African Dress Styles for Kids – 39 African Attire for Babies

African Dress Styles for Kids. African fashion is on the rise, as the world gets more exposure to it through social media and the efforts of African fashion designers. There are specific items of clothing for different occasions, for African people.

Kids’ fashion and style has emerged as a unique industry. The sense of dress-up and style is developed in a kid at quite an early age, which makes it perfect for huge brands and designers to launch unique kids’ collections. Mommies are often concerned about their children’s clothing options, but brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Dolce and Gabbana, Nike, and much more have made it a bit easier. The colors are no more designated to specific genders; slightly, these are collectively used for baby girls and baby boys’ clothing items. African fashion is being loved by mommies all over the world because of its diversity and distinctive quality. African clothing material and prints are quite fashionable and trendy considering the latest fashion trends which incorporate all the strikingly bright colors and flashy shades that look chicer, especially on kids.

Cute Clothing Ideas for African Children

As frocks and dresses are such an essential part of African fashion and culture, you have to be aware of some of the top dress styles for kids in Africa. These will make you realise why we admire their fashion trends so much! If you’ve exhausted all ideas and are looking for something unique to dress your child in, go ahead and look at some of these African dresses for baby girls. If you’re tired of seeing the same trends over and over again, these are eyecatching outfits will help to make your child shine like a diamond. You are bound to find an idea out of these, which will be perfect for your mini-me! The trendy African prints can be combined with western denim pants or shorts to create a beautiful blend. Ankara and Dashiki are the most famous prints and styles in the African fashion industry. Children can equally slay these enchanting prints if worn according to the recent trends. The article is going to cover various prints and designs that are specifically appropriate for you mini fashionistas, girls as well as boys. The designs are some of the best and latest and will give you a clear idea regarding how you can style your kids using the chic African prints and your sartorial expertise to create your very own haute couture. Some of these are specifically for your little princesses, and others are for the cool little guys.

Easy & Quick Hairstyle Ideas for Toddlers

When we talk about curly kids’ hair, it’s normally rather frizzy and uncontrollable, but such is not the case with African Americans. African American toddler hairstyles can vary in different ways to the thickness of their hair. African American children frequently develop long and curly hairs that mothers can test with. Toddlers are not habitually happy to let others work around with their hair. That’s why most of the hairstyles are rather modest, quick, and easy to make. So if you are quick to catch your toddler and decide to make her sit calm, you can verify out some samples that will give your girl an even more lovable look than before.

  • Bouncy Corkscrew Curls for Girls: The Voluminous corkscrew curls look adorably charming on little African girl toddlers. Hairstyles like this can be presented with additional strength and bounce by placing a bow headband.
  • Hair Bun for Long Hairs: Comb your girl’s hair so that you can draw it back up into a mild tight bun. Tighten the bun up with a hair tie (you can opt for different colorful and creative hair ties available in the markets) and then widen the hair outwards to formulate a broad bun style.
  • Short and Long Braids: Dreadlocks or cornrows are famous amongst African Americans, but not everyone is willing to make a few on their toddler’s head. That’s why you can go for plain braids that might seem like dreads thanks to the curly quality of the African hair of your young girl. You may go for long or short braid styles, which depends on the length of the hairs of your girl.
  • Neat Headband Style: If you are in a rush and don’t have time to make long braids of your girl’s curly hair, then you can go for a sophisticated headband style for your girl. Be particular about choosing the right headband for your girl. You can go for a girly girl bow-shaped headband or a sleek black hairband that is hardly visible in your girl’s hair. Head over to our earlier post on 50 Cutest Pictures of African Girls of All Ages.

↓ 39 – Dashiki Tops for Baby Girls

Dashiki, which is a renowned ethnic top style worn by native Africans, can also be worn by your mini fashionistas with denim shorts or jeans. The embroidered sleeves and v-neckline are super trendy when it comes to street style. You can also go for printed dashiki tops if you are not much fond of the embroidered clothes. Traditionally it is a thigh-length top, but you can also go for a shorter length according to your desire. These can be worn with simple sneakers as well as joggers.

Modern African Outfits for Children (8)

↓ 38 – Kaftans for Little Lady

Kaftans are the traditional outfits in Africa. Little girls can totally rock these beautiful clothing items in vibrant colors like blue and pink. Also wearing kaftan style short tops with shorts are very trendy. These are also perfect for party wear as well as beachy summers. Kaftans can be embellished with pearls or crystal stones to make them look even more attractive. Here are some of the cutest Frock Designs for Little Girls. Make cornrows look more picturesque by joining mixed beads to the end of each strand. Doing lots of mixed colors will encourage you to show off your daughter’s exciting personality with a traditional touch of African toddler hairstyle ideas.

Modern African Outfits for Children (5)


↓ 37 – Gele Style Outfits for African Kids

Gele is a cultural head wrap in the African states. Kids can slay these geles in pastel colors with different styles of maxis or onesies. Since gele is a very ethnic garment piece, thus it looks just perfect on traditional African themed parties or weddings.

Modern African Outfits for Children (6)

↓ 36 – Polka Dot Prints for Little Princesses

Little girls are often obsessed with mini-skirts since they look quite fashionable and trendy when it comes to birthdays or parties. Ankara printed skirts with denim or chiffon tops look both funky and stylish. These can be worn with beautiful flower crowns or headbands on occasions like parties. Also, these enchanting skirts are mostly worn with simple plain or less patterned shirts.

Modern African Outfits for Children (12)

↓ 35 – Monochrome Fashion for African Princesses

Not many mothers are a fan of bold and bright colors; Ankara and dashiki prints are also available in monochrome shades. Ankara Sokoto (pants) in black, white, or gray patterns can be worn with pure white cotton tops or button-down dotted shirts. Black glossy pumps look quite stylish with such dresses.

Modern African Outfits for Children (2)

↓ 34 – Kente Prints for Baby Girls

Many marvelous styles can be created with silk or cotton Kente cloth, which is usually an amalgam of yellow, blue, and green colors. Little girls usually love frilly frocks in kente material. The uniqueness and comfort of the cloth make it perfect for your princesses. Also, these can be worn with strappy sandals, which will relish the entire dress. Don’t miss out on these 10 Most Fashionable Kids on Instagram You Should Follow.

Modern African Outfits for Children (3)


↓ 33 – Ankara Jumpsuits for your Mini-me

Jumpsuits and rompers are everyone’s heart favorite, from adults to kids. Then comes Ankara jumpsuits in the fantastic colors and patterns. Kids look even chicer in these onesies.

Modern African Outfits for Children (15)


↓ 32 – Cool Ankara Jackets for Girls

Who won’t love an Ankara bomber jacket? Just like adults, kids have their style statement that includes funky Ankara jackets as well. Kids can carry these jackets with boots in winters to have a unique look among the typical ones. Also, these are now available in bomber jackets, which make them irresistible for the little fashion gurus. Here are the most amazing Kids Halloween Costumes Ideas.

Modern African Outfits for Children (16)


↓ 31 – Dashiki Skirts for Girls

Dashiki embroidered skirts with frilly tops are a big yes for every little girl who wants to have a dazzling look at a wedding or birthday party. Her sandals are too cute to handle! Isn’t?

Modern African Outfits for Children (9)


↓ 30 – Ankara Blazers for Baby Boys

Who can say no to Ankara blazers? Guys who want to look dope on their school functions and special events can go for a simple button-down shirt and skinny black jeans along with Ankara blazers and smart boots.

Modern African Outfits for Children (19)


↓ 29 – The Ghanaian Smock for Baby Boys

Ghanaian Smock, which is the native clothing style of Ghana which can be rocked by little boys if worn with faded jeans and boots or white jeans and white sneakers. The strippy pattern and embroidered neckline are pretty different and stylish for kids.

Modern African Outfits for Children (1)

↓ 28 – Swaggy Ankara Shorts for Boys

Ankara shorts are the most adorable clothing items for your little boys. Pair them up with casual plain tees. Also, the style is exceptionally comfy for summers. Double pigtails can run down each side of your girl’s head to make a genuinely stunning hairstyle for African girl toddlers. This look is even more adorable when it is secured up with some colorful butterfly clips. If your little girl toddler only has very short hair length, you will have to style it up into tiny buns (like the girl pictured on the left side). Draw the hair collectively into little buns on the peak of her head and then adjust the little with vibrant colored hair ties.

Modern African Outfits for Children (13)


african kids outfits

↓ 27 – Kente Outfits for Boys

Boys can wear Kente tops with Sokoto in summers. The colors look just wondrous in the summers. Also, the look is very unique. Wear them with sneakers and denim jeans and jacket if your boy loves denim.

Modern African Outfits for Children (4)

↓ 26 – Ankara Tops for Little Boys

Ankara tops can be worn with denim shorts and sandals in spring and summers. The colors are cool for the season. Here are some amazing Father and Son Matching Outfits.

Modern African Outfits for Children (11)


↓ 25 – Dashiki Tops for Boys

Dashiki tops and jeans are just perfect for beach parties and school parties. These can be worn with caps and sneakers to create a unique style statement.

Modern African Outfits for Children (7)


↓ 24 – Agbada Dresses for Boys

Agbada tops with Sokoto or jeans are quite trendy and very traditional. Little guys can wear agbada in neutral colors on traditional weddings as well.

Modern African Outfits for Children (20)

↓ 23 – Dashiki Pants for Boys

Dashiki pants look just perfect with a denim button-down shirt and everyday white sneakers. Adding dashiki caps will spice up the entire look. These are also comfortable for your kids. See how High bun is looking so swag on this little cute young boy with long hairs. However, the off-center bun will look equally good if your child has manageable long hairs. The technique to make the off-center bun starts with Drawing your boy or girl toddler’s hair upwards into a bun that is an excellent way to keep the toddler’s hair out of their eyes. To provide the look a slightly modern edge, draw the bun a little off-center. Your child is ready to rock the swaggy look!

Modern African Outfits for Children (10)


↓ 22 – Ankara Jackets for Boys

Ankara jackets in monotone shades can be worn with Ankara tops or tees to create an adorable, as well as stylish look. Aren’t you in love with his hairstyle?

Modern African Outfits for Children (17)


↓ 21 – Ankara Pants for Little Boys

Ankara pants look incredibly chic with button-down shirts and formal shoes. These are fantastic options for formal dinners and parties, just like any other dress pants. If you plan to wear printed colored pants, then always go for a solid colored neutral shirt. Avoid being a fashion disaster by wearing a textured shirt with a printed pair of pants.

Modern African Outfits for Children (14)


↓ 20 – Off-shoulder Ankara Frocks for Little Princesses

Off-shoulder frocks look adorable on every girl regardless of her age, and the below image is the perfect example! The sweet and stylish wax prints that are originally from the street of Lego are taking over the world’s fashion. The prints have now become too mainstream but you can use them for creating exquisite short dresses for your mini-me. Also, you can go for similar styles for your self since Beyonce and Kim K have proved then mommies can totally slay these trendy clothing items. Off-shoulder frocks with a short and loose body and a whole lot of pleats are a perfect option for you if your kid is from 3-12 years old. Also, a little frilly look at the shoulders can do its magic. Pretty little Ankara sandals and pumps are also available for kids at Etsy. You can also find pretty little Ankara printed hairbands and other accessories on the site. Here are 19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2019

Modern African Outfits for Children (18)

↓ 19 – African Street Style for Kids

Dress your kid in this funky outfit that gives such hip-hop vibes. The Ankara print is gorgeous and is further accentuated by the plain white shirt. Paired with red leggings and metallic red boots, the dress is full of street style swag. Apart from the Ankara print of the skirt, which is the winner here, and the metallic boots, we particularly love the collar and the straps, both of which have been made from the same print. The key to wearing Ankara is contrasting, so we dare say it looks super chic! One of the most trending outfit styles this year is going to be Ankara, so do check out Ankara Styles for Babies.


↓ 18 – A Summer Ankara Dress

And here is a sunny summer-appropriate Ankara dress for a cute baby girl. To go a step further, you can be a mother-daughter duo and wear matching dresses! Don’t forget to make your kid wear that pretty hair bow band as well. The mommy has contrasted the fruity Ankara print with black, which is a smart choice because it brings out the vibrancy of the print better than white would have. Both dresses have a wide black belt while the mother’s dress also has a black net bodice, which we don’t recommend.

The belt alone looks nice and neat. Then, of course, you must go with colourful accessories. Since yellow appears to be more visible among all the other colours, the mommy and daughter are wearing yellow shoes and accessories. You can go with different colours but make sure to wear all the accessories of that color. Too many colours will look uninspiring.

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↓ 17 – Frock Designs from Ghana

These are some fresh frocks styles from Ghana for young girls or infants. One of these cutest and catchy frocks include a bloomer style outfit for your girl, an African-inspired dress which is very artistic and a cool Batik dress that looks like a creative work of paint. These types of frocks are the most straightforward dresses to make for babies. As you can see, there isn’t much to the dresses in terms of cutting and stitching; all the beauty is contained in the prints. You can do a lot by merely choosing the perfect printed fabric. Whatever you make from it will look incredible and fantastic.


↓ 16 – African Dress with Belt

How infinitely adorable is this dress, and the toddler wearing it! This is mainly for infants or toddlers, a catchy green printed dress with a huge belt style. You can make your kid wear this with a cute bright coloured hat to match the dress and a cute pair of sandals or shoes. The hem of the dress looks like a flower unfurled. There is also quite a nice fullness to the skirt. There is not enough yellow in the print of the dress, but it contrasts vividly with it nonetheless. A parrot green or bright orange belt would look fantastic too. You can go with all sorts of things on the belt; bows, flowers, leaves, the only condition is that it has to be big. That is the main attraction of this adorable outfit.


↓ 15 – Sandals with a Casual Frock

Another example of how you can achieve a lot with a simple Ankara fabric is this cool dress. It’s an A-shaped dress with an exquisitely made front and hem. Frills are fabulous, that’s a given. To spice things up a bit, you can stitch the front and hem frills in a plain contrasting fabric like blue or purple. Equally cool to the dress are the bright sandals with such a large pattern and design to match with the dark colours of the dress. This is a very regular cotton indoor wear frock for your kid, which will be a perfect style in summers.


↓ 14 – A Printed Frill Dress

The blouse and the frills are of a different print than the main body of the frock. These patterns have been used alternately, and the result is stunning, of course. This knee-length frock has a lot of quirks. First, the difference in prints, second, the belt strap, third, the pretty neckline and fourth, the back. We love the back of this dress! It is lovely beyond words. Match this outfit up with some fabulous pink shoes and some pins in your child’s hair.

African Dress Styles for Kids (17)


↓ 13 – Dashiki Romper for Kids

Not only dresses dominate African fashion, but jumpers have also made the list, and we could not help but admire the swag carried by kids when they put on a catchy African romper, a headcover, and the coolest glasses. Don’t overlook the simple yet appealing flip flops with this adorable jumper for kids. Head-pieces have a special place in African culture. You see African people wearing them on different occasions with all types of outfits, even if the West has inspired them. The print is gorgeous, and we admit, it looks better as a jumper suit than it would have as a dress. Do have a look at 50 Cutest Pictures of African Girls of All Ages


↓ 12 – Ankara Silk Party Dress

A classy Ankara green silk frock with unique patterns and a gigantic bow to add feminity to the dress. You can make your kid wear this with any bright coloured shoes, so it comes into contrast with the mild colours of the frock. Leave those tangled curls of your kid open to give her a pretty look that this dress needs. This is a dress fit for a princess!


↓ 11 – Ankara Silk and Tulle Dress

Two immensely gorgeous girls wearing Ankara-inspired silk and tulle dress, and we see a good option for your kid to wear at fancy gatherings and occasions. You can style your kid’s hair to different hairdos rather than just making plates. Here you can see how contrasting changes the appearance. Contrasting with blue makes the outfit look mature and a bit serious, while using yellow turns it brighter, happier, and kid-appropriate. Both look incredible, but now you will know to use darker colours for older kids and lighter for smaller kids. RECOMMENDED: 2020 Aso-Ebi styles – 18 Latest Lace and Aso Ebi Designs These Days

↓ 10 – Birthday Girl’s Ankara Silk Frock

A pretty and peacefully pink frock for the loveliest of African girls. The frock has been made of a shiny material that is either rigid on its own or has been made to look that way by using some bouncy material underneath. It sticks up nicely. We also admire the cute neck-tie. It adds a certain jauntiness to the already bright dress.
We can assure you that your girl will look ravishing in this if you tie up her hair in a catchy high updo like the girl in the image and put on some minimal makeup like transparent lip color, and you will be good to go.


↓ 9 – Western Frock Style

This one is not as African as you would have expected but is rather Western in its style, but this cool African girl has pulled it off quite well, and so can your baby. The print of the frock is undoubtedly Ankara, but even that doesn’t have a traditional look about it, probably because it looks like it has been digitally printed instead of using the Batik method.
Turn this unique dress style into an African one, and your kid will nail it, with a nice pair of sandals, some tight braids in the hair, and minimal jewellery.

The amazing hairstyle you see here is, of course, the cornrow hairstyle and if you want to master it, do check out Cornrow Hair Styles for Girls-20 Best Ways to Style Cornrows


↓ 8 – Cultural Dashiki Shorts Set for Girls

This is not a dress, but it’s no less desirable. Dashikis are tremendously popular in West Africa and kind of a cultural staple. Make your little girl wear a catchy cultural shirt and shorts to make her realize she can nail any look she wants to, and also lessen the mundanity of dresses. Plus, the combination of an African cultural suit with sportive shoes is something unique you have got to try.
Dashikis are magnificent pieces of art and veritable eye-candies. You can see how multi-layered and remarkably coloured the patterns are. The shorts are especially spectacular. We love how the design bends and curves down the sides of the shorts.

↓ 7 – Suit Style for African Girls

Another addition to the wardrobe of your little and better half is this new style of this year – a stunning checker patterned suit style with trousers or pants and a short shirt that your kid will look groundbreaking in. You can make her wear some lovely wedge sandals and a bit of jewellery to give her the required look of prettiness.
This is a brilliant example of how traditional African prints can be used to make modern-day outfits. It’s such a classy little outfit, expertly matched with an elegant hairstyle and accessories. If your little girl is vivacious and bold, she will most likely love this look.

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↓ 6 – Ankara Suit for Kids

We highly approve of this stunning dress and trousers combo! It’s lively, and the little stunner is wearing makeup to match. Make way, people, a boss girl coming through! This number also has a South-Asian flair to it, as the culture, there is also known for its energetic prints and shalwar (trousers) kameez (shirt) combos. A tightly wound updo or a ponytail would be ideal for this look.


↓ 5 – Kente Printed Dress

A new and unique style of the Kente printed dresses in Africa also impressed all the women and made it a good option for young girls as well. Kente style of dresses is different in a way that it appears in a skirt form from the bottom while the upper style is just like a plain crop top. It will go well with a nice pair of pumps. You can also go with a plain sweater or sweatshirt with a skirt in winter, and wear some socks. Minimalism is key to the success of this outfit. Don’t overburden your kid with accessories or jewellery or makeup.


↓ 4 – Matching Dress for Mom/Kid

A matching African dress style for the mom and kid. The mom wore it with heels while the kid wore it with leggings and flat pumps. Blue is the color for every season, so you are bound to check all the fashion-forward boxes. Adding a bit of silk and net creates an extra charm to every outfit, so we highly recommended that you use these two and add frills, plates, what have you.


↓ 3 – Ghanaian Mini Empire Line Dress

A cultural and traditional mini-empire line dress from Ghana has also gained popularity in Africa, and more women are becoming attracted to it because of its fiercely vintage look, which other styles do not have. The print is energetic, the color of the fabric soft yet eye-catching. The belt gets us; we have to say. It makes this mini piece of art look more professional rather than home-made.


↓ 2 – Nigerian Traditional Style

Little girls admire princesses in one form or the other. If your child likes one, and you want her to know the importance of her roots as well, take the Cinderella dress, and create a miniature version, complete with an Ankara print and a traditional head-wear.


↓ 1 – Vintage African Dress with Head Cover

And our last, and therefore, the number one pick is this dazzling outfit that is one hundred per cent African, no Western touches. It’s an outfit fit for a queen!

You can share your favorite African garment patterns and ideas in the comments section below.


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