers 476K  

top korean female bloggers

Eudeum Shim is a popular pilates instructor in South Korea. She uploads fitness videos regularly for her followers so you can exercise and stay fit from the comfort of your home.

18 – Jeong-ah Kim

Followers 474K  

top korean female bloggers

Follow Jeong-ah Kim for mix-and-match outfit inspirations. She also sells her clothing online for you to stay in style always.

19 – Park Da-hyeon

Followers 329K

top korean female bloggers

Sexy photoshoots, holiday trips and her love for sports makes her fans stay glued to her feed. She loves travelling, diving and playing golf.

20 – Jin Jin

Followers 306K

top korean female bloggers

Looking for a cute influencer for beauty tips and makeup reviews, then follow Jin Jin. Her makeup tutorials are quite detailed and you can master the art of glass skin and natural tinted lips in no time. Apart from her makeup skills, she also has collaborated with brands like 3CE and Stylenanda.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the most trending Korean girl on Instagram?

Lee Sung-kyung with over 13.3 million followers is the most trending Korean female blogger on Instagram.

Q. Is Instagram famous in Korea?

According to a recent survey conducted in 2022, around 3.6 million users between the ages 25 and 34 were South Korean women. Moreover, according to Instagram statistics reports in 2020, around 13.4 million users were South Korean. Hence, Instagram is a popular social media site in Korea.

Q. Who is the most followed Korean celebrity on Instagram?

Lisa from Blackpink is the most followed Korean on Instagram with 82.5M followers.

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